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Those two never do anything in halves, do they?

Inspired by @card-gaystext post! 

Excellent expression and perspective practice… why did I make this complicated for myself…


He’s always thinking about kissing you. And he knows damn sure he shouldn’t be thinking about it. He shouldn’t be thinking about you at all, as a matter of fact. But he is. He can’t help it.  He’s attracted to you but he knows it would mess everything up.

 He watches you from the other side of the table while your eyes roam over the book in front of you. Sometimes you’ll pull your bottom lip between your teeth when you read something particularly amusing or interesting. A strand of your hair falls over your face and it takes every ounce of strength he as not to push it away and tuck it behind your ear. He can’t feel this way. It’s wrong. It’s painful.

 When he sits next to you at the bar, both of you with a glass of whiskey, neat, and a bottle of beer sitting right next to it. He can’t keep his eyes off of you. The way you bring the bottle to your soft, pink lips and the way your tongue slips past your lips after you swallow the drink down. He wants to taste the beer on your tongue, knowing it would taste a million times better with you laced with it. He can’t feel this way. It’s wrong. You’ll get hurt.

 He holds you tightly in the back seat of the impala, his hand pressing against your ribcage, putting pressure on the nasty wound from a werewolf claw. Pain coursing through your body. He’s terrified. Because now he could lose you and he never had the chance to tell you how he feels. He wants to tell you, god he wants to tell you. But he keeps his mouth shut. He knows, if he tells you, if he confesses everything; he’ll lose you. He always loses the ones he loves.

 You step into the bunker with a pizza in one hand and a case of beer in the other. After working three tough cases, the three of you were finally home. He sat in the library in his jeans and a brown henley that fit him perfectly. The second he hears you, he’s on his feet, taking the food from you and placed it on the table. He can’t help himself this time. They way your hair fell around your face almost flawlessly and the smile you wore that reached your eyes. He knew that there was no use in denying himself from you. He took a step forward, taking your face in his hands before crashing his lips to yours. He could taste you, the taste of happiness and safety washed over him.

 “Took you long enough, Winchester,” you whispered.

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Daddy's Girl

Description: The Winchester’s little sister handles the grief of her dead father, and hopes to keep his perfect image of herself intact.

Sam and Dean x sister!reader, mentions of John Winchester

Warnings: None that I can remember, except some fighting?

A/N: This was not the one I was planning on writing and posting but here it is! I hope you all like it, and thank you so much for your support! Let me know if you would like to request something, or you would like to be added to the tags! 😊

Tags: @winchesters-favorite-girl @percussiongirl2017

       You were pulling yourself from the ground. The fist of a girl a grade above you had slammed into your shoulder, and the prying hands of her groupies had shoved you to the ground. You stood up with a slight stagger, and shook your limbs to knock your instincts to tear her throat out off. She smiled devilishly at you, and you could hear your Dad’s voice in your head. Y/N be brave for me, and remember you are the thing that holds those two boys together.

The crowd around you was watching, and hanging on to every quiver your bruised limbs made. That’s when your hands shook, and you could hear their laughter as loud as the ringing in your ears. You saw his face, his eyes, his smile. He was gone now, and you were alone. He wouldn’t come driving up in his impala, he wouldn’t come save you from this, or help clean you up. You were not going to let him down though, you would continue to hold everything together. You would stay strong, and keep your brother’s heads above the bloody water. You would not create chaos or pain. You were going to continue to be the good girl, and push your emotions down. You were going to be strong without your father. You went to pick up your bag.

          “What’s the matter Winchester? Do you feel a little scared, want to run home to Daddy, you little-,” you suddenly looked up to face her.

Her preciously lined lips, with her plastic shaped nose, and perfectly placed hair. You couldn’t hear anything else except that one word. Daddy. Anger lined your skin with a new found red that wasn’t the shade of bruised. You charged at her, and brought her straight to the ground. You jammed your fist into her gut, and whipped the knife out of your boot. You popped the blade up into sight as you finally regained your senses. She was screaming, and someone was pulling you off her.

You quickly pushed the others off, and grabbed your bag. You ran off the school steps, and looked back. Teachers and supervisors were calling after you. Your body hurt from the beating you had taken, and tears stung your eyes. You stopped when you were little ways down the road. You slid the knife back into your boot, and placed your bag on your shoulders. You winced once the strap touched where she had thrown her fist. You took a breath, trying to calm your beating hard. The memory helped intensify the panic however, and you continued to walk down the road.

