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Hello Sorachi sensei, here’s my question. When Okita fought Utsuro he said that for the firt time he faced an enemy that was impossible to win. Did he tought the same with Kamui?


During his fight with Kamui it was more like a competition of strenght, and even if it was a situation of crisis what they were probaly looking for was glory, so there was still some hope to survive. During Utsuro confrontation, his natural predisposition to fight told him to not lose, but on the other hand his natural instinct of living creature was telling him that win against such a monster was impossible

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First: I requested the Date request and you misunderstood: I tought about the Bandmember getting the READER a date, not the other way around. Second: DON'T YOU DARE APOLOGIZE FOR YOUR MISTAKE! Because I actually loved what you wrote me (Something about Muds not getting chicks anymore and reader fixing that with "You know hes in a band right?" is hysterical to me) and also you are having a rough time right now (I hope your gramps is doing better! all my best wishes!)

(Oopsie daisy! I hope this is more like what you asked for! Also my grandpa is doing well and he should be home by tomorrow afternoon! Thank you for your wishes!)

2D: You and 2D were hanging out at the local bar having a good time. He had made a dumb joke and you couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Your laugh caused a guy across the bar to look over at you and winked. You were surprised at the sudden action and blushed. 2D noticed your face and looked over at the guy who had winked at you. “Ya fancy him?” He whispered. You giggled and said, “He’s kinda hot.” 2D smirked, “I’ll get ya a date!” and he ran over to the man. You blushed even harder and covered your face with your hands. You were so embarrassed. You heard footsteps approach you and looked up. 2D and the guy were smiling at you. The guy held out his hand and said, “Hi, I’m Lorenzo.” You smirked over at 2D before shaking Lorenzo’s hand. “I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you.”

Murdoc: Murdoc was the king of picking up chicks in bars. He often tried to give you advice but you weren’t too good on your own. “You just have to have more confidence.” He chuckled as he patted your shoulders. You laughed and sipped your drink. “Picking up chicks in local bars isn’t really my thing. I don’t know how to keep a conversation going.” You shuffled your feet. “Ol’ Mudz here is getting you a date tonight. No exceptions.” Murdoc looked around the bar until he found a girl standing by the window. “What about her?” He pointed over in her direction. She was really good looking. Her hair framed her face well and her makeup was pretty impressive. She intrigued you instantly. “Hell yeah. She looks amazing.” You smiled at Murdoc before he went off to talk to her. You turned around so your back was to them. You soon felt a hand on your back. You saw Murdoc but no sign of the girl. “She wants you to call her tonight.” He smirked as he held a piece of paper in his hand with her number on it.

Noodle: Noodle had always tried to get you dates all the time. You just weren’t very interested in the people she picked out for you. You just weren’t into guys, but you felt awkward trying to tell her. “Oh! What about him? He’s got an adorable little dog!” She giggled while showing you pictures from his dating profile. You cleared your throat, “Hey, Noods? I appreciate you doing all of this but… I’m not really into… guys…” You looked down at your hands. Noodle looked at you for a second and gently smacked your arm. “Why didn’t you tell me?!” You laughed nervously, “I don’t know… I just felt weird.” She hugged you and said, “It’s not weird! Now I can actually get you a date!” You giggled as she changed your dating profile.

Russel: He was pretty protective of you so it was hard for him to find you a date he approved of. “Russ, you really don’t need to be so picky.” You laughed as he growled at yet another guy. You swirled your drink around and Russel sighed. “I don’t want just any guy being with you. I’ve gone to find you a guy you will treat you right.” You giggled and placed your drink down on the bar. “You have to stop being so protective. Thank you but at this rate, I won’t be dating anyone anytime soon.” You smiled at him softly. He smiled back at you and said, “Yeah, I guess so.” You looked around and pointed to a hot guy standing in the corner. “How about him?” Russel looked at him for a minute and grinned, “I’ve got this covered.”

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Hey I wanted to give you tea. But that are we. Twins with same toughts but very different. Now you know some twins. Me and jessitale

*smiles* T-twins?~ T-that’s so cool!~ May I ask if y-you are identical t-twins? *tilts his head* I-identical is i-if you’re s-same gender, r-right?

How to feel like a mermaid

- collect seashells

- wear hair pearls

- drink coconut milk

- use seaweed soap

- wash your face with mineral water

- sing to yourself

- apply aloe vera gel on your face

- watch the moon at nights

- apply shimmery pale eyeshadows

- wear silk dresses 

- start your day with a swim

- wear seaweed face masks

- eat spirulina and/or chlorella

- learn to play an instrument 

- listen to soft and relaxing songs

- fill a spray bottle with natural spring water and a teaspoon of sea salt add a few drops of rose oil and voilà! your mermaid hair spray is ready 


Wow! This is actually my first try on making something like this, so please, go easy on me :) Also… THE HIATUS IS KILLING GUYS! I might make some more of these because of that!

Check all the episode posters I might/have made here (x)

@aaronginsburg it’s you who inspired me to start this one. Thank you! Hope you like it if you see it?

Mein Körper, er ist nicht schön, ich fühle mich nicht wohl, nicht im geringsten. Wenn ich in der Stadt herumlaufe, denke ich, dass sie mich anschauen und über mich reden und lachen. Vielleicht haben sie ja das selbe Bild von mir, wie ich selbst. Dieser Hass, ihn kann man nicht besiegen, man wird von ihm besiegt, und genau dies ist das schlimme, dass man sich selbst nicht schätzen kann, keine Selbstachtung, sondern eher eine Selbstverachtung hat. Man fühlt sich einfach nicht wohl, sei es unter Menschen, auch in der Familie oder wenn man alleine ist. Manchmal ist keine Ausweg in Sicht, was einem dann am Ende auch den letzten minimalen positiven Gedanken raubt.

*Incoherent screaming noises* 

My track suit has finally arrived and it is so comfortable and perfect!! Sadly the costume didn’t include any actual skater skills what a ripoff

soon there will be a proper shoot with this costume but I still have to cut the wig some more because it is still a bit too long I think