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ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-12: favorite book/comic/movie/tv reference

(FMK with Coballoway ft. Superheroes)

Marry Iron Man. Fuck Batman. Kill Thor.

Thor is ridiculous, and I don’t mean the Norse mythology. I mean the one played by the actor on a movie screen.

Rose is quick.

Of course you would marry Iron Man. He’s as egotistical as you are. – Rose

Another text.

Lily said you’re Batman, so you just fucked yourself, Richard. – Rose

I rub my lips, my grin escalating tenfold. I reply: I have good taste.

I have better taste. – Rose

I type fast. You did choose me, so I think we can agree that we both have equally great taste when it comes to sex.

A pause before my phone buzzes.

Fine. We’re equals. It’s cemented. – Rose

bellatrixblxck--archive  asked:

Wolfstar prompt: AU where Grindewald won and the Purebloods are in power, with the Blacks as the greatest supporters. Sirius is the great Black heir and living it up at Hogwarts with all of the other baby Death Eaters worshiping him, but he has an underlying feeling that something is wrong. Then he meets one of the "impures" that's forced to work at Hogwarts, the half-blood Remus Lupin, and everything changes. :)

“Hey, you! Yes, you, with the ratty vest, get over here.”

Sirius waited impatiently until the young boy had hurried his way, eyes cast down as soon as he was in front of him, and had bowed his head. “What’s your name?”

“Remus Lupin, Mr. Black.”

“Say, Lupin, have you heard what has happened?”

“You mean about the.. Impurity Army?” The boy asked, tentatively. Sirius nodded. “What do you know about it?”

The boy frowned, and seemed to temporarily forget his manners, for he looked up and met Sirius’ eyes. “Well, they’re Muggleborns and Halfbloods, obviously.” 

“Watch your tone.” Sirius warned, and the boy flushed. It was a good look on him, Sirius decided, the soft pink giving the pale of his skin a more natural colour. He shook his head to clear those indecent thoughts. “What are they doing? And why are they threatening to attack Hogwarts?”

“Because they’ve been stripped of their natural right to magic.” Remus said, with a small smile. His hands clenched and unclenched in fists, before dropping next to his sides. “It was only a matter of time, really.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Remus cast his eyes down, his face once more a neutral mask. “Nothing at all.”

“Impures aren’t capable of magic.” Sirius said haughtily, though a bitter taste on his lips tainted the words he had been repeating ever since he was a young child. “They’re not stable. They’re dangerous. You’re dangerous.”

He didn’t miss the smirk that curled Remus’ lip for the barest of seconds at his words. He would have missed it, if he hadn’t been tracking the scar that ran from the boy’s ear to his lip. “If you say so, Mr. Black.”

Sirius opened his mouth to ask what exactly that was supposed to mean, but he was interrupted by Bellatric calling him.

“Come on, Sirius, don’t waste your time on that thing.” His other friends laughed along with her as Remus’ face grew a darker shade of red. “We’re getting to practice the Imperius on some Mudbloods today, remember?”

“I’m coming.” Sirius called back, but didn’t tear his eyes away from Remus. “Give me a minute, will you?”

She huffed, and flicked her hair. “Let’s go, sweethearts. We’ll pick all the good ones.” She turned around and walked off, graciously accepting the arm Lucius offered her.

“You should probably go, Mr. Black.” Remus said, his voice tight. “Practice on some Mudbloods.”

That was just intolerable. Sirius wasn’t used to anyone talking to him with anything less than utter respect, and this boy, with his shabby clothes and even shabbier hair, thought himself worthy enough to speak to Sirius, heir of the noble and most ancient house of Black, toujours put, in such disgusted tones?

“You want to keep that quick tongue under control.” He said sharply. “If anyone as much as suspects you’re not supportive of the Pureblood community…”

“Can’t do anything worse to me than they already did, can they?” Remus snapped back, eyes burning with a fury that wasn’t previously present. Immediately after his outburst he paled, obviously back-pedalling from his harsh remark. He took a sharp intake of breath, his eyes flickering with something too close akin with fear for Sirius’ liking. “I’m sorry, Mr. Black I didn’t intend to…”

“I’m not telling.” Sirius flicked an imaginary fleck of dust of his emerald robes. “You should come see me later tonight, however.” It was just an excuse to meet the boy later, of course, ask him about the IA, but he could file it as a disciplinary meeting, maybe even get some extra credits out of it for Dark Arts.

Remus swallowed visibly, but raised his chin. Sirius felt an odd sense of respect for this boy rise in his stomach when he said, calm and as gentle as before, “As you wish, Mr. Black.”

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