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Track 4 better be ALL TOO WELL 2.0 okay, because that’s exactly what an 8:47 track needs to be and it lines up with RED era Taylor in the LWYMMD music video so you can’t lead us on like that if that ain’t the case ok? Love u tons bby. Xoxo.


Masterlist for Mobile Users xx

#1 - He Finds Something Dark From Your Past (trigger warning)

#2 - He Finds You Self-Harming (tigger warning)

#3 - He Saves You (Part 1)

#4 - He Saves You (Part 2)

#5 - You Get Too Stressed With School

#6 - You’re Sick With The Flu

#7 - You Tell Him You’re Pregnant

#8 - You Have A Nightmare

#9 - Physical Contact (His P.O.V.)

#10 - You Lose A Family Member

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Sketchbook tour (Pg 45-47)

Eeey welcome to 2017, you can tell because I cant draw people now. To be honest I don’t really know what she is but she isn’t human. This was really fun to draw, because I usually work on small sketches on A5 size paper, it was nice to have such a big area to work with for once.

Aw Lightning baby don’t cry. I felt like drawing some angst. The drawing itself is alright, I like the expression, the hands could be better. The main thing that bothers me is that is kinda just doesn’t look like Lightning. I’m still in the design stages and trying to get comfortable drawing the his character..

YEAH, nice to know I can still rock dragons, I don’t get to draw them much. I really like this drawing. I had a bit of trouble drawing his other eye so I ended up leaving it out. It makes it a little messy but I think it still looks good.

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SCANDAL; “53/53! The tour’s finished! We’ve came all this way thanks to everyone! Also, Tokyo; tonight was also the best ever! Let us meet again next time! #SCANDAL #scabest47 #SCANDALsJointBandTour”

  • HARUNA: Thank you very much for「SCANDAL’s 47 prefecture tour」Tokyo final😝 We went about and back from all the prefectures, and I’m glad today’s live was watched by many people! The tour may be over, but our journey will still continue. Our first-ever joint band tour is also set for October! Nothing but things to look forward to✨✨

  • TOMOMI: Thank you, Toyosu! We’re done with all 53 performances in the 47 prefecture tourーーーーー! Everyone who came to have fun from across the nation, I’m truly grateful from the bottom of my heart! Job well done to all the staff and members as well. We did it. Let’s have a delicious meal.

  • MAMI: Final・Tokyo!!! Thank you for the best night everーーーーーーーーーーー!!! No, no, no, no, seriously!! It was suーper fun⤴︎💕✨✨ I had so much fun that I totally forgot to take photos of our hair arrangement! That’s why, I drew it💕💕 Tonight felt like this💕 A brown ponytail from on top of Tomo-chan’s head💕

  • RINA: We’ve finished all 53 sold-out performances on SCANDAL’s 47 prefecture tour with no problems! Yayー! We did itー! I’m really grateful, thank you! Next up, we’ll be doing our Higashi Meihan joint band tour in October, with UNISON, 4mm and BluEn! It’s the besttt!!!

At tonight’s tour final at Toyosu PIT, SCANDAL reveals that they’ll be going on yet another tour titled, “SCANDAL’s Joint Band Tour” this October. The details are below:




SCANDAL’s official fan club,「SCANDAL MANIA」has begun its pre-sale for this tour, from now to 24th Jul, 11:59PM (JST).

Tonight’s tour finale at Toyosu PIT was also attended by: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Mihara Yuki and SUPER BEAVER’s Yanagizawa Ryota.


9/6 千葉LOOK

First non-fanclub show of the tour!!

The energy was really high 🔥🔥🔥 I was a lot closer to the front this time too and things got craaazy esp during the encore. My favorite thing is probably running around to Yellow Girl but Black flag is getting up there now too…

Gara screaming ありがとう!!! without his mic is the reason why I’m alive.

I’m also soooo happy when I get to talk to other fans/meet people I talk to online! 🐑🎶

Next show for me is 甲府CONVICTION✨

Megan’s show count: 2/??

#merry #エムオロギー #システムエムオロギー (at 千葉 LOOK)

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Noriyasu Isshiki is a songwriter who wrote SCANDAL’s songs such as “Anata ga Mawaru,” “HARUKAZE,” “24 Jikan Plus no Yoake Mae”. He passed away recently from a brain tumor.
MERRY ガラ オフィシャルブログ「浅田地獄~ヘルニアヴォーカリストの憂鬱~」Powered by Ameba
MERRY ガラさんのブログ「MERRY ガラ オフィシャルブログ「浅田地獄~ヘルニアヴォーカリストの憂鬱~」Powered by Ameba」です。最新記事は「47都道府県ツアー「システムエムオロギー」2本目 千葉LOOK」です。

Gara watches over us all, and Nero saves the day in the hashtags.

