So I just heard about the situation involving @yogurtbunny

And I realize like, maybe 10 people will see this? But it is never acceptable to blackmail someone because they wouldn’t give you free stuff.

Artists are still people. They need to make money. If you think they do it at people’s whim because “it’s what they do,” get the fuck out of here. If you think an artist should make you something for free, get the fuck out. You are preventing someone from getting their income.

A good way to do this better is to ask if they take requests. If they don’t, tough shit. Commission something. Donate. Support the artist. Don’t just act like you “deserve” it.

Support artists, don’t be an asshole.

my guardians think they’re so tough nd shit but i got news for you buddy: they put a shit ton of cream and sugar in their coffee while i drink mine black. i am stronger. i am the alpha