You replayed the images of the scene in your head. You had desperately tried to make friends, and get good grades. You were supposed to make your brothers happy and they seemed happy when you had those aspects of school in your life; after all, your life mission was to please your family. Your Dad had always said you were their care taker, and the glue that held them together. After he had passed, you tried harder than ever to please your brothers. You were the only one who hadn’t talked about your father’s death, whether that be to keep him alive in your mind, or to show how strong you were to your older brothers was unknown. You were supposed to be good, and you were supposed to be brave, like your father had said. You had failed today, and you let the rage of pain and anger flow through you and control your actions.

You were trying to dry your eyes as you entered the motel room. Your brothers were out, interview day was today. They were on a pretty tough case, and you three would be held up in this town for a few weeks. You went straight to the bathroom, looking at your bruised body. You slowly removed the clothes surrounding your bruises, and rinsed the blood off some of the scrapes. You were crying again, making the scar around your eye even more red. You slowly put on your clothes after bandaging up your injuries. You were in a lot of pain, and your eyes just wanted to close in exhaustion from the emotions and events of the day. You continued though, your father’s words echoing in your head. You had to be strong for Sam and Dean, and you had to hide what had happened. You emerged from the bathroom, and sat at the table. You pulled out your books, and papers.

You were trying to focus, but you had no strength to control the thoughts running through your head. You couldn’t go back to that school tomorrow. You couldn’t even face the outside world, and barely the one face you saw in the mirror. You had a handle on your tears, and continued to push through and finish your math problems. You were in the middle of an essay when your brothers walked through the door.

“Hey bunny,” Sam smiled.

 Dean dropped a bag next to your pile of books. You kept your face away from the light, and their vision lines. You continued writing, with the intention of greeting them but no words would form on your tongue. You heard your Dad’s voice in Sam’s, and Dean’s hand reminded you of your Dad’s hand. The brothers curiously tried to look at your face, but you just looked in the downward direction even more.

 “Y/N, look at me,” Dean said, starring at you from the other side of the table.

You quickly tried to make an escape to the bathroom but Sam stepped in front of you, and grabbed your face. His eyes widened, and you felt his body tense. Dean came around, and instant anger flashed into his green eyes.

“Who did this to you?” he demanded.

You shook your head and pushed Sam’s hands away. You had no ability to create sentences. Your Dad flashed into your mind.

“Y/N, what happened?” Sam asked, slightly demanding.

 You wished your dad were there, able to hold you, and help you regain the stick you needed to hold everything together. You looked back at your brothers, who’s faces held so much of your father. You started crying, and felt the sobs shake you inside and out. You were letting go. The grip you had on all the pain and grief of your father’s death suddenly escaping through the two little slits in your eyes.

 “I, I,” you started. The two brothers were suddenly shocked at this new emotion. “I miss Dad,” you cried out.

 Sam had tears in his eyes, as Dean starred at you in a helpless gaze. They both wrapped their bodies around yours. You were between them, and the warmth of their concern was making the tears come more rapidly. You weren’t supposed to be crying.


               You were sitting on Sam’s lap as Dean knelt beside you. Your sobs had slowed and your eyes only watered now. The tears had made the cut around your eye painful, but in a cleansing way.

 “Little girl, you’re gonna be fine. Me and Sammy, we aren’t going anywhere, and Dad will always be looking out for you,” Dean stroked your cheek.

You closed your eyes and snuggled into Sam a little more. “You’re okay Y/N/N,” Sam cooed.

“Sammy, De?” you called out.

“Yeah baby?” Sam asked.

 “I’m so sorry,” you wiped your eyes, forgetting about the cut, and hissing.

“No, darlin’ we’re sorry,” Dean responded, getting up to get things to tend your cut.

“But I-,” you started.

 “No buts, baby you are so strong, and you never ever break. You’re allowed to snap sometimes. You’re allowed to have emotions and to feel sad. You’re allowed to miss Dad,” Sam said, stroking your hair. You nodded.

“Even though you have some nasty scars, I would say you won against those girls,” Dean smiled.

 Sam’s eyes went wide, “Dean she almost sliced a girl with a weapon she wasn’t even supposed to have!”.

Dean looked to you, as you shrunk a little. “Eh, you were always a Daddy’s girl, and he would’ve done the same,” he smiled.
Feathers Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

OK, I this is my submission to @hannibalcreative‘s #SpacedogsSummer. It was just a goofy idea, but some people seemed to enjoy it and now I’m writing a multi-chap fic. Because I have no control over myself. 

         "You’re my what, now?“ Nigel lit another cigarette and stared at the man who had appeared in a flash of light at the foot of his bed.

