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Those two never do anything in halves, do they?

Inspired by @card-gaystext post! 

Excellent expression and perspective practice… why did I make this complicated for myself…

Lys Noire Page One– it’s up! 

Lys Noire is an AU fancomic I am making, based on the incredible Daughter of the Lilies comic by @bludragongal. You can follow along with the tag #lysnoire

TRANSCRIPT: (because my handwriting is pretty dreadful)

O: Name is Orrig. Private Eye. Is not glamorous job, ya, pay is not so good either. But important.

O: City is dangerous place. People sometimes need someone they can trust, someone strong. Vhen things get bad, they come to us.

Some thoughts:

1) If you’ve seen my previous art, you might notice that I borrowed some design elements from @qsy-draws-a-lot‘s version of these characters because it’s amazing, why wouldn’t I? (Same goes for Thistle on the next page)

2) Water is hard to draw. Like, seriously. If I’d known how hard it is to draw I probably would’ve had this take place on a sunny day.

3) Those wing-tip shoes Orrig is wearing are *completely* impractical for the rain, but let’s be honest– I’m just doing this because I want to draw these babies in pretty clothes. I probably should’ve saved myself some trouble and written this as a fashion-model-AU instead. (No, seriously, there is a plot, I promise)

If you’re actually reading this– thank you! I’m still kind of nervous: I’ve tried to draw comics before but this is my first time putting something up where actual flesh-and-blood humans can see it. It’s going to be a crazy ride but hopefully a fun one? In any case, I’m humbled and delighted that people seem to like what I have so far. I’ll try not to let you down! 

"I Promise" Zuko Imagine

Requested by Anon:

“Hi, I’ve read some of your imagines. They are really good! Do you think I could get a Zuko (from Avatar the last airbender) imagine where he is teaching you how to fight and you get frustrated and call yourself worthless so he just like fluff fluff fluff? Only if you aren’t busy…”

Warnings: Slight self hate from the reader, possible feels?


“Faster! Come on, you can do better than that!” Zuko called.
He was training me, working to make me a better fighter so that I can help out. I appreciated it, but Zuko was tough. No sugar coating what-so-ever from him.
I was currently trying to fight off my “attackers” (aka, Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, and Suki) with a few new moves that Zuko has been trying to teach me for the past hour. But I couldn’t seem to get it right.
“Would you focus?! Katara just killed you! These are simple moves!” He shouted.
I let out a groan of frustration and turned to start again. But I failed. Again.
“Get a grip would you?!”
I couldn’t take it anymore. Tears welled up in my eyes. I turned and ran off, no specific destination in mind. I just needed to get out of there and away from Zuko.

I found myself in the forest and fell to my knees, letting the tears flow free.
Why couldn’t I get those moves? What’s wrong with me?
I heard a set of footsteps coming closer and closer until they came to a halt ten feet behind me. I turned to see Zuko, standing there with little emotion on his face. It was sadness… Was he disapointed in me?
“Don’t. I know what you’re thinking. I don’t know why I couldn’t get those moves, I just couldn’t. I can’t do anything, I’m worthless! I should just do you all a favor and leave, I’ll probably screw up the mission.”
“Don’t you dare leave, and don’t you dare say those things!” He said, coming closer.
“Why? It’s true! You said it yourself, those moves are simple.” I said, turning my head away from him.
“No, it’s not true. You’re not worthless, you’re amazing. You’re smart, you’ve helped out so much with this mission already.” He dropped to his knees in front of me, gripping my shoulders and bringing me into his chest and wrapping his arms around me. “I just wanted you to be able to protect yourself if I’m not there to keep you safe. But I was a jerk, and I’m sorry. You’re not worthless at all.”
I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around his waist and let out a soft sob.
“I don’t know what I’d do if you left me or got hurt.” He said, rubbing my back.
“Please don’t ever leave.”
I nodded, gripping onto him tighter as we sat in the woods, just holding each other.
“I promise.”


The End! Zuko imagines are probably my favorites to write tbh. I hope you enjoyed, if you have any requests please send them in! I’m working on a bunch of them tonight so that I can put them in my queue. I really want to get at least two up every day but I don’t have very many requests right now. But I’ve got my first Outsiders imagine going up sometime this week (thank you Janna) and a special surprise on Saturday, so be on the look out for those ;)

guess who finally found their stylus :D

jumping on @boopliette ’s “Sonny does not wear appropriate winter clothing” headcanon like there’s no tomorrow because I love it (and her, and all her art) with a practise sketch!

