tough finn

no like really narrative wise? finn’s arc mirrors luke’s. luke had wanted to leave tatooine and wanted that freedom, like finn wanted to leave the first order. they both wind up getting roped into a mess with a droid that ends with them tagging along with a plucky, rough around the edges pilot/scavenger/smuggler trope character on the falcon. their refusal of the call moment is very similar as well and lasts an incredibly brief time bc as soon as more serious shit happens, they immediately run back into the fray to help. obviously there’s the stuff with han and finn going to rescue rey from starkiller vs han and luke rescuing leia. then of course there’s the whole him with the lightsaber ect.



New video for those who happen to give a F*CK

Fast, Athletic, Noble, Powerful. The Jedi were all these things and while we can’t go chronicle yet with telapathic abilities we can Train our bodies to be conditioned like them! Star Wars Rogue One is coming out and these regular old folks gotta go against the Empire with their OP Demi God-esque Sith Lord Darth Vader so this training will help ya be a stronger and more conditioned individual.



Pairing: Finn Balor x original character

Summary: During my moments of solemn reflection, the pads of my fingers subconsciously brush over the nearly healed scrapes on his forehead and nose.

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The quiet noise of the television washes over the bedroom, settling me into a simmering warmth. My bouts of laughter are hard to quiet, but I do the best I can to keep from waking up the sleeping man to my right. I let my eyes drift over to Finn’s soundly sleeping form; his breathing is steady, and his chest rises, then falls in a lulled cadence. An indistinct grin makes its way onto my lips at the sight of him and how soft he looks in the light. I am sleep laden, but still far more wide-awake than usual for this time of night.

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THE RED STRING (Bellamy Blake x Reader)


Song: Running With The Wolves - Aurora 

A/N: this song reminded me of Octavia so here u go


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When you walk back into the empty dropship, you’re met with the suspicious gaze of Finn Collins. It’s extremely difficult to ignore and you begin to wonder if Finn suspects ulterior motives linked to you talking to Murphy, what if Bellamy can tell too? 

He makes his way over to you, his gaze never leaving your face as you try to avoid him but it’s futile - he reaches you before you can make your way to the other side of the dropship. Finn must have some kind of sixth sense, you reckon. First, he thinks he’s psychic by insinuating there’s something between you and Bellamy. And now, just when you’re scheming and conspiring… he’s here.

“Hi.” You greet him with a smile, shoving your hands in your pocket. Finn looks at your hand and back up to your stoic features and you give him a questioning look, as if he’s the one being weird.

He sits on the bench beside you, waiting for you to take a seat beside him. His eyes watch you, looking up as a piece of his brown hair falls in his face. You follow his suit and sit, looking down at your mud-stained shoes. 

“How’s Octavia?” He implores, knowing that she fought really hard for Lincoln to not be locked up in chains, facing the wrath of Bellamy’s anger.

You look down, wondering if he’s forgotten that you don’t want Lincoln up there as much as Octavia doesn’t. “She’s surviving.” You nod, feeling a tug at your chest when you think about how Octavia was on the verge of tears when she gave you the note to hand to Lincoln. “She’s tough.”

“No doubt.” Finn gives you a small smile which you return calmly. Finn feels as though somethings off and as he watches you glance to the side, he furrows his eyebrows. “And what are you up to?”

You snap up with a shrug as you remain calm. You know you can trust Finn but that’s not what this is about. You’re doing this with Octavia and that’s final, the fewer who know about Lincoln’s escape plan, the better. “Not much. I’ve already handed out the food for tonight like I did yesterday so-”

“No, Y/N,” Finn interrupts, leaning down slightly to look you directly in the eyes. His voice is lower as he interrogates you, wanting a straightforward answer. “What are you up to?”

You watch him, giving him a look that’s supposed to tell him to back off. “Nothing that concerns you.” The sentence comes out more forcefully than you anticipated. “I’m sure Raven and Clarke need your help with rewiring the radio, the storm blocked the signal but now that it’s gone they’ll need more hands.” 

Finn just looks down, letting you walk away from him with your head held high and an unintentional glare. Bellamy meets your gaze, taking in the angered look upon your features. 

Finn sighs, walking out of the dropship with everyone else who is enjoying the better weather. The chatter of people outside lead you to believe the weather is good now. 

Though there are still clouds covering most of the sun like there was 25 minutes ago, the wind has died down and it’s no longer raining. You watch him as Murphy walks by you, placing a hand on your lower back as he passes you. For a split second, you face him and meet his eyes as he makes his way to Bellamy. The plan has commenced. 

You walk quickly to Octavia, sitting beside her as you both keep your eyes on each other. Murphy sifts through his head, making up an excuse on the spot. 

“Now that the storm has died down, we should check if the wall is still stable.” Bellamy doesn’t reply, he just gives a small nod almost ignoring Murphy. “Well? Aren’t you meant to be the one who goes out and bosses everyone around?”

From your position on the ground next to the youngest Blake sibling, you meet her worried gaze. You whisper to her, acting as though you’re initiating a conversation with her. “He has a point, Bellamy.” Clarke speaks up, standing from the radio table, “We all need to get outside, staying in here for too long will drive us all crazy.” 