         “I’m your guardian angel, Adam.” The kid’s face was impassive, blinking impossibly blue eyes as he took in his surroundings. When he noticed Nigel’s scrutiny, he ducked his head, flapping his long snowy wings nervously. The movement dislodged the golden halo, making it fall lopsided over one of the man’s eyes. With a mild disgruntled noise, Adam readjusted the circlet.

         Nigel looked at the trails of coke on his nightstand. “What the fuck is in this shit?”

         Adam looked at the powder, then back at Nigel’s bare chest. “It’s approximately 40% cocaine, 40% boric acid, and 20% laxative.”

         Nigel frowned. “Thank you, big bird.”

         Adam shook his head with a frown. “I’m not a bird, I’m an angel. The wings are part of the uniform.”

         Nigel sighed, scratching his chest. If this weird little thing was going to ruin his high, he might as well have some fun. “Not that I’m complaining about anything as pretty as you popping up in my bedroom, but why the fuck are the halos and harps crew interested in me?”

         “I was assigned to you because you’re a borderline case.”

         Adams fingers tapped on his neat little slacks. Nigel had the urge to link their fingers together. He shook his head. Coke always made him sentimental.


         "You have the capability of doing great good, though you don’t,” Adam admonished. Nigel snorted, waving his cigarette as he acquiesced the point. “If you live up to your potential, there’s a chance you could still go to heaven. St. Peter assigned me to try and get you on the right path.”

         "Well, fuck your path and fuck you, Feathers.” Nigel raised an eyebrow at the neat little beauty in his prim sweater. “I do what I want.“

         "Well, yes, that is the idea.” Adam furrowed his brow. “You were born with free will, Nigel. I’m just here to help you make better choices with your free will.”


         "Like you should stop smoking,” Adam snapped his fingers and the cigarette fell in a pile of ash on Nigel’s chest. “Also, shooting people is considered a sin in heaven. I’m not sure if you’re aware.”

         Nigel rolled his eyes as he brushed the ash from his pecs. “Oh really? Thanks for letting me know, gorgeous.”

         "See? I’m already helping.” Adam’s voice ticked higher. He bounced once on the balls of his feet, chest puffing. “Now that you know you can’t shoot people, I’m sure you-“

         "Feathers,” Nigel’s mouth quirked into a smirk. “I knew that already.”

         "You- You know it’s wrong but you did it anyway?“

         "Yeah, darling, that’s half the fun.”

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This Neighbor

“One of my neighbours slipped this under my door while I was practising, I thought they were going to make a noise complaint but they just had a request. I played it with my windows open and I heard really loud clapping come from a balcony a few stories up which was super lovely. I’m in such a lovely mood now it’s so nice to be appreciated.” (In case it’s tough to see, the note reads: A humble request to the pianist: Liebestraum No. 3 in A flat.) (via Ned Dixon/Instagram)

Kiss Land

Matt Murdock x Reader

Summary: Matt Murdock was an insanely great kisser. And he absolutely loved to put his lips to use. 
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings, minor character death (just a mention), implied sexy times
1,752 words

Notes: While I finish the requests I have in my askbox, I decided to post this Matty one because I’m on his mood. <3 Just a silly one-shot without all his Daredevil drama (sort of). And also because I rewatched the kiss scene between Claire and Matt. Too many times. For my own good. Remember that italic parts are flashbacks. SO…I hope you enjoy it! ^_^

If there was something in your life that you just couldn’t deny, was that being Matt Murdock’s girlfriend had its fair amount of perks. 

In an overall, you were always safe, knowing he’d step up into the situation whenever something could happen. Sometimes it had some downfalls, but his senses were another great thing since he’d always know when and how to help you when you needed. 

And the list could go on and on, but there was one little thing that you completely loved the most and would always drive you crazy:

Matt Murdock was an insanely great kisser. 

