tour crushes are stupid

Tomorrow is my last day of a wonderful week in Italy. I’ve seen many beautiful places and even practised some italian. Italian guys are as handsome as they say.
The only bad side is I have a stupid and totally unrequited crush on our tour guide (who is not italian). Now I won’t be able to see anything about Italy without remembering his lovely smile and getting my heart broken in pieces.

Gravity Falls-Recoil

Title: Recoil

Fandom: Gravity Falls

Rating: T

Genre: Drama/Angst/I guess Romance

Summary: The requested sequel fic to Rebound. Bill Cipher is very protective of what he sees as his…and he is not unwilling to prove it. (NOTE: This one is just as long as the original story, and uh…it’s kinda even more screwy than the original)

IMPORTANT: THIS IS A SEQUEL TO REBOUND AND SOME OF THE STUFF IN THE FIRST STORY, YOU NEED TO KNOW TO UNDERSTAND THIS ONE. I know I’m basically shoving 30+ pages of fanfiction at y'all but…sorry. Read the original here. Or here on Ao3.


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