Hi there! I’m a new splicing blog that just started up the other day. I’m fairly new at splicing, starting up maybe 5 months ago? This blog actually got me into it, hehe.~

But anyway, here’s a compilation of some work that I’ve created, some of which has appeared here before. I included an odd project of mine, which is splicing everything with Oddish, mainly because Oddish has some creepy expressions sometimes.

Anyway! I am open to requests if you’re wanting some! If you’re interested, come visit me at Touko’s Splicing Lab! Thank you!~

And this has been a difficult, but really awesome, experience. I have an OC that I created around 2 years ago by the name of Sihnecca “Tina” Erde, co-created by my boyfriend. This design however, is my baby and holy shit was it hard to splice. Here’s the load-down on how I made this…:

  • Cynthia is the head, hair, and arms base
  • Touko is the legs base
  • One of the cheerleader girls in B2W2 is the chest base
  • 99% of the clothes are hand drawn
  • The hair pieces on the left are hand-drawn
  • The design is one I drew out a few weeks ago and a lot of things had to be cut in order to splice it properly.

She’ll have her companion, AKA Eule Gespe my boyfriend’s OC, at a later time. Right now, I’m SUPER TIRED and I just spent 2+ hours on this with it being past midnight here. [I wake up at 7AM usually. Ugh.]

So I hope you guys enjoy this! I worked super hard on this. >.<;;

Important Information!

Okay, the ask box is closed and I want to put out some new information…:

I started this blog as a fun side blog just for me to mess around with. I never expected to get over 100 followers in the course of a month. The sad thing though with having a “for-fun-blog” that takes requests is that people swarm your inbox and if you don’t update all the time, they either get mad, bored, impatient, or somewhere in between. 98% of you are not that way, but as I took this week off, I already started losing followers. The number should not bother me, and it honestly doesn’t, but when I say that it was for-fun, I honestly meant it.

Updating every day for people just to stay happy became a chore, at times like a job, and it started to take over my time and separate me from my parents and my boyfriend. I don’t, and will not, host a blog in that manner.

So, will I continue to splice? I’m not sure. After I finish these requests, I’ll see if I truly enjoy it the way that did when I started.

  • If I don’t, and I still find it to be a chore, I will stop making splices. I will transform the blog into something else, probably a hobby blog in general since I dabble in so much.
  • OR
  • I’ll keep the blog, but it might turn into one where I just look at people’s stuff and nothing more than that.
  • OR
  • If I do, then this blog will remain how it is but with the updates becoming more like once a week instead.

If you are dissatisfied with this decision on my part, then I will refer you to the people on my affiliates page who are, at times, BEGGING for requests. These people are FANTASTIC splicers and genuinely deserve your support, much more than I do by far. This page will be staying up no matter what I do with this blog because I support these awesome individuals and they deserve a ton of followers for being so awesome.

If you are okay with these changes, feel free to stick around and talk to me or check out what I’m into. I’m pretty nervous to upload anything that I do, because I know that I was bullied in the past for my art especially, but if I do muster up the courage, I’ll upload it.

If you are interested in keeping up with me, feel free to check out these places…:

  • My deviantArt is here.
  • My AMV YouTube account is here.
  • My Let’s Play YouTube account is here.

I’m sorry to those that had to wait so long for their splices. I needed to take time off in order to figure out what I wanted from the situation. And sorry to those who are disappointed by this. When I feel under pressure, I honestly don’t take it very well and end up pushing away more than trudging through it. It led me to be disinterested in all of this.

So thank you guys for reading this! If you stick around, thank you, and if you don’t, thank you for being interested in this in the first place! You all are fantastic individuals and don’t you forget it. <3