Neon Glow. There was point in my life where I couldn’t update my blog so efficiently for a longer time and I wanted to draw one last drawing and that’s when I created Neon Glow. It turned out to be pretty popular at that time. Like Skyrocket, Neon went multiple style changes before looking like this. I even planed to make a blog based from her, but decided to continue with the Ask Skyrocket blog. I added Neon Glow to the same universe tough. Her coat was brown before and the blue parts of her hair came under the hair instead on top of it. Also their shorter now. I changed the coat color, because there seemed to be a lot of brown colored OC’s already and I planed an other OC before called Dawnlight Echo that was supposed to be Neon Glows friend and she was also brown. I try to plan my OC’s in a way that they are distinguishable from others. 

Neon Glow is kind, but shy in a way. Her hobby is music. 

anonymous asked:

2p FACE family love at first sight please

2P FRANCE: Confused and perhaps a bit angry. He wouldn’t understand it much, may even think he hates you at first. But we’re you to talk to him, to ease his guard down, worn your way into his heart…he may not be a softie, but he will be yours. He can be gruff and blunt and rude, but if he realizes it, he’ll always find a way to apologize sweetly (though he refuses to admit it was him who bought the new flowers in the vase at your bedside or cooked the breakfast that was left at your bedside).

2P AMERICA: He’d act a little insane, perhaps. Definitely cocky. He’s an insecure little thing so he’d overdo it on the confidence in an attempt to make you not see that. He’d head over with a cheesy, sexual pick-up line. He’d get disappointed if you turned him down, a surprising amount that would make you call him back. He’d return cocky, but a more charming, more him side. He’d flirt with you quote obviously, and be relatively possessive of your time. He’d ask you out right away and would continue until you said yes. And God forbid anyone else try to pick you up before he did. He’d give them a terrifying threatening and probably prove it if not believed.
He may come on a. Got strong, but when you give him a chance, he’d show his sweet side. The love of animals he has, the need for intimacy and sweetness, the starvation for real, tender moments and love. He’d show you all that he really is underneath his tough outer coating. He’d let you in and keep you bundled up there, right next to his heart, becoming what fills his lungs with air. You’d be the reason he hates himself less, the reason he tries to be a better person, the reason he feels less angry all the time.

2P CANADA: Panic. Pure panic. He’d be praying to God both for you to talk to him and to stay the hell away. He’d maybe attempt to engage you cleverly, but his plan would quickly peeter out. He’d knead his palms and have trouble getting the words out of his open mouth. This, however, is if he even makes it over to you. For a while he’d just stare at you planning his introduction, his greeting. He’d find himself a drink or two before he could even try. However, if you engaged him with his approach, spoke with him easy, helped him relax, you’d find out quickly the sweet, quiet, funny, if blunt, man he is.

You’d probably meet when going into his bakery. The delicious smell is intoxicating, hypnotizing enough to bring anyone through his doors. When he saw you, his heart would leap. He’d dust his apron off of flour, straighten his bow tie, and try to look presentable as he goes over to greet you with his big smile. He’d chat with you, ask you what you needed or wanted, and give it to you free of charge. He’d write his phone number in his squiggly, script handwriting, adding his name with a heart above the ‘i’. He’d be expectantly awaiting your call form the moment you left his store, his mind infatuated with your image, ears ringing with your voice, nose dyed in your perfume. He’d wait impatiently, making dozens upon dozens of cupcakes and cakes and other confections to occupy his time. When you came over, he’d present them to you in elegant displays and trays, and you two would watch a movie as you smacked on the endless array of treats. The movie, you ask? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And, despite the cavities you’d get from just remembering it all, you’d have a lovely time.

- Sparrow

when i was little, my mom asked that whenever i watch The Hunchback of Notre Dame, i skip past the “hellfire” number. I asked why and my mom said “because the song is all about how he wants to have sex with Esmeralda, even though she doesn’t want to, and that’s really bad of him. And he wants to kill her because he’s angry and he thinks it’s her fault that he wants to have sex with her, and I think that’s really inappropriate for little kids to be watching, so please don’t watch it.”

“oh, okay,” i said, and i never ever watched that scene until WAY later in my life, even when my mom wasn’t around. I never sneaked and watched it behind her back or anything. and honestly my mom was right, that scene was SUPER inappropriate for Young Audiences, i honestly have no idea who at Disney greenlit that whole thing, or even that whole MOVIE, but anyway, the moral of this story is:

if you explain WHY you don’t want kids to do a thing, they’re way more likely to actually not do the thing than if you were to just say “BECAUSE I SAID SO”

Take my hand

Perc’halia snippet/ficlet thing that wouldn’t leave me alone and I wanted to get out of my head before it gets jossed next episode. Spoilers for Episode 67. 