Placing her hand on Ravens shoulder, the dark-haired girl looks up from the radio with tired eyes and nods with a sigh. Bellamy glances towards you but you sit down as though you didn’t notice. With an unconvinced sigh, he steps out of the dropship.

When everyone leaves, you look around and stand up quickly. You have to be quick and it’s not going to be easy sneaking him past everyone but hopefully if you go around the back of the tent, no one will be there. After all, Bell will have everyone checking the perimeter of the wall so all you have to do it wait until that part of the wall has been checked. 

“Come on.” You whisper to Octavia, rushing to the ladder and the hatch. Rapidly ascending the ladder, you open the door and see Lincoln there, his eyes on you. 

You stand up, turning to help Octavia. She ignores your helping hand and runs straight to Lincoln, looking over his bloodied body. “Oh Lincoln.” She sighs sadly, “I’m so sorry about this.” 

You walk to his chains, figuring that you better begin setting him loose. Octavia does the same, snapping to action when the rattling of the chains makes her chest ache. His chains come off quicker than you expected and he gives you a small, grateful smile. 

“Told you we’d get you out of here.” You smirk cheekily, holding his forearm as he stands. 

Once Lincoln is on his unsteady feet, he looks to you with a solemn expression. “We’re not out yet.” He mumbles back.

Making your way to the level of the hatch, you use both hands and all your strength to unwind and open it, letting the cold metal burn against your hands. You’re the first one to make your quick way down, almost tripping on the last step. Lincoln is next, making his way down in a slow, aggravating manner. 

Restlessness flows through you as quick as anxiety does. You need to hurry, this is a time sensitive plan. No one knows when Bellamy will be back and no one knows how long it’ll take to get to the hidden exit in the wall.

In a shaky yet determined manner, Lincoln descends the ladder slowly and when his feet rest on the ground you take a deep breath. It’s supposed to calm you down but when you inhale once again, to the sound of Octavias light feet hitting the ground, you breathe in nerves as well.

“Y/N,” Octavia whispers, getting your attention with her urgent tone. She wraps her arms around Lincoln to help him stand as he’s still weak. “I’ll stay here with Lincoln. You go make sure no ones outside.”

With a single nod, you exit the dropship and immediately feel the cold air hit your face. It traces along the loose flyaways from your ponytail, grazing along your neck and waking you up completely.

You’re almost done, Y/N. Keep going.

Looking around, everyone is in their own world. There’s barely anyone even near the dropship anymore and the ones who are, pay you no mind as they sleep quietly. Perfect.

Marching to the side of the dropship, you poke your head around the corner of the wall. Empty. Even more perfect. You assume the walls been checked for any major damage. Giving the side of the ship a light knock to alert Octavia and Lincoln, you glance side to side for anyone who could be watching.

Suddenly, Octavia and Lincoln are beside you making their way to the wall as quickly as they can with how drained Lincoln is and how heavy he is to support. You follow closely behind, holding the small exit in the gate open for Lincoln to duck through.

He’s out. Lincoln’s free. You smile at him, your eyes trailing along the evergreen trees framing him. When you hear a shout back from the dropship, you snap around and Octavia freezes. It’s Bellamy, he’s back and walking with Bellamy. 

Before they can see Lincoln on the other side of the door, Octavia borders it up but not before giving Lincoln a smile mixed with a look of sadness. He looks at her too, knowing it won’t be the last he sees of Octavia Blake. And then, just as quickly as it had appeared, the hidden exit is closed and Lincoln is gone.

It’s only then - after tricking Bellamy, helping Octavia, and freeing Lincoln - that you remember there’s still one thing you’re still left to do; meet Murphy inside the dropship.


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  • Marceline: YOU'RE ALIVE
  • Marceline: [hugs Finn] AND NOT DEAD
  • Marceline: This is a tough hug.
  • Finn: No you're not squeezing hard and that's worse somehow
  • Marceline: [squeezes harder] How's this?
  • Finn: AHHH WORSE
  • Marceline: But you just said - look, I'm adjusting for your comfort here.
  • Marceline: [raises fist without letting go] I mean, yeah
How tough is Finn?

You really want to know what he’s been through injury wise? Okay.. You asked for it… 8 concussions, Separated left shoulder 10 times, Hyperextended left elbow, Broken left wrist, Bruised kidney, Broken tailbone, Pulled all ligaments in both knees, Torn cartilage in knee (surgery required), Numerous sprains, Dislocated Jaw, Burst ear drum, 40 black eyes, 180* Labrum tear,Pectoral tear, Torn bicep, Cartilage tear in right shoulder, Glenoid neck socket fracture.. And those are just the injuries he will admit

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A Drunken Fool

Relationship: Poe Dameron x Reader

Word Count: 827

Requested by: Anon

AN: Please don’t kill me if Poe is out of character, I’m really trying my best and feedback would be nice! @poethemegahoe I hope your proud of me. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

You laughed as BB-8 rolled around you in circles beeping away excitedly. The one of a kind orange and white droid had seemed to take a liking to you since you had joined the Resistance as a mechanic for the droid units. If BB-8 was here, Poe couldn’t be far behind.

