fair weather

I have no space in my life for fair weather people. Fair weather friends, fair weather bullshit. I’m tired of boys who like to say they are nice, but really they have this deep sadness and believe the friend zone exists. Be weary of anyone who calls themselves nice. That is a trait that someone else says about another person, but if they call themselves nice or humble… run.

I have no space in my life for people who call themselves your best friend but abandon ship as soon as shit gets tough, and you need validation because you have clinical depression, and need to be checked up on. Or people who ditch as soon as they become romantically involved with someone new, and maintaining friendships is too much for them.

I need people who actually care about me to surround myself with. Who I can rely on the answer the phone if I call at 3 am just to talk to. I need people who are genuine, understand my suffering and offer advice. That doesn’t mean you can’t sit me down and call me out on my shit. I just need REAL FRIENDS.
I have no space in my life for friends who say they are ride or die, but will talk shit behind your back to anyone that will listen. I don’t need space in my life for liars, fakes, and phonies.

Leave your fair weather bullshit at the door, you aren’t fooling anyone anymore.

You know, we can make fun of it because it was very much a cliched NOOOOOO but my heart broke for Luke then. Because Vader had been toying with him; Luke would have known that much – that Vader was holding back, nudging him, testing him – but not knowing why. He’d assume it was cruelty, like a lothcat pawing at her prey, and this is a very fair assumption to make. Vader oversaw Leia’s torture (the scars the torture droid left are minute, tucked behind her ears and below her collarbone, and she’ll never tell him precisely how it felt; but he has these dreams and when he wakes his head echoes with screams –) Anyway. Vader oversaw Han’s torture as well – they didn’t even ask me questions – and Luke may not have been there in person but you can bet he felt it. Not all of it; but a whisper of fear, a clutch of pain; an image of red, red, red

Go back a bit. Yes, fandom loves to drag Luke for Leia comforting him for the death of his mentor just after her planet exploded into stardust and nothingness (her parents, her friends, her everything); but acknowledging his pain doesn’t diminish hers; and, think about it, he’s just lost the only parents he’s ever known (found their red-stained skeletons, reaching across the sands) and he finds Obi Wan and Obi Wan was the first person in his entire life who seemed to understand him, understand his hunger for life beyond Tattooine’s red sands. And he died too, and Luke watched powerless, and he watched Vader kick at Obi Wan’s empty robes. (Luke wasn’t to know that Anakin couldn’t quite believe that Obi Wan was dead, that he half-expected the robes to come back to life and scold him and –). So: the boy’s been through a lot. And throughout this he’s been thinking of his father. His bold and brave father. His Jedi father. In his dreams, his father looks a little like Obi Wan, a little like Owen, a little like a holo he saw of some senator once – no idea why – and he’s smiling. He says things like Luke I’ll teach you to be a Jedi and shows him how to meditate and teaches him to fight and is never cryptic or strange and speaks like a normal fucking person (angry, are you. you do it on purpose you little alien – just say you are angry –). 

He idolizes his father – quite literally. He builds an idol of him and he worships it, because he doesn’t have much left. He’s only twenty. 

And then this monster, this terror, this thing that has haunted his nightmares, this thing that has tortured his friends, slaughtered innocents, toyed with him – this thing says I am your father and he’s telling the truth, Luke knows, and in that moment Vader kills his father again, because all those lovely warm daydreams, all those stories he’d used to lull himself back to sleep after waking from another heart-stoppingly terrible dream (about Han dying in a swish of red lightsabre, or Leia howling her pain to the stars, or just the skeletons of two kind people who had raised a child that was not their own) – all those stories are gone. They are gone. His father is gone, and his father is here, and so he screams. 

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How do the Rogues get along cooped up in Arkham?

the gotham rogues in arkham is so wild lmao…. all the normal rules of engagement are OFF


edward isn’t allowed puzzles or that many games in arkham and the ones he is allowed he finds SO BORING so he starts finding new ways to keep himself occupied.

like literally ivy will walk past him in the cafeteria one day shoving straws up his nose and be like, “what the fuck are you doing?” 

and edward will just turn to her with like a dozen straws shoved up either nostril and a deadly serious look on his face and say, “challenging my intellect, dear.” 


harley: i wanna watch adventure time!
harvey: tough shit, cutthroat kitchen is on next!
harley: give me the remote, fryface!” *trying to wrestle the remote out of two-face’s hand
jonathan: why don’t you just read a book-
harley + harvey: NO ONE ASKED BITCH


if something goes missing in arkham it’s most likely some asshole has taken it. harvey just barrels into the rec room one day seething

