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I'm With you (Namjoon x Reader)

Genre : bit of angsts and fluff Summary : you’re best friends with Kim Namjoon for years and you have a crush on him all this time. The so much times you spend with Jungkook makes him jealous and unexpectedly confesses to you. Warning : a bit of cursing and smut…??? Hey guys. This is my first time posting fanfic in tumblr. Please give some love!! ❤❤ ************************

“Oppa, I’m going to grab some coffee, do you want some?” you asked Namjoon as you entered his studio, a coat and a wallet are ready in your hand.

Namjoon turned to face you on his seat and said, “I think so. You’re going by yourself?” he furrowed his brows.

“Of course. You want the usual?”

“Y/N it’s already 9 pm. Ask someone to go there with you. I want to go with you but I have so many ideas going inside my head and need to write it down to finish this song, if I get out of this room they will poof right away.”

“Poof right away?” you chuckled. “Your choice of words are sometimes interesting. But seriously though, I always go by myself, you just don’t know. I’ll be fine, trust me.”

He thought about it for a few seconds before he said, “Okay, but call me when you get there.”

You rolled your eyes, “Oppa, the coffee shop is literally just a few blocks from here, why–” you stopped talking when you saw him glare at you which meant it wasn’t up for a negotiation. You sighed, “Okay okay.. I’ll buy you the usual, okay? 갈게 (I’m going)”

“잠깐만! (Wait!)” he suddenly said, rushing to the sofa where his coat was placed and took a thick scarf before walking to you. “Here, wear this. It’s really cold outside, I don’t want you to get sick.” he said as he put his scarf around your neck.

You were a bit flushed when he did it, an effect you always get when he was really close to you, also another effect of you liking Namjoon so much, not just as friends.
“아 맞다, 고마워요. 난 진짜 갈게 지금. (Ah right, thank you. I’m really going now.)” You said to him without meeting his eyes because after that Namjoon said, “응 내 동생이 (Yes my little sister).”

That’s right, you’re always gonna be his little sister. You’re always gonne be his bestfriend. Even when you wanted to be more with him.


“Oppa, I really have to go now. 약속 있어요 (I have a promise/appointment).” You said to him a few days later when you were in his studio.

“Oh you have an appointment? You get another composing job?” he asked without getting his eyes off of his computer.

“It’s not like that. I promised someone to go watch a movie together.”

He stopped for a second before facing you. “그래? 누구랑? (Really? With who?)”

You were just about to tell him it was none of his business when the person you have a promise with burst in into the studio.

“형! (Hyung!) I’m sorry to disturb both of your time on writing music but Y/N have promised to go watch a movie together with me weeks before you even get this task. I’m borrowing your bestfriend for the night okay hyung?” Jungkook chuckled.

“It’s Jungkook-ah? You’re going with Jungkook-ah?” Namjoon asked you, ignoring Jungkook who was still waiting by the door.

“So…?” you furrowed your brows.

“So… You didn’t tell me? He said you made the promise weeks ago.”

“Hyung, she’s the same age as me. Don’t worry I’ll take care of her. She doesn’t need your permission first, right Y/N?” Jungkook said to Namjoon in a teasing tone then winked at you.

You blushed bit red. Even though you saw the members every day you still cannot help but blush everytime someone as handsome as Jeon Jungkook winked at you.

Namjoon saw it.

“I’m her… Her… Her bestfriend. And I’m like a big brother to her, she doesn’t need my permission but she could at least tell me.” Namjoon said, suddenly rising his voice as if he was mad.

“Come on, hyung, it’s just me. You know I’ll take care of her.” Jungkook convinced him.

Oh but that was what Namjoon most scared of, that Jungkook would take care of you so well that you would start falling for Jungkook. He couldn’t afford that. He liked you too much. He knew you liked him too but he never showed it because he was scared it would somehow ruin your friendship. Namjoon didn’t want you to stop liking him. He loved the feeling too much. He loved you.

“That’s right, oppa. I have finished my part here anyway, I can go now. You should go too, have some fun.” You said to Namjoon. It killed you to tell him to have some fun but you couldn’t help it.

You were waiting for Namjoon to tell you no, you should not go. If he said you shouldn’t, you would’ve canceled it. But after a few moment of silence Namjoon said, “Fine. 그냥 가. (Just go).”

It irked you so much when he said that. You two have been bestfriends for years. You know what he looked like when he was upset, he looked very upset now. And you couldn’t help but thought that he was upset because he was jealous.

“I know my bestfriend needs a fresh air.” Namjoon said again.

Jealous? As if.


