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Daesung deserved this Dome Tour so much T.T

Utautai no Ballad - D-Lite Japan Dome Tour - Day 2

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I honor of Jenna’s birthday, here’s a little treasure uploaded to YouTube back in 2014 by WhoWars2013. It’s Peter and Jenna introducing what I believe was the very first screening of the very first night of the World Tour. Lovely words from both. And even though the video is a bit blurry - don’t miss the hug they give each other at the 20-second mark.


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edit: henlo fellow pepel i have already receive two(2!!) friends!! so that seems neat enough so thank you for responding and hitting me up ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) but thank you anyway for looking at this post!!!!!!!! i cant wait to see pepel in the fob singapore tour!!!!!!!!

I’m loving the fan accounts and interactions with Got7 & their Black fans so far!

To sum it up!:

  • Checking them out
  • Flirting with them (did anyone get digits?)
  • A lot of eye contacts and licking lips
  • Holding and grabbing hands. (yass)
  • Taking their cell phones recording themselves and taking pictures
  • Standing and posing in front of their cameras (showing out)
  • stopping to take pictures with them (outside the concert, which is rare)
  • Doing very provocative/sexy moves (right infront of them)
  • Staying in the section where most of the Black girls were xD


  • A lot of hip thrust, Yugyeom humping the floor, feeling like a stripper show! all we need is cash to throw, I’m not complaining at all!
  • Bambam grabbing his dick, telling fans to dream about it basically
  • Twerking. Mark throwing that ass better than Beyonce’.

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Thorin and the boys surviving but Thorin knows he can never live in Erebor. The risk of the sickness is too great. So Thorin and Dwalin travel Middle Earth, (after a drunken victory tour of Rohan. The Rohirrim have always been good traders with the Dwarves and the women often follow the old Rohirrim women's saying 'Save A Horse, Ride A Dwarf') gathering up the Dwarves of Erebor and guiding them home to King Fili. Until LoTR, when the Eye falls, Thorin feels it, the sickness is gone. He is free.



Neighbors ( Seungri x you )

Description :
Your sister isn’t home.
Your hot neighbor comes over and…
Nothing more needs to be said.

[ I’m sorry for the long wait. Thank you for your patience! I really hope you like it @sweetswaggerminsuga ]

« Hey (Y/N).» you opened the door and saw your really attractive asian neighbor standing in front of you.

« Oh hey, Seungri. My sister isn’t here right now.» you answered, assuming he was here to see your sister who was the owner of the apartment you were currently staying in, because you decided live with her for a while for various reasons.

You had been there for a month already and you had a major crush on your sister’s asian neighbor, his name was Seungri and he was a personal trainer, so he was pretty fit. He also owned a white dog named Coco and had a nice red mustang as a car.
You don’t actually know why you were attracted to him so much, maybe because he was funny and made you laugh.

« I’m not actually here to see Maggie, I’m here to see you.» he stated and you stepped aside letting him in, not wanting to make it awkward by denying him entrance into the apartment.

« Do you need something from me?» you were curious as to why he came to see you. Your heart beat faster at the thought of it being only him and you in the apartment currently.
Your eyes raked over his sexy figure, muscular arms, attractive face and other features, plus his eyebrows were “ on fleek ” ,as said nowadays.

« Didn’t you want to show me a movie and said I could come over anytime to watch it?» he reminded you of an offer you made last week that you had somehow completely forgotten about.

« Oh yeah, right.» you remembered that you had told him he could come over and you would show him one of your favorite movies, Guardians of the Galaxy that he had mysteriously never heard of.

While he took a seat on the couch, in front of the TV, you walked over to the movie shelf beside it and bent down when you realized the movie was on the bottom shelf.
Your hand pulled it out of the stack of movies and you looked at the cover to confirm that you had just grabbed the right movie.

« Found it.» you got up with the movie in your right hand and turned around to look at your hot neighbor.
You bit your lip when you caught him eying your ass and exposed legs and his eyes immediately shot up back to your eyes, hoping he wasn’t caught in the act.

You smiled to yourself « Were you just looking at my ass?»

« Maybe.» a smirk crept up on his face and he bit his lip when he took in your whole body, looking you up and down, eyes stopping shorty on your chest.
You were wearing a black crop top with a pair of short, blue jeans-shorts and he seemed to like the short and revealing clothing on you.

