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Precise Plates | The Ecurie Francorchamps & Pink Floyd 250 GTO

Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta Series 1 | Gran Turismo Omologato | Grand Touring Homologated | Sports Coupe Series 1 | Bizzarrini et Scaglietti | Chassis No. 3757GT | Livery No. 22 | Plate No. 250 GTO | 3.0 L Tipo 168 V12 302 hp | Top Speed 280 kph 174 mph | A total of 39 cars were produced | Thirty Three 62-63 Series 1 | Three 1964 Series 2 | Three 330 GTO Specials

This particular GTO debut in 1962 to take 2nd place in its class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans Race

250 GTO | Racing car produced by Ferrari between 1962 to 1964 for the Group 3 Grand Touring Car category

Notable Wins

1962 Trophee d'Auvergne (Carlo Mario Abate in 3445GT)
1962 Tourist Trophy (Innes Ireland in 3505GT)
1962 Paris 1000 km (Pedro Rodriguez / Ricardo Rodriguez in 3987GT)
1963 Tour de France (Jean Guichet / Jose Behra in 5111GT)
1964 Tour de France (Lucien Bianchi / Georges Berger in 4153GT)

So this happened to me today. I stalked the Man Utd squad in San Jose and I found them and was able to meet and get a few pictures with Juan, Dave, Ashley, and Phil.

These guys are truly the kindest, sweetest, most genuine people out there who went out of their way to greet us and make many of our dreams come true. They put up with our screaming and begging, and for that I will forever be grateful to them.

I really wanted to share my excitement with y'all so please excuse my screaming, crying, shaking, begging, etc.

The girl next to me telling Dave to stay is my hero!