The weeks after that day gone by awkwardly between Namjoon and you. And somehow, Jungkook was always there with you when you were in a bad mood because of Namjoon, and he suddenly asked you to go somewhere with him so much: to buy a new shoes, to grocery shopping, a treat of ice cream down the block, night strolling around the park. You were almost sure that Jungkook had a crush on you IF he didn’t tell you about the girl he had a crush on that lived beside his apartment, he always asked you opinions on how to ask her out and told you updates everytime he met her. He even showed you the photo of them together when he asked her to go out for the first time.

But one day, Namjoon seemed like he was in a very bad mood, even when he was practicing with other members. He scolded them so much that sometimes you saw them giving death glares to Namjoon. That night you have to finish a song with him and Yoongi in his studio. And because Jungkook had been producing such good lyrics, Jungkook was also there. The air inside the studio never felt so tight and intense somehow.

“You know what? I’m not the kind of person to give up but I literally haven’t slept for 5 days straight and my head feels like it’s going to fall of my neck and explode.” Yoongi said when the time strucked midnight.

Jungkook, who was sitting beside you on the sofa said with his fingers playing with your long locks of hair, “Go to sleep, hyung. You really look beat. We’ll take care of it from here.”

Namjoon was eyeing Jungkook’s fingers on your hair from the corner of his eyes but you tried to ignore it because Yoongi just stood up and you were afraid he would actually pass out on the floor.

“I’ll go with you, hyung,” Jungkook said to Yoongi because he had the same concern as you. “I need to get some coffee anyways. You want some, Y/N?”

“Yeah I’ll just go with you–” you were just about to stand up before Namjoon suddenly said, “Y/N, sit down. We have to finish this song.”

“But I’m just going to get coffee from the kitchen–”

“Sit. Down.” Namjoon said again, his voice so low you were actually afraid of it. He never made you scared like this. So you followed his order.

Yoongi and Jungkook got out of the studio and closed the door, leaving you alone with Namjoon. You two were never this awkward, it was actually killing you. You didn’t know what was wrong but you were afraid this was all your fault. You were thinking about it with your head down, looking at the soft carpet on Namjoon’s studio. You were lost in your thought easily because Namjoon was suddenly dead silent too.

You were just about to say what’s wrong with the two of them and raise your head when suddenly a pair of warm lips crashed into yours. You were so shocked before you realized they were Namjoon’s. His big hands were cupping your face, so warm and manly yet so soft on your skin. His eyes were closed tight when yours were wide opened in shock before he tried to make you respond by biting your lips. You let out a tiny yelp but then a soft sigh when he soothed the bite with his tongue. Then you just go with the flow, closing your eyes and bringing your hands to his chest, relishing the feeling of his kiss before you finally realized what the two of you were doing.

You pushed him away so hard he went back to sit on his studio chair in shock.

His eyes were wide, surprised, like he also just realized what he did. He stuttered, “Oh my… Y/N.. Y/N I’m so sorry I didn’t know… I didn’t know what’s gotten into me..” he continued talking but you couldn’t consentrate to his words becausw your eyes kept following his swollen lips that you just kissed.

When you focused on his words again he was saying “…I promised it won’t happen aga–” before he finished it you lunged from the sofa to him and kissed him hard, cupping his face just like what he did to you minutes ago.

He instantly responded your kiss by biting and pulling your lips, one of his hands bringing you closer by the hips and the other on your nape to make your kiss deeper. He stood up from the chair and you were suddenly flying from the floor, he gripped you so tight in his arms and brought you to the sofa with him without breaking the kiss.

His lips was firm on yours, but they were soft at the same time. They tasted like the coffee you always bought for him every morning, your favorite taste. Now your favorite taste can be tasted from his lips, from your favorite person in thw world. He kept teasing you on the kiss, teeth pulling and biting, tounge stroking and licking. He felt hot and cold at the same time. Hot because his kiss was very persistent, you were also very persistent. Cold because the touch he gave you made you shiver in pleasure.

He groaned out loud when you dared to grind on him. “I was so fucking jealous of Jungkook these past few weeks it drives me insane. Why do you have to go out with him?”

He was still kissing you so you talk only when he gave you some air. “So that’s what happened to you? You’re jealous?”

“Fucking A. What did you expect me to do? Giving you a congrats with Jungkook?”

Namjoon started peppering kisses down your throat. “Well, I didn’t expect you to kiss me.”

“I also didn’t expect you to fell out of ‘like’ with me for Jungkook.”

You pushed him off of you a little bit in surprise. “Wait, you know? You know I like you this whole time?”