Your right hand reached up and slowly pulled the rubber band that was keeping you hair in a ponytail, out of your hair, letting your hair loose.

« Well, would you like something to drink or a snack before I put in the movie.» you ran your right hand through your brown, mid-length , a little messy-looking hair, attempting to calm it a little.

You must’ve looked good, because you caught his tongue glide over his bottom lip, as if he was eyeing something delicious.

« Water would be great.» he informed you « I’ll put in the movie in that time. Don’t worry, I won’t start it until you get here.»

You gave him a much-saying look and skipped into the kitchen, pulling two glasses out of the cupboard and filling them with healthy water that was low on calories, if it had any.
With the two glasses in hand, you walked back into the living room where Seungri was waiting.

« Water is here.» you sat the two glasses down on the table and took a seat beside him on the couch.

« Okay.» he pressed play and the movie started.

Actually, you weren’t paying attention to the movie at all. It’s not that you didn’t want to, it’s that you weren’t able to.

First of all there was a hot guy beside you.
Secondly, this was the guy you had a crush on and thirdly, it seemed like he kind of liked you as well.
Concentrating on the movie was impossible and your fantasies were taking over you.

You imagined him in between your legs, slowly lowering his head between them, after kissing the inside of your thighs, a moan escapes your lips thinking of it and you quickly opened your eyes that were closed, because you somehow got really into imagining it and your head snapped into his direction.
He was already looking at you and you blushed, he must have noticed that moan that you really hoped he didn’t notice.

« (Y/N), what were you just thinking about?» he had a smirk on his face and somehow it seemed like he knew you were thinking dirty thoughts.

« N-nothing.» you starts to stutter, nervous and tried to change the topic
« Did you know that one of the actors in the movie is a wrestler?»

« (Y/N)~» he didn’t seem to want to change the topic « You were thinking about me right?»

« What? No way.» you blushed even more, he caught on to you.

« (Y/N) » he leaned over to you, causing you to lean back and rest your head on the couch’s armrest.

Before you could move away anymore, he trapped you between himself and the couch by leaning over you and placing a hand on either side of your head.

« Can I tell you something?» his eyes locked with yours and he moves his face to your ear, whispering « I actually never came here for the movie. » to you.
Your whole body started to heat up, all the heat pulsing through your veins, towards your core.

« Seung-gri.» you stuttered, nervous and turned on by only him being so close to you.

« I’m going to kiss you.» he moved closer to you and your lips met his wonderful, soft ones.

The kiss was passionate, but also rough and intense.
It felt like you had just received something, you had wanted for a large amount of time.
Your heart beat faster, if that was even possible, as he started to grind his body against yours.
A squirm escaped your lips and was swallowed by his mouth which was still on your’s.
When he broke the kiss, both of you were breathing heavily and staring into each others eyes.

« I’m glad Maggie isn’t here.» he had a dirty smirk spread on his face and his hands tugged at the hem of your crop top, signaling that he wanted to remove the piece of fabric from your body.
You lifted your arms, making it easy for him to slide the top over your head and toss it onto the carpeted floor.
Before you knew it he was already tugging down your shorts and disposed of them on the floor, after fumbling with the button a little.

« Damn.» he bit his lip, scanning your body that was still clothed in a black and pink matching underwear and bra set.
« You like what you see?» you cocked up your left eyebrow, teasing him a little.

His head came close to your ear, his lips touching the skin of your ear « I fucking love it.».
His dark and lusty voice sending shivers down your spine.

Then he moved and put his lips back into yours, kissing you yet again.
After ravishing your lips, he decided to move to your jaw, then he kissed his way down your neck and to your chest.

« Let’s get rid of this.» his hands snaked behind your back, unclasping your bra and then sliding the straps down your arms, enabling it to meet the other articles of clothing on the ground.
You saw him bite his lower lip again when he saw your bare breasts.

Embarrassment hit you when he eyed tour naked upper body, but you suppressed the urge of trying to cover yourself.

