what the heck is this thing?

every month, the blog will focus on a particular theme (for example, dan’s videos) and create a poll/survey centered around it. followers and non-follower members of the phandom alike will vote for their favourite option (for example, favourite dan video).

after the poll closes, a top will be determined (for example, top 20 danisnotonfire videos) based on your choices and throughout the month, we will post the results in decreasing order under the form of gifs and edits!

not only is this way a simple way for our followers (and not only) to decide what we’ll be making gifs and edits of, but it’s also an interesting survey regarding the phandom’s preference towards certain things.

FEBRUARY 2016 – theme: top 10 dan physical traits

so, with our previous polls, we appreciated dan’s videos and dan’s wardrobe. but for this poll, we thought it’s time to appreciate dan himself and slammed our fists down and agreed to objectify him a lil while we’re at it too. there are many things we love about dan, physically, but it’s time to determine what the phandom has the softest spot for.

voting is open between FEB. 7 – FEB. 14 and results will be posted throughout FEB. 16 – FEB. 29