tour de nerdfighting uk

Singing “THEY’RE TAKING THE HOBBITS TO ISENGARD!” in the middle of Swindon with people staring at you wondering what the hell you’re all doing whilst one guy in the group is a home made Swindon/DFTBA poster taped to a cardboard fruit crate on his arm as though it were a shield. 

Fun times.

Can we just go and do all of that again?

Oooo, we CAN. Guys, if you can get to Bristol in April we’re going to do a Nerdfighter meet on April 13th and are meeting at the train station to walk to Pizza Hut for food before the park. So. Yeah.

Anybody wanna come? Someone is setting up a facebook page for it. Someone who gets facebook unlike me who just reluctantly uses it.

OMG guys, I just spotted myself in one of John’s vlogbrother videos. Never thought that would happen.

Seriously, I can see me right there and clearly and wow. Strange. And the people I was in line with and spent hours talking to and having fun with and we’re all there (dotted around the place)!

Will always find it amusing how amazed John Green seems to be at our weather though. This is why it’s one of the biggest topics of conversation amongst Brits. Not cause of John, but because of what it’s like.

And John, if you ever see this, the signed book I got when I walked in the door? As I got my hardback signed by both of you guys I gave it to a woman at work who’d just finished TFIOS and fell in love with it after the events had sold out. Her grin was pretty big and and I think it made her day. So thanks for making that possible with all the signing you do. How you don’t have big time RSI by now I don’t know. 

PS - Virtual experiences can have a value of their own but how they compare to reality depends on what it is you’re trying to convey. Things with large vistas or where smells are important or where the atmosphere of the people around you are important? The virtual isn’t very good at. But stand alone things where the detail is what you’re amazed it? It’s pretty good.