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Sam Winchester Graphic Challenge | semirahrose vs. hallowedbecastiel 
           ↳ Prompt: Dualities | O r d e r  /  C h a o s 


Kenny Omega vs Candice LeRae BOOK IT

Tough guy
CyberBully Mom Club
Tough guy

                                          i’m afraid of looking up and not seeing the sky

i am afraid of the word ‘boy’ in every conversation line

                                and i am afraid that my hero will always kill me in the end

and that my friends, oh god my friends, i’m fucking scared of losing them

                               and i know that i’ll never be a tough guy

and i know i can’t handle anything without losing my mind


                                          sit me down and shut me up and pin me to the floor

tell me everything’s alright, promise that i need nothing more

                      and i will smile, i will smile, i will smile, i will smile 

                                                   and look towards the brighter side of this

on-going company of miles

                    and i will smile, and look towards the brighter side.

A trans Lars playlist I decided to make on anon request dealing with depression and mental illness, gender dysphoria, complicated relationships and feelings of being unwanted / alone / useless.

Dedicated to Taylor my best friend @blessedthrice who helped me make it, Lily @pearlyoudork​, Laeli @firesongs​, Ronnie @brunchclubs​ & Alex my boyfriend @larsbarrigaofficial​ of course! 

╰☆╮———– ╰☆╮ ———– ╰☆╮ ———– ╰☆╮ ———– ╰☆╮ 

But it’s alright
and I’m okay
I won’t need your help, anyway 

I’m just a no good ruffian
never done anything right kind of kid

and I know that I’ll never be a tough guy
and I know I can’t handle anything 
without losing my mind 

Cause I hate the ocean, theme parks and airplanes,
talking with strangers, waiting in line..
I’m through with these pills that make me sit still.
“are you feeling fine?”
yes, I feel just fine.

I got some things to do, but I don’t want to do ‘em
I got some things to say, I will never say 'em to your face

I don’t know if my mom loves me anymore
she says that I am changing
I am not what she bargained for

All his friends are hanging out doing stuff without him now
no girlfriend, he’s alone
feeling sad, feeling down 

And I’ll ruin my body if I want to
don’t tell me how to dress; I didn’t ask you
and I’ll be a cute boy if I want to

how’d you love my body when i’m so afraid of it
finding my self worth was never worth it 

I didn’t know I was broken 'til I wanted to change
I wanna get better, better, better, better,
I wanna get better 

I’ve been going through the records
we’re not getting any better
maybe I’m just getting bitter
I don’t really care, whatever

You gotta see the artistry
In tearing the place apart with me baby

It’s hard for me to see exactly
where the hell I went wrong
I never thought I’d see the day
where we wouldn’t get along 

Squirm away, stupid leech boy
go and die now in the drain
you speak only of your sadness
but are yet to feel true pain

When I am sad, I am sad
but when I’m happy, oh god I’m happy
there’s just no place in-between for us to meet 

╰☆╮———– ╰☆╮ ———– ╰☆╮ ———– ╰☆╮ ———– ╰☆╮


they’re only children. only four kids trying to live. art credit.

lunar. the first child.
1. flare homestuck 2. far away cocorise 3. ball jointed doll nicole dollanganger 4. water and sleep mirah 5. bloodflood alt j 6. thanatos soap&skin 7. i wanna be a witchteen suicide 8. lost it to trying son lux 9. malmo strfkr 10. symphony no. 8 and the canary’s last take emily wells 11. brother matt corby 12. on an unknown beach amanda palmer 13. paper forest (birds) emmy the great

solar. the second child.
1. wildcat ratat 2. like o, like h tegan and sara 3. second child, restless child the oh hello’s 4. diplomat’s son vampire weekend 5. beets untitled laura stevenson and the cans 6. eat that up, it’s good for you two door cinema club 7. the prayer bloc party 8. cassius foals 9. want it back amanda palmer 10. eat up foot ox 11. vesuvius sufjan stevens 12. iris emmy the great 13. saint veronika billy talent