Might be polished up and added to AO3 later on. I’ll see. 

Percy is standing away from the rest of them. Standing over Ripley’s dead body. He’s been there for at least twenty minutes. He doesn’t seem angry. Or smugly satisfied. He’s quiet. Still. Lost in his thoughts. And if Vex is honest, it’s unsettling.

“Someone should go get him,” Vax says finally.

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Yuri Plisetsky - Lilia’s Prize Horse

You know that scene where Lilia Baranovskaya opens Yurio’s mouth when she meets him? I was trying to figure out what that reminded me of, and it finally hit me a while ago.

It totally reminds me of a livestock owner and a show horse.

When checking a farm animal that’s being bought for competition (or raising), one of the things to do is open its mouth to check its health and age. You can tell a lot about the animal’s physical condition by seeing its teeth and gums. You DO NOT buy an animal without doing this. That’s how you get cheated when buying a thoroughbred horse. Especially racehorses, where the $$$big bucks$$$ are.

Ever heard of the English saying “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” ? Yeah, this is where that phrase comes from. Doing so would be rude to the gift-giver because it shows that you don’t trust them to give you a good horse.

So when Lilia is doing this, she is basically checking Yurio’s body condition. The stretching is understandable because flexibility is useful on the ice, but the mouth thing doesn’t really make sense. Until you realize that she’s essentially treating him like a prize horse that is being marketed to her by Yakov. Does she want to invest in this human? Yakov is bringing this piece of meat in front of her - trying to get her to have interest in it - and she has to decide if this sliver of a boy is worth her time training for winning a competition.

Yurio the prize horse. I don’t know why that has me laughing. Maybe because I think of this: 

A Yurio Akhal-teke horse. (crappy edit is crappy, I know) I swear I don’t hate Yurio - my mind just goes to strange places.

For the record, I’m not calling Lilia a horrible or heartless choreographer/coach. We haven’t seen Yurio in action yet (besides that horribly conflicted look on the podium in ep6), so I’m reserving judgement. Sometimes a strict teacher is actually very caring of their pupil’s livelihood in their own way. Tough outer coat and very small gooey center, kind of thing. Perhaps she’s tough and breaks him apart to get to his core, but then turns around and helps pick him up when he feels at his lowest. Perhaps they(Yakov and Lilia) mean well, but go about it in a misguided and ultimately harmful way. Perhaps they honestly only want him to score high and don’t try to figure out how to guide him as a developing person. We don’t know yet.

Yurio, the prize horse that is paraded around as the trainer’s accomplishments?
Yurio, the prize horse that is raised to bring out the best he can be, and the trainer is simply happy for his evolution?

I suppose we’ll see the dynamic in the next few episodes.

(As for why I recognize this horse-buying thing… the intro classes I had to take in high school focused a lot on animals. I went the floral route, so I never thought I would find a need for it, but what do you know? YOI comes out and suddenly everything I’ve ever learned becomes relevant. I also learned how to judge a cow by it’s spine shape. Yay, farming.)

Cardassian Zabu Stew - Recipe

A well-intentioned Keiko O'Brien served this dish to Rugal Pa'Dar and her husband Miles in the DS9 episode “Cardassians.” (2x05)

Rugal and the Chief understandably refused, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy this Cardassian staple layered with complex and unexpected flavor.


The zabu is a common livestock animal on Cardassia and is about the size of a small mule. It was used in the past to carry supplies and weapons in the field for the early Cardassian military. In ration emergencies, the animal was slaughtered and made into a rich stew that would feed an entire platoon for weeks. Technology made the zabu obsolete as a pack animal, yet the Cardassian people still had a taste for this nourishing meal. Zabu is now the #1 meat livestock on Cardassia and chefs have taken this stew to new culinary heights by interweaving aroma and taste to effect a multifaceted, yet unified flavor.

