tour annoucements

M A N I A: January 19th

the release date for M A N I A is getting pushed back to January 19th, as i’m sure you all know.

this completely took me by surprise, even though it shouldn’t have. we had all of those jokes about the boys only having three songs ready out of ten, or pete messing with his fidget spinners in the studio, or whatever reason for not having the record ready. but i thought they’d pull through? idk i guess i trusted in them that they would be able to put the album out on time because that’s what they’ve been telling us since the beginning: M A N I A out September 15th. so i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t disappointed.

i mean, it’s not like they didn’t have quite a while. when they announced the album in april, it pained me to think about how far september was. but now september is one month away, and i’m wondering what they did with all of that time.

they even annouced a tour under the album name. so my question is: why still call it the M A N I A tour when we’re only gonna have two or three songs from the album available? how are they going to keep the tour focused around the album when the album isn’t even out?

but, i’m not making this post to complain. i’m just confused.

i support their decision 100% - i don’t want them to create three-fourths of an album in three weeks. i don’t want rushed songs that don’t have a connection with patrick, pete, joe, or andy. because that’s not fall out boy.

i want songs that had rough drafts and demos and polished-away imperfections. i want an album that took time, effort, thought, and love to create. i want music that resonates with them. and if we can’t have that within a month, so be it. because i want the M A N I A that’s been hyped for months. i want the album that pete writes his cute little poetic notes about. i want the album that the boys believe in.

so i don’t mind waiting another four months for an album that’s undoubtedly going to turn out better than they imagined.

🔮🌊january 19th, my dudes🌊🔮


Wednesday, February 10th: Verizon Theatre (Dallas, TX)

Friday, February 12th: Thunderbird Arena (Vancouver, Canada)

Sunday, February 14th: Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena (L.A., California)

Friday, February 19th: Rosemont Theatre (Chicago, IL)

Sunday, February 21st: Prudential Center (Newark, NJ)

NOTE: The alleged “ New York” stop is in fact not in New York State or New York City, but Newark, New Jersey. Stay tuned for updates to see if this is an error on SM’s part.


Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour Annoucement!!

5SOS Weekly Update: February 14, 2014- February 20, 2014

So this week the guys finished up their radio tour at Capital FM Birmingham and Lincs FM.

They even ended the radio tour with an acoustic version of She Looks So Perfect

She Looks So Perfect Acoustic Performance

Check out a couple of videos of them on Capital FM Birmingham

5 Seconds of Summer Game- The Erm Squirm

5 Seconds of Summer- Who Has the Hottest Mom?

After the radio tour, it was time to head back to London to rehearse for their upcoming UK tour that starts on the 23 of February

Here are some pictures of them goofing around during rehearsals this week

One of the most exciting things that happened this week was going to the Brits. They even walked the red carpet!

Meeting Ashton at the Brits

Also, the guys received their hard copies of their EP. If you still haven’t pre ordered your copy you can purchase it by clicking here or on itunes!

Of course one of the first things the guys did was play with the stickers

To end the week, the guys had a twitcam and of course things got a little weird…

So pretty much they just wanted to let you know that SLSP music video comes out Monday and that anyone in the US/Mexico/ Canada can preorder SLSP on Itunes on Tuesday. To watch the complete video click here

Other News:

The guys announced that they are going on a US/ Canada tour in April!

Other pictures from this week: 

Videos from this Week

Ticket Presale

Tour Annoucement

America and Canada we have an announcement Today!! :-)


The reason I eat biscuits in the morning

I’d definately hit on you

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A one of a kind experience of Mine. A very unforgettable moment of my life. A memory that I will treasure forever.

Oh hi there! Im Maria Angelina Amul, better known as Marian by my close friends. Im a fangirl for 4 years already. Im a proud Swifty! And im inlove with this girl named Taylor Swift. Im not obsessed fan but Im desperate to do everything just to met her and be noticed by her. And it all happen because of blessings of our Lord ❤️

