iKon reaction when their gf had an intimate scene in a drama. (Jinhwan, Bobby, B.I)

I’m assuming that they didn’t know about it and found out while watching the drama.

Jinhwan: He would get hurt, not necessarily because of the intimate scene but because she didn’t tell him before hand. He would call his gf and ask for an explanation why she didn’t tell him earlier.

Bobby: He would get startled because he wasn’t expecting it but he wouldn’t get mad or anything. He would understand that intimate scenes are part of every drama so it wasn’t really a that big of a surprise.

B.I: He would get jealous when he saw the other actor tounching his girlfirend. He knows that it’s all part of the drama and all but it wouldn’t make him feel better. He wouldn’t blame you for not telling since it’s normal but he wouldn’t be able to help his jealousy.

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Can you please do exo's reaction when you initiate skinship (mainly holding hands) eheheh...>///< Thank you so much if you do :D :D :D

What if I don’t do?

Tihihihi, you’re welcome, sweety! *smooch*  <3


Xiumin: *interlocks fingers with yours* Do you know how much I’ve been waiting for this??

Luhan: *nervous*

Kris: Your hands are so… small~

Suho: Did you… wash your hands before?

Lay: *takes your hand in his and kisses it*

Baekhyun: OMG your hand is so sweaty!

Chen: I thought you were going for the chooty first cause you always stare at it~

Chanyeol: *swings hands happily and jumps while walking*

Kyungsoo: …… I don’t like skinship…


Kai: Owwww she wants me!

Sehun: You have tounched the body of a god, now you’re holy How blessed must you feel now~

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(Random start because I'm bored. I'll still boo the other rp also :3) "Light?" She slowly walked into his room. He had been yelled at by his father for something she didn't really understand. Kiara walked over to him abd gently tounched his shoulder

“Hey Kiara” he mumbled as he looked to her smiling slightly 

(yeah I was thinking the other have Lovos meeting them seeing as his blogger is online now ^^)