No ok ragazzi fermi tutti.

La canzone più potente di oggi è TOUGH BOY, la sigla di testa originale di Ken il Guerriero.

Il cui ritornello, scopro soltanto ora, recita

«We are living, living in the eighties
We still fight, fighting in the eighties».

C'è così tanta verità in queste parole, probabilmente mai veramente comprese a pieno dal gruppo giapponese che le ha scritte, che boh, posso solo togliermi il cappello (cappello ottenuto passando a Tumblr pro, btw).


His body says ‘you wouldn’t want to meet me in a dark alley’ but his face says ‘because I’d shower you with hugs and stuffed animals and you might explode from the overwhelming cuteness’


i’m a big, tough boy.
i can tie my own sandals and everything.

like most of my art this summer, done for saso2016. and because @plumtreeforest​ is my favourite enabler. and also because the idea of iwa-chan singing “i won’t say i’m in love” w/ the rest of seijoh as the greek chorus was hilarious and i would like to draw it eventually.

(rejected caption: forgive me father for i am sinning.)



transfixus sed non mortuus update! chapter three: the first week

plot summary: noah is alive again, but he’s not sure he remembers how to be. thankfully, he has plenty of friends to help him learn.

chapter summary: noah and henry get to know each other, adam gets noah a gift, and everyone has a sleepover! 

read here on ao3!

i’m so sorry again for the delay! this chapter is long, so i hope that that makes up for the fact that it took 10 years, and i really hope you guys enjoy it!!


Fist of the North Star 2 Intro - “Tough Boy” by TOM*CAT

full song

Hokuto no Ken 2 - Tough Boy
  • Hokuto no Ken 2 - Tough Boy
  • Anime Theme

TOM*CAT - Tough Boy (Hokuto no Ken 2 Opening) SOTW

Love this song! everytime I hear it I have the uncontrollable urge to kick ass so as my new song of the week let the ass kicking begin.
Its from an anime called Hokuto no Ken otherwise known as Fist of the North star.
I may get stick for it but a prefer the second season over the first but thats a whole other post.
Keep fighting guys!