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Can I keep you? Pt. 1

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Imagine being Tony’s adoptive daughter no one knows about because you’re studying abroad. One day you come home without saying a word and all the Avengers are confused by your appearance and especially Loki being quite smitten by you. The Avengers, especially Natasha being very protective of you when they notice the tricksters’ interest in you. You on the other side, being the curious girl you always were, wanted to know more about the mysterious guy and the world he comes from.

Pairings: Loki x Reader ; Tony Stark x daugther!Reader

Warnings: swearing

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Tip from my side: if your dad, mum or any other relative is a super hero, especially if he is a part of the Avengers, never forget that! I did, and that lead to me standing in the living room of my adoptive father, Tony, and having various weapons pointed at me.
You see, I’m currently having troubles at my college and decided to take a break and visit my father, completely forgetting that he is Iron Man and that the ‘Stark Tower’ was transformed into the ‘Avengers Tower’ and that said Avengers, are now living there.
“Who are you?” Natasha Romanoff, Russian Agent, rough childhood. She pointed one of her guns at my head and I had no doubt that she could blow my head off.
“(Y/N) Stark. Starks daughter? Well adoptive daughter. Where is he anyway?” The way the others looked at me was really amusing. Only one of them, who I guessed was Loki, looked rather bored. He didn’t even bother to stand up and point anything at me.
“Miss (Y/N), should I inform your father of your presence?” Ah, how I missed Jarvis. Before I went to college, as lonely as it sounds, he was my only friend. “No thanks Jarvis. I will tell him myself, but where exactly is he?” “Right here.” I turned around and saw my father standing there, with his arms outstretched, ready for a hug. And a hug he received.
“I missed you Dad.” I buried my face in his neck. “I missed you too kiddo.” He squeezed me harder against him, kissing my scalp.
“I see you already met the others. This is Thor, Steve, Bruce, Natasha, Clint and behind them on the couch is Loki.” He pointed at each one, but as soon as he mentioned Loki, a snarl took over his face.
“You do know that I have a TV at the college. I know who they are. All of them.” I laughed and the other lowered their weapons.
“So Tony, you never told us you had a daughter, and such a gorgeous one too.” Thor smirked and bowed his head. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lady (Y/N).” He took my hand and gently kissed my knuckles. “So, how’s your brother complex going Thor?” Loki, tried to hide a laugh, at which he clearly failed. Thor, on the other hand, looked at me with wide eyes and a faint blush on his cheeks. “What?” I laughed, rolling my eyes.
“Is my room still available?” Tony nodded and I grabbed my bags, making my way to the elevator.
As soon as I was, what the others thought, out of earshot, they began asking tony questions. Even though, it was mostly Thor asking what I meant with ‘brother complex’.
No one noticed the handsome god making his way to the elevator too.
“So you are Starks little princess.” He didn’t look at me, just stared at the elevator doors.
“I’m neither little nor a princess. I’m his adopted daughter. I guess we have something in common.” I smirked at him. Before he could talk again, the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened.
“Excuse me.” I walked out and smirked to myself, picturing his face.

Finally in my room, I noticed one problem. The last time I’ve been here, I apparently still had my ‘pink phase’. My walls were pink and so was my most of my furniture. That was a real problem.
“Jarvis. Where is the next interior centre? Oh and I need some new clothes and a new wallpaper. This one won’t do.” I left my bag on the floor and exited the room again.
“Anything else, Miss (Y/N)?” Jarvis artificial voice inquired. “Yes, I need my father’s credit card and a car. Send the location of the store to my phone, would you?”
“The location is send. And I think your father’s (F/C) would be to your liking.” My phone buzzed and I had the location.
“I think so too Jarvis. The keys are still where they always are?” Jarvis answered with a polite ‘Yes Miss’ and I took the elevator up to the living room again.
“Hey sweet pea, do you need anything?” Tony sat with the others, drink in hand.
“Yes, your credit card.” I shot the others a tight lipped smile, looking back at my father. “What for?” He stood up and got his wallet out of his jeans pocket.
“Have you seen my room? It’s pink.” He laughed and passed it to me. “Need any help?” “I’ll let Jarvis let you know when I’m back so you can help carry most of the stuff to my room. And maybe we can fix it together.” He smiled at me and kissed my forehead. “Of course kiddo.”

After my shopping trip, I drove back to the Avengers Tower, telling Jarvis to let my father know of my return. The answer wasn’t really what I hoped for.
“Your father asked me to tell you that they had to go on a mission. He is sorry Miss (Y/N).” Jarvis’s voice followed me to the elevator. Biting my tounge, I shook my head.
“I know Jarvis, I know.” I moved the wallpaper and everything I needed to remove my old wallpaper to the elevator. The new floor I chose, was too heavy, so I had to wait for my father’s return anyway.
I brought all the stuff to my room, but immediately lost my interest in redecorating it.
It was almost lunch time anyway, so I decided to go to the kitchen and cook something for myself.
I didn’t expect Loki to be sitting in the living room, reading.
“I thought you were out on a mission.” I checked the fridge and cupboards, deciding what I should cook. “Well, they never take me with them. Not that I’m complaining.” Loki didn’t look up from his book, but his voice was softer than I expected.
“Know how that feels. Want something to eat?” I leaned against the kitchen counter, looking at the Trickster God. “Deepens on what you’re cooking.” “I thought about Carbonara.” I took everything I needed out of the fridge and the cupboards, laying it out before me.
“What is that?” Loki quietly came up behind me, surprising me. “God, Loki! Warn me the next time you sneak up on me!” I looked at him with wide eyes, but he just grinned.
“There would be no fun if I did that, pet.” He looked over my shoulder at the ingredients, still grinning. “Don’t get used to the nickname Loki. My name is (Y/N) and you’ll call me exactly that.”
He had a mischievous glint in his eyes, but nodded.
“So, do you want some, or not?” I looked at him and put my hands against his chest, trying to get a little distance between me and the god.
“Why not?” He went back to the couch, leaving me alone in the kitchen.
I was in the middle of cooking when my phone buzzed.
“Hey dad. How’s the mission going?” I put the phone between my right ear and shoulder and continued to stir the pasta.
“Just fine honey! You fucking-! Sorry, I just wanted to -Oh come on!- check if everything’s okay -Asshole!- over there.” He was still in his suite, fighting against whatever.
“Everything’s perfect. Call me again when you’re finished. Love you.” I hung up before he could answer, taking my phone and putting it back on the counter.
“Miss (Y/N), I am supposed to tell you that your father loves you too.” “Thanks Jarvis.”
Deciding the pasta was ready, I put a sieve into the sink and lifted the pot. I was just sieving the pasta when Loki appeared behind me again, affectively scaring me. I let go of the pot and the hot water splashed onto my hands.
“Oh for fuck’s sake!” I fell to the floor, pressing my hands to my chest. Loki, looked worried for once.
“Where does it hurt?” He put his hands out, waiting for me to put mine into his.
“Stay away you creep! God!” Huffing he took my hands and the pain almost immediately lessened. Loki closed his eyes and focused, his hands becoming colder by the second.
And there was something else. His hands turned blue and some sort of pattern appeared on his skin. Slowly, his whole body, at least everything I could see, became blue and had the same pattern. The next time he opened his eyes, they were blood red. But that wasn’t it, there were also so many emotions in them. Fear, insecurity, shame. All those emotions were behind those eyes that looked at me pleadingly. Pleading that I don’t throw him away like so many others did.
I took my hands out of his and a new emotion appeared, hurt. Seeing this, I immediately put my left hand back in his. With my right, I touched his cheek. It was as cold as ice but I didn’t pull back. I couldn’t. All the emotions were gone, replaced by confusion and happiness.
“You’re not scared?” After a few minutes of silence he spoke up. “Why should I? You’re beautiful.” He huffed and pulled back. Before I could say something he vanished into thin air, leaving me alone on the kitchen floor.

