tough choice tbh

smeeve  asked:

Saw that ship thing you got going on, have you considered Trashe? (Thog x Markus x Ashe)

Thrilling Ships (5/8)

Requested by: @smeeve & @ginachanxd

THIS IS REALLY CUTE??? I LIKE IT? ? I RECENTLY READ OF  FIC OF THESE THREE AND I’M DOWN TO CLOWN HOLY MACARONI. My only problem with this drawing was, “Who goes in the middle?” it was a tough choice tbh.

the signs as @tylerjosephsays tweets
  • aries: Want to hear a funny joke ? Life is meaningless and im suffering
  • taurus: destroy the FUCKENING government. destroy this government right now
  • gemini: *hops on tricycle* on my way to destroy the government
  • cancer: u find my laptop and open a folder labeled demos. 'sweet' u think, 'new tunes' u open them. it's all just me screaming. welcome to hell
  • leo: not to be fake deep but *starts screaming*
  • virgo: used to dream of outer space. thats why i climb so much. one day. one day.
  • libra: it's called ukulele screamo and its art
  • scorpio: metaphorically, im the man. but literally.. im still the man. have you seen me? im fucking awesome
  • sagittarius: why pick between eating ass and destroying capitalism when you can do BOTH at the SAME TIME
  • capricorn: im what the kids would call... *puts on sunglasses* relatable
  • aquarius: we don't believe what's on tv because of commercials. capitalism is everywhe
  • pisces: alright everybody this next song is called "im suffering" and it's me smashing my head into the piano & screaming. hope u like it,it's a bop

You know, while I was thinking about Jack Mcbrayer voicing Bonnie, I realized that the whole woy cast could probably pull off voicing the whole fnaf cast.


Bonnie- Jack

Chica- April

Foxy- Keith

Freddy- Tom Kenny

Like damn why are we not funding this?