So my story goes on like this…

I really can’t remember how I become a fan that time. As far as I can remember, I was 15 back then when I first found out about her. The very first song that I heard and loved at the same time is Love Story. And then I searched who is the singer of that fantastic song and found out that its no other than Taylor Swift. I searched more of her song and I become addicted to the music video of You Belong With Me. That song was also a big hit!! And I also found out that I have a classmate who likes her too, so we found ourself fangirling over Taylor Swift. And I can clearly remember, I joined a text clan named Taylor Swift Mobile Community which is also the official text clan runned by Taylor Swift Philippines officers on a cold month of October 2010. I met a lot of friends who has the same interest as mine. I found a bestfriend (but lost her cause its my fault too :’( and I badly missed my “Taybear” :() but then I met also my Pakknerr (until now were still incontact with each other)
And then life goes on.. Until we heard a very good news that Taylor Swift will bring the Speak Now World Tour in MANILAAA!!! I Was freaking excited that time!! I saved up money so I can buy tickets *.* On November or December 2010, we bought our General Admission tickets! We are so so so so excited!!! And then it comes the concert day!! February 19,2011 after our examination, we hurriedly go home and fixed ourself for the most awaited time. We are very excited.. We arrived at the venue early haha! There’s a lot of people in the Araneta Coliseum. The whole crowd become crazy when Sam Concepcion got up for opening act!!! We keep on chanting Taylor’s name and yeah the Sparks Fly played and when I saw Taylor’s silhoutte, I found myself crying. Sheeez thinking that it’s her first time in our country make me think that Filipino Swifties are special :’) Bringing the SpeakNow Tour in Manila is beyond great!! This concert is a very memorable day of my life, cause for the first time in forever, I got to see her perform live :’( Ayee. She’s sooo prettyyyy!!!!
Argh what else I can say about this girl? 😍
And time passes by, I become a college girl and I kinda set aside my fangirl side, been hooked up with Barkadaas and at the same time focused in my studies. 1st and 2nd year of my college years is just a normal year for me. I didnt go to the meet-ups or events since Im busy. The only event I went on after the SNWT is the album launch of Red. Haha.
So the very best and most most most unforgettable and most most most memorable era for me is the Red Era!! I got to join the fan gatherings. I met the very best friends for me…
My journey to Red Tour 💕💕
So yeah one time in February I was invited to join the meet-up of TSMC-Smart. And this day is also the first time Pakknerr and I met in person ❤️ I didn’t had a chance to get along with them too long cause I have some family things to attend on 😭 And After that meet-up there are follow up meet ups but I didnt go cause of conflicts in sched. I become active in joining fan gathering when the confirmation of Red Tour was annouced!!! On March 7, I didnt able to bought a ticket since I dont have money and the tickets were sold out for almost 2 hours 😭 It was a very heartbreaking moment for me :( But God loves me so much! Tita Jing gave me money to buy a general admission ticket!! And eventhough it’s quiet expensive I still bought it just to have that ticket. And I am so freaking happy and excited that time. There were a lot of promos for Taylor’s concert and eventhough I already have a ticket, I still joined. I joined the promo of Cornetto (and won merchandise). I joined Air Asia’s promo (but unlucky) and The Spinnr promo! And that was my luck!! I am the first winner of their raffle draw!! I won a Patron tix for the Red Tour!!!! My thought for that time: Joining Spinnr promo is like thinking the 1:10 possibilty. But then God is really Good!!!

The Team Abangers (Desperate Swifties)
Yeah. At first Im still shy to get along with them. Jency was the only person Im close with. But then they were so accommodating. I found myself comfortable with them 💕💕 I become makulit, pasaway and lahat na. Haha. They were the best group of friends I ever had. We have the same interest and that’s Taylor. At first they taught I was that shy and quiet but as time passes by I can get along with their trips. I feel welcome in this group 💕💕 i never felt that Im different from them ❤️ So blessed to have you guys. I love you forever Team Abangers💕💕

The Fan Gatherings..

March 31,2014 : Starlight Grand Fans Day a.k.a The Hunger Games!!!

Hahahaha. Yeah you read it right, we were already in the venue at 9am and the mall opened at 10am. We waited there. And when the mall was opened everyone run and run and run to the 3rd floor to be one of the 50 person to have a free entrance. Haha. I also joined the Hunger run. Lol. But the luck was not mine. I bought a zine pack instead so I can come inside the venue. There were alot of swifties and we feel like the North Edsa had an earthquake. Lol 😂 We are so hyper that time. Haha. We sang We are never ever getting back together as a part of the #RedTourAsiaMovement

June 3,2014: The Spinnr Red VIP Day
Yaaaay!! I got a call that I can already claim my ticketsss. And I personally met again two friends I known from Spinnr, Kim and Ate Dhey 💕 We were the first batch of Spinnr Raffle Winners. We got our tickets and other freebies such as Red Zinepack and Smart Free Wifi (thanks a lot Smart!) I was so freaking duper excited 💕💕💕 thank you SpinnrPH!!

June 4,2014: The Red Hot Manila AirAsia Pre-Concert Event

Yay!! This is just so wonderful!! Im with team abangers again. And we just become crazzyyy at the event xD 💕💕 And yaaaay Kyle won a VIP Tix also!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ There were a lot of activities and games happened ❤️

June 5, 2014: The Team Airport!!!

Haahahahahahahahaha. Yeah we are desperate ayt? So yeah we’ve been in NAIA 4 and we’re waiting for Taylor Swift to come. But there were no sign of Taylor Swift that time. But our efforts were not wasted since We got to see and welcomed the The Agency and Red Tour Dancers. I am able to took a Selfie with no other than Grant Mickelson. And I got able to say Hi to Caitlin ❤️❤️

To be continued.. 😘💕
(hoping taylorswift will find time to read this😘❤️)