The droid rolled back away from you and your gaze trailed behind it. The familiar orange and white of Poe’s flight suit-which by the way you were sure he painted BB-8 to match- came stumbling past the droid. You smiled at the dark haired man who seemed to look darker under the night sky.

As he came closer, you noticed the glazed over look in his eyes that you had seen on the other flyers. This man was shitfaced drunk. Poe’s large, calloused hands grabbed onto your shoulders to help steady his wobbly movements.

“I can’t believe you let him get this drunk, BB-8,” you said, watching Poe trying to focus on you.

“I’m not drunk,” he said adamantly. “I only had one drink.”

“Either you’re lying or you’re a lightweight. Which one is it?”

“Mmm, nah.”

You raised an eyebrow at his response to avoid the question to just stare past you. “Okay, let’s go. You’re going to your bunk.”

“Sounds nice.”

You guide him with an arm wrapped around his shoulder and BB-8 trailing behind you both, occasionally chiming in about Poe’s drunk stupor. It was odd seeing the man, your best friend, you’d known for so long not composed and a smirk gracing his face. He looked tired and sick- oh shit. Poe bent over and it was apparent he would hurl.

“Oh no, not today,” You said, trying to bring him back up from his position. Poe was much heavier than you though he would and more resistant to the help. You had your arms wrapped around his waist when he finally puked up the contents of his stomach which was mostly liquid but still smelled terrible. He moaned from below you in pain.

“Get up Poe, please.”

He at least listened to that.

BB-8 bumped into Poe’s leg and you swear that the droid had a disapproving look if it was anywhere near possible. The pilot dressed in orange was ruffled as he came up from the agonizing looking position he was in.

“You’re very cute. But you already knew that, didn’t you?”

“Of course I do. I own a mirror.”

He wrapped an arm back around your shoulders and his face up against your bicep, crouching down a bit to reach it. Poe mumbled against your suit which was much like Poe’s only a dark grey color and ill-fitting.

Poe’s quiet mumbles were what filled the silence between the two of you, and of course BB-8 chiming in once in a while. The pilot ignored his faithful droid to keep up with your ever fasted pace.

“Slow down, you’re too fast,” he complained. He shouldn’t have gotten drunk. It wasn’t as if this happened often, not as often as the others did but it had been a tough day. Finn still hadn’t woken up as the hospital droids had predicted, something had short circuited in his X-wing which led to him being taken off of a mission. Actually, it’d been a tough couple of years.

The halls of the dorms were dimly lit with small lights close to the floor. It was past lights out after all.

“Okay Poe, give me your keycard.”

“I can do it.” He said, hand fumbling around in his pocket.

“You’re too drunk to.”

“I’ve told you time and time again. I’m not as think as you drunk I am!” he said, almost yelled in your ear actually. You flinched away from his loud voice.

“Poe Dameron, you are so fucking drunk. You know how I know? It’s because you start yelling.”

“No I do not.” Poe whispered.

BB-8 beeped in agreement with you.

“Traitor.” Poe said in betrayal.

You huffed out a breath of annoyance and reached inside his pocket to pull out the keycard yourself. He smirked down at you.

“Don’t need to be so eager.”

“I’m going to hit you so hard in the balls that your future kids will feel it,” you said trying not to stutter over your words.

The scanner buzzed and activated the opening of the heavy, metal door that slid up to the ceiling. His room was bigger than the other dorms considering he was a Commander. He stumbled over the threshold with both BB-8 and you trailing behind him.

You watched with your arms crossed over your chest and an eyebrow raised. You almost snorted as you watched Poe fall in a heap on his bunk.

“You going to be okay?”

“No,” he moaned. “Stay with me tonight?”

“How could I refuse the most beautiful pilot in all the galaxy?”

“Best pilot actually,” He slurred in an attempt to correct you.

“Scooch over before I leave.”

Punk Rock Rae

a/n- I can’t write smut to save my life. Sorry? I’m embarrassed over this, truly. Might do a rewrite this weekend.

Dylan Bryan isn’t so smug in the locker room when the boys are getting ready for the game. He’s got a fair amount of bruising around both eyes and a split bottom lip. The other lads glance at him, look away and smile to themselves (they might not have understood the emotion behind the attack but every one of them had thought about doing much of the same to him). Finn doesn’t look at him, doesn’t strut around the room like an alpha male as any of the other boys would have done. He just asks, “Alright?”

Dylan shrugs. “Fair.” He pulls his jersey on and bends to tie his shoes. “Guess I got off easy seeing as how you knocked that Liam bloke out.”

“Heard about that, have you?”

“Looked a real mess is what Amy said. She was telling Stacey you pretty much dominated him.”

Of course Liam wouldn’t tell anyone it was Rae who had actually taken him out. If Finn were a different sort of boy, he’d let them believe that he had cold-cocked Liam into next week. Maybe some lesser lad would be ashamed that after a good 5 minutes of throwing punches, it had taken a girl one hit to end it but Finn thought it was pretty damn cool. “Liam and I did fight but Rae was the one who knocked him out.”

“Rae?” Dylan questions, looking up at Finn.

He nods. “Headbutted him and he was out like a light.”

