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i just wanna say how thoughtful bts are to their international fans…they learn how to speak enough phrases to communicate with fans in each country, they change their tour VCRs to match the language of the country their in, Namjoon is always translating whenever he has the opportunity, all of them post on twitter/weibo/v live+ in multiple languages, the titles of the bangtan bombs are in always in english, the members mention they try learning foreign languages constantly, and they never forget to thank international fans whenever they receive any kind of award or make any kind of accomplishment!! I’m really grateful to how hard they work in communicating with us

Nathaniel: you killed my father. i hate you.  i literally hate you.  i came here to kill you but i’d settle for robbing you.  looking at your face makes me angry.  i would rather be hanged than be near you.



Warden: we’re best friends now

Nathaniel: NO


Pink tinted Louis, Brisbane, 10/19/13

Monsta X reaction to their s/o being a professional basketball athlete

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Shownu; Even before the two of you have started dating, he already knew that you were a professional basketball player who would play in the regional or even for the nationals! Knowing how busy you are with the training and stuff, whenever Shownu finishes early he’d always stop by the gym with some drinks and chicken with him to support you. Shownu would be so proud with all the things that you’ve achieved. When their world tour and your match clashed, Shownu would be utterly disappointed and sad that he wouldn’t be able to go to your match but you were totally fine with it. Upon hearing that the match was located near the stadium and was about to start right after they finished, he’d literally drag the boys to your match and cheer for you all in, surprising you to be honest.

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Wonho; Wonho would be the type to have matching jerseys with you. All your matches? He’s always there to support and cheer for you and your team. Whenever you are practicing with the team, he’d always bring a lot of energy drink for everyone and would even buy the whole team some jjajangmyeon or some ramyeon. And he’d also bring some Vitamins for everyone to take to keep everyone healthy and active, away from diseases to be exact. Whenever Wonho’s watching your game, he wouldn’t hear anything and he wouldn’t take his eyes off of you. Talk to him? The boys wouldn’t be able to hear any response from him once he sets his eyes on you. And once the game is over, he’d rush to you and pull you into a tight hug despite telling him to not hug you since you’re sweaty, and he’d tell you that you did well.

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Minhyuk; As soon as he discovered that you were part of the basketball team representing the country, he’d be so ecstatic about it. Every single practice, he’d always be there to cheer you on and even support you by bringing foods for you to replenish the loss energy from practicing. And he’d be the type of person to drag all of the boys to every single game that you have and would also make them wear the team’s jerseys to be honest. Whenever you were able to shoot a three-pointer, he’d be up on his feet, screaming his lungs out and he’d be waving that banner he made for you. And when it’s already awarding time, he’d always be ready with his phone, capturing every single moment of you receiving all the awards and he’d have it developed to be honest.

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Kihyun; There would be times when Kihyun wasn’t able to watch your game due to his packed schedule but whenever he has a free time, he’d always have your game playing on his iPad and he’d be monitoring it. He’d take down notes on where you made a mistake and where you did really well. Every after the game, he’d go to your house and prepare a hot meal for you and some cold compress for your aching limbs. He’d even massage you to be honest. And when he is able to watch your game, he’d have the same jersey jacket with you and even buy the same shoes for the both of you. From time to time, he’d also buy a lot of gears for you to wear during your practice and match. But then when he gets a call that you’ve gotten into an accident, aka getting hit on the face with the your rival’s elbow, he’d be on his way despite not finishing his schedule.

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Hyungwon; This boy would be so proud of you. He’d casually promote your team whenever they have a V-live. Whenever you have nationals, he’d literally invite all of his friends to the game and would give out the team jerseys for free. Hyungwon would always be bringing snacks for all of your team with your face and his face on it. And sometimes, paparazzis would always capture a picture of him meeting you outside of the gym, him picking you up after a long nights practice, and your duffel bag on his shoulders, his arms wrapped around your shoulders. Since every after practice, he’d bring you to a local restaurant and eat some of your favorite mom’s cooking with him. And guess what, he’d even create those banners for you and your team and all of it would be handmade. 

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Jooheon; Ever since you had your break, Jooheon would always play with you. Almost every single day, he’d bring you to the gym and the two of you would play some basketball or even at the park with the boys, only to be beaten by you. Knowing how clumsy you are sometimes during your match, he’d always have a pack of ointment, bandages and even pain relief patches. But then when your team is going for nationals, he’d be utterly happy yet worried. He’s happy that you and your teams has gone a long way now but he’s worried that you might work yourself too hard, leading to injuries ranging from minor to major. He would message you some words of encouragement from time to time and he’d even call you before the game starts, to ease you up.

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I.M; Changkyun would be the exact opposite of everyone’s expectation. Whenever you’re able to shoot a continuous three-pointer, he’d be shouting out your name and even acting cute for you, sending you hearts which would literally motivate you throughout the whole game. He’d literally have the same outfit as you do and he’d literally make it clear to the whole nation that you’re his and he’s so proud of you. He wouldn’t be making the boys to watch the game with him since he thinks that the other may be too tired but then when someone would really go with him, he’d be so happy that his mouth would not stop sprouting such proud comments about you. When the game is finally finished, he’d go to your side right away and wipe your face with the face towel that he brought with him and would make you drink some water. 

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Prompt Request: Someone breaks into your shared home with TJP and you’re alone while he’s on the road. When the cops are there you are shaken up so you call his mom and your friend. His mom calls him and he comes home early and scared to comfort you. - Anon There was no indication on smut/fluff. So it’s mostly fluff with a tiny hint of smut at the end.

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