tough customers

binky found out he has a peanut allergy and molly declared herself the bouncer of anyone who wants to sit with him at lunch so he doesn’t come in contact with peanuts oh my goodness

buster walks over to sit and she stands up, blocks him, and goes “hold up. you packin’ peanuts?” and checks his lunch out before she lets him sit down. bless this gang and how aggressively they care about each other

"We're not bullies. We're kids who have a hard time expressing our emotions in a constructive manner."


people wonder why these kids are so aggressive and it’s obviously because of the shit they deal with for their non-heteronormative interests. bless this gang.


Slink is introduced in an episode where they’re referred to as ‘he’ by a boy they’re hanging out with (who is no longer their friend) and Slink bullies Buster with that boy, but decides they don’t like doing that sort of thing. Shortly after the fallout with his friend, Slink transfers schools to Arthur’s and joins the Tough Customers, and I have yet to hear anyone gender them. Slink is seen topless in one episode & has a flat chest, but is gendered she/her in the Hebrew translation of the show, which implies there is not a definitive gender written down and known for Slink to the point where it’s confused even by staff! Also, in one episode, Muffy, when talking about The Tough Customers, describes Slink as “downright peculiar”… Another notable thing is it seems like aside from celeb cameos and some rare exceptions, only female Arthur characters have separately colored hair. You can go to the Arthur Wikia to find specific episode information on when Slink was introduced and when they joined The Tough Customers, as well as the source for Slink being gendered differently in different translations!

-quoted from my amazing friend Ava


Announcing TOUGH CUSTOMERS, the brand new EP from Sinai Vessel!

Tough CustomersSV’s first output since 2011's Labor Pains, finds chief songwriter Caleb Cordes combining childhood influences and his signature aesthetic of narrative conceptual approach.

“I wanted to really be true to my roots, as cheesy as that may sound,” Cordes elaborated. “The album pays homage to the first sources of inspiration that really galvanized my creative process.”

The album’s lyrical content largely revolves around the idyllic fictional world depicted in Arthur, PBS’ massively popular animated television show about the coming of age of a bookish young aardvark.

“Although it may seem ridiculous, Arthur really captures the integral heart and soul of who I believe I am as an artist and a human being,” Cordes says. “These five songs are honestly solely speaking to the things that I believe matter most.”

Though the songs’ words allude to children’s programming, the music is anything but immature–Cordes made the stylistic leap of recruiting seventeen other guitarists for the live recording of each track, creating an incredible ethereal shoegazing experience that leaves the listener reeling.

“I wanted to take my fans back to the core of their perceptions,” Cordes posits, “and that takes a lot of volume.”

Tough Customers will be self-released digitally via online retailers and physically on CD, tape cassette, and limited edition 10-inch vinyl on June 4th, 2013.

1. I Bet You Never Pulled A Louie Or Pulled A Fizzer Or Even Gleeped Anything
2. Hots For Bitzi Baxter
3. Read 19 Chapters Of History, List 63 Adverbs Alphabetically, Chart The Journey That Balboa Took, And Do The First Thousand Problems In My New Math Book
4. So I Was Reading This Book About Squids And I Fell Asleep On The Bus And Now I’m Lost In Brooklyn And I Missed My Damn Swimming Lesson
5. Kresblamania Ruined My Life