Dylan’s eyes get big and he’s clearly trying to work out the possibility of a girl taking out a guy like Liam (and probably thanking God that he had never bullied her to her face). “She’s a tough girl, huh?”

Finn thinks about her eyes and how they sparkled when she laughed, the soft press of her lips and how she said Finnley gently enough to lull him to sleep. She wasn’t what everyone thought she was. They all saw her nose ring and boots and take no shit attitude and labeled her one of those girls that you didn’t take home to mum. But Finn didn’t have a mum and he saw that under all her lace and nylon and attitude, she was just a girl protecting herself and fighting for her right to be heard and respected. “No, she’s not. She just doesn’t put with anyone’s bullshit.”

When they head out to the pitch, he sees Rae sitting with Archie, Izzy, and Chop and his heart swells because she’s got a sweater on that’s his team colors and a glittery sign that says Go Finnley! He reckons he ought to be embarrassed but he’s got an extra spring in his step because none of his teammates have anyone cheering for them as hard as she is for him (it’s his best game ever and he scores more goals than anyone else). He should be celebrating their big win with his teammates but he finds himself annoyed when the sweep him up like a tidal wave and move towards the locker room because all he wants is to be with his friends, be with Rae.

The lads are loud and noisy, play fighting with each other and Finn struggles away from them, ready to hit the showers and get gone as fast as possible.

“Where you going?” Dylan calls after him.

Finn’s got one boot still unlaced and his shirt is a bit crooked and he missed a loop when putting on his belt, but he’s beyond caring.

“Nelson, come on!” Another yells as the door is closing, but he’s already spotted her leaning against the wall outside the locker room and trips over his untied shoes and falls into her. There’s some sort of scientific law (something about a fig newton, he wasn’t sure to be honest) about objects in motion and maybe he’s wrong but he feels that maybe it applies to him because even when he crashes into her, he doesn’t stop until his mouth is pressed firmly against hers and his arms are wrapped around her waist.

“Don’t mind me,” Archie says. “I’m just over here, ignoring you both and looking around at all the people. Man, there’s a lot of litter out here.”

Finn’s got a good mind to tell Archer to piss off, but he’s too giddy to be cross with anyone. “Where’s the rest?”

“Chop and Iz headed to the pub and Chlo is supposed to meet us there,” Rae tells him. She eyes him before straightening his shirt up and then she’s crouching in front of him. He feels the blood rushing in his ears when she looks up from tying his boot and says, “Fix your belt.”

He has to look away from her when he unbuckles his belt and slips the leather through a few loops to right it. She’s still looking up at him and he’s willing himself not to get an erection in front of Archie and the people milling around and God because while it’ll come in handy later, now is not the best time for such activity. So to save himself some embarrassment he holds a hand out and pulls her back to a standing position.

Chop buys the first round of drinks and Chloe starts talking about some guy she met from the opposing school (which explained her absence from the stands). Rae has shed the sweater and she’s back in her dress and tights. They’re leaning back in the booth, his arm around her shoulders and her hand casually on his thigh, fingers drawing lazy circles as Chop tells them about a party in Dalehead tonight.

“We should all go,” Chop bangs on the table.

Finn jumps when her index finger presses into his thigh, spelling out N-O-W-A-Y.

“I think we’re going to pass,” Finn’s voice cracks a little (her hand was very, very close to his zipper) and he clears his throat. “Kendo’s always out there.”

“He’s not so bad. Come on! Friends who party together, stay together.”

“Don’t be stupid,” Archie rolls his eyes. “I’m not going either. After this, I’m headed home to sleep off this headache.”

“What, Rae headbutt you, too?” Izzy laughs.

Chop’s eyes get big. “Come again?”

Archie and Chloe are talking over each other (with Archie breezing over the majority of the fight) to tell Chop all about how Rae had knocked Liam out with a single blow. Finn’s not sure when it happened but Chop is suddenly in between him and Rae, sloshing Finn’s beer on the table.

“Come on, man,” Finn grumbles, taking the napkins from Izzy to wipe up the mess. He’s not upset about the beer but he’s not sure how he feels about Chop being squeezed in so close to Rae.

“You actually headbutted him?”

“Well, yeah. What else was I supposed to do?”

“Punch him? I don’t know. Headbutting sounds too hardcore. Doesn’t it hurt?”

“Nah. The key is just follow through. Don’t pause or you’ll knock yourself out.”

Chop keeps blathering on about it and asking will she teach him and doesn’t she want to go to party and headbutt Kendo, and Finn is so damn uncomfortable that he finally just loses his cool and says, “For fucks sake, Chop. Move.”

“Just having a chat. Don’t get your panties in a wad.”

It’s the finally straw and when Finn scoots out of the booth, Chop falls backwards. He’s got Chop under the arms and drags him out the booth, dumping him on the floor before reclaiming his spot next to Rae. They all have a laugh when Chop picks himself up and he wags a finger at Finn. “I owe you a beer.”

“You do,” Finn shakes his empty glass at him. Her fingers on his thigh again, pressing G-O-? into his skin. “But we’ll settle up another day.”

“Where are you two going?” Chloe questions when they stand up.

“Nowhere,” Finn shrugs.