terra. the third child.
1. floor pvndv 2. you are a runner and i am my father’s son wolf parade 3. if winter ends bright eyes 4. tough guy cyberbully mom club 5. two good things modern baseball 6. strawberries why? 7. putting the dog to sleep the antlers 8. sold dan mangan 9. cheerleader st. vincent 10. a better son/daughter rilo kiley 11. i’m not a good person pat ‘the bunny’ schneeweis 12. the trash the trash the trash jeff rosenstock 13. runs in the family amanda palmer

stellar. the fifth child.
1. taruka cirque du soleil 2. poor atlas dessa 3. dancing on our graves the grave diggers 4. flickers son lux 5. the sea is calling the temper trap 6. corpse roads keaton henson 7. to the lighthouse patrick wolf 8. human hands bowerbirds 9. peach the front bottoms 10. agape bear’s den 11. miss you foster the people 12. to see you alive flatsound 13. hollow talk choir of young believers


a series of unlikely crossovers:
Gotham Season 4 Casts Prison Break Baddie, New Buddy for Bruce
By Matt Webb Mitovich

Marina Benedict, who played an ice-cold assassin on Fox’s Prison Break revival, now has Gotham in her crosshairs.

Also new for Season 4 of the comic books-based drama is Benjamin Stockham (About a Boy‘s… boy), who will befriend young Master Wayne.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Benedict is set to recur as Cherry, the owner of a fight club in The Narrows aka Gotham’s most dangerous neighborhood. Described as edgy and tough, Cherry’s club represents the seat of power in an otherwise lawless part of the city. As Ed Nygma, Solomon Grundy (fka Butch) and other characters move through the fight club, Cherry will serve as an ally, sometimes a powerful adversary.

Stockham meanwhile will guest-star as Alex Winthrop, the bookish grandson of a museum curator whom Bruce comes in contact with when tracking a mysterious artifact. When dangerous forces target said object, the lads go on the run, ultimately forcing Bruce to make a choice no one should ever have to make.

Benedict’s previous TV credits also include Flesh and Bone and Torchwood, while Stockham has been on 1600 Penn and Sons of Tuscon.


Summary: Tig acts like a dick and makes up for it…with his dick…Sorry I couldn’t help myself.

(Disclaimer: This is my first time writing any sort of one shot and definitely my first time writing anything smutty. I didn’t go all the way with the sex because I wasn’t really sure how to and still be happy with my work. Baby steps, ya know? I’ll get there, don’t worry.)


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Glancing at the clock, you let a sigh escape from your lips, it was getting late. At least by now you realized that to have dinner ready by the time that Tig was home you had to start cooking a few hours later then when you actually wanted to eat. As you pulled a pan out of the oven, you heard the familiar rumblings of a Harley pulling into the driveway which was soon followed by the opening and slamming of the front door. You froze for a moment, taking a deep breath. It was going to be an other one of those nights, it seemed.

From the very beginning, you and Tig agreed that nothing was going to be kept a secret when it came to the club or anything else in life. It didn’t matter how fucked up his deed of the day was, you two had an agreement that it wouldn’t be hidden away. If the saying was true, that the only way a relationship with one of the Sons would work out is if their old lady knew nothing or knew everything, you were one of the few who knew it all. Or so you thought.

For a little over a week now, Tig would come home in the worst mood imaginable. He’d slam the doors, not say a word to you unless it was to snap at something small you did to irritate him, and he slept on the opposite end of the bed, his back turned towards you. You never saw him leave in the morning and it seemed like he took his sweet ass time to get home at night. You were on your last nerve. You understood that sometimes things were tough with the club and that was why you’d waited so long to hold you tongue about his behavior but there was only so much that one person could take.

“Hey babe.” You said cautiously though you had a smile on your face as you put some of the food onto plates. You glanced over your shoulder to see Tig storming into the kitchen, chucking his kutte onto one of the empty chairs and kicking his boots off violently.

“Hi.” He muttered. He stomped over to the fridge, practically opening the door off of it’s hinges. He grabbed a beer and popped it open before slumping down onto one of the seats at the table.