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Rafael Barba
(x) …forgetting to speak to you in English after spending the afternoon with his mother and abuelita.
(x) …slow dancing with Barba.
(x) …being friends with Barba but having to sleep together in the same bed. The next morning, you two are in an intimate embrace.
(x) …Barba proposing on Valentine’s Day but he messes up.
(x) …Barba whispering Latin in your ear while in church.
(x) …surprising your long time boyfriend, Barba, that you got a job at SVU.
(x) …Barba showing up at your office to walk home together.
(x) …being Rollins’ cousin who moved from Atlanta and being introduced to Barba.
(x) …going on a first date with Barba.
(x) …going to a karaoke bar with Barba and the SVU team but Barba gets jealous when you sing a duet with Sonny.
(x) …Barba going down on you. *NSFW
(x) …Carisi introducing you to Barba and him trying to speak Italian.
(x) …taking soup to Barba at work because he’s sick.
(x) …Barba helping you with your Spanish homework.
(x) …accidentally responding to Barba in Spanish.
(x) …Barba spending the night at your apartment.
(x) …finding out you’re having twins with Barba while in delivery.
(x) …Barba promising to protect you from William Lewis.
(x) …having a panic attack while on the stand.
(x) …giving Barba a striptease.
(x) …being kidnapped because you’re Barba’s little sister.
(x) …being pregnant with Barba’s child.
(x) …Barba tying you to the bed. *NSFW
(x) …Barba taking care of you when you’re sick.
(x) …going on a run with Barba.
(x) …fainting in front of the squad.
(x) …meeting Barba again 10 years after you broke up.
(x) …you and Barba being two opposites in love.
(x) …taking a drunk Barba home.
(x) …Barba finding out you wear glasses.
(x) …having make up sex with Barba. *NSFW
(x) …Barba calling you cariño for the first time.
(x) …desk sex with Barba in his office. *NSFW
(x) …comforting Barba after his grandmother died.
(x) …going down on Barba. *NSFW
(x) …inviting the squad over for a dinner party after a big case.
(x) …Barba comforting you after your trial starts going downhill.
(x) …Barba thinking about wanting to have kids with you.
(x) …Barba showing up at your apartment with flowers.
(x) …Barba finding out you’re in a hostage situation.
(x) …Barba teaching you how to dance.
(x) …Lucia always trying to set you up with her son.
(x) …Barba meeting your parents for the first time.
(x) …Barba forgetting your anniversary.
(x) …a police officer checking you out.
(x) …finding your soulmate’s name on your wrist.
(x) …showering with Barba. *NSFW
(x) …testifying for Barba’s case.
(x) …running into Barba’s ex-girlfriend.
(x) …being in a secret relationship with Barba.
(x) …getting shot by Johnny D.
(x) …bumping into Barba.
(x) …catching Barba talking about you.
(x) …having a one night stand with Barba. *NSFW
(x) …being a famous writer.
(x) …Barba coming home only to find you dancing in your underwear.
(x) …trying to take it slow with Barba.
(x) …your soulmark telling you where you’ll meet your soulmate.
(x) …Barba saying he loves you for the first time.
(x) …Barba giving you a massage.
(x) …your step-counter finally hitting zero.
(x) …seeing your name on your soulmate.
(x) …Barba offering for you to move in with him.
(x) …being Barba’s co-counsel.
(x) …Barba thinking his job is harder than yours.
(x) …coming out as agender.
(x) …New Year’s Eve with Barba.
(x) …a jealous Barba
(x) …an Alpha Barba.
(x) …taking Barba on a road trip with your two kids.
• (x) …marrying Barba.

Sonny Carisi
(x) …Carisi getting jealous of your brother when he visits you at work.
(x) …Carisi whispering Bible verses while making love to you.
(x) …Sonny meeting your family for the first time but doesn’t understand what they’re saying at the dinner table.
(x) …taking a bullet for Carisi.
(x) … Sonny overhearing how much you actually like him despite trying to prove you hate him.
(x) …eating cannolis with Carisi.
(x) …getting frustrated with Carisi on a daily basis.
(x) …comforting Sonny after a tough case.
(x) …your german shepherd approving of Carisi.
(x) …Sonny taking care of you after taking a bullet for him.
(x) …Sonny flirting with his niece’s babysitter: You.
(x) …Carisi asking permission from your parents to marry you.
(x) …Carisi going down on you.*NSFW
(x) …asking for Sonny after being attacked.
(x) …Sonny checking you out.
(x) …tending to Sonny’s wounds.
(x) …cooking for Sonny.
(x) …meeting Sonny while he’s undercover.
(x) …Carisi’s family thinking you and him are dating.
(x) …being friends with Carisi.
(x) …having fun with Sonny.
(x) …your first time with Sonny. *NSFW
(x) …the night before your and Carisi’s wedding.
(x) …you and Carisi moving in together.
(x) …eloping with Sonny.
(x) …forming a relationship with Sonny under hard circumstances.
(x) …Sonny getting hurt on the job.
(x) …being partners with Sonny.
(x) …being Barba’s sister and Carisi having a thing for you.
(x) …Sonny flirting with you instead of teaching you how to cook.
(x) …Sonny’s family walking in on you and Carisi.
(x) …Sonny meeting you and it’s love at first sight for him.
(x) …Carisi teaching you how to play baseball.
(x) …Carisi trying to take care of you because you’re sick.
(x) …Sonny wearing his uniform for you.
(x) …trying to treat Sonny’s wounds.
(x) …getting into a fight with Sonny.
(x) …going down on Carisi. *NSFW
(x) …calling Sonny “Dominick” for the first time. *NSFW
(x) …dirty talking with Sonny.
(x) …having a girl’s night out.
(x) …spending a lazy day with Carisi.
(x) …discovering your soulmate.
(x) …getting jealous of Amanda.
(x) …meeting Sonny while being a sex worker.
(x) …going running with Carisi.
(x) …being Jesse’s nanny.
(x) …Sonny finds out you’re pregnant.
(x) …your first time together with Sonny after the incident.
(x) …Sonny walking you home because it’s late.
(x) …telling Sonny you have a stalker.
(x) …your Soulmark shows the first thing your soulmate thought of when they saw you.
(x) …Sonny being the heir of one of the Italian mobs.
(x) …Sonny finding out you’re Barba’s sister.
(x) …Sonny being clumsy and nervous while asking you out on a date.
(x) …Nick catching you making out with Sonny.
(x) …babysitting Noah with Sonny.
(x) …comforting Sonny after he goes undercover.
(x) …shower sex with Sonny. *NSFW
(x) …moving to New York City.
(x) …impressing Sonny and his family with your cooking skills.
(x) …Sonny stepping in to help raise your two kids.
(x) …Sonny teaching you how to make cannolis.
(x) …going with Sonny to take his nieces Trick-or-Treating.
• (x) …turning your life around.

