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Star Wars t-shirt to crop top mod. Super cute! Love yourself and work to be the best person you can be, it takes one person at a time to make the world a better place.


Aaaaah I miss my grey braids tbh I feel like I’m going to slip back into pastelgoth tbh! It’s the best to wear when it gets warmer!!

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GOT7 REACT: To you getting your webbing pierced

Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact:
can i please request a got7 reacting to you getting your webbing (under tounge) pierced? thankyou xx

I will not lie and say that I don’t think they’re super cool looking but I will never get one because GASP NEEDLES OMG GASPING FOR BREATH.

JB: He’s trying to figure out why he tasted metal when he kissed you.

“Y/N…what was in your mouth?”

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Mark: He would just be really surprised.

Y/N: “Look what I got!” showing him your piercing.

“Whoa, when did you get that Y/N?”

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Jackson: He didn’t even know you could pierce the webbing under your tongue.

“DIdn’t that like…hurt?”

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“Y/N…you didn’t…that’s…what is that?”

She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that x100000000000000000

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“Yeah it looks cool Y/N, but how are you gonna eat with that?”

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BamBam: Would be half shocked and half impressed.

“Oh my god y/n, you actually got it pierced!”

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Yugyeom: He honestly thinks it’s so cool and super sexy. But he’d never let YOU know that.

“I didn’t think you’d actually get one Y/N, doesn’t it feel weird?”

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“Maybe we’re just having too much fun.
Maybe you can’t handle yourself,
Staring at me with your lips and tongue”

- Bulls In The Bronx, Pierce The Veil

AU Drabble Game


  • Three numbers max!!
  • Specify the member(s) Please!
  • Specify the category you chose
  • I only write for: BTS, GOT7, Big Bang and Topp Dogg

Mafia AU’s:

  1. Rival Gang Leaders
  2. “if my father finds out..We’re both dead”
  3. “This is going to be a lot easier, without you here”
  4. “okay..Maybe I was a little harsh but do it again and I’ll cut your eyes out”
  5. “So.. You want a favour huh?”
  6. “Look at me when I’m fucking talking to you”
  7. “Boss wanted to see you.. He said it was important”
  8. “This is all part of the job”
  9. The boss goes missing
  10. Accidental murder
  11. Kidnapping gone wrong
  12. Falling in love with the enemy
  13. “what is a pretty girl like you doing in this place?”
  14. “You got the money?”
  15.  “Not everyone is fucking Italian.. Get your shit together”
  16. “Looks like I’m going to have to punish you, baby doll”

Supernatural AU’s:

  1. “How can you be a vampire but faint at the sight of blood?”
  2. “Babe you know I love you but give me one more dog toy in my birthday and I’m leaving you”
  3. “I could take care of you so much better than him, don’t forget, I was an angel once too”
  4. “You’re my everything.. I’d never hurt you..”
  5. “How do you accidentally get trapped inside a fucking mirror??”
  6. “I can’t believe this is your secret..”
  7. “I don’t care if you’re fucking Caspar the friendly ghost,get away from me!”
  8. “Be careful what you wish for..”
  9. “Oh please.. Don’t pull your tragic immortal bullshit on me”
  10. “Are wings heavy?”
  11. “stop thinking.. Just feel..”
  12. “Be mine.. And I’ll do anything for you”
  13. “I’m a werewolf, not your fucking pet dog”
  14. “I didn’t want to kill her..”
  15. “I was hoping you’d fall for my natural charms by now”
  16. “I  may be tiny, but still bigger than your dick”

College AU’s:

1. “Kay fine you’re the smart one, now let me copy”

2. “I know it’s 3 in the morning but I kinda ran out of toilet paper”

3. “Will you shut up for a minute and let me think?”

4. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

5. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it”

6. “I’m too sober for this”

7 .“Just please be my best friend and not the guy I just confessed to”

8 .“you can’t keep pretending like it didn’t happen! Because it fucking did!”

9 .“Trust me I’d rather eat shit than be partners with you”

10. “How could you?? You know how long that took me to make!”

11. “If that tounge piercing doesn’t scream 18 I don’t know what will”

12. “Let’s play 7 minutes in heaven!”

13. “What do you mean you’re still a virgin?”

14. “Choose me, I fucking dare you”

15. “You’re mine I don’t share”

16. “Just shut up and kiss me you fool”