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Do you know what the whole story is behind Robert getting vocal chord surgery? Love love love your blog💗

Thank you!  Glad you enjoy it!! <3 Unfortunately, I don’t know much at all.  It was kept very, very quiet.  I’m pretty sure it happened in late 1973 or early 1974.  You can tell that by the 73 tour he had nodules in his throat - while I think he was super hot to look at, I have a hard time listening to some of the boots.  Oh, how I wish they’d done TSRTS in 71 or early to mid 72, but I digress. :-)  Anyway, my guess is that he knew he needed a break from performing after his recovery from surgery, and that’s perhaps why they did no touring in 74.  If anyone has more info, I’d love to hear it!!  xxoo

Photograph of miscellaneous sculptures from Hasanpur taken by Joseph David Beglar c.1871-72 and forms part of the Archaeological Survey of India Collections. Hasanpur is also referred to as Jaynagar in the archaeological survey gazetteers. In his report of his photographic tour of 1872-73 Beglar wrote, “Outside the dargah, and to its east on a mound under a bat tree, is a large collection of statues in various stages of mutilation; they are mostly of no very ancient date, to judge from the execution. Among the fragments are those of Ganesa, Lakshmi, several lingams, a badly executed slab representing the Nava-graha, Hara Gauri, &c. The village of Hasanpur Kako is situated on a high mound.” The sculpture is listed by Bloch as a, “Statue of four-armed goddess with two elephants above (Lakshmi); a slab with busts of one male and two female figures; fragments.”

The British Library

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Wait when is Sinner supposed to be out? (PS I adore your books)


Sinner comes out July 1 in the U.S.

I’ll be going on a coast-to-coast driving tour in my ‘73 Camaro, and if you come see me, I’m happy to sign any of my books so long as you buy another one from the store hosting me.

I’ll also be answering questions and maybe standing on tables and giving away custom book wrappers and whatnot.

Here are the Sinner tour dates:

7/2: Charlottesville, VA

7/3: Baltimore, MD

7/5: Pittsburgh, PA

7/7: Chicago/ Naperville, IL

7/8: Chicago, IL

7/8: Milwaukee, WI

7/9: Madison, WI

7/10: Iowa City, IA

7/11: Omaha, NE

7/14: Denver, CO

7/19: Salt Lake City, UT

7/21: Reno, NV

7/23: San Francisco, CA

7/24: San Francisco/ Menlo Park, CA (with Brenna Yovanoff & Tessa Gratton)

7/28: Los Angeles, CA

7/29: Los Angeles/ Montrose, CA

Full details here.