You tried to hide the disappointed look on your face, hoping that he might just need time to destress after a long day, maybe he’d go back to being the normal Tig in a few minutes. But that was what you’d been telling yourself all week and it never happened. You set a plate down in front of him. “I made your favorite.” You offered weakly. If he didn’t have it in him to be sweet to you, maybe food would at least cheer him up.

But instead, Tig just offered a quiet grunt, nodding in what you assumed was ‘thanks’. You swallowed hard and took a seat across from him, your own plate of food in front of you though you had no appetite, it was hard to eat food when you were holding back anger. After being together for almost a year, you’d never seen him like this before. It was really pissing you off. You’d seen how he’d acted when the whole Donna shit went down, you saw the pained look in his eyes and when he didn’t speak to you for a week it was because he physically couldn’t and you accepted that. But this was different. There was no guilt or agony in his eyes, he was just being a grumpy old man. It was ridiculous.

“Rough day today?” You asked in an almost awkward way. You pushed your food around your plate, trying to keep your hands busy. He said nothing, just a shrug from his shoulders. A small beat of silence passed between you two before you tried again. “Are you okay? You’re a little scraped up.” You commented, motioning towards the bloody scratches that were littered across his face and arms.

For the first time since he’d came home, Tig looked up at you. His light blue eyes pierced right into yours. You’d seen him give that glare to others but having it directed towards you made you squirm slightly in your seat, uncomfortable. “I’m fine.” Tig hissed out, his teeth gritted together and his grip on his beer tightened dangerously. You didn’t know what to do, you were trying so hard to keep it together this entire week because you didn’t want to stress him out even further but god dammit, he was being mean now.

The two of you were silent for at least a few minutes before he pushed his seat away from the table, the chair scraping loudly against the floor. “I’m done.” He mumbled, obviously talking about being done with dinner. He barely ate any of it and that was how you knew this was really upsetting him, he always ate everything you made for him. Tig then rushed off towards the bedroom you two shared, his steps loud and heavy.

That was it. You had enough. You quickly followed him. “No, fuck that, Tig. I’m done!”  You shouted. You weren’t holding back now, there was no point in trying to play nice when he was clearly not regarding your feelings at all. “You’ve been an asshole all week and I’m not going to be your punching bag anymore.” You said, crossing your arms across your chest as you watched him hastily pull his shirt off his body, most likely planning to take a shower.

Tig rolled his eyes at that, shaking his head. “Oh come on, you know what you signed up for. You wanna be with a big bad biker, then you gotta be ready to handle a big bad biker, sweetheart.” He said in a sarcastic tone.

You didn’t say anything for a few seconds, you felt like he had just slapped you across the face. You had been through so much shit for him and the club, you were always the perfect Old Lady to him. Did he really think you weren’t able to handle this lifestyle? You proved to him time and time again that you were just as much part of the club as he was, you just didn’t have the title. He never ever treated you like this before, you were sure he had to do something he didn’t want to. He was trying to push you away, not wanting you to get hurt somehow in the process.

“Fuck you, Alex.” You spat out, using his first name because you  knew how much that meant to him. You looked away from him, embarrassed by the hot tears stinging the back of your eyes. You never cried but you were so worked up from the week before and feeling like the love of your life was trying to hurt you was just too much.

“Very mature.” Tig said mockingly though there was a bit of hesitation in his voice.. You could tell that you had gotten through to him. Using his real name and him being able to see that you were getting emotional, was pulling on his heart strings. He hadn’t meant to hurt you so much lately, he just was too protective over you. So protective that he was willing to make you hate him if that meant you moved away and started a life without danger.

You bit your lip, hating to cry in front of your Old Man, you wanted to be strong for him. “Fuck you! You repeated, working yourself up with anger again. You glanced over at Tig to see him looking at you with a concentrated face. Although the gears were turning in his head, he wasn’t showing any signs of backing down or apologizing. You weren’t sure what got into you but before you knew it you were rushing towards him and pushing him hard on the chest.

“Hey, hey, Y/N, stop that.” Tig said firmly and he tried grabbing your arms to keep you from hitting him but it was too late. In a blur, you slapped him across the face, letting a sob escape your chest as you did so. Neither of you moved after that. The two of you locked eyes as you watched a red mark forming on his cheek.