“Do one of you have an empty?” Chop pipes up, looking between the pair. “Because we should-“

“No!” Finn cuts him off. “No parties.” It was bad enough that his football match and the pub had taken up part of their night, he was in no way going to let a bunch of knobheads from school ruin the entire weekend.

“I get it,” Chop pulls a ridiculous face at the both them. “Raemundo’s going to let the lad touch her lady bits.”

He’s glad she’s not the easily embarrassed type (as punching his mate wouldn’t be polite). She shrugs a bit and laughs. “More than touch if I have anything to say about it. See ya.”

Finn is still red when they reach his scooter and she laughs at him and touches his cheek, making a tomato joke he doesn’t quite catch because he’s too caught up in the sound of her laughter and the way her bottom lip is trapped between her teeth.

“Still coming over?” She asks him when he hands her a helmet.

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”

Rae shrugs and he sees her vulnerability for the second time in two days. It’s not that he likes it but it does give her a softer edge that makes him feel less idiotic around her. “I dunno. Just thought that after today… things might have changed.”

He’s wracking his brain for what she might be talking about but he comes up empty handed. “I give up. What are you talking about?”

She huffs and sets the helmet down hard on the seat. “Let’s cut the shit. I’ve seen the girls you’ve dated before. Dainty little things, and if you were somehow slightly blind and didn’t know, I think today truly proved that I am neither little nor dainty. I don’t know… I just don’t see you with a girl like me, does that make sense?”

“A girl like you?” He questions, taking a step back from her. “No, that doesn’t make a bit of fucking sense to me. If you don’t want to do anything tonight, just say so. We don’t have to but don’t act like we’re somehow wrong for each other.”

“I’m not saying that at all and it’s not what I mean!” She grabs his hands in her. “All I’m saying is I don’t want you to go into this thinking that I’m something I’m not.”

“You think I don’t get who you are?” He pulls her in close, wrapping his arms around her, pecking her neck and making her giggle. “Don’t be stupid. I’m totally aware that you’re an absolute badass and could probably knock me out without trying… but you do that anyway.”

“Do I really?”

“I’m getting quite used to being disoriented. Lack of blood to the brain will do that to you.”

She laughs into his shirt and he spins them around a bit until they’re both a little too wobbly. “You ready to go?”

He picks up her helmet again and hands it to her. “Only if you are.”

Maybe they should take it slow but Finn feels like the last 2 months has been long, drawn out foreplay. She doesn’t ask if he wants a drink, he doesn’t bring up the cds he packed. They head straight up to her room in the dark because light switches would only get in their way. The bedroom door is swinging shut when he drops his bag, both hands cupping her face as they press against each other.

They move to her bed, shedding jackets and shoes. She pulls his shirt over his head and kisses his throat and collar bone until he starts making noises that embarrass him. He flips them over and he isn’t sure what to he wants to do first. He’s more than ready to peel her out of that dress but he’s also desperate for those leggings to be gone and while he’s making his mind up, she puts a hand on his chest to push him back a little. “Just so you know… this is my first time doing, well, anything. Not that it matters because virginity is a construct of the patriarchy, but still.”

If he wasn’t so tuned in to her, if he wasn’t aware of what she was under all that attitude, he might not have noticed the quaver in her voice. Maybe some guys would have felt more powerful in the situation (it was probably the only thing he had more experience in than her) but he felt just as shaky because he had sex with girls he liked but he had never worshipped the woman he loved and even though he wasn’t sure of the emotion behind the thought, he knew there was a big difference.

“You sure you want to then?”

She nods, her mouth pulling up in the corners. “Well, Chloe said I should let you whack it in me, so go on then.”

It relieves the tension that had settled in the room and it gives him the confidence to slip his hand into her leggings and past her panties until his fingers find-

“Finnley!” She gasps and he groans deep in his throat at the feel of the tight, wet heat surrounding his fingers. She’s a little tense and he lets his thumb cajole her into relaxing, his mouth nipping at her neck.

He can tell she’s close and maybe he shouldn’t stop but they’ve got all night and she’s been teasing him relentlessly since they met. Her eyes pop open when he moves his hand away. “What are you-“ He doesn’t give her a chance to finish and she squeaks a little when he shimmies her leggings and panties down, hands moving up to button her dress. “I’m not going to be the only one naked in this room,” she tells him, her hands moving to his belt.

“Never said you had to be.”

They laugh when his jeans get caught around his knees and again when he fumbles with her bra, his breath puffing out when he finally cups her breasts in his hands. “Finally got to hold the girls after admiring them for so long?”

“I haven’t been admiring,” he mumbles, his lips pecking the soft skin in his hands.

“No, your eyes just naturally drift down, right?”

He doesn’t answer, just clamps his teeth around a nipple, fingers pushing into her again, effectively shutting her up. She’s not tense this time and when he pushes her to the edge, he doesn’t stop until she’s going tears in her eyes and she’s out of breath, body shuddering when he pulls away.

Her hand wraps around him and he’s muttering “No, no, no” against her lips because he’s already on raw nerves and he needs a second to cool down or things are going to be over too fast. He retrieves a condom out of his bag and takes a moment to enjoy the view of his girl stretched out on the bed, eyes hooded and she’s so damn confident and irresistible that he has to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from smiling like an absolute loon.