I sat there for about ten minutes, until Jarvis asked if I was alright. After telling him that everything was fine and he mustn’t tell my father about what just happened, I finished cooking. As soon as I was done eating, I filled a plate and brought it to Loki’s room. It was the first time I noticed that his room was on the same floor as mine.
I knocked on the door and waited for a response, which never came. So I slowly opened the door and looked inside. The room was in green and gold, there were also a big bed and a very comfortable looking reading chair. The walls were lined with bookshelves the reached the ceiling.
“What do you want?” His voice as sharp as the knife he was playing with in bed.
“I just brought you something to eat. If you still want it.” I walked inside the room and put the plate down on his nightstand. “Well, if you’re in a better mood, I could use your help. My room is just down the hall, last one on the right. See you!” I was just about to leave the room when he grabbed my left hand.
“How are your hands?” He inspected it carefully, but didn’t find anything, so he let go again. “I’m sorry about that. I’ll be more careful from now on.” He looked me in the eyes and I knew, even though he was the God of Mischief, his words were true. So I nodded and left his room, getting ready to work on my room.

It took me a few hours, but I managed to break down all my furniture. Now I remembered why I asked my father to help me. It took a while to get all the stuff out of my room, but somehow, I did it. I brought it downstairs into the garage, leaving it there for the moment.
Taking the elevator, I went back up again.
“Jarvis, put on some music. This will take a while.”
Dancing to ‘Back in Black’ from AC DC, I began to scrape the wallpaper down. Even though Tony wasn’t my biological father, we had a lot in common. We liked the same music, were intelligent and loved building things. He had his suit and I had my hover board. I only used it on the large campus, what can I say? I’m too lazy to walk all the time and it’s a lot faster.
It took me some time to convince the University council to allow me to use it, but it’s definitely a pro to be Tony Stark’s daughter. And I never broke something.
Well…except for the time one of the other students ran in my way. And the time the board had a malfunction. Oh, and the time…! Let’s not dwell on the past…right?
Either way. We had enough in common for him to be my real father. The only thing that wouldn’t fit, is that he actually wanted me. Sure, I was the one that practically begged him to adopt me, but he still chose me.
Being absorbed in my thoughts, I didn’t notice the handsome god entering my room.
“Midgard to (Y/N)?” He tapped my shoulder, making me spin around and threaten him with my spatula.
“Loki! What did you say about not surprising me?!” I took the spatula down and looked at him with wide eyes. “I tried to warn you, but you didn’t react.” Huffing I turned around and continued scrapping at the wall.
“Do you need to get that down?” He stood in the middle of my room, looking around.
“Yup. All four walls need to be bare.” I could barely finish before Loki snipped his fingers and the walls were naked.
“Can you also put those up on the wall?” I pointed at the wallpaper rolls, lying on the floor.
Snipping again, my walls were covered in the wallpaper and the rolls were gone.
“My ceiling should look like a sky full of stars.” I grinned at the men-I mean god, in front of me and he smirked. This time, he moved his hands around and a few seconds later, my ceiling was covered in blinking stars.
“Wow.” I looked around my room, more than happy with the result. “I thought they took all your magic?” He smirked at me. “They took enough from me so I can’t escape. But I can still teleport inside this place and I can use a little magic. Enough to help you redecorate your room.”
“Perfect! Come with me!” Taking his hand, I pulled him to the elevator and to the garage, where my new floor still waited.
“By the way, what is a ‘creep’?” Loki looked at me, confusion written all over his face. We were standing in the elevator, going down.
I couldn’t supress a snicker. “A person that kind of scares you, but…more like…I don’t even know. Google it.” “Google?” Face palming myself, I stepped out of the elevator, walking to the pyramid of floorboards.
“This needs to go up into my room.” Nodding, he snipped again and the pyramid vanished.
“Can I keep you?” I took his hand again and pulled him to the elevator. Instead of answering my, very serious question, he chuckled and followed me.
Upstairs he changed the floor for me and asked me if I needed anything else.
“Well…a bed would be nice. But all the shops are closed by now. Your magic is not enough to teleport things from a magazine or the internet into this room, is it?”
Loki shook his head.
“You can sleep in your father’s bed. His other half isn’t here right now.”
“Yuck no! I don’t want to know how many times the both of them had sex in there!” Chuckling at my response he walked out of my room.
“Wait! Can I sleep at yours tonight?” I leaned out the door, watching his back.
“Who says I don’t masturbate?”
“You probably do, but you’re not my father! That only makes it half as gross.”
“Be my guest!” He entered his room, leaving me grinning at the door to my room.
This is definitely going to be fun.