“I-I’m so sorry…” You whispered, the realization of what you had just done washing over you. You hurt Tig, physically hurt him. Of course compared to what he felt on a day to day basis, a slap from a smaller girl was nothing to him. But that didn’t matter, the intent was to hurt him and that was what made your stomach drop. You knew that no matter how much Tig pissed you off, you never wanted to hurt him, you still loved him. He wasn’t saying anything, the look in his eyes were blank. “Tig…I’m so-“ Before you could apologize again, it was Tig’s turn to get physical. He grabbed you by the face, his large hand cupping your chin with his fingers squeezing into both of your cheeks. He backed you up forcefully until he had you pinned against the wall with his body, his chest painfully closet against yours.

He wasn’t sure what had come over him but after you slapped him, he felt a fire ignite inside of him. It was probably the fact that you cared about him so much that you were able to be angry enough to hit him or maybe it was because he was a kinky bastard, or most likely both.

You were breathless, your heart practically beating out of your chest. Besides when it was consensual in the bedroom, Tig was always so sweet and gentle with you. But in that moment you were sure that he was going to beat you, to teach you a lesson for slapping him. You shut your eyes tightly, preparing for the impact that you were sure was going to come in one way or an other. But instead of feeling a blow to your face or stomach or anywhere else on your body, you felt Tig’s lips against yours.

You made a small noise of surprise and that caused Tig to press into you closer, his grip tightening on your face. “You’re real angry at me, aren’t you, baby?” He muttered with his lips still against yours as much as they could be. You weren’t sure what to say, if you were supposed to reply or if it was rhetorical. Your head was swimming, you weren’t sure if you could even pull yourself together enough to answer anyways. “Oh yeah you are, you slapped me.” Tig said in an intense but amused voice. He ground his hips against yours which caused a groan to emit from deep in his chest.

You opened your mouth to speak but no words could come out. You were feeling a rollercoaster of emotions. You had been so angry before and now you were so…turned on? Tig kept his hand tightly on your face while his other hand trailed from your shoulder down to your chest where he ran his hand over your breast, squeezing the flesh there roughly. You couldn’t help but moan at his commanding touch. Even if you weren’t prepared for your argument to end like this, you loved when he was this dominant.  “Such a bad little girl.” He hissed under his breath while his eyes never left your body. “Get on the bed.” He said suddenly, moving away from you. His fingers quickly got to work on his belt, unbuckling it and undoing his pants. He let them fall to the ground.

You practically scrambled onto the bed, looking up at him expectantly. He was the boss tonight, that was clear, you were just waiting for his further instructions. “Take your clothes off.” He then ordered with a nod of his head. You did as you were told, slipping your nightgown off of your body along with your panties.

Tig paused his motions, staring at you with hooded, lust filled eyes. “Jesus Christ, baby girl.” He breathed out, his hand instinctively going to his erection that was straining against his underwear. He looked at you like he could eat you. Unable to keep up the suspense any longer, he crawled on top of you like you were his prey, a growl in his throat for further measure. As Tig hovered over you, he let his lips mark along all the sensitive spots of your throat.

“I’ve been such a dick to you lately,” He murmured against your skin with a deep husky voice, “It’s not your fault, you’re perfect.” He added. He moved his hand down your body until his fingers were pressed against your clit, rubbing it in soft gentle motions. This caused you to arch your back up, your mouth parting to release a moan. He grinned at that.  “I’ll make it up to you, I swear. You forgive me, don’t you, baby?” Tig cooed, his motions slowly getting quicker.

“Yes.” You sighed in pleasure, unsure if you were answering his question or just agreeing to how he was making you feel.

“Yes, what…?” Tig asked with his eyebrows raised, a chastising look in his eyes. You tensed up, knowing what he wanted as your hands balled up the sheets underneath you.

“Yes, daddy.” You chuckled. Tig smirked widely then, pressing his lips against yours passionately. All the anger and resentment you felt towards him before was out of the window. Life was hard when you were in love with one of the Sons of Anarchy but it was definitely worth it.