“where’s what?” 
snickering but no one owns up, orderlies/guards looking kinda worried but also kinda amused. 
suddenly stops yelling, gets an evil smile on face and narrows eyes, “they’ll take the TV away.”
harvey starts walking towards the door and like four rogues tackle him to the ground at once. biting, kicking, scratching and punching ensues. 

after it’s all over ivy just walks up calmly to him and drops it in his hand, “you dropped it on the floor of the cafeteria this morning.”


harley and ivy are gay as shit all the time, not even subtle about it. just like holding hands and staring longingly into each others eyes and all that soppy shit. it’s infuriating for anyone who’s third wheeling. 

“so guys i have a plan to bust out- guys? guys…. guys please - guys, stop being gay for like 5 min and listen to my plan.”


art therapy is a mess.

doctor: draw something that represents ur innermost feelings

obvs ur gunna get the really dark shit but:

  • joker draws himself in a wedding dress being carried off by batman. 
  • edward draws himself in question mark speedos and a Hawaiian shirt sitting on a pile of money on a beach with the words I AM THE BEST over the top.
  • ivy draws the rogues and batfam dead at her feet, flowers growing out of the bodies while she stands on top of the pile triumphantly holding hands with harley.
  • harley just draws some kittens and puppies and a bunch of love hearts and jester diamonds. 
  • jonathan draws a scarecrow in a dark field surrounded by a bunch of crows with sharp teeth in the beaks and the words might as well be dead. no one is surprised. [harvey voice] why you gotta be so emo crane?
  • victor draws himself and nora on their wedding day and harley bursts into tears and tries to hug him.


doctor: edward, please can you call jonathan over for me?
edward: sure
doctor: for gods sake
doctor: i don’t know what i expected 


gotham rogues: [are arguing in group therapy as per usual]
doctor: excuse me, who’s the doctor here? 
jonathan: me
harley: me too
ivy: i am as well
victor: technically i am too
edward: i have multiple doctorates, i’ll have you know
doctor: [face palming] i don’t get paid enough to deal with this shit
gotham rogues: we know

Reminder that whatever you’re going through, you don’t have to go through it alone. Whenever you’re ready to talk about it to someone, they will listen. Don’t let bad experiences ruin you and your life. You’re better than that and you deserve better. Never think it is your fault. Shit happens sometimes. And we are just human. 

Most of all, know that you can get through this, i too got through it. And i have words to remember that by: “We move forward”

I can assure you that you don’t have to suffer through it alone, seek help, talk to someone. Don’t let yourself fall apart, cause it’s easier keeping yourself together than picking up the pieces again.

I learned and went through so much. And i can tell you, that’s it gonna be ok. Just, allow yourself to be ok. Give yourself permission to be ok,

  • The seed of suffering in you may be strong, but don’t wait until you have no more suffering before allowing yourself to be happy.
    Thich Nhat Hanh 
Different Types of Gryffindors
  • The Do It For the Viner: will do anything just so they can say they've done it. All about Bravery™
  • The Knight in Shining Armor: lives to prove that Chivalry™ is not dead. Will fight someone for your honor.
  • The Daredevil: plays "what are the odds" constantly. Will dare anyone to do anything. Most common phrase is "do you dare me to..." probably would do it anyway
  • The Stress-Ball: has really bad anxiety. Faces it every day. Probably thinks they're not brave, but super are. That shit's tough.
  • The Big Talker: exaggerates every story, probably only done half of what they say they have
  • The Sidekick: super awesome alone, unstoppable with friends. Doesn't like being the center of attention.
  • The Gamer: lives for action video games and combative games, might fight you at any moment
  • The Page Master: loves reading, especially action novels. Not afraid to be different.

imagine guzma just walking around the mansion and finding one of the grunts crying by themself in a corner somewhere and his heart just breaks so he goes over and squats next to them and he’s just like “it’s ok buddy, i like to cry by myself sometimes too”

and the grunts trying to wipe their tears away so they dont seem weak in front of the boss like “what really??”

and guzma just smiles like “cryin aint nothin to be ashamed of, everyones got somethin goin on, and cryins the best way to let it out i guess”

and this grunts just looking at guzma with love and admiration and stars in their eyes like ‘im in love with u’