I'm With you (Namjoon x Reader)

Genre : bit of angsts and fluff Summary : you’re best friends with Kim Namjoon for years and you have a crush on him all this time. The so much times you spend with Jungkook makes him jealous and unexpectedly confesses to you. Warning : a bit of cursing and smut…??? Hey guys. This is my first time posting fanfic in tumblr. Please give some love!! ❤❤ ************************

“Oppa, I’m going to grab some coffee, do you want some?” you asked Namjoon as you entered his studio, a coat and a wallet are ready in your hand.

Namjoon turned to face you on his seat and said, “I think so. You’re going by yourself?” he furrowed his brows.

“Of course. You want the usual?”

“Y/N it’s already 9 pm. Ask someone to go there with you. I want to go with you but I have so many ideas going inside my head and need to write it down to finish this song, if I get out of this room they will poof right away.”

“Poof right away?” you chuckled. “Your choice of words are sometimes interesting. But seriously though, I always go by myself, you just don’t know. I’ll be fine, trust me.”

He thought about it for a few seconds before he said, “Okay, but call me when you get there.”

You rolled your eyes, “Oppa, the coffee shop is literally just a few blocks from here, why–” you stopped talking when you saw him glare at you which meant it wasn’t up for a negotiation. You sighed, “Okay okay.. I’ll buy you the usual, okay? 갈게 (I’m going)”

“잠깐만! (Wait!)” he suddenly said, rushing to the sofa where his coat was placed and took a thick scarf before walking to you. “Here, wear this. It’s really cold outside, I don’t want you to get sick.” he said as he put his scarf around your neck.

You were a bit flushed when he did it, an effect you always get when he was really close to you, also another effect of you liking Namjoon so much, not just as friends.
“아 맞다, 고마워요. 난 진짜 갈게 지금. (Ah right, thank you. I’m really going now.)” You said to him without meeting his eyes because after that Namjoon said, “응 내 동생이 (Yes my little sister).”

That’s right, you’re always gonna be his little sister. You’re always gonne be his bestfriend. Even when you wanted to be more with him.


“Oppa, I really have to go now. 약속 있어요 (I have a promise/appointment).” You said to him a few days later when you were in his studio.

“Oh you have an appointment? You get another composing job?” he asked without getting his eyes off of his computer.

“It’s not like that. I promised someone to go watch a movie together.”

He stopped for a second before facing you. “그래? 누구랑? (Really? With who?)”

You were just about to tell him it was none of his business when the person you have a promise with burst in into the studio.

“형! (Hyung!) I’m sorry to disturb both of your time on writing music but Y/N have promised to go watch a movie together with me weeks before you even get this task. I’m borrowing your bestfriend for the night okay hyung?” Jungkook chuckled.

“It’s Jungkook-ah? You’re going with Jungkook-ah?” Namjoon asked you, ignoring Jungkook who was still waiting by the door.

“So…?” you furrowed your brows.

“So… You didn’t tell me? He said you made the promise weeks ago.”

“Hyung, she’s the same age as me. Don’t worry I’ll take care of her. She doesn’t need your permission first, right Y/N?” Jungkook said to Namjoon in a teasing tone then winked at you.

You blushed bit red. Even though you saw the members every day you still cannot help but blush everytime someone as handsome as Jeon Jungkook winked at you.

Namjoon saw it.

“I’m her… Her… Her bestfriend. And I’m like a big brother to her, she doesn’t need my permission but she could at least tell me.” Namjoon said, suddenly rising his voice as if he was mad.

“Come on, hyung, it’s just me. You know I’ll take care of her.” Jungkook convinced him.

Oh but that was what Namjoon most scared of, that Jungkook would take care of you so well that you would start falling for Jungkook. He couldn’t afford that. He liked you too much. He knew you liked him too but he never showed it because he was scared it would somehow ruin your friendship. Namjoon didn’t want you to stop liking him. He loved the feeling too much. He loved you.

“That’s right, oppa. I have finished my part here anyway, I can go now. You should go too, have some fun.” You said to Namjoon. It killed you to tell him to have some fun but you couldn’t help it.

You were waiting for Namjoon to tell you no, you should not go. If he said you shouldn’t, you would’ve canceled it. But after a few moment of silence Namjoon said, “Fine. 그냥 가. (Just go).”

It irked you so much when he said that. You two have been bestfriends for years. You know what he looked like when he was upset, he looked very upset now. And you couldn’t help but thought that he was upset because he was jealous.

“I know my bestfriend needs a fresh air.” Namjoon said again.

Jealous? As if.


The weeks after that day gone by awkwardly between Namjoon and you. And somehow, Jungkook was always there with you when you were in a bad mood because of Namjoon, and he suddenly asked you to go somewhere with him so much: to buy a new shoes, to grocery shopping, a treat of ice cream down the block, night strolling around the park. You were almost sure that Jungkook had a crush on you IF he didn’t tell you about the girl he had a crush on that lived beside his apartment, he always asked you opinions on how to ask her out and told you updates everytime he met her. He even showed you the photo of them together when he asked her to go out for the first time.

But one day, Namjoon seemed like he was in a very bad mood, even when he was practicing with other members. He scolded them so much that sometimes you saw them giving death glares to Namjoon. That night you have to finish a song with him and Yoongi in his studio. And because Jungkook had been producing such good lyrics, Jungkook was also there. The air inside the studio never felt so tight and intense somehow.

“You know what? I’m not the kind of person to give up but I literally haven’t slept for 5 days straight and my head feels like it’s going to fall of my neck and explode.” Yoongi said when the time strucked midnight.

Jungkook, who was sitting beside you on the sofa said with his fingers playing with your long locks of hair, “Go to sleep, hyung. You really look beat. We’ll take care of it from here.”

Namjoon was eyeing Jungkook’s fingers on your hair from the corner of his eyes but you tried to ignore it because Yoongi just stood up and you were afraid he would actually pass out on the floor.