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"I don't know if I want to kiss you or kill you right now" with Tendou and Kuroo (separately) please?


Winter break had finally come after gruesome exams and non-stop studying. Tendou had invited you over to his house to hang out and relax after finals and you agreed, of course, you love your boyfriend!

You wanted to hang out with him but you weren’t expecting to be hiding behind your snow fort trying to protect yourself from getting hit in the face by his snowballs.

“(Name)~ Come out!” Tendou sang as your fort began breaking from the impact of his snowballs. Just how strong was he throwing these! It looks like it could break your nose!

“Satori! You’re going to hit me in the face!” You whined as you tried to patch your fort with the excess snow on the ground. Your cheeks were rosy from the cold winter and the snow on your gloves were slowly making your hands cold.

“I won’t hit you in the face if you come out and fight with me!” He responded back and you pouted, “Promise?” 

“I promise!” 

Sighing, you pop up out from the fort and immediately felt the impact of the cold and hard snowball. You whined and cried at the snow that was melting and sliding off your face, “Satori! You lied to me!” 

You could hear his laughter on the other side as you wiped the excess snow off your face. Looking over at him, his spiked hair was slowly falling down his face and his cheeks were a cute rosy color that made him so adorable.

You sighed with a little huff as you continued to watch him laugh, “I don’t know if I want to kiss you or kill you right now.” You say as you bent down to form a snowball in your hand. 

“I’ll accept either one as my present,” He answers and immediately feels the impact of your snowball on his face. Your laughter on the other side forms a smile on his lips as he makes another snowball with his hands, “I won’t go easy on you now (Name)~”


It was a tough and tiring day for you and all you wanted to do was sleep, so that’s exactly what you did; on Kuroo’s bed of course. 

Entering his house, you took your shoes off and greeted his mother before you walked straight into his bedroom and threw yourself on his bed, still in your school uniform.

Kuroo watched you from his desk and smiled at your tired form, “Tough day at club today?” He asked and you groaned into his pillow before wrapping yourself in his blankets. 

“Alright, have a good night.” He says as he turns back around and focuses on his studies while you slept on his bed. You loved his bed, it smelt just like him and for some reason, it was just way comfier than your own bed.

After half an hour, Kuroo stood up and stretched his arms and legs from sitting down too long. He looked down on his bedroom floor and noticed it was a bit messy with clothes and bags all over the floor but he shrugged his shoulders and walked over to the door to get a snack in the kitchen.

That was until he stepped on a bag and heard a crack with the shatter of glass. Quickly raising his foot to not accidentally cut himself, he bent down and carefully opened the bag just to find the cute gift you made him crushed.

You had framed a photo of you and Kuroo and gave it to him as a gift a few days ago and he forgot to take it out of the bag, thus breaking it.

Kuroo froze as he heard you shuffle on the bed before you tiredly spoke, “Tetsurou? Did something happen?” Your eyes were still closed and you pulled the blankets closer to your lips.

Kuroo quickly nodded and stood up, taking the bag with him, “Everything’s fine! Just bumped into the mirror!” He lied and watched as you nodded before you turned to face the wall.

Sighing, he quickly ran into the living room and planned out how he would fix the mess before you woke up and hated him for breaking your gift.

After a good 1-2 hour nap you finally woke up and sat up from his bed, stretching your arms in the process. You squint your eyes just to see Kuroo looking at you with a nervous smile on his face.

“What?” You ask still drowsy from your sleep and he scoots his chair closer to you as he hands you the new and “improved” framed photo. “What’s this for? Isn’t this what I gave you?” 

“Here’s the thing. While you were sleeping I accidentally broke it and I felt bad so I fixed it with my touch. It’s an apology gift.” 

You looked down at the photo framed that was badly decorated with glitter and flowers and colors. It formed a smile on your face because you knew he wasn’t good at art but he tried his best to make it look nice and it touched you.

“I don’t know if I want to kiss you or kill you right now,” You say as you chuckle at the photo frame. Kuroo blushes, “Don’t laugh at it! I tried my best!” 