Amanda Rollins
(x) …watching football with Rollins.
(x) …babysitting for Amanda and her being nervous about it.
(x) …your first time with Amanda. *NSFW

Olivia Benson
(x) …Olivia setting you up on a blind date with Sonny.
(x) …the squad catching you kissing Olivia in her office.
(x) …coming out to the team as pansexual.
(x) …the squad catching Olivia kissing you.
(x) …going down on Olivia. *NSFW
(x) …making out with Olivia. *NSFW
(x) …the squad gossiping if you and Olivia are together. *NSFW
(x) …Olivia asking you out.
(x) …Olivia getting nervous to ask you to marry her.

Nick Amaro
(x) …meeting Nick while he’s undercover.
(x) …Nick calming you down from a panic attack.
(x) …your relationship with Nick getting used against you in court.
(x) …Nick getting annoyed when a suspect flirts with you. 
(x) …Nick swearing as you go down on him. *NSFW
(x) …Nick moving in next door.
(x) …coming back from being undercover with a different look.
(x) …Nick comforting you.
(x) …your daughter calling Nick ‘dad.’
(x) …doing arrest role playing with Nick.
(x) …being pregnant with Nick’s child.
(x) …taking a bullet for Nick.
(x) …Nick marking you as his Omega.
(x) …being Elliot’s niece and dating Nick.
(x) …owning a flower shop next to a tattoo parlor.
(x) …scaring away a creep at the club with a random stranger.
(x) …doing yoga every morning at the gym.
(x) …your business booming after the burglary.
(x) …Nick introducing you to Zara for the first time.

Mike Dodds
(x) …Mike falling for you despite how much you two disagree on everything.
(x) …being picked on by your coworkers for having a crush on Dodds.
(x) …getting drinks with Dodds.
(x) …doing a stake out with Dodds.
(x) …cuddling with Mike on his day off.
(x) …being with Dodds in the hospital after him being shot.
(x) …Dodds getting annoyed when a suspect flirts with you.
(x) …being Dodds high school crush who just joined SVU.
(x) …being in a secret relationship with Dodds.
(x) …Dodds Sr. finding out you’re in a secret relationship with his son.
(x) …Dodds avoiding his father’s phone calls.*NSFW
(x) …Dodds Sr catching you and Dodds Jr on a date.
(x) …Dodds handling an autistic child with ease.
(x) …Dodds attempting to teach you self-defense.
(x) …hating Dodds at first but then falling in love with him.
(x) …living in the same apartment building as Dodds.
(x) …Mike being embarrassed because his Dad keeps trying to set him up with you.
(x) …forcing Dodds into watching a Harry Potter marathon.
(x) …Dodds going down on you. *NSFW
(x) …going undercover as a couple with Dodds.
(x) …Mike teasing you for your love of disco music.
(x) …you and Mike coping together after a loss in your pregnancy.
(x) …waiting for Dodds to finish his work.
(x) …sleeping at Dodds’ place.
(x) …Dodds Sr. not approving of you being a working mother.
(x) …Mike just talking to you at a Gala.
(x) …being an Omega. *NSFW
(x) …a dominant Dodds. *NSFW
(x) …telling Dodds about your depression.
(x) …your first time with Mike.
(x) …Mike convincing you dating him is okay.
(x) …Dodds taking Olivia’s advice.
(x) …having sexual tension with Dodds. *NSFW
(x) …secretly hooking up with Dodds. *NSFW
(x) …Dodds taking care of you while you’re sick.
(x) …finding your melody.
(x) …meeting Mike after you’ve been stood up for a date.
(x) …Dodds making love to you after a hard case.
(x) …having make-up sex with Dodds.
(x) …dating Sonny but Mike has a crush on you.
(x) …babysitting Noah and Jesse with Mike.
• (x) …adopting a dog with Mike.