External image


  • zabu meat (lean pork) - about 1-1.5 lbs cut into ¾" slabs
  • olive oil
  • cream of chicken condensed soup - not the family size
  • water
  • garlic (I used a paste from a tube, but about 5 pressed cloves would do - you want about 2 good teaspoons of the stuff) - if garlic isn’t something that agrees with you, some intensely flavored onion or finely chopped chives would do the trick
  • basil
  • Yamok seasoning (yellow curry powder)
  • soy sauce
  • Sriracha sauce
  • saffron
  • blue food coloring

How to make it

  1. place pork slabs in between saran wrap on a cutting board atop a stable surface and pound them until they have reduced in thickness by about half and have kinda spread out (I used a heavy ice cream scoop, but I’d recommend one of those meat hammer things instead)
  2. take pork slabs out of saran wrap and, using shears, cut them into ¾ inch strips - make sure you cut across the grain of the meat and not with it to avoid a tough texture
  3. coat the bottom of a large nonstick skillet, saucepan, or pot with olive oil and turn heat to medium-high, dump in your pork strips and cook until they are done (color changes from pink to whitish, some sear starts to develop)
  4. turn down heat to medium low and add in half of your garlic and a sprinkle of basil and continue to cook until both become aromatic (about two and a half minutes)
  5. empty can of cream of chicken on top of pork and add one can’s worth of water (like it says on the package), stirring until combined and coating the pork
  6. stir in a heaping tablespoon of curry powder and the rest of your garlic
  7. let simmer on medium low to low heat (we don’t want this to boil) for about five minutes
  8. add about 1.5 teaspoons of soy sauce, a pinch of saffron, and Sriracha sauce to taste - however, make sure not to overwhelm one flavor with another - in true Cardassian style, each different taste should be able to be discerned within the dish
  9. finally, blend in enough blue food coloring to effect a nice green color to the whole dish - it won’t be a whitish green like the image above, but it should be definitely green nonetheless - start with one or two drops, and work upwards from there
  10. once your ideal green has been achieved, remove from heat and serve in a shallow bowl or a deep plate and refrigerate any unused portions for later

Optional Tweaks

  • make this a vegetarian dish by using seitan or another meat substitute and cream of broccoli or celery instead of pork and cream of chicken
  • to add yet another layer of flavor, marinate your pork in lemon juice and pepper for half an hour or longer immediately after your pound it and cut it into strips
  • to beef up this dish even more, you can consider adding in some diced onions right after you cook the meat and/or cooked rice after you mix in the cream of chicken
  • top the dish with some fried lennet stalks - scallion or leek strips dredged in a mixture of egg, flour, and water and flash-fried in olive or sesame oil in a nonstick skillet
  • experiment with spices - using varied spices originating from different cultures living in different parts of the world should result in each spice’s flavor being able to be discerned within the entire dish - try wasabi instead of Sriracha, Worcestershire instead of soy sauce, you could even throw in some cinnamon or cloves!

Enjoy this dish for my son - for all our sons - and Cardassia itself!

Adam narrowed his eyes and bit his lip. This was a tough decision.

Standing by his door he stared at the three coats in front of him. His eyes scanning back and forth before landing on the left most coat.

His old coat from Detroit; worn leather and brocade. Adam stepped forward and reached out, running a hand along one embellished shoulder before letting his fingers trail down the length of the leather sleeve. Adam grabbed a hold of the cuff, bringing the leather to his nose. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply.

Dependable, comfortable, familiar.

Memories swirled around Adam of another, better, time and place. He lingered in them for a moment before opening his eyes.

Adam let out a noisy breath, turning his head to the next coat.

His new coat from Acronym; a multitude of hidden pockets and fancy features designed to exacting specifications. He brushed his open hand down the front of the coat, exploring the unfamiliar contours underneath before grasping one lapel and pulling it aside to reveal the fleur-de-lis patterned lining inside.

Adam raised an eyebrow and nodded. That was sharp; that he liked.

Adam let the Acronym coat fall closed and he turned his attention to his last coat on the far left.

His not-so-standard issue Task Force 29 coat. Almost a hybrid between his two other coats; the gold filigree shoulder pattern and leather grain material an echo of his trusted Detroit coat, but the design and function near identical to his new Acronym one. Adam pursed his lips as he traced the gold pattern across the breast of the coat. It was classy, but it was loud.

Adam sighed and stepped back to take in all three of his treasured coats. 

A tough choice indeed, but it had to be made…

Adam pulled his Acronym coat from its hanger, swung it around his shoulders and slid his arms into the sleeves in one swift motion. He gave his shoulders a shrug and ran his hands down his chest, clipping the coat’s strap closed by his waist.

Adam glanced back into his apartment briefly, cleared his throat, and then stepped out his door; closing it behind him.

A new day, a new mission, a new coat. 


Imagine waking up with every member of the Company’s coat on you in a warm cocoon because you were shivering at night.

