Touken Fluff Week: Rainy Days | Day 1: Umbrella Sharing

Guess who forgot to bring their umbrella?

Touka is wearing her old school vest XD Uploaded only now because work kept me up late at night. XD Some of you had seen the preview a few days ago, and I will be continuing doing contributions if I can for all days. :) I’m weak at coloring and BG’s but I seriously hope to improve. :D

Sasaki Returns (Touken)

A little while after the point where Kaneki and Sasaki become one and all the memories have returned, Sasaki (or how I’ll call him once they accept each other, ‘Saneki’) decides to tie up some “loose ends.” He returns to the re: cafe near the end of the story.  (As a note: read this while listening to “Hard To Say I’m Sorry by Chicago for full effect on feels.)

Saneki enters the cafe a short while after it’s closure. He encounters Yomo, who would be standing behind the counter, drying out a wet dish. “Yomo-san,” Saneki mutters, solemnly glancing over to his forgotten friend. Without giving a proper response, Yomo pauses his chore and analyzes the other, no response exchanged. An awkward silence would be met between the two within the cafe. 

Suddenly, an extra voice could be heard coming from an extra room in the cafe. The voice sounded feminine, and all too familiar to Saneki. At the same time, it also felt comforting. Entering the room of the two men, would be Kirishima Touka. “Yomo, are you finished with the di–” Her words would be interrupted upon noticing Saneki’s sudden appearance. Both Saneki and Touka stood glancing over at each other. “Touka-chan…” muttered Saneki, who’s eyes widened a bit as his eyes were locked on the female. Touka’s inability to form the right words were standing in the way of interacting with the other. All that could be muttered were, “…Hey.” Despite that, she knew that this Saneki was not the same Ghoul Investigator she had met a couple years back. His presence had a familiarity of when the two would stand together during the days of Anteiku. “….I wanted to apologize,” uttered Saneki, whom still kept that solemn look on his face. Touka raised a brow and tilted her head to the side a bit. “For what?” she asked. “Making you and everyone else wait for this long. A lot of things have happened since then that were out of my control.”

He glanced over to the palm of his hand. Naturally, he would preform the habit of cracking his fingers whenever he would be put in an unsettling or awkward situation, but he’d slowly clutch his hand into a gentle fist. “…I had made some serious mistakes. You were right about me, Touka-chan.” The moment when Touka had confronted Kaneki and called him out on wanting to save himself instead of others flashed across his mind. “….I made some selfish decisions and sins that resulted in losing sight of myself and other people close to me, including you.” He returned his eyes over to the other, his expression speaking serenity. “….I realize how hard it must have been for you since then. Your father had been taken away from you as a child by the CCG. Your brother had left you and joined with Aogiri. I promised that I would not leave you, yet I did. I’m sorry, Touka-chan…” 

Touka would share no response for a short while before walking over to the male. Unexpectedly, she would land a gentle punch to his face, standing her ground inches away from him. “…One thing that’s never changed about you, is that you’re still a dumbass that gets on my nerves…” She muttered, her eyes held behind her hair bangs. Light sobs could be heard from her. “Touka-chan, are you crying..?” He asked, never once seeing or hearing Touka shed a tear in his time knowing her. “Shut up..! Do you want to die..!?” A short while after, she glanced up and gave a cheerful smile, her joyful tears being noticeable. “…Welcome back, Baka-neki.” Saneki then gave Touka a warm smile in return before pulling her into a comforting hug. “…Thank you for waiting, Touka-chan. I won’t ever disappear on you again. And this time, I’ll make sure my promise is kept.”

Meanwhile, Yomo would watch the two in silence before continuing to dry his dish, forming a small smile with shut eyes.