Ed Tucker
(x) …Tucker buying you a drink.

Odafin Tutuola
(x) …reminding Fin how much you remind him of Munch.
(x) …Fin being protective of you.
(x) …being Fin’s best friend.

John Munch
(x) …being Munch’s daughter.

Elliot Stabler
(x) …meeting the town’s local baker.
(x) …working the concession stand at all the kids weekend sporting events.
(x) …having your first child with Elliot.

George Huang
• (x) …Dr. Huang examining you.

The Squad
(x) …the Squad visiting you while you are in a coma.
(x) …being in a hostage situation.
(x) …settling an argument between Benson and Barba.
(x) …attending Hogwarts with the Squad.
(x) …the Squad comforting you after a relative insults you.
(x) …the Squad finding out your secret.

A Fresh Start

Request: ‘can you do a spencer x reader fic where spencer and the reader are on a date (like walking through the park or at a coffee shop) and they run into readers abusive ex? thanks!!!‘

Guess who is BACK. So, after my hiatus, I am finding it slightly hard to get back into the writing game, even though I have nearly 20 requests that need working through. So, until I am fully inspired once again, I am going to be focusing on the ones that get that spark going, and this means the requests will be done in no order.

‘You know it is really not normal to have 10 sugars in your coffee.’ You laughed, as Spencer emptied a worrying amount of sugar sachets into his drink.

‘You know it is really not normal for the girl to pay for her coffee on a date? You should have let me buy it!’ He complained, sliding into the chair next to you.

‘You can pay for it on the next one.’ You winked, as Spencer spluttered while drinking his coffee and blushed.

You had been working next to Spencer Reid for three years, and ever since the day that you first walked into the BAU, you had been inseparable. Together you had dealt with tough cases, the ending of your abusive relationship with a long term boyfriend, and the death of Maeve, so it would have been a crime not to call him your favorite person in the entire world. This friendship soon turned into feelings, and after an emotional outburst one night in a hotel room that you were sharing in a foreign city, Spencer had plucked up the courage to ask you out for coffee. At this moment, everything felt like it had slotted perfectly into place, and you couldn’t believe that you didn’t realize this potential love sooner.

‘Uh, so, a next date, you say?’ Spencer asked, placing his coffee down on the table and running his tongue over his lips to remove the remnants of the froth.

‘Are you not interested in a next date, Dr. Reid?’ you said, playfully, as you saw his eyes widen in horror.

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Let Me Warm Your Heart Part 1

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4| Part 5 |

Word Count : 2,204

Warnings : None 

Summary: Y/N is tasked with a mission to keep the weird Barebone family in check. But things don’t always go as they are planned. After all, love always chooses those paths which are the least predictable. 


The balmy weather was nice enough to warrant a visit to Central Park, a picnic would have been the ideal activity for this breezy summer day. The flowers were in full bloom and the air hung heavy with the smell of food, probably wafting from the hot-dog vendor standing nearby. Ignoring her growling stomach, Y/N glanced up at the clear skies before shrugging away thoughts of an imagined holiday. Vacations were a luxury Aurors couldn’t afford, especially not in such turbulent times. 

She refocused her attention on the gathering crowd ahead of her, as the New Salem Philanthropic Society commenced another of its infamous rallies. Y/N effectively merged within the crowd, nonchalantly staring at the flyer she had been handed. The Barebone woman continued spewing vitriol against witches and magic, assuring them that the threat was very real. Y/N’s watchful eyes swept across the crowd once, before settling on the leader of the Second Salemers as she urged the gathered people to watch out for the lurking darkness that hid so cleverly among ‘us’! Mentally, Y/N scoffed wondering how many actually believed this supposed gibberish. But disbelief was good, disbelief kept her kind safe. And above all, it was her job to keep that disbelief unwaveringly constant. 

She shifted a few paces ahead, before blocking herself from Mary Lou’s line of vision behind a man wearing a rather outlandish top hat. She continued her observation, staring at the two daughters standing beside the woman. The elder one, Chastity stood primly, projecting an image of trained etiquette and polite interest. The younger one Modesty, meanwhile, shuffled onto the steps of the bank where the rally was being held, mumbling a song and fidgeting to its tune. 