“I know,” You say leaning over to plant a kiss on his lips, “Thank you, but you’re basically just regifting my gift.”



Sorry this is so long! I kinda got carried away with this but I hope you all like it 😘;


The roar of the motorcycle filled your street and you smiled to yourself as you served two plates of your famous lasagne and salad.
It was Juices favourite and you wanted to spoil him.
Things had been tough with the club lately and you’d noticed a change in your old man.
His smile didn’t reach his eyes anymore and he didn’t talk much. You missed the sound of his laughter booming through your house, you missed his beautiful smile spreading across his face.
He hadn’t come home last night and you’d stayed up worrying. You weren’t mad at him, you just wanted him to know how much you cared.
The roaring stopped and you placed the plates on the table, the lights from the candles flickering around the room.
Hearing his boots stomp up the steps, you walked to the door to greet him.
“Hey babe.” He said, looking down as he walked in.
“Hey my baby.” You said, wrapping your arms around his tense body.
His hoody was pulled up tight around his head and you pressed a kiss to his cheek as you took his hand, leading him to dining table.
He saw the meal and the candles and smiled sadly at you, kissed your forehead and sat down.
You both ate in silence. You were worried about him.
He was never this quite and you knew he appreciated your efforts, but he didn’t say a word as he began to clear his plate.
“It’s okay baby, I’ll clean up.” You said as you reached for his plate.

You washed up quickly, and went to the bathroom.
You leant over the tub and turned the faucet on hot, pouring in your favourite bath bomb.
Once it was full you went to the lounge, where Juice was watching some nature documentary.
“Cmon baby.” You said to him, holding out your hand.
He looked at you, a puzzled look on his face.
You rolled your eyes, smiling and placed your other hand on your hip.
“We’re going to have a bath, il rub your back. And you can tell me what’s going on.”
He smiled up at you sadly and took your hand, following you to the bathroom like a lost puppy.
You began to strip and he did the same.
When you turned around your eyes went straight to the dark bruises around Juices neck.
You knew instantly what he’d done and your eyes brimmed with tears.
He saw your face and blushed deeply, rubbing at his neck as he stared at his feet.
“Oh my sweet baby.” You said as you wrapped your hands around his waist, pressing your head to his chest.
You felt his body tremble and his heartbeat quicken as he began to cry.
He stroked your back and you both stood in the middle of the bathroom, completely naked, holding onto each other.
“Shh baby it’s okay.” You cooed, running your fingernails up his back.
You stepped away from him and stepped into the bath, sinking into the warm water.
Juice followed you, his back towards you and leaned his head on your chest.
You ran your hands up his body, caressing his muscles.
Neither of you spoke as you sat in the warmth. You just enjoyed being close, enjoyed the water soaking away your pain.
“Juice,” you whispered breaking the silence. “I love you so so much.”
You kissed the top of his head as you ran your hands over his chest.
“Juan Carlos you are kind, you are so, so funny. Your so handsome, baby, your so good to me. You are strong, Juan, you are loyal. Your so sweet, so caring, so generous. You are a good man. You will be such a great father one day. But baby I need you. I need you to stay. I need you to be here, with me, when we raise our children. You can’t leave me, baby.”
Tears streamed down your cheeks and you felt him sobbing.
“I won’t baby. I won’t try.. this.. Again. I’m sorry baby.” He said, his voice filled with sadness. “I’ve messed up, (y/n).”
And he told you. Everything. He told you what happened with Miles, his meetings with Roosevelt. He told you about the cocaine and he told you about his father.
You rocked him gently as he spoke.
Once he was done, you pressed a kiss to his forehead, before leading him to bed, where he fell asleep in your arms and you lay awake, worry in your eyes as you considered what you were about to do, weighing the risks.

