tough horse

i cannot pick a favorite of the leverage crew but elliot, the guy who does all the fighting and acts like a real tough guy but rides horses and is Serious about being the fake chef for the mob wedding because he wants to MAKE HIS DAMN CANAPES IN PEACE is consistently ranked near the top 


Well here’s something no one asked for, Dragon Age PETS.

  • Mabby Surana’s half blind, three legged Mabari, Hound.
  • Nicholas Trevelyan’s fancy horse, Lady. Spoils her terribly and she’s a bit snooty.
  • And Hawke’s …. hawk named Dragon, plus his and Fenris’ Mabari Creature/Carver.  
Everyone in Pirate101 is a "parent." Everyone.

Avery is irresponsible, extravagant dad.

Morgan LaFitte is overly enthusiastic gymnastics mom.

Madame Vadima is creepy, probably occult mom.

Mordekai is badass “been through shit” dad.

Subodai is tough horse dad.

Kan Po is wise goat dad.

Fan Flanders is super fun auntie frog.

Fin Dorsal is the older cousin that hates you.

Presidio companion is adoptive furry dad. (Gaspard is fun, very inexperienced dad.)

Old Scratch is creepy dad.

Bonnie Anne is soccer “this is how we do it ok” mom.

Sarah Steele is anti-rhyming mom.

Nurse Quinn is school nurse mom who keeps a swear jar on the ship.

Don Pelayo is stepdad who really, really doesn’t want to be with you.

(Go ahead and add more NPCs and companions and the type of parental/familial figure they are.)

Reasons to watch this Disney XD show #1

Wander Over Yonder-

•Platonic main male/female relationship

•Adorable animation


•Cute aliens

•The main characters are a bubbly, happy, kind traveling orange whatever he is, a tough blue alien horse lady, a (not so) evil skeleton dude with lightning powers and the cutest evil eyeball in the universe (and the army of others)

•Original stories

•It gets darker in the second season

•Literally the Steven Universe of Disney XD (I can’t get over how especially gay this show is)



•Strong female characters

•Weird Al voices a floating evil banana in an episode and it is glorious


Feel free to add more!