tour diary part three


European Tour Diary - Part Two

The tour is well underway now. We’re three shows in and reaching the point where the kinks that come with the start of every tour are mostly worked out. We have a different set of equipment that we use on different continents so it takes a few days to get the amps and drums dialed in and monitor mixes set.

The shows in Dusseldorf, Berlin and Hamburg were all great. By Hamburg we felt like we really hit our stride and shaked all the rust off. Crowds were great and treated us very well. We’ve had a great time hanging with our old friends in Gaslight Anthem and getting to know the guys in Deer Tick. It is a strange thing to make your living traveling and playing music. It is like a fraternity in a lot of ways. We have met and befriended hundreds of bands over the years and it never fails that when you meet a new band, it feels like you already know them. We all have most of the same experiences and hardships. Deal with the same things day in and day out. We all spend time in the same cities and same clubs with the same people. We all understand what it is to be on top of the world some nights and to be missing your family the next.

Brussels has always been one of our favorite cities in the world to spend time in. Last night we had the day off with a show in Brussels tonight and another day off tomorrow so we decided to spend all three days here. We decided this time to pass up getting a bunch of hotels rooms and rented an apartment in the center of the city. Brussels is known for it’s beer, food and architecture and we spent last night taking it all in with the Gaslight Anthem guys. I don’t drink but everyone enjoyed all the great beers that they wish they could find in the US while I enjoyed the Belgian Fries and Waffles with ice cream. After a family viewing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in the apartment we got some sleep. Excited to play the show tonight and get back out to soak it all in again. Back to Germany this week with a show in Vienna and our first show in Croatia.