“I’ll go with you, hyung,” Jungkook said to Yoongi because he had the same concern as you. “I need to get some coffee anyways. You want some, Y/N?”

“Yeah I’ll just go with you–” you were just about to stand up before Namjoon suddenly said, “Y/N, sit down. We have to finish this song.”

“But I’m just going to get coffee from the kitchen–”

“Sit. Down.” Namjoon said again, his voice so low you were actually afraid of it. He never made you scared like this. So you followed his order.

Yoongi and Jungkook got out of the studio and closed the door, leaving you alone with Namjoon. You two were never this awkward, it was actually killing you. You didn’t know what was wrong but you were afraid this was all your fault. You were thinking about it with your head down, looking at the soft carpet on Namjoon’s studio. You were lost in your thought easily because Namjoon was suddenly dead silent too.

You were just about to say what’s wrong with the two of them and raise your head when suddenly a pair of warm lips crashed into yours. You were so shocked before you realized they were Namjoon’s. His big hands were cupping your face, so warm and manly yet so soft on your skin. His eyes were closed tight when yours were wide opened in shock before he tried to make you respond by biting your lips. You let out a tiny yelp but then a soft sigh when he soothed the bite with his tongue. Then you just go with the flow, closing your eyes and bringing your hands to his chest, relishing the feeling of his kiss before you finally realized what the two of you were doing.

You pushed him away so hard he went back to sit on his studio chair in shock.

His eyes were wide, surprised, like he also just realized what he did. He stuttered, “Oh my… Y/N.. Y/N I’m so sorry I didn’t know… I didn’t know what’s gotten into me..” he continued talking but you couldn’t consentrate to his words becausw your eyes kept following his swollen lips that you just kissed.

When you focused on his words again he was saying “…I promised it won’t happen aga–” before he finished it you lunged from the sofa to him and kissed him hard, cupping his face just like what he did to you minutes ago.

He instantly responded your kiss by biting and pulling your lips, one of his hands bringing you closer by the hips and the other on your nape to make your kiss deeper. He stood up from the chair and you were suddenly flying from the floor, he gripped you so tight in his arms and brought you to the sofa with him without breaking the kiss.

His lips was firm on yours, but they were soft at the same time. They tasted like the coffee you always bought for him every morning, your favorite taste. Now your favorite taste can be tasted from his lips, from your favorite person in thw world. He kept teasing you on the kiss, teeth pulling and biting, tounge stroking and licking. He felt hot and cold at the same time. Hot because his kiss was very persistent, you were also very persistent. Cold because the touch he gave you made you shiver in pleasure.

He groaned out loud when you dared to grind on him. “I was so fucking jealous of Jungkook these past few weeks it drives me insane. Why do you have to go out with him?”

He was still kissing you so you talk only when he gave you some air. “So that’s what happened to you? You’re jealous?”

“Fucking A. What did you expect me to do? Giving you a congrats with Jungkook?”

Namjoon started peppering kisses down your throat. “Well, I didn’t expect you to kiss me.”

“I also didn’t expect you to fell out of ‘like’ with me for Jungkook.”

You pushed him off of you a little bit in surprise. “Wait, you know? You know I like you this whole time?”

“Of course I know. You were not very discreet about it. I know you steal glances at me when I’m not seeing. I know you asked the barista to give a little bit more cream in my coffee because that’s how I like it. I know it all.” He smirked. This goddamn cutie dare to smirk.

“And you like me too all this time? Not as friends?”

“Since day one, babe. Since day one.”

Aside from getting a jump on your heart because it was the first time you heard him call you ‘babe’, you were still annoyed, so you hit him in the head. “You bastard! You should’ve told me! It would save us from these weeks full of hell!”

You hit him again but he just laughed. “Hell as in we didn’t talk that much? Do you miss me that much?”

You groaned out loud while kept hitting him on the shoulder and chest, both of you still on the sofa with him on top of you. “Aargghhh I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you.”

He laughed again, dodging your hits. “No, lady. You love me.”

You sighed finally and said, “Yeah, I love you.”

His laugh stopped. “Wait, you love me. You love me?”

“I can’t help it. I like you too much and we’ve been bestfriends for so long.”

He smiled wide. “Oh my God, this might sound cheesy but I love you too.” He gave you tiny kisses on the lips. “I should’ve confessed to you sooner, we must have been a couple from so long and saves us the heartaches.”

“You bet, Kim.” You rolled your eyes but he started kissing you deeply again and you smiled on the kiss.

The door of the studio was suddenly banged open, you too were too surprised to get out of each other embraces, only stopping the kiss and looked at who opened the door.

It was Jungkook.

“Finally!” Jungkook said. “I was so tired of seeing you two longing at each other for years. And now you two finally say your feelings out! I’m glad. I’m also worried for the last few weeks, I thought Namjoon hyung would burn in jealousy and kill me. Thank God you guys decided to tell each other sooner or I would be dead by now.”

Namjoon stared at Jungkook, “You planned this?!”

Jungkook shrugged. “Well, not just me. Other members also planned this. They just think I’m a great bait because I’m the same age as Y/N. Don’t worry, I’m not asking her to go anywhere with me together because I have a crush on her. She’s yours, you know. ‘Since day one’” he mimicked Namjoon.

“You rascal!” Namjoon threw a cushion to him just as he ran out of the studio and closed the door. But the two of you could hear him yelled “At least she’s with you now, hyung!”

Namjoon looked at you when it finally went silent. “Yes, at least you’re with me now.”

You caressed his cheek and peck his lips softly. “I’ve been with you all this time, Namjoon.”