Y/N gaze then shifted to the eldest of the Barebone children, Credence. He stood amongst the crowd, handing out flyers with shouty capitals, blaring the NSPS anti-witch propaganda. He must be quite tall, Y/N mused, as her eyes assessed the lanky boy. But he seemed shorter with the pronounced hunch with which he carried himself. Almost as if he could disappear into nothingness if he tried hard enough. 

It had come as a surprise to Y/N when her fellow colleague Tina Goldstein had been removed from Auror services. For jeopardising their safety by violating the International Statute of Secrecy’s provisions nonetheless! Tina was a stickler for rules and for the number of cases that they had partnered together, Y/N knew her to be thorough and efficient. How she ended up losing her steam over the Barebones and subsequently losing her job as well, was a mystery. 

What came as a greater surprise however, was when Director Graves summoned her in his office. He assigned her the responsibility of keeping an eye over the Barebones, ensuring that the safety of the wizarding community was not threatened by the enflamed speeches of an overenthusiastic zealot. While she was of the opinion that there was no harm in keeping a watchful eye over this fanatic, there was something in the way the Barebone boy carried himself that kept drawing Y/N’s attention. 

Not one for distractions, she changed places again, this time edging towards the back of the crowd. Her gaze trained itself on the speaker again as she withdrew from the dense crowd, making sure that Mary Lou didn’t notice her. In her effort to appear inconspicuous, she didn’t realise until it was too late as she stumbled across someone’s feet. Though the force was not near enough to knock the person down, it did displace the dozens of sheets that the person was carrying. No, not sheets, flyers to be exact. 

When had Credence slipped to the back, Y/N wondered, as they both crouched down to gather the scattered flyers. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t realise you were standing here. I was in a rush to get back to work. I hope I didn’t hurt you?” she gave an apologetic smile having managed to collect a few of the papers, and handed them to the gaping boy. He stared at her for a moment as their fingers brushed each other, before swallowing audibly and said, “N-no. It was, m-my fault. I shouldn’t have been…standing here. Y-you didn’t hurt me. S-s-sorry!” he stuttered nervously as tingles surged from his fingers where they had accidentally touched Y/N’s.

She waved away his apology before smiling brightly and said, “No worries. I do hope you are alright though”, glancing at her watch she muttered under breath before continuing, “I have to go now, lunch time is almost over. I’ll see you later then! Have a good day!” she waved breezily before crossing the road and disappearing in the bustling crowd. He turned around to face the rally once more, warmth enveloping his being at the possibility of meeting the kind and pretty woman again. But the sight in front of him made his stomach fill with dread and he paled visibly. His mother was staring at him, malice dripping from her gaze; it would suffice to say that she was not at all happy with him.


Y/N cursed herself as she hurried towards her cabin in the MACUSA. That interaction should not have happened. It was vital for the assignment that the Barebones remain unaware of her, as much as possible. It was a lapse of judgement on her part when she struck up a conversation with the boy. It would have been easier, wiser even, had she just walked away without stopping. People tended to forget the faces of rude strangers stumbling across their toes as opposed to polite strangers helping them out. But on seeing him she couldn’t bring it in herself to act the part. 

Y/N cursed herself again as she stumbled in her cabin. Sinking wearily into the chair, she pulled the nearest sheaf of papers towards her. She would have to lie low for a while, make sure that her absence and the flow of time did away any traces of recognition from the boy’s mind. Sighing loudly, she read through the paperwork before signing a few and tearing away one or two. A head popped into her cabin, followed by the appearance of a smiling brunette. “Hello Miss Workaholic! Having a long day?” Y/N spared a glance from her work before giving up the day as one of the worse ones. “Abernathy”, she had acknowledged his presence but that didn’t mean she had to have a conversation with him. 

She continued staring at the application for an early release from detainment, not grasping a single letter of the 700 word document, hoping against hope that the man would just let her be. “Tough case?” Apparently not. “Not really.” Curtness and a calm demeanour was the key in such scenarios. “Care to join me for lunch? I was just about to pop out and was hoping you could join me. It’s a lovely day and you shouldn’t waste it cooped up in….” She cut him abruptly, “I’m sorry I can’t. As you can see I’m a bit busy at the moment. Paperwork does make the day long and it won’t complete by itself however much I charm my quills. They haven’t invented the artificial intelligence ones yet I’m afraid.” To hell with calmness, today was just not her day! 