Then he licked over the spot that his teeth had just sunken into and then he wrapped his lips around your right nipple, earning a squeak from you.
Of course, he made sure not to neglect the other and played with the left nipple with his hand, by rolling the sensitive nub between his thumb and index finger and pinching it.
After toying with your boobs, he moved down your stomach and towards your underwear.

Both of your eyes met as he hooked his fingers onto the sides of your thong which was already drenched and pulled it down your legs which you luckily decided to shave in the shower earlier that day.

« Have you ever had your pussy eaten out before? » he asked you boldly, surprising you a little with his question.

« N-no.» you stuttered a bit, wondering what he was playing at.

« Well then let me show you what it feels like.» he wasted no time prying your legs open and took a long lick along your slit, causing you to arch your back and let out a squirm.

He chuckled at your reaction and took another lick, this time at your clit, making you part your lips, letting a moan escape them.
You were caught by surprise when he pushed a finger inside of you, throwing your head back.

He pumped his digit in and out, eventually adding another one when he felt the time was right.
When his tongue started to meet and dance around your clit while his fingers were still in you, pleasure started to push you towards the edge.
Before it was actually able to send you over it, he pulled away from you completely, denying you your orgasm.

You were extremely turned on by the sight of him rising up from between your legs, with his mouth glistening a little.

« Why?» you were frustrated by his orgasm-denial.

« Just, because I want you to do that around my dick.» a dirty grin on his face.

« Well how are you going to put your sick in me when your clothes are still on?» you teased him a little.

« Don’t worry, I can change that really quick.» as if he was the flash, he removed his clothes at a very fast pace, his meeting your clothes on the carpet.
Your eyes skimmed his toned and trained body.
His nice chest, his very defined abs and then finally his rock hard dick.

« Like what you see?» he mimicked you, holding his dick in his right hand.
You nodded while biting your pink lower lip.

« You’ll like it when I’m inside you even more.» he stated in a confident tone and positioned himself at your entrance.
After rubbing you up and down with the tip his dick a few times, he slowly pushed himself into you easily filling you up completely , your juices serving as a lubricant.

« Ah fuck.» he cursed, feeling your right walls around him as he pulled back out and then slammed back in, his hands on your hips with a tight grip on them.

You moaned « Seungri-ah ».

He thrusted into you a few more times
« Fuck yeah, moan my name.»

His hands wrapped around your wrists and pinned them on either side of your head, him towering over you and your legs now wrapped around his waist.
His hips kept moving and he now shoved himself in even deeper and harder, hitting your g-spot.

« Seungri, there.» you cried out when he hit the spot for the first time.

Obliging, he repeatedly hit the spot.
Your vision started to blur and you knew you were getting close, but so was he.

« Seungri!» you moaned, the ones sure you were receiving being too much and sending you over the edge.
Your walls clenching around him and your lewd facial expression were enough to send him over the edge, him shooting his hot seed straight into you.

« Oh no.» you said, out of breath as he slowly pulled himself out of you, semen still dripping from the tip of his dick.

« Shit! I didn’t pull out.» he realized.

« What do we do.» you sighed.

« Darn it!» his brows furrowed as he tried to think up something.
His thoughts were interrupted when he caught you laughing.

« What are you laughing about (Y/N)?» he looked serious, but sexy, his blond hair a hanging in his face and his body sweaty, like yours.

« I’m on birth control, don’t worry.» you were only teasing him a little.

« Damn (Y/N)! Don’t do that ever again.» he ran a hand through his hair and then pulled you in for a hug « I was worried!»

Before you could answer, your phone vibrated and it was your sister.
She texted you that she would be there in 5 minutes and that she needed help with the groceries that she decided to buy while she was out.

« Maggie is almost here. I guess we should get dressed and stuff.» you already started to put on your underwear.

« Ohhh.» he sounded disappointed as he slid off the couch and also began to get dressed.

After a quick goodbye, he left and you went outside to help your sister take in the groceries.

As you were taking in the last bag of groceries your neighbor’s door opened and there was Seungri, yet again, this time wearing a muscle shirt and a pair of sweats.
He leaned against the doorframe and smirked at you « Fast and Furious 7 at my place later?»

Knowing exactly what he was implying, you replied « Sure.» and then returned back to your task of carrying the bag set of groceries to the apartment.


If you’re a GD fan check out some of my smuts about him here! Masterlist: