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Fighter Week: New Magic Items

A list of magic weapons and items specially designed with fighters in mind.

Beacon of Heroism

Wondrous Item (neck), Rare, requires attunement by a fighter

A gold amulet with an amber gem clasped by a dragon claw. When you use your Action Surge, all enemies in a 40 ft. radius that can see you must make a CON saving throw with a DC of 15 or become blinded for 1d4 rounds.

Belt of Deflection

Wondrous Item (waist), Uncommon, requires attunement

A belt of deflection comes in three different materials, each with a slightly different property.

  • Snakeskin: The wearer has resistance to piercing damage.
  • Tiger Fur: The wearer has resistance to slashing damage.
  • Rhino Leather: The wearer has resistance to bludgeoning damage.

Cape of the Oracle

Wondrous Item (back), Rare, requires attunement

A knee-length, rectangular purple cape with intricate swirling patterns converging on a large central eye motif. The cape alerts the wearer’s intuition whenever an attack comes from their rear. Flanking attackers do not gain advantage on attack rolls against the wearer, and simply being behind the wearer does not grant advantage as if the attacker was unseen.

Deadfall Hammer

Magic Weapon (warhammer or maul), Very Rare, requires attunement

A heavy hammer with a head that looks like a giant ram’s horn, with the cross-section of the base forming the front face of the hammer. The weapon is treated as a +1 magic weapon. Whenever the attuned creature hits an enemy with the hammer, the creature must make a STR saving throw with a DC of 16 or be knocked backward 5 ft. On a critical hit, the creature is automatically knocked back 15 ft. and falls prone.

Deadweight Gloves

Wondrous Item (hands), Uncommon, requires attunement

A pair of supernaturally heavy gloves that look and feel like lead, yet are malleable as leather. While wearing the gloves, the attuned creature deals 1d6 base damage when making unarmed attacks with their fists. Also while wearing the gloves, spellcasters have a 25% chance that any spell that they cast fails. This damage does not stack with other bonuses to unarmed damage such as from a monk’s Martial Arts feature or the Tavern Brawler feat.

Energy Weapon

Magic Weapon (any), Rare

This weapon is wreathed in a set energy type chosen when the item was created. Variations include fire, cold, lightning, thunder, acid, poison, necrotic, and radiant. The energy is visible but can be dismissed as a free action. When the weapon’s wielder hits with an attack, the weapon deals a bonus 1d4 damage of the energy type.

Energy Burst Weapon

Magic Weapon (any), Very Rare

This weapon acts like an Energy Weapon (see above) but on a critical hit it deals 1d4 energy damage of the same type to all enemies within 5 ft. of the enemy struck.

Energy Blast Weapon

Magic Weapon (any), Very Rare

This weapon acts like an Energy Weapon (see above) except once per short rest, the wielder can speak the command word and use an action to fire a 60 ft. line of energy of the same energy type. Creatures in the area of effect must make a DC 14 DEX saving throw to try and dodge it. Creatures that fail their save take 8d6 energy damage or half that much damage on a successful save.

Extending Weapon

Magic Weapon (any melee), Uncommon

Once per short rest, this weapon’s range increases by 5 ft. for one round.

Gauntlets of Inevitability

Wondrous Item (hands), Rare, requires attunement

A pair of metal gauntlets studded with tiny claws on the back of the hand. They seem to guide your hands towards those trying to escape you. Creatures taking the disengage action to move outside of your threatened area still provoke an attack of opportunity as if they had not used the disengage action.

Helm of Blindsight

Wondrous Item (head), Uncommon, requires attunement

This bucket helmet has a single opal in the center of the forehead. The wearer has blindsight but only with a range of 5 ft.


Magic Weapon, Uncommon

This weapon in its basal form is a glob of silvery clay. With a command word, the wielder can cause it to change its shape into any nonmagical weapon that the wielder can imagine. Regular rules for proficiency apply when wielding a weapon. The weapon still counts as magical when taking the form of a nonmagic weapon.

Pauldrons of Wailing

Wondrous Item (shoulders), Rare, requires attunement by a fighter

These shoulder guards are made of iron and depict screaming ghouls with sharp teeth. When the attuned creature uses their Second Wind ability, all creatures in a 10 ft. radius must make a DC 17 WIS saving throw or become frightened for 1 round.

Rapid Weapon

Magic Weapon (any Finesse weapon), Very Rare

This weapon is bright silver and sparkles with veins of blue light. The weapon is treated as a +1 magic weapon and when the wielder lands a critical hit, the hit becomes a regular hit and then the wielder gains another attack immediately afterward against a creature within 5 ft.

Sandals of the Surging Waves

Wondrous Item (feet), Rare, requires attunement by a fighter

This set of calf-height sandals are patterned with undulating strips of tough fish leather lined with satin. When the attuned creature uses their Action Surge, an illusory surge of water follows you in your wake. Until your next turn, your movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity and creatures you pass through must make a DC 15 STR saving throw or be knocked prone.

Trueheart Crown

Wondrous Item (head), Rare, requires attunement by a fighter

A gold crown with a starburst motif at its front depicting rays of light emanating from a rearing lion. When the attuned creature heals themselves with their Second Wind ability, all allies within 20 ft. of the creature heal for an equal number of hit points.

Trifold Blades

Magic Weapon (shortsword, dagger, battleaxe), Legendary, requires attunement

This blade produces two spectral duplicates, one red and one blue, that float a few feet away from each other with a command word. The weapon itself is a +2 weapon. When the attuned creature makes an attack against a creature with the Trifold Blades, they may also choose to let the attack affect a creature to their immediate left and immediate right. The secondary attacks use the same roll as the original attack against the new targets’ AC. The shadowy blades can be withdrawn as a free action.

Wheel of Pain

Magic Weapon, Very Rare, requires attunement

This thin wheel has spikes emerging from its circumference. The wheel can be used as a martial melee weapon with 1d8 slashing base damage. The wheel can also be thrown up to 30 ft. away to deal similar base damage. Once thrown, the wheel spins wildly in place and obeys the attuned creature’s mental commands. The wheel can be moved up to 30 ft. as a bonus action on the attuned creature’s turn, attacking all creatures’ spaces it travels through. The wheel can only move in a straight line in this way. When the wheel attacks a creature in this way, it uses the attuned creature’s proficiency modifier plus their CHA modifier for the attack roll, and the CHA modifier for the damage roll. If not commanded in any way, the wheel spins in place and threatens the space it is in. The wheel will stop moving if the attuned creature wills it to stop, or after 5 rounds.

MBTI types as people I've met


INFJ: (besides me) into vintage things, friendly, sarcastic, independent, a little weird to some people, stands out in a crowd even though doesn’t really want to. Is a hardcore teddy bear. Easy going and laid back mostly. Very driven and very intelligent.

ENFP: Best friend, sassy, super fun person, into being active, sometimes acts like an introvert, but really isn’t one. In love with dogs and snow cones. And lots of wisdom behind those bright eyes

ESFJ: (girl) Best friend, super girly and funny, bossy, will be an awesome mom one day, responsible, into makeup and doing hair, friends with everyone

ESFJ: (boy) good at anything that requires sporty skills or being active, entrepreneur minded, adventurous, doesn’t act like it but is super smart, friends with everyone he meets

ESFP: sensitive, outgoing, super laid back and good at sports. Friendly and nice. Has a weird sense of humor. Can be quiet at times… good friend to anyone.

INFP: genius. Doesn’t write much, but is very poetic. Creative, emotional, but tough. Funny, witty humor, kind, and friendly. Into techy things as well as traveling. underestimated, encouraging and inspiring.

INTP:quiet and reserved, but will sometimes act like an extrovert. Laid back and easy going. Very handy and sarcastic. Independent and likes alone time. Extreme adventurer and sometimes intimidating. Seems tough, but actually way nicer than anyone thinks.

INTJ: really really smart and intelligent. Seems intimidating, but is actually softy. Actually very nice despite what people may think. Deep thinker and handy. Makes for a good conversationalist. Likes outdoor activities.

ENTJ: energetic and genius. Drummer and tech geek. Kinda weird, but fun to hang around. Talkative and did I mention smart?

ISFJ: Quiet, But fun. A little awkward… very kind. talented artist. Does have an outgoing side around friends.

ISFP: quiet sometimes, friendly, very artistic in music and drawing, loves people and is nice. Has a funny side. Loves wearing black lol

ENTP: really smart and laid back. Hilarious and fun. Very outdoorsy and tough. Loves hunting, fishing, hiking, exploring and all things mountain man involved. Also entrepreneur minded.

ENFJ: friendly and easy to talk to. We have a lot in common. Adventurous and lots of deep conversations. Good and kind with people and lots of wisdom.

ISTJ: best friends when I was little. Wanted to be president one day. Shy and a bit bossy. Caring and diligent in work.

That’s all I got for now🤷🏽‍♀️😝

🐶 Witchcraft With Pets 🐱

Pets can bring so much into your craft and life (especially if you practice green or nature magick)! While being great companions, pets can also add their energies to your own. Here is a quick guide to pets and witchcraft.


(Featuring my puppo Cinder cause I’m a dog person)

Warm and Fuzzy, mammals project comfort and love.

Magick with Mammals:

For extra positivity/love/comfort/healing, hold or pet your animal before doing a spell or while reciting an incantation.

(side note: not all Mammals want to be touched, don’t put your pet into any uncomfortable or dangerous situation).

Magick for Mammals:

Pick a favorite treat, hold it to your heart while thinking of a favorite memory of your pet. Give it to your pet for extra love.

Reptiles and Amphibians 

(Featuring ChicaMaya top, and Lil’ Lizzie bottom)

Reptiles and Amphibians are masters of their environments and change.

Magick with Reptiles and Amphibians:

For extra charisma/strength/resilience/acceptance, hold or pet your animal before doing a spell or while reciting an incantation.

(side note: not all Reptiles and Amphibians want to be touched, don’t put your pet into any uncomfortable or dangerous situation).

Magick for Reptiles and Amphibians:

Pick a favorite treat, hold it to your heart while thinking of a favorite memory of your pet. Give it to your pet for extra love.


(featuring UNTITLED, because it takes me months to settle on names)

Fish are beautiful, agile, and greatly amplify water magick.

Magick with Fish:

Preform a spell or ritual in front of your pets tank to get a watery boost.

(side note: Never tough your fish, never put anything in a tank that doesn’t belong. Be careful with what you use around your tank, smoke and aerosols are dangerous to our water friends.) 

Magick for Fish:

Pick a favorite treat, hold it to your heart while thinking of a favorite memory of your pet. Give it to your pet for extra love.


(not pictured because I have none.)

Birds project freedom, passion, and creativity.

Magick with Birds:

Use discarded feathers to add extra power to your spells.

Magick for Birds:

Pick a favorite treat, hold it to your heart while thinking of a favorite memory of your pet. Give it to your pet for extra love.

Sing an incantation for them.


(not pictured because I only have feeder bugs at the moment.)

Invertebrates are diverse, strong, and helpful.

Magick with Invertebrates:

Don’t touch your invertebrates. 9 times out of 10 they don’t want to be touched. Use sheddings in spells (if it sheds) or set up spells near their inclosure.

Magick for Invertebrates:

Pick a favorite treat, hold it to your heart while thinking of a favorite memory of your pet. Give it to your pet for extra love.

🐶 Pet Safety 🐱

Pet safety is far more important than anything really. Don’t put your pets at risk when doing magick.

🐶 Your pets don’t like smoke. Be especially careful when burning anything during spells, even if your pets are in the other room. Smoke inhalation can be fatal, and for animals like dogs and cats the results may not be immediate but the harm will be done.

🐶 Your pets shouldn’t always be touched. Some pets have extreme anxiety, some pets are venomous or poisonous, some pets just don’t want to be touched. Don’t force your pets into your craft. It’s best to incorporate their energies indirectly for their safety.

🐶 Don’t give your pets anything unsafe to play with or eat. Always research what foods are safe for your pet. Never assume that what you are giving out isn’t toxic or that your pet doesn’t have an allergy.

🐶 Always clean up and keep your tools away from pets. So many of the plants I use could harm my pets. It’s important to make sure they are always out of reach and cleaned up.

🐶 Know your pets limits. Pets get tired the same way we do. Give them extra love and attention!

zero chill

Dust hyung:


Dust hyung:
dont what me
where are you?

Walking backkkkk

Cutie cutie ddanha:
bin-hyung y do u always sound like ur gonna pick a fight :(

Dad 2.0:
its his default mode
comes with his face

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Creepypasta #1195: I Get Jealous Sometimes

Length: Medium

I get jealous some times. I mean, we all do, right? It’s part of the human condition or something. We want what we can’t have, and if somebody tries to take something of ours, well, they better watch out. Some people will die to protect what’s theirs.

That’s how I feel about Margie. She’s my world. I’ve loved her for as long as I could remember. If anybody tried to take away what I have with Margie, I would stop them by any means necessary. That’s what I had to do with Jake.

Jake started working at Margie’s office a couple of months ago. At first, Margie just mentioned him in passing while we had dinner. It didn’t seem like a big deal; he was just another cubicle dweller. But over time Margie talked about him more and more.

“Jake told me a really funny story over lunch today.”

“Jake really saved my skin today by helping me with a printing issue.”

“Jake told me we should go check out that new comedy. He said it was the funniest thing he seen in years.”

All this chatter about Jake. It was driving me up a wall. I think Margie caught on to how I felt about the situation because she stopped talking about him for a bit. But then it got worse.

Margie started running errands on the weekend and she wouldn’t let me come with her. She never forcefully said no, but she always spun it to make me not want to go.

“Oh, I’m just going to grab a couple of things from the store. You stay here and watch some TV or a movie.”

I couldn’t force myself into being part of these “errands” without letter her know I was suspicious. So one Sunday afternoon, I followed her. I know that makes me a bit scummy, but, like I said before: Jealousy makes us do weird things.

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natgeo Video by @bertiegregory.
A scorpion fish closeup at night in the Red Sea. Their incredible camouflage can make these fish tough to find. Often you’ll be right next to one before realising it’s there. Their upturned mouths mean they generally look pretty grumpy but closeup, they are mesmerisingly beautiful.
Wander - Esselle - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

’ “Are we—safe?” Hinata whispered. He hardly cared. Even if danger was imminent, he couldn’t have looked away from the sight in front of him.

“Yes,” Kageyama said. “They won’t notice us. We’re not… important enough.”

And that made sense, Hinata thought, that they were as insignificant to the moving mountains as they were to the ice itself.’

The land is dark and cold, child, so 
brave it with a soul that sees its beauty.

Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio
Additional Tags: Inspired by Studio Ghibli, Fantasy, Snow and Ice, Enemies to Friends, Bonding, Long Journey, Developing Feelings

I wrote this fic for the HQ Ghibli Zine as a collaboration with @ainu​ and we’re super excited to finally post our pieces! You can read it at the link above on AO3, or here on Tumblr below the cut. And Ainu’s awesome cover art is here!

While the original project is no longer happening as planned, we’re compiling works by all participants over on @hq-ghibli-zine​! Check it out for more Ghibli Goodness <3 (Seriously, everyone’s stuff is magical.)

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jordemme  asked:

my teacher specifically was the type to call anything cartoonish 'anime' and dismiss it. Even the realistic stuff I did, she once even told me i made my eyes too wide and 'anime' in a self portrait but its like bruh i gotta have em wide or i cant see shit??? my proudest piece in the class was we had to do this thing where u draw an organic thing made out of pencils and I made an anglerfish. I wish i still had it bc id never made something that unique before and i loved it

Highschool art instructors should be universally banned from using the word “anime” lmfao It fails to get their point across, and gets in the way of using terms that might properly communicate what they mean… 
“Those eyes are too big and anime” vs “your approach to drawing eyes still relies heavily on line. Try instead, to approach it as though you are sculpting the forms with your pencil by applying the appropriate values and gradients, and avoid the use of hard, definitive lines. Allow the contrast to define the shapes, instead. Also, we are naturally prone to focus on and over emphasize eyes, so take extra care in measuring out their size and position relative to other facial features. Try to interpret them as abstract shapes, rather than as “eyes”. This way, you may be able to fight against your brain’s assumptions about what eyes look like by employing close observation and dissecting the shapes as just that–shapes.”   

On the other hand though, highschool teachers are usually too underpaid and overworked to be on the ball for more than 1 collective day every week. It’s a tough job.

Also, your angler fish sounds amazing tbh :U!!