tough noogies

bonjour my petite croissants !! i am totally jipping the formatting of this from a beautiful bean named naomi, but i just wanted to introduce myself before we get waaaaaay too far into this! so, my name is liz! i live in the US with central time zone goin’ on!  so i’ve been watching riverdale frmo the beginning, and if i’m being honest, i have never delved deep into watching teen wolf, but i roleplay it often on a different platform! i’ve grown up watching sabrina the teenage witch, so to be able to roleplay her for this group is truly an honor! so, below this are so quickfire facts about how i’ll be interpreting sabrina, and i hope you enjoy!!

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Anon who asked for the reuniting with S/o thing, I really like what you have written. The best part however is that with Cyclonus you took so many things into account and not just shoved everything aside to write something more fluffy. (also a poly realtionship with cyclonus and tailgate would be like the best possible way that this would end) :)

OMG THANK YOU! Yeah I had to think for a minute cos it’s like…wait he’s in love with Tailgate and the s/o has been ‘dead’ for YEARS he wouldn’t just drop everything to be with them. Which is beyond sad for the s/o cos they were just tossed out in space and left to rot, and when they wake up it’s like no time has passed and OH WAIT it’s been millions of years and Cyclonus is with somebody else now. Which sucks but tough noogies?? I’m sad?? But thank you I’m glad you liked it!! 

Reasons to Love Jackson pt. 2
  • his hugs are a m a z i n g
  • he’s a little shit that waits until he’s on the dark part of a stage to strip his shirt off and be topless :|
  • special talent is the scooby doo voice like
  • favorite joke is “to make kimchi more delicious just put cheese on it, then it’s kimcheese
  • his brother gave him a ring and he wears it all the time he never takes it off ever awwwww
  • wants to visit the north pole tO SEE SANTA
  • wants to swim with dolphins
  • rly wants to learn how to cook
  • can beatbox so well it blows my mind
  • did gymnastics as a hobby until he realized he’d have to stay short to continue doing it so decided to do fencing instead BUT HE STILL DIDN’T GROW MUCH HAHA TOUGH NOOGIES JACKSON
  • is sad his part in Stop Stop It was only 12 seconds long it’s literally all he talks about
  • always says “YES” after he says something in english or chinese it’s rly cute
  • favorite color is black all his clothes are black which is REALLY UPSETTING BC HE LOOKS SO GOOD IN WHITE
  • skinship king
  • he looks like he’d smell really expensive (and he DOES i can confirm this)
  • but apparently he loves cologne and also loves mixing colognes together so he probably smells like really expensive death sometimes
  • prefers his hair long (we all do jackson)
  • worries about AHGAHSES all the time he’s so sweet jfc
  • admits that he’s not a rapper, just someone who raps (and there is a difference don’t even get me started)
  • best friends with Rapmon enough said
  • has been rap-dissed by Rapmon in the past and is ADAMANT that it never happen again or he’ll cry
  • wants to be told he’s pretty all the time
  • what a princess
  • is so so so nice and considerate towards fans like he’ll chat and give hugs to whoever asks and worries about us getting sick and he’s just such a fucking sweetheart im gonna cry
  • is not that great at on stage fanservice lmao he can do the sexy stuff fine but he handles fanservice much better in one-on-one situations 
  • dressed up in Nana’s Catallena dress and looked super cute in it KILL ME
  • doesn’t want to believe he’s a crybaby but he’s a big ole crybaby
  • is like bffs with JYP how even he texts and calls him and is literally bffs with him i’m
  • pouts when his texts aren’t answered right away and if there aren’t enough emoticons used in them whatafuckingcuteshithead
  • if he had powers he’d choose to be invisible because, in his own words, “You know why.”
  • wants to go to Vegas with mark and jb probably to reenact The Hangover
  • has an ass that does not quit
  • comments on his member’s instagram photos with shit like “that gaze……why do you make my heart beat faster………” i m
  • he’s so extra i could cry
  • constantly hurts himself instead of the guys when they do punishments for games what a turd
  • calls jb Daddy i never thought id see the day we’d have to kinshame jackson
  • and like seriously you guys he is so nice he was thanking everyone at the Hi Touch event and he gave me a hug when I asked for one and smiled the biggest stupidest wonderful smile when I told him he was my favorite like lots of things about the event are kind of a blur of happy/excited but I remember that smile crystal clearly

i cannot think of more right now so I’ll leave it at this and there will most probably definitely be a third part and more in the future

here’s part 1

Sentence Starters - 'Farscape' Crack Edition! AKA the 'Yes This is a Real Show' Edition
  • "Welcome to the Federation Starship S.S. Buttcrack!"
  • "Honey! The butler's dead!"
  • "No one has margaritas with pizza."
  • "Cross my heart, slap me dead, stick a lobster on my head."
  • "I can wear a Freudian slip."
  • "You have the rights to the remains of a silent attorney.... If you cannot afford one, tough noogies!"
  • "It's PUKE?!"
  • "At least he's out of your nose hair."
  • "I can't believe I left a nuclear bomb in an elevator."
  • "She gives me a woody."
  • "Where's my damn ice cream?!"
  • "It's beer o'clock. Now where the hell is my riot?"
  • "Do NOT make me tongue you!"
  • "Okay, welcome to the butthole of the universe."
  • "Great. We've gone from 'Die Hard' to 'Honey, I Shrunk the Hostages.'"
  • "Shoot the damn gun, you blue-assed bitch!"
  • "You were in my shoes, I was in your pants."
  • "I hate when villains quote Shakespeare!"
  • "I'm having sex with three Hynerian donkeys. What does it look like I'm doing?!"
  • "It's called... cop-porn."
  • *with pronounced lisp* "Tho... can I help you find thomeplace to sheath that thword?"
  • "My side! Your side! My side! Your side!"
  • "Is there some kind of stupid alien quotation book you guys use?"
  • "Lock up the women and hide the fried chicken!"
  • "My coma was more entertaining."
  • "On my planet, we don't marry people we don't love. Unless they're critically ill billionaires."
  • "One Mippippi, two Mippippi..."
  • "How animal-centric of you."