***The End***

advice for the signs.

aries: bite your tounge. i know they might be bitchy but your sharp words can cause a war. i admire how brave you are with your words and how you choose everything you say wisely. but every beautiful thing that comes out of your mouth doesn’t need to be wasted on those people who don’t understand.

taurus: take a deep breath. stop putting yourself through all this trouble in order to prove yourself. you don’t have to be right all the time. and you most definitely don’t need to be insecure. we all have flaws, you don’t need to make them go away.

gemini: you’re not fooling anyone. you’ve put on a mask for others to see, an illusion that isn’t really you. you’re known to be honest with others but how about you start being honest with yourself.

cancer: it’s going to be okay. i know how clichè that sounds, but i know that deep down you need to hear those words. one day, you’re going to wake up and feel an overwhelming sensation of happiness despite what you’re feeling right now. i promise.

leo: you don’t have to force yourself to reach everyones expectations. yeah, i know it feels nice to make everyone else feel happy, but you need to think about your happiness too. focus on yourself for now and what YOU want to do.

virgo: stop thinking about it. whatever it is that’s keeping you from being completely happy, ignore it. you overthink way too much and some things don’t need to be analyzed and have answers within them. they are out of your life for a reason. now it’s time to start living.

libra: stop trying to be something you’re not. why do you keep doing that? why do see the light inside of other people but not inside of yourself? also give yourself a break. you are an over-achiever and that’s amazing, but you’re going to kill yourself if you keep pushing yourself to far.

scorpio: you have an amazing mind. you pay attention to everyone around you and you never forget. even the little things. but sometimes, you can read too much into things. no, that boy did not just glare at you. no, that girl isn’t purposefully laughing extra loudly just to make you jealous. no, it wasn’t your fault that they left you 6 months ago. stop blaming everything on youself.

sagittarius: you have an amazing soul. why do you feel the need to hide it? everyone loves how carefree, funny, witty, and talkative you are but there’s so much more to you. you are the sky with a whole galaxy to explore. you hide how wise you truly are. you hide how sad you can be and all your silent poems written in your mind. you hide so much and show so little.

capricorn: not everything has to go your way. you always feel the need to be in control of your surroundings. learn to be more openminded and think about what other opinions people may have. you’re stubborn. you’re way isn’t the only right way.

aquarius: you’re an asshole sometimes. you like being brutally honest? well how about if someone was brutally honest with you. you can be an asshole. i know you don’t mean to be, i know that you have an opinion too, but your words can hurt people. your lips are guns with your words as bullets. yes, i know that person can be annoying, but you can choose whether to be annoyed or not. did you know that?

pisces: it’s okay to cry. you hold so much in and bottle everything up sometimes. thats never good. i don’t care if you need to cry in front of a crowd or if it’s in the bathroom stall at school, let those waterfalls flow from your eyes. you are the strongest person i know, but you don’t have to prevent yourself from having a meltdown just to prove it. let go.

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I bumped into my stores worst customer outside of work at the hospital. I'm a part time carer for a relative & was in a bit of rush to get them to their appointment, she pulled up while I was setting up his chair & told me she knew me from somewhere then realised where. Told me I was horrible & tried to convince my relative the same. She's never happy with anything. I didn't bite my tounge, told her to f-off. Next shift, my manager tells me she called to complain luckily he thought it was funny

I would have gone into a full speech on why she’s the horrible one. When pissed off enough my little verbal essays have made even the coldest heart cry. Also your manager needs a cape and a sitcom. -Abby

-Deleted scene-

Mike: *sniff* Uh oh.

Erwin: What is it, boy?

Mike: There’s a certain scent missing.

Erwin: Oh no, which one.

Mike: It’s Hanje’s, she must have… taken a shower.

Various scouts: *gasps* *they start to scramble.

Erwin: Okay people, we’ve trained for this! Find your buddy, we’re all going to rendezvous at the designated campsite.

Eren: What’s going on? It’s just a shower.

Mike: Oh boy, no one told you.

Eren: Told me what?

Erwin: Trust me on this one, You do not want to know. Mike, don’t tell him. I wish you hadn’t told me, but you did. Now we have and evacuation plan and if you want to sleep at all tonight, we need to hurry.

Eren: Should I go get Captain Levi?

Mike: Oh, Levi will be just fine.

Oluo: Think about it Jager, What really strong person really likes cleanli-

*Petra smacks the back of his head, so he bites his tounge*

Petra: Oluo! Didn’t you hear what the commander just said!? Eren, we don’t have much time grab your bag, let’s go!

Them kids needs therapy

Jason x afro Latina Reader

Angsty fluff. Jason and the reader have to deal with their worst enemy. Family interactions. There will be cookouts and misunderstandings(tw.Drug use,underage drinking, cursing, bullying, fighting, dirty dozens,mental illness being trivialized, family issues that aren’t all jay for a change. ) Wip

Jason isn’t really a unforgiving man. He says sorry first when strangers bump him, he almost never swears at little kids when they annoy him, and he pretty much swallows his pettiness and bites his tounge to bleeding when an old person tries to boss him around. That being said, there are things in his life that stroked the flames of his wrath even more than a bratty kid or a nosy old lady ever could. This was one of them.

It was 3’ o clock in the morning when every phone he owned started buzzing, he had ignored every text, call, carrier pidgon, and smoke signal from each and every member of the Wayne Clan (or the Jason Todd annoyance squad) since last week and even bothering to run to the oldest most out of the way safe house he had couldn’t stop what was coming. He swallowed his pride, rolled his eyes, and picked up the burner phone closest to him. “Well, good’ mornin’ to you too.” he croaked out immediately regretting not preping himself first, this battle was not for a weary warrior. “Good Morning Master Jason, I’ve trust you’ve been well?” Alfred said teasingly, he knew how hard Jason had been avoiding what was coming and he savored being the one to drag him back kicking and screaming. “As ‘ell as can be ‘xpected Alfie.” Jason said as he tried to slither out of bed and let (y/n) keep her rest and head to the bathroom. But seemed (y/n)’s heavy ass head had other plans, as it pinned down Jason’s arm firmly against the stiff, under used mattress. “Well as long as you’re in such good spirits, shall I pass along a message?” before he could even answer a loud low groan of stress sounded from the rusty hinges of his front door that he’d yet to take some wd40 to. Damn, he though he’d at least get a head start with how extra his re vamped security system was. He swore he heard Babs snicker in the shadows of the stale air of his one room shack. Steeling his nerves and coming to terms with the indisputable fact that there was no way of escape and he was trapped. With a tiresome sigh Jason slid the phone back to his ear and answered. “Sure?” With that, the poor front door came down with such vigor and weight it made him fear for a split second that Jon had agreed to play battering Ram for Damian again. His last place didn’t even survive that team up and the last thing he needed was to be on the run from another landlord. But no. The sight in front of him was far more spine tinglingly horrifying.

