Headcanon: Kaneki’s Transition Into Sasaki

Prior to Chapter 1 of Tokyo Ghoul:re and shorty after Kaneki’s recovery after his defeat by Arima I imagine a scenario playing out between Akira and Kaneki (now named Sasaki) in which Akira educates Sasaki about Ghouls. It’s short, but I could see this having had happened. 

Akira: “Despite the fact that they live solely to slaughter and devour humans for their own sadistic pleasures, Ghouls share the same outer appearance as us humans.”

Sasaki: “‘Share the same outer appearance’..?”

Akira: “Yes. Unfortunately, this allows them to sneak freely and blend into human society. There are some cases of Ghouls going so far as devouring the same food us humans share in order to not raise any suspicion. They’ll do anything to avoid capture by the CCG.”

Sasaki: “…Erm, Akira-san?”

Akira: “What is it?”

Sasaki: “If it’s true that we share the same physical features with Ghouls, could there be any other similarities between us?”

Akira: “What are you getting at?”

Sasaki: “Well, based on the books I have read thanks to Arima-san, I have learned that some humans also share the same sadistic urge to slaughter their own kind, and even the acts of cannibalism exist. Are we no different from them? You stated that Ghouls are willing to go so far to blend into human society and avoid suspicion with investigators by devouring human food in public. But…what if that was not the only purpose..?”

Akira: …..?

Sasaki: “…What if…some Ghouls also share the same other moralities that we, as humans have? Akira-san…could it be possible that some Ghouls actually want to disregard violence and acquire a form of equality between them and us humans?”

Akira: “…!?” She walks towards Sasaki and connects a punch to his gut area.

Sasaki: “Gah..!! “ He gasps for air in response, his eyes widened.

Akira: “…Sasaki. You are a soon-to-be Ghoul Investigator. You must not any thoughts of empathy towards Ghouls. Ghouls have no morals, no self-control within the public. They seek only to cause harm to human civilians. They are murderers. Are you aware of the amount of loved ones that are taken away due to the selfish acts of Ghouls? We, as Ghoul Investigators, ensure the safety of those civilians and take it upon ourselves to handle those Ghouls. I do not want anymore of these feelings to cross your mind. Understood?”

Sasaki: He solemnly glances down on the ground, his hand placed over his stomach. “…Yes…Sorry…Understood.”

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How would Touka, Suzuya, Naki and white!Kaneki react to finding out that their s/o isn't really a human but an android?

Touka: She’d be a little weirded out and have a lot of questions for her partner, such as how they came to be or who created them. Touka might be a little upset that her partner didn’t tell her they were an android beforehand, but she wouldn’t hold it against them because she knows the difficulties of living in fear of being condemned.

Suzuya: He’d be intensely interested in everything about his partner, from the way they function to what kinds of special abilities they have. However, Suzuya is tactful despite his excitement, especially with his partner’s anatomy. He’d think his partner was pretty incredible despite their differences, and would spend a lot of time trying to understand them better.

Naki: Terribly thrown off by the sudden reveal, but Naki would be rather curious about his partner as well. He’d get nervous when they start explaining their mechanics and their ability to act like a human being using their programming, but only because it was something he just can’t understand. Still, Naki would still think that his partner was rather cool.

shiro!Kaneki: He’s surprised, but Kaneki just takes it in a stride and lets his partner know that he’ll always love them even if they’re not a ghoul or a human. He’d have some questions about what he can do for his partner, or if there’s anything that differentiates them from being a human or ghoul that he should take note of, and then it’s smooth sailing from there.