Translation below!

47 prefecture tour

Second show
Chiba LOOK

Thank you!! [clapping]

A show on the day we release the album “M-ology.”

I trusted that you’d all to come to the show 
after listening to the album so much it wore out,
so I held the mic out over the floor a lot. (laugh)

There are a lot of choruses on this album, so when you come to a show,
I want you to sing the choruses at the top of your lungs.

This was a pretty fiery show for the second night of the tour,
and my underwear was completely wet again from that sense of unity.

The stage and the floor were close to each other today too; this is a livehouse where we can communicate that heat to each other directly.

All you guys in the front,
were you okay?

Please don’t push yourselves too hard or get hurt while you’re going wild.
Because coming to a show and getting hurt is no fucking fun.

If anything happens, raise your hand or something right away and get my attention,

because I’m always watching the floor.

Still 2/47

Let’s dash to the end together.

This was a great show today.

It was wonderful!!

You guys are the best!!

Thanks to all of you who held up my legs and my body too.

I sort of felt like a lot of men came today too.
Nice, nice. Come again. Let me hear those deep voices!

This 47 prefecture tour
will also close the distance and deepen the trust between all of us.

Let’s share
even more powerful shows, even more powerful moments.

[Picture of Gara’s pretty face ;) Check the blog post]

After shows,
my fake lashes are always gone…
If anyone knows how to make them stay on,
please let me know. (laugh)

[Tour schedule pic]

2/47 down

Yamagata is next!

[M-ology release pic]

Gara (lips)

#MERRY Gara   #MERRY new ablum M-ology on sale 9/6
#MERRY 47 prefecture tour   #M-ology   #I’m not sleeping tonight
#I was panicking when I got home because my wallet was gone, but Nero found it for me and held onto it   #Then he went out of his way to text me a picture of it and let me know he found my wallet  
#I’m going to treat him to some coffee tomorrow

MFS Live at the Budokan 2016 at a glance

Frankly, when I translated MFS Road To The Budokan messages back in May 2016, I wasn’t sure what Hiro meant with “all designated seats" and “my testament". It would be embarrassing if I got things wrong about this major milestone in their history.

I chose not to go to the Budokan show from the start because I wanted to see them at a small venue first. Thanks Heaven for Kaohsiung. Besides, I had to work till 19th November. It was impossible timing for me. But I did look around and survey what those fans and friends who went had to say, along with the official info.

It seemed like an emotionally charged show from what I can gather. Here at a glance ……..

1. In-the-Round stage

Whoaah!! They used the Centre Stage concept. I have always loved this ever since I first saw British rock legends Def Leppard used it on their Hysteria Tour back in the late 80s. It pushes the performers to the max but it gives the audience a fair treatment. I know how it feels like to sit two rows from the back in a 13,000 capacity Arena where the band played the regular side stage. Depressing I tell you XD Metallica also used the Centre Stage back in the 90s. I don’t remember which Tour. So, to see my boys using the Centre Stage gave me a sense of pride that they put themselves in that class of “rock legends” I grew up with…… least in my book (^^). Not to mention MFS stage was BEAUTIFUL!

With laserworks …….

….. and pyrotechnics!

Now Nob can legitimately brag to everyone that “my first concert at the Budokan is my band’s one-man 47 Prefecture Tour Final in 2016 and I have photos, videos and news articles to prove it!“ XD How cool is that?

2. The "all designated seats” question

I finally saw what Hiro meant, and dear AlMighty, I felt so relieved that I didn’t make a fool of myself in my MFS Budokan Messages translation post XD. The tickets were all for seated positions based on the photos by fans on IG. The band wanted an organized classy atmosphere rather than crazy partying for their Tour Final seemingly and from the way they ended the show, I can understand why.

3. The setlist

That’s one hell of a setlist! 28 songs yo!! But I was mighty glad I didn’t have to listen to 君の唄 / Kimi no Uta in Kaohsiung which they played at the Budokan. My lack-of-fondness for this song is almost equal to my lack-of-fondness for OOR Wherever You Are. Sorry XD

Hey, look! 失踪FLAME. Now I wish I was there! Not because I’m crazy about the song but just to see Hiro sing it Live and scrutinize every note XD. Oh, there’s no Take It Back either. Yesssss!!!! ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

1 Weapons
2  Nothing In The Story
4  最終回STORY
5  Last Call
6  悪戯フィクション
7  Black Rail
8  Smash Out!!
9  Missing You
10  One Light
11  君の唄
12  「花」 -0714-
13  Love Letter
14  Session (Teru・Nob・Kid'z)
15  monologue
17  The Story Is My Life
18  “BOOM"
19  失踪FLAME
20  The Puzzle
21 モノクロエフェクター
22  Someday
23  Tomorrowland
24  Second Limit
25  不可逆リプレイス