“Happy Birthday, Master Jason. Will you do me the favor of coming quietly or will I have to show a little force?”

One kiss|| Derek Luh Imagine


If there was one thing I wanted to do more it was to kiss Derek Luh. all I wanted was just one kiss, but he is my bestfriends brother. it would be weird for her.


me and Delaney were currently getting our party ready for her brother and the release of his new projects with his music. I finished baking dereks favorite food, chicken wing soup. derek was of course the last to arrive.

“SURPISE!” we all yelled!! Derek had the biggest smile on his face. everyone hung around dancing and partying.


I was mostly hanging around Delaney but after a while I went inside and grabbed more food. I grabbed a little bit of the chicken wing soup and grabbed some chips for it, I leaned over the counter and took a few bites of my food when I felt finger taze my sides. I turn around quickly and see that it is derek.

“crap derek, you scared the shit out of me” I smack his arm. when my hand hits his arm I feel his muscle flex. fuck.

“ha, sorry” he smiles. I look over at my food biting my lip.

“so this party is pretty cool” derek says.

“ya, your sister wanted to do something nice for you” I say.

“really? she said this was al your idea” he says.

“really?” I ask confused.

“ya…” I look over at the patio doors and I see Delaney looking in and she winks. omg.

“shes such an ass” I mumble to myself.

“why do you say that?” he asks. he must have heard me.

“its nothing” he nods.

“i notice you doing your nervous habit” he says.

“excuse me” I say.

“you bite your lip when you are nervous” he says. wow. I didn’t even realize that.

“do I make you nervous?” he asks moving a little closer to me.

“no…I didn’t even know I was biting my lip” I say. I bite my tounge trying not to bite my lip. derek leans closer and then he reaches for a chip and dips into my soup. his body was right up against mine. his heat made me extremely warm. he slowly moves away. god all I want is one kiss. then I feel his lips on mine. they were warm and plump. his right hand gripped on my waist and my hand traveled up his arm slowly. then he pulls away. I look at him.

“only one kiss?” he frowns. my mouth pops open. did he hear me. was I talking out loud!! he starts to move away and I frown. my hand slips into his. he turns his head around and looks at me. he turns fully around and his hand grips my face and some of my neck and he kisses me again. I only wanted one kiss but his kisses were so addictive I needed more, I couldn’t have just one.


sorry its taking so long to get to my requests ive just been so out of it lately. but I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. love you babies


Well, that wasn’t scripted (Chris Evans/Steve Rodgers)

A/N:Chris Evans smut 

summary: As a makeup artist you have become comfortable with celebraties working with them everyday but what happens when you have to actually work with them in their own field, under lights,camera and action. 

Warnings: female!reader x Chris: Quite Smutty, fingering, stimulation, teasing, swearing , tinsy bit of daddy kink and I don’t know what else 

Disclosure: I do not own marvel or any of their characters

Y/N : your name 

During scene Chris changes into Steve but hopefully will make sense as you read  Hope you enjoyxx 

Y/N’s POV:

Now lets get facts straight. I’m like any normal person on the planet. I survived through high school and college. But now, now I am a make up industry on large films such as spiderman, the x-men and hold up the avengers.. did I fucking stutter the avengers most recently the film Infinity War. It’s in this time that I have met the legendary Chris Evans, the beautiful man, that laughs everytime I powder his nose because it tickles…how cute.Anyway being up close and personal with the cast everyday I have managed to become quite close friends with all of them , especially the blonde and blue eyed devil. Anyway today is Chris evans big scene as Captain America is heart broken after seeing his love interest Sharon Carter cheat on him with a random agent. He feels wrong done by and when a flirty gorgeous woman throws herself at him , he doesn’t think twice about taking her to the tower to have his way with her. Lets say im jealous with whoever is playing this role , I’d swop places in a heart beat, literally. As I am setting up the make up for Chris Evans , simple yet a bit has to be added, for the lights. As I am crouching down to get the brushes , the door to the room opens and slams shut with big heavy steps and the person sits down with a huff. Chris seems to be in a happy mood. Sarcasm it’s beautiful. “So grumpy whats got a bee in your bonnet today” i say while turning to face , a shirtless hunk of Chris , okay y/n not the time to druel , smirk. “Y/n i don’t have time for this …” he says while  pressing the heel of his hands and rubbing his eyes. “ okay Chris tell me whats wrong ?” I say while putting my hands on his shoulders to get him to look up. He looks up at me with those crystal blue eyes , dammit. “Its just .. the girl who Captain America was supposed to sleep with , she backed out , so now we don’t have a girl and its gonna set us so back, and its just the whole cast is so tired..aghhh.” he says and hangs his head low. “Well if I could act I would do it but then the movie might go to shit.” I say with a nervous giggle before realising what I just said when he gives me the biggest grin. “ really oh my gosh that would help so much I’ll be right back I need to suggest it.” And runs out of the make up room , oh fuck what have i got myself into .  Okay so an hour later and I have hair done , make up done and the skimpiest dress I’ve ever worn , yeah you got it right kids , I’m the replacement , which means I’m doing a sex scene with the guy I’ve been obssessed over. How am I gonna even survive this , I’m so shook. I walk on to set where I have to flirt with ‘Steve Rodgers’ , and I’m the bar lady where Steve tries to drown his sorrows even though he can’t.  Chris walks up to me eyeing me up and down , well maybe this dress was a good idea. “Hey y/n , you look great by the way and thank you so much for doing this.” “ its no problem Chris it’s just will I be good enough I mean I’m not an actress I’m just a make up artist. ” I say looking at the ground , pouting. Chris gently lifts up my chin looking into my eyes ,“ hey you’ll be perfect just remember its only me , just playfully flirt like we usually do and we’ll be fine , and for the sex scene just follow my lead and we will do well okay beautiful.” Oh my gosh sex and beautiful in the same sentence don’t do that to me Chris, dammit. “Okay I’ll try my best.” I say with hopefully a convincing smile. “Okay its time to shoot , you got this and we haven’t told the rest of the cast that you are replacing the interest as we want them to be actually shocked at the end of the scene.” The scene : “Oh captain, what has gotten America’s favourite soldier so blue” I say behind the bar with a pout. “ don’t really want to talk about it doll” Steve says with a shrug. “ okay handsome, just know you can talk to me everyone knows a bar lady is actually the best person to talk to.” I say with a wink. “ its..its just you fall for this girl and its like she walks on water and gets you and the next moment she is getting fucked on her desk by some no name agent like what the hell.” Steve says frustrated.

