Sometimes I forget I have #vitiligo until I take a picture or look in the mirror. It rarely bothers me now, but I won’t lie & say it never does. The #ig communities like #vitiligobeauties #perfectlyflawed & #inourskinwewin helped me so much in feeling like I wasn’t alone in this. All of you posting pics of yourselves has been so inspiring & helpful; you wouldn’t believe just how much. Keep posting guys! No one & nothing can bring you down unless you allow it! By the way, shout out to @toughlovenyc - I still rock the tee! :)


I am so glad to have found this video on Marthalicia Matarrita’s blog. (

I was extremely bummed out that I missed the event but I’m glad to see this documented. I hope the girls put together another one very soon!

Shout outs to Patty Dukes & TooFly for putting this together and much love to Chainsawsandjelly for letting me know about it and of course to all the women who attended.

It’s a beautiful thing. :)


Listen. and learn.