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Hi Melly. After 2 painful weeks, here are my thoughts on solo!loam that you def didn't ask for 1) He's willing and able to sell a narrative, obvs 2) for all the line-learning he clearly hasn't spent any significant time with a real human infant 3) when he relaxes he's quite camp, and most likeable 4) he's still fond of Z (he sounded genuinely put out when an interviewer said Z was her least fave) but happy to throw him under the bus when it suits 5) Conclusion: Liam is ruthless as fuck.

Here’s the thing! Loammy is a beautiful, talented puppy man - but he is also a Business Hoe of the first order.  We knew this since he was 1D’s proxy for important documents - the company man to sell the narratives nobody else wanted to (and for sure that couldn’t have been easy).  For all we’ve come to love and see this Loam:


I think this Loam also fully exists too

And I can honestly tell you that to be a Business Hoe at Loammy’s level, the choices he makes and the way he conducts himself in his personal and professional life are probs two different and distinct things for him, and that doesn’t negate him being a kind or good dude outside of that (I’m on cold medicine fully tell me if i’m not making sense).

After seeing the endless avalanche of Cherliam Lifetime Original Movie kid fics that Liam has doled out over the last two weeks (and holy fuck was it an avalanche), I will agree with you on the first two points that he is willing & able to sell a narrative, and also that he’s never actually spent significant time with a human baby person. For all these stories sound terribly convincing on the surface, if you ask folks who actually have infants, they don’t quite match up, and what’s more, they aren’t *doing* anything for his image. Talking about changing nappys and being peed on, only to sing a  (catchy) song about grinding in a club titled “Strip That Down” doesn’t work. The stories are also super off-putting - not just to the fandom, but to the GP - and I don’t know why they haven’t at least black listed the subject of Loammy meeting Cheryl at 14, for all its grooming overtones. 

I also agree that there’s fondness for Zayn. I don’t think this just magically washes away

There is so much potential to be huge with Loammy, and the names attached to his first record are all the best in their field. If there are any interns out there who can help fix this, please for the love of fuck roll up your sleeves, use all that feedback that you’ve gotten over the last two weeks that prove that the Cherliam Kid Fic Tour is not a good marketing point, and get your shit together.


reunion tour sketches. an absolute roller coaster

also, news for tumblr, i’ll be compiling all these sketches in to a sketchbook zine that i’ll be selling at cons! and maybe online if enough folks seem interested. the zine might contain some sketches i wont be posting online, maybe a page of taz nights sketches or something!