tough room


a series of unlikely crossovers:


cheap nail polish and purple bottled perfume,
knock off sweaters, earrings, and handbags too,
all bought just to fill a room.

nobody likes a quiet mind,
so I’ll keep mine busy.
maybe if I fill it up,
people won’t know that I’m empty.

they say money doesn’t buy happiness,
but no one says I should be happy with nothingness.
I think they just don’t get it,
or they rather forget it.

drugstore moscato in a coffee cup,
faux leather to make me look tough,
all in a room I could never fill enough.

like this for a lil starter from my son john murphy.

Back in the topic of North and York making spongebob references, what if Delta picked up on them? Like York is complaing about something and North is like “you god damn weenie” and York protests but then Delta shows up and is like
*Delta voice* my sensors indicate that you are, indeed, a weenie

anonymous asked:

So I found this prompt on @badromantics blog. Jamilton but no one accepts that they're dating. They're making out? lol funny joke. They're having loud tough sex in the room next I you? Oh they're prolly fighting really bad.

I’ll add it to the list!

The very first time

Back in ‘75, we’d seen D&D played, but noone had a copy of the rules: but one of our group came across a set of rules called Empire of the Petal Throne, and decided to try to run it, without any of us having much idea at all of what we were doing. We spent an entertaining evening designing characters, then the GM took us through the very simple dungeon he’d designed. The whole idea of levels was a novelty so the GM had assigned monsters entirely randomly in the dungeon, irrespective of toughness.

The first room we came to, our scout opened the door, and was told, a Level 20 Shen, immensely powerful and dripping with armour and weapons. 

Scout swears, tosses a dart at the Shen and slams the door. Rolls natural 20 to hit, then a natural 20 for critical hit, and a third one for critical effect: instant kill.

The crowd of us, about to execute a mad runaway, hear a heavy -crump- from within the room, and very timidly check. Sure enough, dead Shen, plus more treasure than we could carry away. Instant promotion to level 9 for us, except the scout who got pushed to level 11 (kill exp plus loot exp).

Scout: “Hey, I like this game, we should play it again next week”

I have not read any of the Overwatch Bios

Symmetra: Home-Office Mom beyond going stir-crazy
Mercy: Accomplished Mom somehow finds time to direct the PTA
Widowmaker: Shit Older Sister promises to drive you to the comic book store if you don’t tell Mom
D.Va: Misfit Highschooler taking it one day at a time with her brash sense of humor and quirky family
Bastion: The Dog
Reaper: Killed off before the second season
Soldier 76: 3x Divorced Dad; don’t tell him the computer parts he bought you weren’t the right ones.
Mei: Anxious about tonight’s big date
Hanzo: Living in his car
Genji: Living under Hanzo’s car
Lucio: Teenage Heartthrob; you’ve never actually seen him cry but everyone can hear it from Widowmaker’s room
McCree: Ex-Heartrhob Uncle living in basement. Chafing with life in suburbia
Pharah: Tough But Fair; here to hand-deliver your report card to your parents
Tracer: Kimmy Gibbler
Roadhog: Heard you were having problems with some bullies at school
Junkrat: Needs you to hide a gun for him
Torbjorn: Wants you to clean his house after you broke one of his windows
Zenyatta: Pothead Friend (hoped to get a different role during casting)
Winston: Amiable Neighbor spends most of his time gardening, but is always happy to say hello or give sage advice
Zarya: Standing in the background of most scenes, flexing.
Torbjorn: Kindly stranger who knew what you waNTED FOR CHRISTMAS?!???

davidtennantsbottomlip  asked:

We moved into a much larger house about a year ago, right before I gave birth to our first baby. With all of the new craziness, I haven't gotten into a good routine for cleaning. My current question is, should I clean room-by-room or task-by-task? Or maybe a combination of the two?

You have a small child and a big house. Do what you can. Start with the most urgent and necessary (dishes, laundry, and bathrooms), and then work on small chunks of larger tasks when you can. Room-by-room is tough, because all of the other rooms fall by the wayside while you’re focusing on one.