“What are you looking at?” She questions.

“You.” He wants to tell her she looks like a goddess but he figures she already knows that and the words just won’t come out. “You’re beautiful.”

“I know.” She gives him a big smile and reaches for the condom.

“I love you.”

“I know that, too.”

Finn’s never had a religious experience before and he figures this is the closest thing he’ll ever get to have one. She’s gentle with him as she slips the condom over his length and allows him to press into the temple of her body (it’s a feeling he will never get used to) and he squeezes his eyes shut to keep from crying but her moan at his ear causes a gasp to rip from his throat and he’s lost in the experience of her, left shaking and panting and they haven’t even got started, not really.

“Finnley,” she murmurs and it’s the softest her voice has ever been and he takes it as he invitation for more.

They’re both gone. He vaguely wonders if her neighbors can hear them (and decides he doesn’t care if they can because at least they know he’s satisfying his girl) and he’s not sure when he developed such a filthy mouth or when his hand started to rub tight circles against her sex, but both seem to be spurring her on towards another orgasm and this time, when her toes pop and she cries his name out, he comes with her, stars bursting behind his eyes, his body tensing hard.
He’s not ready to pull out, not ready to leave the sanctuary of her body, so he kisses her, bodies still connected until she’s almost asleep. They both shudder when he moves and she whispers that she loves him (and his heart goes crazy again) and by the time he gets back from the bathroom, she’s fast asleep, blanket haphazardly laying over her. He fixes it, scoots in close to her and pets her hair until sleep overtakes him, too.

The Station, Chapter Nine

Fandom: My Mad Fat Diary

AU Synopsis: Rae moves to the seaside town, Croyde, where Chloe’s family has a vacation house. She’ll live there over the summer with Chloe’s family and work as an intern at a local radio station before heading off to her first year of university in the Fall in London. Upon arriving, she meets everyone in the gang and starts developing unexpected relationships.

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The summer so far…

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Chapter Nine

Days melted into each other as the Finn and Rae found a rhythm for spending as much time together as possible, the weeks passing faster than Finn chose to notice. They stole moments at Heart, with the gang, and all the times in-between. Exchanging glances, talking, joking with each other, and kissing. It’s like we’ve had a lifetime together, but I don’t want it to end.

They talked about everything, but Finn knew that wasn’t entirely true. Rae avoided talking about college in her hometown and changed the subject when he mentioned summer ending. Finn was good at ignoring some realities in his life, but it was getting harder to ignore the ones Rae didn’t want to talk about. He focused on being content to spend time with her without any specific agendas, confident they had an endless amount of time together in the future. A future. It’s the first time I’ve even considered having a future with a girl. Not just any girl. Her. Rae.

His eyes closed, the late summer sun on Finn’s face, Rae shifted under his legs, which draped across hers while they lay on the grass. He heard the gang’s inaudible voices as they played frisbee near by.

“What are ya thinking about, girl?”

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Mad Spaced (1/?)

A/N: So, this is the MMFD/Spaced crossover I’ve been talking about for awhile now, and I don’t know why, but I got inspired last night. I’m just going to put this out there and see what everyone thinks. This is about the first five minutes of the first episode of Spaced, but I just thought it would be cool to drop Rae and Finn and the gang into this kind of world, the sort of quarter-life crisis in a big city thing, friends being the family of the 21st century, just to see what happens. 

If I continue it, the other characters would come into play, obviously. 

So, please, let me know what you think! (If you haven’t ever watched Spaced, now would be a great time to start! But I also hope you don’t need to watch it to appreciate it.)

* * *

North London, 2004

Okay, Rae, you are twenty-four years old. You should not be sleeping with strange men who turn out to be technically homeless as a way of dealing with the fact that your boyfriend lives 200 miles away. That is bad behavior and you are above all that! 

She shook her head to try and forget about last night and think about Richard instead. Lovely, kind Richard, up there in Hull, finishing his second degree. She’d taken four years to earn a third in Humanities, which is fine, because that’s what she expected to get, anyway. It was fine. Michelle from EastEnders got a third, as she would be quick to point out to anyone who made a face after she revealed her grade. She could have tried harder, but just couldn’t be arsed. After hanging around Hull for a couple of years, living with Richard and working odd jobs where she was almost invariably fired after the first paycheck, she decided she needed a change of scene.

She’d come to London a year ago, to try and be a writer, but she felt that no one ever got what she was trying to do. She wanted to smash the patriarchy, but be funny about it, and maybe write about bands and how music had gone to shit just lately. If that didn’t work, she could always write articles about skin care for Grazia. She was currently on the dole.

The first thing she needed to do was move out of the squat she had found herself living in. It was like something out of Trainspotting, for fuck’s sake, and though she wanted gritty, real experiences to color her writing, she didn’t actually want to walk in on a girl fellating a junkie while he shot himself up. As glamorous as Irvine Welsh made it all sound, deep down she knew she was a little too boring to be a drug-addict. A spliff now and again was as far as she ever ventured down the dangerous path of illegal substances.