Words: 665

Warnings: none

You shivered as the heavy winds whipped the Company, the strong currents tearing at your hair and your clothes. Several times you nearly choked on your own hair, your eyes watering so strongly that you could hardly see and your teeth chattering from the cold as you ascended the Lonely Mountain. You were surprised how neat the dwarves’ hair remained, for the most part. Dwarves with mostly unbound, not as thick hair like Fili, Kili, Thorin, and Balin were suffering quite badly as their hair shielded their eyes.

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Lucky last, bro. Sorry for making you wait so long for it. 

This is for the lovely Mischief-in-221b, whom I’ve also been RPing with. 

Here with got teenaged Mycroft rugging up a very grudging Greg (who’s determined that he’s too tough to need a coat in winter, let alone a scarf and hat). This is a common argument for them. 

And then we’ve got Greg and one of the Holmes guards, Toby (I know, another one. I really love the name) training together in front of Mycroft, who’s admiring his handsome boyfriend. (And yeah, both of them have a fair few scars. They’ve had pretty rough lives in our world XD). 

I hope it’s worth all the waiting bro :) 


Sculpture 19: Roland Deschain from The Dark Tower

Hoo boy this one was tough. Because he had so many intricate details I had to make him taller than my usual figurines. Usually the sculptures I make are about 4-5 inches tall. This one’s a whopping 6 inches. His guns were tough because they’re kinda small, his duster coat was tough because they’re flowing but thin, causing me to have to make sure I positioned them in a way where they were unlikely to break, he has like three layers of clothing, I had to apply the freaking bird with feather texture which was tedious, and painting was a hassle because he has so many intricate crevices. Thanks a lot Matt I hope you enjoy your challenging to make present!

Made for my friend Matt-soh.

About Rhino and his Usefulness along with my personal tier system, and lol player meta rant

So I believe when I recently chatted with some people that the main point that I was trying to make was misinterpreted/not understood, and on top of that there are a lot of people that I know who think bringing rhino on certain missions is fine so I will put things into simple terms once and for all :D

First off the tier system that I personally go by, and what other people go by is not based on the warframe’s simply because the way modding works, and the way builds can be made that would be the stupidest shit in history, the tier system I go by is based on enemy level plain and simple. Low tier-0-20, you can bring just about any warframe and as long as you have some chill mods you will wreck, anything goes. Mid tier 20-45/50ish, this is where you should probably get a squad together that has the right mods and everything is in order enough to take things on.

Now the thing that is going tot take the most explaining is going to be high tier, high tier is rank 50+, a good example is raids, the phoenix tactical alert, past 40 minutes or 60 depending on the survival tower, or wave 40+ on most tower defenses. Anything that can end up one shotting even the strongest of warframes with ease/relative ease.

That being said this is where my problem with rhino comes into play, when you need to start building your squad accordingly, IE:Good luck doing a raid without trinity, booben, or loki, rhino becomes completely useless. Iron skin is an ability that allows people to tank very well low or mid tier as I explained with the enemy level, but when the enemies are capable of shredding through iron skin in one or two shots even with the strongest of builds his second ability becomes a take one or two more shots and end up dead anyway ability. The only possible way that you could build a useful rhino for high tier would be duration and range, the duration is so you can actually benefit your squad with roar, and the range combined with that so you can stun enemies with stomp. 

That in mind another problem is brought up is warframe’s simple age old problem comes up of another warframe doing that same thing ten times better and it is clearly a good idea to use the warframe that does the same job better. If you want to suspend enemies Vauban is the answer, even his base unmodded not super built bas net is much better for suspending enimies then a super rhino stomp build. Along with that with the addition of chroma having a warframe that provides friendly buffs is something to keep in mind. THE BIGGEST POINT THOUGH, is the fact that Valkyr is better then Rhino in every way, Hysteria is the dunkmaster of revive abilities aside from limbo and loki, and maybe even ash, iron skin is great but being invincible helps high tier somewhat, it is not recommended but when comparing apples to oranges if an apple is invincible and the orange is only coated in tough stuff then clearly the apple is better.

The last thing that I would like to bring up is the point of the meta in warframe, there is no fucking meta except for pro-builds of doom and even then it is just a fucking pro-build. If anything the only meta in warframe is the newer players who pick up rhino and a soma and never learn how to put the weapon or the warframe down because the game turns into crit and iron-skin craze.

Rhino is useful on everyday missions, but doing a raid, or anything with enemies above level 50+ his usefulness in a squad becomes dead-weight/useless :y