“Of course I know. You were not very discreet about it. I know you steal glances at me when I’m not seeing. I know you asked the barista to give a little bit more cream in my coffee because that’s how I like it. I know it all.” He smirked. This goddamn cutie dare to smirk.

“And you like me too all this time? Not as friends?”

“Since day one, babe. Since day one.”

Aside from getting a jump on your heart because it was the first time you heard him call you ‘babe’, you were still annoyed, so you hit him in the head. “You bastard! You should’ve told me! It would save us from these weeks full of hell!”

You hit him again but he just laughed. “Hell as in we didn’t talk that much? Do you miss me that much?”

You groaned out loud while kept hitting him on the shoulder and chest, both of you still on the sofa with him on top of you. “Aargghhh I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you.”

He laughed again, dodging your hits. “No, lady. You love me.”

You sighed finally and said, “Yeah, I love you.”

His laugh stopped. “Wait, you love me. You love me?”

“I can’t help it. I like you too much and we’ve been bestfriends for so long.”

He smiled wide. “Oh my God, this might sound cheesy but I love you too.” He gave you tiny kisses on the lips. “I should’ve confessed to you sooner, we must have been a couple from so long and saves us the heartaches.”

“You bet, Kim.” You rolled your eyes but he started kissing you deeply again and you smiled on the kiss.

The door of the studio was suddenly banged open, you too were too surprised to get out of each other embraces, only stopping the kiss and looked at who opened the door.

It was Jungkook.

“Finally!” Jungkook said. “I was so tired of seeing you two longing at each other for years. And now you two finally say your feelings out! I’m glad. I’m also worried for the last few weeks, I thought Namjoon hyung would burn in jealousy and kill me. Thank God you guys decided to tell each other sooner or I would be dead by now.”

Namjoon stared at Jungkook, “You planned this?!”

Jungkook shrugged. “Well, not just me. Other members also planned this. They just think I’m a great bait because I’m the same age as Y/N. Don’t worry, I’m not asking her to go anywhere with me together because I have a crush on her. She’s yours, you know. ‘Since day one’” he mimicked Namjoon.

“You rascal!” Namjoon threw a cushion to him just as he ran out of the studio and closed the door. But the two of you could hear him yelled “At least she’s with you now, hyung!”

Namjoon looked at you when it finally went silent. “Yes, at least you’re with me now.”

You caressed his cheek and peck his lips softly. “I’ve been with you all this time, Namjoon.”

***The End***

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I bumped into my stores worst customer outside of work at the hospital. I'm a part time carer for a relative & was in a bit of rush to get them to their appointment, she pulled up while I was setting up his chair & told me she knew me from somewhere then realised where. Told me I was horrible & tried to convince my relative the same. She's never happy with anything. I didn't bite my tounge, told her to f-off. Next shift, my manager tells me she called to complain luckily he thought it was funny

I would have gone into a full speech on why she’s the horrible one. When pissed off enough my little verbal essays have made even the coldest heart cry. Also your manager needs a cape and a sitcom. -Abby

advice for the signs.

aries: bite your tounge. i know they might be bitchy but your sharp words can cause a war. i admire how brave you are with your words and how you choose everything you say wisely. but every beautiful thing that comes out of your mouth doesn’t need to be wasted on those people who don’t understand.

taurus: take a deep breath. stop putting yourself through all this trouble in order to prove yourself. you don’t have to be right all the time. and you most definitely don’t need to be insecure. we all have flaws, you don’t need to make them go away.

gemini: you’re not fooling anyone. you’ve put on a mask for others to see, an illusion that isn’t really you. you’re known to be honest with others but how about you start being honest with yourself.

cancer: it’s going to be okay. i know how clichè that sounds, but i know that deep down you need to hear those words. one day, you’re going to wake up and feel an overwhelming sensation of happiness despite what you’re feeling right now. i promise.

leo: you don’t have to force yourself to reach everyones expectations. yeah, i know it feels nice to make everyone else feel happy, but you need to think about your happiness too. focus on yourself for now and what YOU want to do.

virgo: stop thinking about it. whatever it is that’s keeping you from being completely happy, ignore it. you overthink way too much and some things don’t need to be analyzed and have answers within them. they are out of your life for a reason. now it’s time to start living.

libra: stop trying to be something you’re not. why do you keep doing that? why do see the light inside of other people but not inside of yourself? also give yourself a break. you are an over-achiever and that’s amazing, but you’re going to kill yourself if you keep pushing yourself to far.

scorpio: you have an amazing mind. you pay attention to everyone around you and you never forget. even the little things. but sometimes, you can read too much into things. no, that boy did not just glare at you. no, that girl isn’t purposefully laughing extra loudly just to make you jealous. no, it wasn’t your fault that they left you 6 months ago. stop blaming everything on youself.