She pushed the door to the cafe open, wearily, and after she bought herself a cup of tea, managed to snag the last empty table, and sat down to face the windows, so that when she got bored of trawling through descriptions of flats she couldn’t afford, she could look up and people watch.

* * *

Finn peered into the window, eyes scanning the cafe. It was full. Full of twats, some in suits on their lunch break and some in pseudo-grungewear taking a break from all responsibility. He just wanted a place to sit down and look through the flats for rent section of the paper he’d found on a park bench.

He resented finding himself in this position. He and Stacey were good together. Well, comfortable, at least. So, why had she thrown everything away to cheat on him with her boss, Duane? Ugh. And she was kicking HIM out? Sure, she paid most of the rent, but for fuck’s sake. He wanted to jump on his skateboard and carve up the pavement, get some of his frustrations out, but he was twenty-five years old and the average age of the kids at the park was depressing close to half his. 

The only free seat in the whole place was across from a girl with long dark hair, wearing a leather jacket and a band t-shirt. He folded his second hand copy of The Telegraph up and stuffed it in his back pocket as he queued to get his coffee. A moment later, he found himself standing next to her table. “Um, sorry, d’ya mind if I sit here?” She looked up, slightly startled, but then smiled. “Uh, no! No, go right ahead.” She gestured to the seat across from her, eyes meeting his for a split second, before looking back at the paper in front of her.

She was looking at the classifieds, too. As he pulled his paper from his back pocket and started to unfold it, he asked, “What’re ya lookin’ for?”

The girl’s head shot up. “Nothin’! What d’ya mean?”

Finn shook his head and pointed at their papers. “Don’t worry, I jus’ meant I’m lookin’ for a flat and wondered if you were, too.”

She visibly relaxed, and simply said, “Oh.”

Finn took his knit cap off and peered over at her.  “What, did ya think I were a drug dealer or somethin’?” He grinned.

“Nah, jus’ … well, maybe.”

“Ah, thanks a lot!” He laughed and the girl smiled back. “I’m Finn, by the way.” He stuck his hand out to be shaken.

The girl looked at it for a moment, like she didn’t trust it, but eventually timidly shook it. “Rae. As in Rachel.”

“Nice to meet ya.”

* * *

The next day Rae got to the cafe earlier. She flashed back to yesterday, and chatting with that bloke, Finn. He was proper fit, but seemed cool. Easy-going, maybe? She was always catching herself talking too fast and she was sure he was bored by her rapid fire prattling about how she’d ended up in her horrid, squalid squat. He had wrinkled his nose and joked, “Skip to the end?” when she found herself merrily sprinting along a tangent. “So … I’m moving out!” she finished, a cheery note in her voice. He was nice, commiserating about having to find a new place, too. Too bad she’d probably never see him again.

She’d looked at three places this morning, which were all just as bad if not worse than where she was living now. The only major difference was that they were a hell of a lot smaller. She was musing about going back to Hull as she bought her tea, and liberally dosed it with cream and sugar. She splashed out and treated herself to a banana, as well. She’d just turned around to sit at the same table as yesterday, and found that Finn had apparently arrived just as she had and claimed it, sitting on the same side as yesterday. She glanced around, the cafe was filling up. Should she sit somewhere else? Just as she made to walk past, he looked up and gestured hello with his eyebrows. “Any luck?” he asked.

She paused, shrugged, and plonked herself down opposite him. “No, but it’s early days yet. You?”

He just shook his head slowly, turning the page of his paper. “‘M’gonna hafta find somewhere soon, though. I’ve been crashing at my mate’s place, and his mum isn’t too happy abou’ it.” He looked up at her. “Save my spot? I’m gonna grab a cup of coffee.”

Rae nodded, hoping she looked nonchalant, but as soon as he walked away, she let her eyes bug out of her head. What was happening?

When he got back, they chatted easily. She found out he’d just split up with his girlfriend. He was kind of upset about it, but she thought she detected that he probably thought it was inevitable. She was usually good about reading people, and it seemed to her that he’d probably gotten complacent in the relationship. Of course, she didn’t make any comparisons to her own arrangement with Richard. In fact, she didn’t mention him at all that day.

* * *

Finn was kind of chuffed to see Rae’s dark hair and leather jacket in line for a drink when he came in the cafe. He saw the table they’d been sitting at yesterday empty, so he slid into the same seat he’d occupied yesterday and waited for her to turn around. There’d been one split second when he thought she might walk on past him, but when he asked her if she’d had any luck, she immediately sat down opposite him and they chatted for an hour. She was a right laugh, and he could use someone fun in his life just now.

When they started to get dirty looks from the staff, Rae stood up and said, “Well, I’d better see about a few of these before they get snapped up.”

As she walked to the door, Finn twisted around in his seat and said, “Maybe I’ll see ya tomorrow?”

She glanced over her shoulder and nodded. “Yeah, maybe.”

* * *

Over the next week, they met up at the cafe almost everyday. One day Finn came in wearing an Aquaman costume and carrying an inflatable guitar, looking sheepish. 

“What have you come as?” Rae snorted with laughter. 

“I work at a record store SLASH comics shop, and we’re havin’ a promotion. Buy three CDs and get a free comic. Oi, quit laughin’!”

