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jumping on @boopliette ’s “Sonny does not wear appropriate winter clothing” headcanon like there’s no tomorrow because I love it (and her, and all her art) with a practise sketch!

"I Promise" Zuko Imagine

Requested by Anon:

“Hi, I’ve read some of your imagines. They are really good! Do you think I could get a Zuko (from Avatar the last airbender) imagine where he is teaching you how to fight and you get frustrated and call yourself worthless so he just like fluff fluff fluff? Only if you aren’t busy…”

Warnings: Slight self hate from the reader, possible feels?


“Faster! Come on, you can do better than that!” Zuko called.
He was training me, working to make me a better fighter so that I can help out. I appreciated it, but Zuko was tough. No sugar coating what-so-ever from him.
I was currently trying to fight off my “attackers” (aka, Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, and Suki) with a few new moves that Zuko has been trying to teach me for the past hour. But I couldn’t seem to get it right.
“Would you focus?! Katara just killed you! These are simple moves!” He shouted.
I let out a groan of frustration and turned to start again. But I failed. Again.
“Get a grip would you?!”
I couldn’t take it anymore. Tears welled up in my eyes. I turned and ran off, no specific destination in mind. I just needed to get out of there and away from Zuko.

I found myself in the forest and fell to my knees, letting the tears flow free.
Why couldn’t I get those moves? What’s wrong with me?
I heard a set of footsteps coming closer and closer until they came to a halt ten feet behind me. I turned to see Zuko, standing there with little emotion on his face. It was sadness… Was he disapointed in me?
“Don’t. I know what you’re thinking. I don’t know why I couldn’t get those moves, I just couldn’t. I can’t do anything, I’m worthless! I should just do you all a favor and leave, I’ll probably screw up the mission.”
“Don’t you dare leave, and don’t you dare say those things!” He said, coming closer.
“Why? It’s true! You said it yourself, those moves are simple.” I said, turning my head away from him.
“No, it’s not true. You’re not worthless, you’re amazing. You’re smart, you’ve helped out so much with this mission already.” He dropped to his knees in front of me, gripping my shoulders and bringing me into his chest and wrapping his arms around me. “I just wanted you to be able to protect yourself if I’m not there to keep you safe. But I was a jerk, and I’m sorry. You’re not worthless at all.”
I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around his waist and let out a soft sob.
“I don’t know what I’d do if you left me or got hurt.” He said, rubbing my back.
“Please don’t ever leave.”
I nodded, gripping onto him tighter as we sat in the woods, just holding each other.
“I promise.”


The End! Zuko imagines are probably my favorites to write tbh. I hope you enjoyed, if you have any requests please send them in! I’m working on a bunch of them tonight so that I can put them in my queue. I really want to get at least two up every day but I don’t have very many requests right now. But I’ve got my first Outsiders imagine going up sometime this week (thank you Janna) and a special surprise on Saturday, so be on the look out for those ;)

Neon Glow. There was point in my life where I couldn’t update my blog so efficiently for a longer time and I wanted to draw one last drawing and that’s when I created Neon Glow. It turned out to be pretty popular at that time. Like Skyrocket, Neon went multiple style changes before looking like this. I even planed to make a blog based from her, but decided to continue with the Ask Skyrocket blog. I added Neon Glow to the same universe tough. Her coat was brown before and the blue parts of her hair came under the hair instead on top of it. Also their shorter now. I changed the coat color, because there seemed to be a lot of brown colored OC’s already and I planed an other OC before called Dawnlight Echo that was supposed to be Neon Glows friend and she was also brown. I try to plan my OC’s in a way that they are distinguishable from others. 

Neon Glow is kind, but shy in a way. Her hobby is music. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any recommendations for any serious Toku series? Something that's a bit darker and more heavier than most series, but isn't afraid to get funny at times? I've been trying to look for one, and I just can't.

I cannot Stress how good the first two Garo series are.  If you are looking for darker and more serious but with some very humorous moments tossed in to break the tension, those are the shows to go for.

If you are not familiar with Garo, it’s a tale of Demonic Horrors from the dark world of Yin who possess the bodies and souls of evil people to feast on the innocent.  Standing in their way are the mystic Makai Knights, hereditary warriors trained from childhood to battle the dark forces.  Their primary weapon is a sword forged from soul metal and when things get too tough, they can transform, coating themselves in monstrous metal.  These suits of armor can only be worn for 99.9 seconds and if that time limit is exceeded, there is almost literal Hell to pay. 

It’s not all sturm and drang though, it also has very funny moments, especially involving the main character’s sort of love interest.  She’s a struggling artist who has a terrifying encounter with the a horror and comes under the main character’s protection.  He has supposed ulterior motives for watching over her which his sarcastic, talking ring and doting butler don’t actually believe.  Oh, I forgot to mention he has a talking ring?  Yep, Kouga (our hero) is always accompanied by his ring, Zaruba, who helps him detect horrors and tries to keep him following the code and strictures of the Makai Knights. 

I don’t want to reveal too much because it is honestly a fantastic series and an entry point into what has become one of the shining franchises of the 21st Century with 5 lives action TV series, two spinoff TV series, a straight to video two-part spinoff, another video spinoff, two animated series and 6 movies.  

It’s a great, more mature, take on the transforming superhero genre that hooks the viewer with a mix of J-Horror, action and amazing production design (courtesy of my favorite Toku designer Keita Amemiya) then pulls them in deeper with a good story and a fascinating mythos.  Seriously, I haven’t seen a more beautiful series in years.  Give this one a shot, you might just love it.