The next morning Juice had left to go to Clear Passages and check on the store he partly owned.
Once he had left you drove to TM, walking fast as you searched for Jax.
You stormed into his dorm where he sat, wrapped in only a towel, water dripping from his body.
“We need to talk.”
He smirked up at you, ignoring the serious look on your face.
“You want me naked for this or can I put some clothes on?”
“Shit, sorry.” You blushed and walked into the hallway, leaning against the opposite door as he dressed.
A few minutes later Jax opened the door and gestures for you to come in.
You had always been close with Jax, he was like a brother to you. You knew no matter what happened he wouldn’t hurt you.
“What’s going on darlin?”
You sighed and sat on the bed, running your fingers through your hair.
“It’s about Juice.” You said slowly, dragging the words out of your mouth.
He arched an eyebrow as he watched you speak.
You told him everything Juice told you last night. Everything, from Miles, to Roosevelt, to the leverage he had over Juice.
Once you’d finished you had tears in your eyes, worried that you’d made a mistake coming to Jax.
You would never have come to him of you believed they would hurt Juice. Jax had a good heart, and he loved Juice. He loved you, too and he wouldn’t hurt either of you like this. It had been your only option though, seeing the bruises on Juices neck last night had made you realise how much his secret was killing him. You were terrified that he would do something stupid so you acted first. Going to the one person you knew could put his mind to rest.
You studied his face as he took in your words, blowing out a breath.
“Jax you can’t hurt him, please.” You began to cry and he knelt infront of you.
“Look, (y/n) I have to take this to the club.”
You looked up, panic in your eyes and he stood, pressed his lips to your forehead and left the room.
Sobs took over your body as what you’d done sunk in. Maybe you were wrong.
You headed to the bar, needing a drink more than ever.
You’d smashed back four vodkas by the time the club filed out of church, every member except Juice, who hadn’t shown up at the clubhouse yet.
“(Y/n)..” Jax spoke, his voice soft.
You didn’t respond, just poured another vodka and lifted it to your lips.
The clubhouse door opened and Juice walked in, stopping when he saw you drinking at the bar, the club crowded behind you.
“Wh-what’s going on? Baby?” His face was filled with worry, his eyes wide.
You poured another drink and hung your head over the glass, praying that this would be over soon.
You heard a loud sigh behind you and Jax’s voice.
“(Y/n) came to me this morning. She told me everything, Juice. We took a vote.”

“We took a vote, Juice.” Jax said, his voice serious. “It was unanimous.”
“The club agreed, Juice. We all agreed that your big black boy dick must be why she loves you so much.”
You spat out the vodka in your mouth and spun on your heels.
The smirks on their faces were contagious and you grinned too.
Your eyes flickered to Juice, he stood stunned, a puzzled look on his face.
Laughter erupted in the clubhouse as they all stared at Juices face.
“It’s okay, brother. We understand.
Those rules don’t exist in this club anymore.”
Juice just looked between his president and you.
“Don’t be too hard on ya lass, brother. She was worried about ye, she did the right thing.” Chibs said, walking up and giving Juice a bear hug before heading outside.
The rest of the club did the same, hugging Juice and slapping his shoulder.
Suddenly it was just you and Juice.
You walked to him, nerves quickly growing in your stomach.
“You told them.” He whispered, looking at you.
“I’m sorry baby, I was so worried. I knew-”
“Thankyou!” Juice said, wrapping his arms around you.
You froze slightly.
“You.. Your not mad at me?”
“Well I mean I wish I’d known. But I don’t think I could have told them myself, (y/n). Thank you, for saving the club. Saving me.” His voice was raspy as his eyes filled with tears.
“Baby they were never going to hurt you.” You told him, kissing his cheeks. “They love you, Juice. So do I.”
“I love you too, (y/n).”

A few hours later you sat in Juices lap, surrounded by the club, laughing together as Tig told one of his stories.
You watched as Juice smiled, his grin spread over his whole face.
The sound of his laughter filled your ears and you pressed your lips to his passionately.
He licked his lips and stared into your eyes.
“Damn baby what was that for?” He asked you, a playful look in his brown eyes.
“I’ve missed you.” You told him, your voice full of love as you wrapped you hands around his neck.
His smile lit up the room and his eyes sparkled.
“I’ve missed you too. But I’m here now baby, and I’m not going anywhere. I promise.”
You pressed your lips to his again, ignoring the whistles from his brothers.
Everything was going to be okay. And for the first time in your life, you believed it.