アンコール / Encore:

2  We’re Just Waiting 4 You
3  Home

4. The goodies

Wow! So many goodies yo! I was already bummed when they decided to sell the Limited Single We’re Just Waiting 4 You only at the Budokan. It feels so pointless to be a member of STORYTELLER when special songs were not made available to me via normal route. Time to trouble your friends in Japan XD

5. No Taka m(_ _)m

Sadly, the much anticipated Takahiro Moriuchi COULDN’T come to the show due to a concert obligation in South Korea. He had to leave Japan before MFS started. So, please no speculation of him not supporting his little brother ya!

But I heard he chose to arrive in Korea as late as he could, accompanied by Toru. He probably tried to be there for his little brother as much as possible. After all, this big-hearted brother worked out his time to see the little one at the tiny Daikanyama Unit. No way he would simply put aside the Budokan if it wasn’t for his responsibility to his fans.

But I’m sure for any recording from the Budokan show, Taka will get the direct access from Hiro to viewing it. I’m positive that Taka is the person Hiro would most want to show it off to XD

But both Papa Mori and Mama Mori reportedly came. One fan said Mama Mori cried. Though I can’t confirm how true is this but, as a woman, I have no trouble believing it. Hiro is her baby and forever will be ♡.

5. Masaki came!

Former drummer Masaki Kojima came!! There is no love lost between them. Just like Masaki said when he walked away that he will always cherish his moments with the band and he still loves them. I was touched last time by the way Hiro was more concerned about the loss of friendship than the loss of the band’s drummer. They got their hearts in all the right places ♡♡♡

6. Hiro’s bold “Declaration", Tokyo Dome and OOR

The surprising bold declaration by Hiro that the aim is 5 years from now, MFS would conquer the Tokyo Dome and he would prove MFS to be the No.1 band against the first and last “rival", his brother’s band ONE OK ROCK. This is the part he wanted the fans to witness as “my testament". Well, my Japanese listening skill sucks like c**p. So, my ears actually could only hear the Tokyo Dome part and then “One Okku Rokku” at the end m(_ _)m. So, don’t take my words for it. Please refer to the fans who actually went there or those who speak Japanese fluently.

I’ve heard Hiro say about wanting MFS to one day hit the Tokyo Dome many times. So, it wasn’t a new thing to me when he said, “Japan no saikouhou no basho …. Tokyo Dome” in this video that has now gone viral among MFS fans on IG. But the “One Okku Rokku” part caught me off guard and I asked my lil sis @emashitayuuki to listen to it ……… because her ears can catch better than mine XD ……. and she heard the same thing too.

I will post Hiro’s exact words about this that this lovely Japanese girl Haru had kindly transcribed for me in another post (^^)

There are quite a number of interpretations of Hiro’s words though from what I gathered. Some saw it as MFS would do a “taiban" with OOR in 2021 in Tokyo Dome and some interpreted it as just a “declaration of rivalry". Some even used the term “war" XD.

To me, it doesn’t matter what Hiro really meant. In my opinion, it’s more about getting to that Level where you are big enough to be qualified to do the Tokyo Dome. I’m not sure what’s the minimum requirement for Tokyo Dome but an artist has to be able to sell at least 30,000 tickets for Yokohama Stadium. The band put a target for themselves to achieve and why not target it big, right? Like that Singaporean swimmer Joseph Schooling who idolized Michael Phelps and ended up beating his hero for the Gold medal at the Olympics?

Anyway, there is nothing negative. I hope fans will not mix up their careers and personal lives, ok? At any rate, I believe Taka would want his brother to be successful and most of all happy. For me, personally, after watching Hiro performed in front of my eyes, I feel Taka is still the star that has inspired him the most.

7. The Grand Finale 

Band leader Sho came and joined them onstage for the Encore! Hmm …… no, Sho is NOT fully back yet. He appeared specially for the Budokan.

* Hiro’s eyes will always look at Sho that way!

It was an emotionally charged moment for both the band and the audience. Hiro cried and cried …….. that’s what my lovely Japanese friend said. I so believe her. As for the fans ……. “we all cried”, she said.


Always … We’re Just Waiting 4 You.

Updated Masterlist For Mobile Users

#1 - He Finds Something Dark From Your Past

#2 - He Finds You Self-Harming

#3 - He Saves You (Part 1)

#4 - He Saves You (Part 2)

#5 - You Get Too Stressed With School

#6 - You’re Sick With The Flu

#7 - You Tell Him You’re Pregnant

#8 - You Have A Nightmare

#9 - Physical Contact (His P.O.V.)

#10 - You Lose A Family Member

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