tour art



Fans in attendance at the Schott tonight have spotted white and blue confetti in addition to the usual red confetti. This could hint at a new era beginning tonight and a possible new album/song reveal/tease. 

NØTE: cliqueconspiracy is NOT in Columbus tonight, and cannot confirm that this is true. However, it would make sense.

FURTHER UPDATE: The entire arena went red a few minutes ago, signifying the end of the Blurryface era.

LAST UPDATE: Red confetti was released last night, meaning that the blue and white that was seen could have been left over from other events at the arena. The release of only red confetti also makes sense, as a final farewell to Blurryface in the album’s signature color.

At the moment, the significance of the WAIT_s has not been revealed, meaning that Easter eggs and clues to new music could be out there.


reunion tour sketches. an absolute roller coaster

also, news for tumblr, i’ll be compiling all these sketches in to a sketchbook zine that i’ll be selling at cons! and maybe online if enough folks seem interested. the zine might contain some sketches i wont be posting online, maybe a page of taz nights sketches or something!