tour concert 2012

This Day in 1D History - March 23


  • X Factor Live Tour concert – Nottingham, UK #2 



  • ”Well I’d show that Niall a trick or two…” (Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway prank airs)
  • Take Me Home Tour concerts – Birmingham, UK #3 
Style Masterposts

I’ve made so many collages/ masterposts so I though I should list them for all who love Lana’s aesthetic! You can always find more on my collage tag (x) and style tag (x)


Lana’s Hair Accessories
Lana’s head wraps, scarfs, and bandanas
Lana’s Hats
Lana’s Flower Crowns
Lana’s Updos
Lana’s Hairstyles (2011-2016)

My favorite of Lana’s Brunette Hairstyles
My favorite of Lana’s Dark Hairstyles
My favorite of Lana’s Auburn Hairstyles
Lana’s 2015 Hairstyles
Lana’s Medium Length Hairstyles
Lana’s Marilyn Monroe & Priscilla Presley Hairstyles
Lana in wigs

2016 Festival Tour Dresses
Endless Summer Tour Dresses
2014 Tour Outfits
American Tour Outfits
Paradise Tour Outfits 
Lana’s 2012 Concert Outfits
Lana’s 2011 Concert Outfits
Lana’s 2017 Outfits
Lana’s 2016 Outfits
Lana’s 2015 Outfits
Lana’s 2014 Outfits
Lana’s 2013 Outfits
Lana’s 2012 Outfits // part 2
Lana’s 2011 Outfits
Lana’s Appearance Outfits
Lana’s Jeans
Lana’s Ripped Jeans
Lana’s Leather Jackets 

Lana’s Shoes
Lana’s Nailstyles/ Colors
Lana’s Tattoos
Lana’s Makeup Styles
Lana’s Rings
Lana’s Earrings
Lana’s Purses/ Bags
Lana’s Sunglasses

“I can say “I’m happy” now,
Just having you, you by my side” - Anata ga Tonari ni iru Dake de

NEWS may not be the most popular group but they are the most special in my heart and many others as well. Their music, their energy, and passion has helped me in times of unhappiness. Just their presence and the fact that they chose to continue NEWS for 13 years now has really resonated with me. Please stay by our side forever.