tour iv

I hope they announce some USA dates after the European Popestar leg is over! I would 100% drive in torrential rains to Seattle again just to see them! 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 I wonder what the next tour will be called?? Next time I’m definitely about that meet and greet, tho! It’s a win win because either I get to say good bye to my beloved Papa E III OR I get to see brand spankin new Papa IV up close! And I’ll get to see new ghouls!!!

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Little Newsies Things I Noticed From The Second Row
  • Whenever the rooftop is onstage, there are four actors sitting at the bottom
  • There are a lot of newsies shirtless during Carrying The Banner
  • Lighting!!!
  • How when two characters are talking in the background, they’re actually talking
  • How close Joey will get to Stephen and Andy
  • You can almost always see the Santa Fe (Prolouge) shirt under Jack’s blue shirt
  • How clear individual voices are
  • Crutchie standing in the corner during the fight yelling “get them boys” and other encouragements
  • Davey prying Les from the Delancys and carrying him away upside down
  • Before Santa Fe how theres’s two actors on the top of the towers on either side nursing their wounds from the strike
  • How they use “Trolly Strike Enters Third Week” paper for almost everything
  • How many quick changes Kaitlyn Frank/Sniper has
  • How there’s almost always some newsies in the towers when the scene is on the streets of New York
  • Lighting again the lighting was fantastic 
  • Joey’s suspenders are not just maroon but plaid?
  • Right before the lights come up for act II, as the actors are setting the stage for the scene before King Of New York, you can still see how defeated they look in their body language in the darkness, still completely in character
  • How Nick Masson’s hair started in a quiff and slowly deflated throughout the show
  • Even though Darcy is clearly rich, he wears the same outfit the first day of the plot as he does the third day
  • The towers are at the very front of the stage during Once And For All
I have a penis tattooed on my leg, and high five tattooed on my palm. I don’t regret them yet, but I’m sure when my children disown me as a father, I may have some remorse.
—  Oliver Sykes
literally me
  • grandma: who are these five lovely men on your wallpaper?
  • brother: no
  • mom: no
  • dad: NO
  • dog: no
  • me: opens up 100 slide powerpoint presentation about bring me the horizon
  • me: i'm glad you asked

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TF, i dreamt about camila being an opening act on 5H latest tour, ive never woken so fast in my entire life. it was OT5 but still, shade was real :P

Loool I’m pretty sure Camila isn’t gonna need to be anybody’s opening act 

after you're done roasting a bitch with some bmth lyrics

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