tough momma

a-no-life-fangirl  asked:

I don't see a lot of asks about Sister so what's her personality like? What's the relationship between her and Delirium or her and Delirious? What about her and Cartoonz?

Lets See. 

Sister Is a very Compassionate Gentle Gal. 

Shes basically a  tough Momma,  Who would never let anything happen to her family. Goody-two-shoes, She Does everything her father told her 2 do.  Even Spent a couple years to Take care of her Lil brothers. Expect a Big ol’ Bear hug from her when you’re upset! Because she has lots of love! 

[ Don’t mess with her. Shes a fucking monster in the dark]

Her Relationship with Delirious and Delirium is Unbreakable. Even tho the two hate eachother, they cannot deny the fact that they have Unconditional love for their older sis.  THey have lots of respect for her, But they do tease sister a lot. [ Bois . amaiiritiirie ] So not h8 for the cute fam 


Cartoonz was her first Love and SADLY. 

Daddy didn’t Approve and told Sister that its forbidden in this house. 

So that didn’t work out for her and she was Upset! 

Cartoonz was a well. He truly Thought that she was the one.