“Language soldier” I say with a smirk. “ dont even get me started on that doll.” He says with a small smile. “ okay you want me to be straight with you this girl was stupid to let you go , your a gentleman , strong, fucking hot and probably great in bed , I would of never given that up.” I say staring at him and licking my lips. Steves eyes widen a bit shocked at this girls forwardness but soon recovers and smirks. “So what time do you get off ” I act shocked but then smirk back “ in 20 minutes , may I ask why you would like to know.” I say leaning forward letting my clevege be on display. His eyes dart there quickly before looking up at me ,“ I was thinking of buying you a drink and maybe a dance.” I flutter my eyelashes ,“ such a gentleman as always, and sure i could do with a drink.” Supposedly 4 drinks in , and my characrer Sierra and Steve are on the dance floor . Its supposed to be provocative with the audience surprised to see captain america so raunchy not that I’m complaining grinding back into Chris’s body is never a complaint , I’m soaking now and by what I can feel Chris is also a bit excited. My character turns to face Steve and I wrap my hands around his neck pushing our bodiesvtogether grinding onto him. “ Sierra. .” Steve moans losing himself yet his hands are on my hips not moving, gripping tightly.  “Yes captain …” i say looking up at him through my lashes and biting my lip . “ I dont really know what…” “ shhhh ..” my character says putting my finger on his lips .“ Put your hands where it feels right.” I say placing his hands on my ass and Chris lets out a soft growl which isn’t scripted holy shit. Soon my character grows some strength and I pull Steve nearer our lips close yet not touching , holy shit I’m going to kiss Chris and this feels really real. Soon Chris closes the distance and we are kissing tounges, lip biting and everything and I’m trying my best not to let out a moan, gosh dammit is Chris talented in everything he does , soon my back is pushed up against the wall and Chris kisses down my neck , and taps my thighs indicating me to jump , as my legs wrap around Chris’s waist I can feel his not so little friend , is this even acting anymore. I then remember I have a line so I say it in a breathy tone , “ captian shouldn’t we go somewhere a bit less public.” And moan out loud as he nips my neck , that wasn’t scripted. “ sure baby girl lets go.” And Chris carries me to where a stationary car is parked to look like we are going to the tower as Chris sets me down to climb inside but thankfully there is more raunchyness in the car .Chris pulls me into his lap , Istart to grind on him which causes him to release moans which seem a bit to real to be acting , soon he says his next line which is just before we get to the bedroom for the sex scene, oh shit .“Sierra baby if you dont stop now im going to cum in my pants .” Chris gives me a pointed look to say that this isn’t just about the acting. This scene then jumps to the sex scene in Steves bedroom , Chris and I walk onto the set quickly and I jump and wrap my legs around his waist before we resume the sex scene. Chris throws me onto the bed before stripping his shirt off , and being this up and close with  a shirtless Chris i could of came right there .he then proceeds to take his pants off leaving him in tight white boxers , holy shit he is rock hard but he has to be for this scene anyway , he then removes my dress in one move realising that I don’t have a bra on and sucks in a breath ,“ baby you look so beautiful right now ” i look at Chris wide eyed as that wasnt scripted but it seems that the director is happy with it. “Please fuck me captain , please.” At this time we go under the covers and the next part is supposed to be all pretend but it seems that Chris has better plans , Chris’s hand sneaks into my panties and as I am about to pretend gasp , i let out a real one when Chris’s finger enters me ,“oh baby girl your so wet for me ” scripted although well he’s not wrong. “Captain please ..” I say whimpering as he adds two fingers into my entrance. He starts to move quicker inside me and I let out real moans when it should be fake and as i am about to hit my high Chris pulls out his fingers and puts it into his mouth tasting me as scripted and says “so sweet.” And I am flushed , but I carry on the scene to not let anyone know whats actually happening , “captain please fuck me ..” I say in a whiny and desperate voice and not much is really acting,  Chris then starts grinding on to me and his thigh is against my clit giving me friction that causes me to tilt on the edge and then he whispers in my ear only for me to hear ,“ come for me baby ” and this pushes me over and causes me to moan that puts a porn star to shame. The director calls cut and congradulates me on my ’ acting’ and states that i need to wear just captain America’s shirt over my underwear for the next scene. When he turns away i look over at Chris who is smirking at me ,“ we will talk about this later ” i say and slip his shirt on walking to the next scene , i pretend to be looking for something to eat and as I am reaching for the cereal the rest of the team walks in and I can hear gasps as they did not know I was going to play the scene, Natasha says ,“ so captain did get lucky last night , I thought I heard right ” at this I drop the the cereal box and turn suddenly to see all the avengers ,“ oh um hello , im Sierra and I, I’m not trespassing I came home with um … steve and we uhh… and … this is really awkward , I just really wanted some cerial.“  I say with an awkward smile , then Bucky says “with those legs your welcome anytime doll face ” and looks me up and down. “ and with that ass ,” Pietro says and at that Chris walks in(as scripted ) and looks at my state weirdly before looking in the direction I’m looking at and sees the team , “ahhh right , guys this is Sierra , we met last night and we hung out and yeah.” He says scratching his head blushing before wrapping his arm  around my waist. “ I call bullshit you had sex ” tony says running out the room as steve chases them and wanda states “men” END OF SCENE Everyone starts to cheer and congratulates on my acting and sebastian comes up to me and kisses me on the cheek , “ Y/n you did amazing and I wasn’t lying about those legs"  and then Scarlett joins in ” yes girl , why have you been hiding this from us.“ ” well its just ..“ by this time Chris interrupts us ” sorry guys Y/n and I have to catch up on something so we are going to hang out in my trailer , okay bye “ tugging on my hand while running to his trailer before pushing me inside locking the door , ” is everything okay Chris “ I say looking at his heaving chest .” Yeah sure besides the fact you are driving me insane” “ what do you mean ?” I say confused . “Oh come on y/n , during that scene i just wanted to properly take you on that bed but I opted in just fingering you but now I’m just hungry for more and I always get what I want ” Chris says pushing me against the wall in his trailer. I smirk up at him and drag his shirt off my body ,“ well then daddy , why don’t you take what you want ?”
Tell Me Why // A Cheryl Blossom imagine

