Toughshipping… Sort of, not really…
Bandit Keith & fem!Jo

She just slammed his head into her knee. So it’s not her blood. ;3

((yeeeeah… Even I can see that this relationship wouldn’t work out. :/ Inspired by the manga when Jou kicked Keith’s butt when he tried to beat up Yugi. I think even if Jou was a girl she could still kick his ass. XD))

Have this Merag as a bird, because I just realized that I have lost most control over my life while I was trying to stick Fearrow wings on a Kiwimon. Heh, Hatoful has numerous time-lines, so let’s see the route where it’s a yuri-game; Toughshipping where Merag is a bird. So, let’s get going!

  • The game opens up on the first day of school- Merag playfully comments on how Anna’s relatively late, and Anna insults Merag’s cooking
  • The bell rings and Anna drags Merag in
  • Merag, Gilag, Alito, and Anna have the same class again this year! Hooray for friendship!
  • They have a new teacher this year: Shingetsu-sensei
  • There’s also a new transfer student- Thomas Tron, who is a dick
  • At lunch, Anna remembers that she has to turn in some library books, and while there she meets quiet prodigy student Haruto Tenjo, who skipped a few grades and is a first year, despite being 14
  • They get off on an awkward start, and when Anna leaves, she sees Chris and Thomas fighting, with Mihael just standing near them awkwardly
  • Thomas storms off, and Mihael and Chris realize you saw the whole thing
  • Anna gets flustered, and says that she’d never expect that a wannabe noble would be Chris’ brother, causing Mihael to point out that they’re actual nobility, and Chris to point out that Mihael and Thomas are only his half-brothers
  • Mihael points out that the Astronomy Club is a thing, and asks Anna if she wants to join, before the bell rings and everyone has to get back to class
  • Merag gets sick and goes to the infirmary, then Durbe sends her home
  • Class ends, and Anna asks Shingetsu-sensei where Merag went, and he says she went to the infirmary
  • Anna goes there and thinks about all the urban legends at the school that say how evil/terrifying Shuu Yuuta/the infirmary are
  • Durbe pops up and asks why Anna’s there, and she says she’s looking for Merag; he says that she was sick and had to go home
  • Anna goes and decides to go hang out at the sports field with Alito and Gilag, and they all joke and play around
  • At the end of the week, it’s club sign-ups, and Thomas, Anna, and Merag all sign-up for Student Council
  • Thomas, Anna, and Merag are the only members of the student council, and both Thomas and Merag want to be President
  • Merag points out that no one likes Thomas and that he’s a huge flirt, and Thomas points out that Merag also works multiple jobs
  • Anna says that Merag should be President, and Thomas ends up as Secretary, and Anna is ultimately the Treasurer
  • In Maths class, Anna asks Shingetsu-sensei what good Calculus will do her later in life, and he replies that studying only practical things would get boring, and that she should think of it as educational candy. Anna, understandably, does not accept that
  • Shingetsu’s class goes on a Class Hike, and Anna has lunch with her on the mountain THAT IS ALLEGEDLY A HILL BUT WE ALL KNOW IT’S A FUCKING MOUNTAIN. i’m sorry i have bad memories involving mountains that are supposedly hills. i fell off one and broke my foot once
  • So in one Gym class, Merag and Thomas are arguing over who’d win in a swim race, and want Anna’s opinion- Anna says Merag, and Merag goes and wins the swim-race
  • One day, Anna’s just walking around, and Chris is just talking to everyone about how Lord Brian Pigeon, the first Barian to exist, and the oldest one, just won his 100th Pulitzer. Thing of note- in this universe, Barians normally live about 100 years. Brian Pigeon is over 200 years old, and still going strong
  • So, Shingetsu-sensei goes and tells everyone that, hey, the Sports Festival is coming up, what do you have planned? 
  • Thomas is a Cheerleader, Alito is going to the Obstacle Course, Gilag’s doing the endurance run, and Merag’ll do the three-legged race- Anna is undecided
  • When the Sports Festival comes around, Anna decided to do the three-legged race with Merag
  • So, one day, Anna is like, okay, what should I do during lunch, and she decides to go to the lunch room, where Thomas and Merag are fighting, and Anna sides with Merag
  • So, next Gym Class, Alito challenges Anna to a swim race, which he wins by running across the effing water, and then they have an argument over whether Alito was actually swimming or not
  • When Tanabata comes, Anna wishes to conquer the world by force, crushing all that dare oppose her, and then when Shingetsu-sensei offers to walk her home, she says no, she’ll be fine, and goes off to play video games
  • So one day, Anna notices that Merag isn’t feeling well, so Merag goes to the infirmary, and stays there for three period, gets medicine, and leaves
  • Anna is worried, so she goes to look for Merag, who’s just come out of the infirmary, and says that’s she’s fine, she just got some medicine
  • Anna says that Merag looks worse than before, and goes to yell at Shuu Yuuta
  • Durbe says that he sent Merag home, so Anna goes after her
  • When questioned, Merag states that she can’t go home early, she has important student council stuff to do, and can’t go home early
  • Durbe makes Anna walk Merag home
  • It turns out that the only thing that was needed to be done was cleaning, anyways, and Anna and Thomas managed it on their own
  • When summer vacation comes, Anna runs, gets lost, and is ultimately driven home, to her cave (did I mention she lives in a cave? She lives in a cave) by Droite
  • Anna decides to get a job, but when she discovers that Merag also applied, and that there’s only one opening, she gives it to Merag instead
  • Anna invites Merag to a festival, and they have a fight over who should pay for who, before agreeing to split the cost
  • The day before school starts back up, Anna rushes in in a panic, before Kaito-disguised-as-Vector (remember that?) manages to calm her down
  • He points out that it’s actually the day before school starts, so Anna goes home
  • Come music class, Anna makes some puns that make Merag giggle
  • On the thirteenth, Merag asks Anna to walk home with her, and they reminisce 
  • The school festival comes around, and Shingetsu-sensei’s class does a maid-cafe- Alito and Gilag both feel weird wearing dresses, Thomas thinks that the dresses aren’t fan-service-y enough, so he changes his, then KaitoVector makes him put on a different when because Thomas’s is too sexual, and Merag and Anna both work through the festival
  • While walking home, Anna passes by Merag dressed in a skimpy outfit handing out fliers- Merag says it’s not what Anna thinks- she just works at a Maid-cafe to make ends meet, sometimes
  • Anna promises to go there and ask for her
  • So, while playing games at the arcade, Anna sees Merag walking out of a hospital, and is super worried
  • Merag explains that she couldn’t take care of her mother anymore, and had to check into the hospital, before running off dramatically into the night
  • So Merag’s mother orders her to go spend Christmas Eve with someone special, rather than watch her fade away, so Merag spends Christmas playing in the snow with Anna, like they did when they were little
  • So, on New Years’, Anna tries to arrange a trip to the Shrine with Merag, Alito, and Gilag, but Merag said she was busy, so Anna, Alito, and Gilag all go to the shrine, and see Merag working there!
  • After Merag’s shift ends, they all go out to eat lunch together
  • So, on Variatine’s (future Valentine’s), girls give the person they like, not Chocolates, but Rock Candy, because get it? 
  • So, Anna gives Merag Snowflake-shaped Blue Rasperry Rock Candy, and Anna finally realizes that the person who’s been her “secret admirer” all these years that sent her heart-shaped Strawberry Rock Candy is Merag
  • So Merag and Anna are now officially dating! But the path isn’t over yet, because that would be happy
  • So Merag texts Anna the message “In the park. Come quick.”
  • When Anna gets there, she sees Merag crying
  • When Anna asks what happened, Merag explained that she just learned that her mother is dead, and that she might have the same disease
  • Merag and Anna tell eachother that they love eachother, and Merag explains that her mother told her to rely on her special someone
  • But Merag feels that to do so would be selfish, and even if she were to let Anna rely on her as well, it’s entirely possible that Merag would just end up dying from the same disease that her parents did
  • So, Anna is all like “Merag! I love you!” but Merag is all “I know now what it is like to be abandoned by one who never wished to do so. I don’t want you to feel that pain, too, Anna.”
  • So Merag, even though she loves Anna, wants to break up so that Anna won’t feel the pain of losing her
  • But Anna makes a big speech about how life is cruel, and harsh, but even so, you have to get back up again, because connections are what makes it important! (so, basically, in a way, Kattobingu)
  • Merag makes a counterpoint that that may be the case with humans, but Barians weren’t supposed to exist in the first case, which makes Anna point out that that was the case with life itself, and it was just as much chance that humans evolved as it was that an accident created Barians
  • So Merag agrees to stay with Anna, and it ends on a melancholy note of “Everyone dies, and if it happens early for some, so be it. I don’t care how long I have, as long as I’m with Merag, I’m happy. But, please, let us stay together as long as we can. I don’t want things to end so soon.”

