tour down under 2014


After FIVE long hours, Angela and I finally got to meek Derek Landy! 

There was a huge mishap with the location (the blog said that it was in a Dymocks store in Brisbane, but it was actually held in a library in Carindale) but everything still worked out in the end. We listened to his talk and Q&A (which ran way over time as he likes to ramble) and then sat in line for three hours to get our books and stuff signed. 

He was LOVELY. Really, really kind. We were at the very end of the queue, and even if it took hours and hours he stayed really really positive and made sure everyone had the best experience possible. 

He confirmed that, yep, his character is Saracen Rue, because of course he would be the character that sleeps with all of the ladies, Ghastly was killed because without it, there wouldn’t have been enough shock about Ravel’s reveal and in the next few weeks there is going to be an announcement about the whole movie thing. He stressed that there was no actual guarantees that the movie would become a thing, but the script is written and there has been some arrangements. 

Ange and I asked him a couple questions, and he explained to us that Fletcher would likely pass down the gene to become a teleporter if he was to have children, and it’s likely that he wouldn’t be the last of his kind. He also told me that the thing that he regrets the most about the first book was that he didn’t develop the world enough, or the creatures inside it, and that is definitely something that will change throughout the movie, if it is made.

We got a TON of stuff. They handed out the Goodie and Baddie bags (skul was the goodie and val was the baddie) which had the badge, bracelet, postcard, bookmark, pin and balloon inside it, and we also got a Dymocks little torch light keychain thing?? On the way out, the librarians who were running the event GAVE ME THE GIANT SKULDUGGERY because we’d been there the longest. He is now my husband.

It was so fucking cool