sagittarius: you have an amazing soul. why do you feel the need to hide it? everyone loves how carefree, funny, witty, and talkative you are but there’s so much more to you. you are the sky with a whole galaxy to explore. you hide how wise you truly are. you hide how sad you can be and all your silent poems written in your mind. you hide so much and show so little.

capricorn: not everything has to go your way. you always feel the need to be in control of your surroundings. learn to be more openminded and think about what other opinions people may have. you’re stubborn. you’re way isn’t the only right way.

aquarius: you’re an asshole sometimes. you like being brutally honest? well how about if someone was brutally honest with you. you can be an asshole. i know you don’t mean to be, i know that you have an opinion too, but your words can hurt people. your lips are guns with your words as bullets. yes, i know that person can be annoying, but you can choose whether to be annoyed or not. did you know that?

pisces: it’s okay to cry. you hold so much in and bottle everything up sometimes. thats never good. i don’t care if you need to cry in front of a crowd or if it’s in the bathroom stall at school, let those waterfalls flow from your eyes. you are the strongest person i know, but you don’t have to prevent yourself from having a meltdown just to prove it. let go.

Them kids needs therapy

Jason x afro Latina Reader

Angsty fluff. Jason and the reader have to deal with their worst enemy. Family interactions. There will be cookouts and misunderstandings(tw.Drug use,underage drinking, cursing, bullying, fighting, dirty dozens,mental illness being trivialized, family issues that aren’t all jay for a change. ) Wip

Jason isn’t really a unforgiving man. He says sorry first when strangers bump him, he almost never swears at little kids when they annoy him, and he pretty much swallows his pettiness and bites his tounge to bleeding when an old person tries to boss him around. That being said, there are things in his life that stroked the flames of his wrath even more than a bratty kid or a nosy old lady ever could. This was one of them.

It was 3’ o clock in the morning when every phone he owned started buzzing, he had ignored every text, call, carrier pidgon, and smoke signal from each and every member of the Wayne Clan (or the Jason Todd annoyance squad) since last week and even bothering to run to the oldest most out of the way safe house he had couldn’t stop what was coming. He swallowed his pride, rolled his eyes, and picked up the burner phone closest to him. “Well, good’ mornin’ to you too.” he croaked out immediately regretting not preping himself first, this battle was not for a weary warrior. “Good Morning Master Jason, I’ve trust you’ve been well?” Alfred said teasingly, he knew how hard Jason had been avoiding what was coming and he savored being the one to drag him back kicking and screaming. “As ‘ell as can be ‘xpected Alfie.” Jason said as he tried to slither out of bed and let (y/n) keep her rest and head to the bathroom. But seemed (y/n)’s heavy ass head had other plans, as it pinned down Jason’s arm firmly against the stiff, under used mattress. “Well as long as you’re in such good spirits, shall I pass along a message?” before he could even answer a loud low groan of stress sounded from the rusty hinges of his front door that he’d yet to take some wd40 to. Damn, he though he’d at least get a head start with how extra his re vamped security system was. He swore he heard Babs snicker in the shadows of the stale air of his one room shack. Steeling his nerves and coming to terms with the indisputable fact that there was no way of escape and he was trapped. With a tiresome sigh Jason slid the phone back to his ear and answered. “Sure?” With that, the poor front door came down with such vigor and weight it made him fear for a split second that Jon had agreed to play battering Ram for Damian again. His last place didn’t even survive that team up and the last thing he needed was to be on the run from another landlord. But no. The sight in front of him was far more spine tinglingly horrifying.

“Happy Birthday, Master Jason. Will you do me the favor of coming quietly or will I have to show a little force?”

Seventeen - Why couldn't you have kiss me instead?

Seventeen reaction where you were dared to kiss another member


He was a gentleman, so he was mostly fine with it. But on the other hand, while he was happy for his lucky member, he couldn’t help but feel an internal silent jealously towards him. It wasn’t as if it was that serious though, just a simple, small and short kiss. Nothing more, nothing less.

Joshua: “As long as they’re fine with it, I’ll be alright.”

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Like Joshua, he would also be silently jealous. However, he wouldn’t let it show, on the other hand, he tried to act happy and pretend it didn’t bother him, when in reality, it did.

Jeonghan: “… I wanted to kiss her…”

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Without being overly obvious, he would be a little more honest with how he wasn’t really okay with you missing another guy. Even so, he did his best to bite his tounge and not say anything.

