tour haps


To eveyone loosing there sh*t about not getting any valdaya interaction need to chill. The fact we are all got are hopes up about this is ridiculous.

Think about it val and has been on social media from state to state tweeting and retweeting about his happings on tour thoughout the day.

Zendaya has been tweeting and retweeting her happenings throughout her day as well whether she is about to slay the red carpet, in the studio, hanging with her family or if she is chillin by herself.

Now Val tweets about him being in LA and they are barely on social media. Yes he posted some videos of him at the gym and almost at the same Z tweeted about a game she hasn’t played since she was 12.

But Do you really think they didn’t see each other at all before she went on her flight to South Africa? Come on y'all

I just think at this point they are making boss moves in there careers and they are trying to be low key about they’re relationship because they want they’re fans to focus on what they doing, rather than they be define on who they’re with.

If they came out and confirm their relationship the fans and the media will be obsessing over this… You see how the media treat celebrities when they are in a relationship. They stalk their every move.

They are being very careful at the moment and when the time is right they will make it official. We just need to be patient and keep riding this ship.

I mean her birthday is right around the corner after all. 😘✌