A/N: So this imagine is based off of the song Tell Me Why by Taylor Swift; it was difficult for me to write but I really wanted to write it up. There is heavy verbal abuse and emotional abuse in this story, so please be warned and take care xoxox

You took a deep breath as you walked up to Cheryl, who was sitting on the lunch table. You could feel the eyes of your friends boring into your back, watching in bewilderment.
She turned her head as you walked up, her eyebrow raised, her lips curled into a smirk.
“Fancy seeing you here.” She said. She tilted her head, her eyes landing on your friends all staring at the two of you. She waved to them mockingly. Some of them turned around and acted like they were minding their own business.
“What are you doing tonight, Cheryl?” You asked. The laughter left her eyes, instead a question left her lips.
“What did you just say?”
You swallowed thickly, you could practically hear Veronica and Betty flinch at her words.
“I asked what you were doing tonight. I was wondering if you wanted to have dinner with me?” You asked, holding your hands in front of you. She closed her mouth, eyes looking you up and down, taking in your appearance.
You had spent a greater part of the night choosing the perfect outfit to wear.
“Where do you want to take me?” She asked. You watched closely, forming an answer as she brushed her hair behind her ear.
“We could go to Pop’s or if there is somewhere you like better…”
Cheryl made a humming sound as she watched you.
“Okay. Dinner sounds nice. Pick me up at seven?”

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Town Tune Songs

Spent 15 minutes this morning working these out for you :)

- means hold the note. means silent note

Bite My Tounge - You Me At Six

Still Into You - Paramore

This Is Gospel - Panic! At The Disco (really bad)

American Idiot - Green Day

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark - Fall Out Boy
DEFEDFGFE-A–A– (or instead of the last A just hold it on for longer)

Nanana - My Chemical Romance

Dirty Little Secret - All American Rejects

I think the most accurate ones are Dirty Little Secret and Bite My Tounge. The end of Still Into You has a sharp note which the DS doesn’t enable on the game so I altered it a bit but it still sounds good!


Seventeen - Why couldn't you have kiss me instead?

Seventeen reaction where you were dared to kiss another member


He was a gentleman, so he was mostly fine with it. But on the other hand, while he was happy for his lucky member, he couldn’t help but feel an internal silent jealously towards him. It wasn’t as if it was that serious though, just a simple, small and short kiss. Nothing more, nothing less.

Joshua: “As long as they’re fine with it, I’ll be alright.”

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Like Joshua, he would also be silently jealous. However, he wouldn’t let it show, on the other hand, he tried to act happy and pretend it didn’t bother him, when in reality, it did.

Jeonghan: “… I wanted to kiss her…”

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Without being overly obvious, he would be a little more honest with how he wasn’t really okay with you missing another guy. Even so, he did his best to bite his tounge and not say anything.

Seungkwan: “I don’t really want to, but I guess I’ll have to be okay with it.”

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He knew it was just an innocent kiss, but he was really concerned with the fact that you may not be comfortable with kissing another member. When you had told him it was okay, he calmed down and relaxed a little.

S.Coups: “Alright, if you’re sure Y/N!”

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No doubt about it, he knew he wanted to kiss you, but there was no way he would have told you that in person. Rather, he kept his thoughts to himself.

Jun: “One day, you’d better be ready to get the kiss of your life from me… just you wait and see…”

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This little squishy cutie. Even though he isn’t one to believe in love at first sight, it didn’t stop him from thinking about you, and how happy it would make him if HE was the one to kiss you instead.

Wonwoo: *Sigh* “Well… There will be other days… Other days when you’ll hopefully notice me instead… Still, no point lingering over something I can’t control.”

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Mainly because he has no dating experience, I think he would be curious as to what it’s like to kiss a girl. So effectively, he would be a little jealous because it.

Hoshi: “I’m sure I’ll kiss a girl someday, I just have to be patient!”

Originally posted by gyuhan-17


Its not because he didn’t like you, he honestly just doesn’t have that much of an interest in kissing people. That said, he was a little more jealous that he would have liked to admit.

Woozi: “C'mon Jihoon, it’s j-just a little kiss… But… If that true, why am so upset? Maybe I like Y/N more than I realised…"

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When he saw what was happening, he was just like a little kid, getting excited by the situation before him. I mean, yeah, he was a little jealous, but he was mostly excited for his member who was getting to kiss you.

DK: “WOO! You go hyung! Kiss Y/N!”

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Addmitidly, he would get all giddy and the fact he was watching his hyung kiss someone. He wouldn’t be jealous, rather, he’d just be fine with it and not mad at all.

Mingyu: “Ahh!! He’s leaning in! Are they really- they’re kissing!! Oh my God!! Daebak!!”

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It’s safe to say that he would be a lot like Dino, and find the whole thing kinda odd, but rather funny as well. His hyung and you were sort of weirded out by the peculiar dare, making the whole thing even funnier for Vernon.

Vernon: “Haha! This is brilliant!”

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Probably the one who made the date in the first place, unaware of how awkward it would make his hyungs feel. Out of all honesty, he thought you and his hyung would be really cute together, so that’s why he dared you two in the first place.

Dino: “Sorry hyung, I had to!”

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Happy The8 is just that: happy and carefree. To be fair, he’s just a kid, so he wouldn’t take anything like this seriously, rather, he’d just let it happen.

The8: “Hehe… We should do stuff like this more often! Can I kiss someone next time though? I wanna know what it’s like!!”

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