“Sorry, mate, it’s hard to take you serious in that get up. Are you on your break or somethin’?”

Finn nodded. “Yeah, I work ‘round the corner, at the Fantasy Music Bazaar.”

Rae raised her eyebrows. He’d come to have a coffee with her on his break? Interesting.

She shook her head, and just then her mobile buzzed on the table next to her hand. “Oh, bollocks,” she muttered, when she saw who it was.

“Mmm?” Finn asked through a sip of coffee.

“Oh, it’s just … my boyfriend, Richard.”

Finn cleared his throat and sat up straighter, scratching his head for a minute. “Oh? Trouble in paradise?” he asked in a voice somewhat higher than Rae had gotten used to.

“Nah, just … never mind. Everythin’s cool; just, long-distance can be tough at times.” 

Finn nodded like he understood, but from what Rae could work out, he’d only had the one long-term girlfriend, and he’d moved in with her right after uni. 

“Anyway, back to the hunt; I’ll text him back later.”

They both turned their attention to their papers.

A couple of days later, Finn flopped into the chair opposite Rae, nodding hello. 

“How’s it goin’?” Rae asked, the slightest edge of concern in her voice.

Finn sighed, “Oh, y’know. Same as always.”

“That bad, huh?” 

They both laughed at that. Finn had stopped trawling the parks for papers; they now shared the two free papers that Rae picked up every morning. It was hard, because they were essentially looking for the same thing, but somehow they’d never run into one another looking at a place. Finn stood up. “I’m gettin’ a sandwich. Y’want one?” 

Rae shook her head. She couldn’t afford to pay him back at the moment; she didn’t get her benefits until Friday. Plus, she never really liked eating in front of someone else. A cup of tea was one thing, but a sandwich, no.

Finn came back to the table and took a massive bite. He got a smear of mustard on his cheek, and took two more bites before Rae subtly got his attention. She inclined her head and gestured between her cheek and his. 

“What? What is it?” Finn didn’t know what she was on about. 

“Oh, for fuck’s sake!” Rae exhaled and grabbed a napkin to wipe it off his face. 

Finn looked down, embarrassed. “Hey, thanks.”

“No worries, mate. I’d expect the same from you. Friends don’t let friends walk around lookin’ like knobheads.”

Finn grinned up at her, finishing his sandwich with smaller bites. 

* * *

So, they were friends, eh? That was good. Finn didn’t have many friends. There was Chop, his best mate, the one he was stopping with. They’d been friends since they were kids, but Chop was way into his Territorial Army gig. It was fun, sometimes, but other times, Finn wished he’d just relax a bit. And there was Bilbo, his boss at Fantasy. (He’d heard a rumor that Bilbo’s real name was Kester, which would explain the name change.) 

The next day, though neither of them realized it, was their two week anniversary of meeting up. Rae showed up in a strange satin jacket; it was a little too hot for her usual leather one. She stared dead-eyed out at the passersby, and Finn glanced at her uneasily. He ventured a cautious, “Any luck?”

Rae snapped. “No, I haven’t had nor will I EVER have, any luck!” Her face crumpled a bit. “I can’t DO this anymore!” She started tearing up, and Finn didn’t know what to do. He looked around, but everyone pretended not to notice that Rae was breathing heavily and rambling loudly. 

“Whoa, there, pickle!” He couldn’t help it, his nan’s pet name for him slipped out. She’d always call him Pickle when he got upset. But before he could say anything else, Rae continued.

“Every morning it’s the same! I wake up and phone all the places I’ve circled out of the Evening Standard, only to discover they’ve been taken by a bunch of fuckin’ PSYCHIC HOUSE HUNTERS!”

“Well, y’know, you’ve only looked at a few …” He reached his hand out to sort of pat the air near her shoulder, not sure if he should actually touch her when she was upset. 

“Yeah! And they’ve all been cold, infested rat-holes!” 

“Well, I’m in the same boat and you don’t see me … gettin’ upset.” Just then, he did get swept up in a feeling of hopelessness. Was he going to be kipping on Chop’s mum sofa until he was forty? The two of them had a collective grump, Rae burying her head in her arms on the tabletop and Finn pinching the bridge of his nose.

Rae sniffed loudly, and began to sit up, away from the table. “Oh, hang on. I didn’t see this one!” She pointed to a listing in tiny print near the bottom of the page and read: “Spacious two-bedroom apartment, fully furnished, 100 pounds a week.” Rae looked up at Finn, hope in her tear-filled eyes. His eyes fell to the listing and he saw another line, which he read out: “Professional couple only.”

Rae slumped forward again, “Why? Why? Why?”

He hated to see anyone this way, and he could understand why she’d hit the wall. Just then, an idea came to him. “You could always lie,” he suggested.

“What d’ya mean?” Rae raised her head, looking at him curiously. 

“Well, have you got any homeless male friends?” 

“How—?” Rae shook her head, but then she looked off to the side, clearly working on this puzzle. Then she turned back. “Well, I do have one homeless male friend …” She smiled at him, and he wondered who it could be, until she was still smiling at him a minute later. 

“Who?” he asked. She just kept smiling at him, and then he realized. 

It was him.