Seungkwan: “I don’t really want to, but I guess I’ll have to be okay with it.”

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He knew it was just an innocent kiss, but he was really concerned with the fact that you may not be comfortable with kissing another member. When you had told him it was okay, he calmed down and relaxed a little.

S.Coups: “Alright, if you’re sure Y/N!”

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No doubt about it, he knew he wanted to kiss you, but there was no way he would have told you that in person. Rather, he kept his thoughts to himself.

Jun: “One day, you’d better be ready to get the kiss of your life from me… just you wait and see…”

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This little squishy cutie. Even though he isn’t one to believe in love at first sight, it didn’t stop him from thinking about you, and how happy it would make him if HE was the one to kiss you instead.

Wonwoo: *Sigh* “Well… There will be other days… Other days when you’ll hopefully notice me instead… Still, no point lingering over something I can’t control.”

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Mainly because he has no dating experience, I think he would be curious as to what it’s like to kiss a girl. So effectively, he would be a little jealous because it.

Hoshi: “I’m sure I’ll kiss a girl someday, I just have to be patient!”

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Its not because he didn’t like you, he honestly just doesn’t have that much of an interest in kissing people. That said, he was a little more jealous that he would have liked to admit.

Woozi: “C'mon Jihoon, it’s j-just a little kiss… But… If that true, why am so upset? Maybe I like Y/N more than I realised…"

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When he saw what was happening, he was just like a little kid, getting excited by the situation before him. I mean, yeah, he was a little jealous, but he was mostly excited for his member who was getting to kiss you.

DK: “WOO! You go hyung! Kiss Y/N!”

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Addmitidly, he would get all giddy and the fact he was watching his hyung kiss someone. He wouldn’t be jealous, rather, he’d just be fine with it and not mad at all.

Mingyu: “Ahh!! He’s leaning in! Are they really- they’re kissing!! Oh my God!! Daebak!!”

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It’s safe to say that he would be a lot like Dino, and find the whole thing kinda odd, but rather funny as well. His hyung and you were sort of weirded out by the peculiar dare, making the whole thing even funnier for Vernon.

Vernon: “Haha! This is brilliant!”

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Probably the one who made the date in the first place, unaware of how awkward it would make his hyungs feel. Out of all honesty, he thought you and his hyung would be really cute together, so that’s why he dared you two in the first place.

Dino: “Sorry hyung, I had to!”

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Happy The8 is just that: happy and carefree. To be fair, he’s just a kid, so he wouldn’t take anything like this seriously, rather, he’d just let it happen.

The8: “Hehe… We should do stuff like this more often! Can I kiss someone next time though? I wanna know what it’s like!!”

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Town Tune Songs

Spent 15 minutes this morning working these out for you :)

- means hold the note. means silent note

Bite My Tounge - You Me At Six

Still Into You - Paramore

This Is Gospel - Panic! At The Disco (really bad)

American Idiot - Green Day

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark - Fall Out Boy
DEFEDFGFE-A–A– (or instead of the last A just hold it on for longer)

Nanana - My Chemical Romance

Dirty Little Secret - All American Rejects

I think the most accurate ones are Dirty Little Secret and Bite My Tounge. The end of Still Into You has a sharp note which the DS doesn’t enable on the game so I altered it a bit but it still sounds good!


You’d always thought you were made of
Smile made for war, tounge made to
Nightmares kept chasing - where was the
Dreamer - have you forgotten how to
You’d always thought you were
Everything you touched would burn burn
Lilies still kept growing behind your
Dreamer - how can someone destroy all he
You’d always thought you were made of
His hands were weapons against your
Dreams kept torturing - you didnt want the
Dreamer - can you let your biggest desire
—  maybe you were just made for love?
Speak Your Mind

Requested: can you do one where y/n has a very strong personality and never bites her tounge ever. Shes also famous & had a lot of boyfriends in the past which cheated on her but she also cheated on her past boyfriend to get with shawn but really loves him. She’s fuming as shawn and her arrive at the airport and fans tell shawn in the face that shes bad for him and cant help but say something against it and is angry and devastated that shawn defends his fans bc he know how they feel? he still loves her tho

Note: This was a very detailed and complicated request, so I did my best. Sorry that I wasn’t able to include every detail, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. <3



After spending time with Shawn in Canada for the holidays, you are both flying to different places. He’s headed to LA for some press while you’re headed to Europe to promote your newest movie. You got to spend some amazing time together over the holidays and you’re both dreading that the time is coming to an end so soon. That alone has you both in moods that aren’t the most pleasant or enjoyable, but you’re trying not to let it affect you as you arrive at the airport with Shawn. 

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