So, yeah, taking cues from the Hatoful routes of both Sakuya and Ryouta, is Merag’s route. Toughshipping is wonderful. This is making me like HiyoRyou, which is strange, since I’m mostly into Hiyozami, SakuRyou, Quail Boyfriends, PapaIsa, and Livershipping. Based on the search and replace thing, that would be unnamed Droite/Anna, Accidentshipping, Unnamed Kaito/Vector (but in canon Zexal, it’d be closest to Foilshipping), Tomoshipping, and not a thing because why the fuck would someone ship Haruto/Rio?

So yeah, an outline for a Toughshipping fic, I guess you could call this?


Toughshipping. As written by the awesome Evil and Rei

Rio embraced the bazooka-rider girl from behind her. “I’ve got you!” Anna scowled and tried to elbow her but found herself on the ground with Rio just inches away from her face. Rio smiled warmly before repeating her words in a breathless tone of voice. “I’ve got you.” She pressed her lips against the other girl’s. Anna blinked her golden eyes a few times in surprise. Closing them, she kissed back tenderly. She wrapped her arms around the girl’s petite body, pressing their breasts together as they engaged into a make-out session. Tongues clashed in a fight for dominance. The two female duelists were so engrossed in each other that they failed to notice the baffled violet-headed duelist slowly approaching them. “Rio?!” Ryoga cried out in shock. Rio barely paid mind to the similar boy. She lifted her thin lips off the girl’s to look into her brother’s eyes. “We’re dueling here.”