Hi there! I’m a new splicing blog that just started up the other day. I’m fairly new at splicing, starting up maybe 5 months ago? This blog actually got me into it, hehe.~

But anyway, here’s a compilation of some work that I’ve created, some of which has appeared here before. I included an odd project of mine, which is splicing everything with Oddish, mainly because Oddish has some creepy expressions sometimes.

Anyway! I am open to requests if you’re wanting some! If you’re interested, come visit me at Touko’s Splicing Lab! Thank you!~

And this has been a difficult, but really awesome, experience. I have an OC that I created around 2 years ago by the name of Sihnecca “Tina” Erde, co-created by my boyfriend. This design however, is my baby and holy shit was it hard to splice. Here’s the load-down on how I made this…:

  • Cynthia is the head, hair, and arms base
  • Touko is the legs base
  • One of the cheerleader girls in B2W2 is the chest base
  • 99% of the clothes are hand drawn
  • The hair pieces on the left are hand-drawn
  • The design is one I drew out a few weeks ago and a lot of things had to be cut in order to splice it properly.

She’ll have her companion, AKA Eule Gespe my boyfriend’s OC, at a later time. Right now, I’m SUPER TIRED and I just spent 2+ hours on this with it being past midnight here. [I wake up at 7AM usually. Ugh.]

So I hope you guys enjoy this! I worked super hard on this. >.<;;

External image

This little guy had no chance in hell of being a cool kid. xD I call him Feeduck!

External image

This one was kinda hard actually, mostly because of my Photoshop mucking up the quality of the wings, so I had to trace over them completely and guess where the shadows started and stopped. But it was fun! And I like the end result! So here’s Glacefly!~

Thanks for your constant support! It means a ton!~ c: