I started to realize that what I had been calling empathy was, at times, an inability to deal with conflict; and what I had considered patience, on my part, was sometimes a kind of denial of how I was actually feeling. So after I repeatedly found myself in situations in which I was more angry, frustrated, and confused that I had expected to be, I started to unravel how my own delusions about myself had played a part in my ideas.

Toumani Diabate is my favorite wake up music.  I just found out he did an album with Ali Farka Toure (another favorite) and am a bit in love!  Mmmmm, enjoy!

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Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate: Samba Geladio


From the uploader:
In the studio we asked Ali, “Is there another Peul song that you haven’t recorded before?” And he played around on the guitar and came up with this. That’s how a lot of the songs were chosen, on the spot. Samba Geladio (aka ‘Samba Gueladio Dígui’) was a peul prince from the Fouta region of West Africa. After the death of his father, King Fonkobo, Samba Geladio was was involved in a bitter struggle with his uncle Konkobo and his half-brothers for his share of the kingdom.
These events apparently took place in the 17th century and have become subject of an epic tale of heroism, which is often recited by the griots to musical accompainiment, with plenty of magical and mystical enhancements.
Nick Gold (in conversation with and edited by Andy Morgan)

… I’ve come to understand that empathy isn’t a static condition or virtue; it’s something that sometimes grows only after a person experiences some kind of suffering or alienation, feels a kind of pain that they can’t ignore, then they become a lot more open to things they wouldn’t have been open to before, whether that’s to bear witness to another person’s suffering or be open to the fact that another person had an experience that is unfamiliar and might be instructive. We are all capable of incredible denial on a personal level and on a political, societal level. But I think people are most open to others’ truths when they are forced out of their own denial on any other topic. It’s as if denial is a body-armor, and when there are cracks, even if it’s a crack in the leg, say, the shoulder might benefit.