Abernathy gave her a disappointed look before saying, “Well another time I suppose. Oh by the way, Director Graves wanted to see you.” He casually mentioned that as if they were discussing the weather, the oaf! “And you are telling me now! I better see what he wants…” Y/N closed the file before exiting the cabin, Abernathy in tow. “I thought you were popping out for lunch?” She questioned her unwanted companion as he tagged along. He came to a stop as if remembering it suddenly, “Why yes. I..I shall be going then?” He questioned as if seeking permission. But Y/N had long since disappeared, his question echoing emptily across the hallway. 

Y/N hurried towards the upper echelons of MACUSA hoping against hope that she hadn’t made the Director of Magical Security wait for too long. She wondered whether she had unwittingly jinxed herself in the morning or got up on the wrong side of the bed. Or perhaps it was the neighbour’s pet Kneazle crossing her path with a pointed hiss. Mr Smith had always envied her for bagging the road side apartment (something about better natural light) and she wouldn’t put it past him to rub some bad luck potion on his pet in the off chance that it stumbled across her. All in all, the day was going down in the dumps by the looks of it.

When she knocked and entered Percival Graves’ posh cabin, this theory was further bolstered. He was staring at her with a stormy expression, rubbing his temples in a weary manner. “I had hoped you would reach here the moment I called upon you. Tardiness is unbefitting of an Auror of your stature.” His voice was low and razor sharp, cutting the air with the accuracy of a newly sharpened blade. Donning her best professional visage, Y/N answered in a voice smooth as silk, “My apologies Director Graves. I just returned from observing the targets you had assigned me and when I received the message from Mr Abernathy, I came immediately.”

Her boss stared at her, taking her words in and making her uncomfortable under his intense scrutiny. When he spoke, his voice dropped an octave as if distancing himself from the room they were occupying, “Ms Y/L/N I presume that you are not keeping any written accounts of this assignment?” This had been one of the conditions for accepting the case and had made Y/N’s spine tingle with unease. Undocumented missions ensured the highest amount of confidentiality, but at the same time there was a danger of increased responsibility on the Auror. The Director could very well wash his hands off in case things went awry and Y/N would be stuck in inquiries faster than you could say Protego, with no real means of an escape. 

“Yes sir” she answered him, maintaining the façade of calmness. “Good. Though it isn’t a matter of grave concern at the moment, it is imperative on your part that you keep a close eye on them without anyone knowing what you are up to.” She nodded once, showing her acquiescence. “Y/N” he called out. She was thrown off guard by the casual manner in which he addressed her. So very unlike the strict, no nonsense man known as Percival Graves. “You are a valued part of the MACUSA, your skills are unparalleled even amongst our best on field Aurors. You were top of your class and it is a privilege that you chose to work with us instead of your native Ministry of Magic. You will definitely go places.”

Y/N swelled with pride at the praise but a tingle of worry skittered across her conscious. There was something wrong with this. “Thank you, Sir. It’s an honour…” “However, you should be careful of the path upon which you tread. A careless mistake and it could cost you your career. I would be sorry if you followed into the footsteps of Ms Goldstein.” His eyes bore into her, considering her the way a hunter may look upon his prey. The nerve of this man! He was openly threatening her as if she were in the wrong! Steeling herself Y/N replied, “I assure you Sir that something like that will never happen as long as I’m on this case.” She stared into brown eyes, a challenge in her gaze. “Very well. I will expect the usual verbal report the next time you find anything of note.” Noting the unspoken dismissal, Y/N gave a curt nod before excusing herself out of the room.

She hurried towards the sanctuary of her cabin. The moment she entered it, she locked the door, put a muffling charm on the room and extracted the tiny pair of floral earrings from her ears. Setting them on her desk, she waved her wand in the air carefully but nothing happened. She gave a sigh of relief, atleast she was free from worrying about any external unwanted snooping. She then tapped the earrings carefully, a muttered incantation under her breath. The earrings sputtered for a moment before echoing in a voice frighteningly similar to the Director of Magical Security, “I would be sorry if you followed into the footsteps of Ms Goldstein.“ 

Y/N let out a breath that she didn’t know she was holding. Who knew learning to enchant everyday items that could record her magical lectures would one day help her in this manner? Graves may have thought himself too brilliant to hoodwink, but she had a few tricks up her sleeve. Slipping on the earrings again, Y/N’s mind went over the conversation once again. Her intuition had been correct. Something about the Barebones was making Graves anxious, so much that he went to the length of threatening her to ensure that the case went smoothly. The picture was too hazy to discern any meaning from currently. But Y/N vowed that she wouldn’t rest till she got to the bottom of this.

A/N: Hah, this was supposed to be a one shot. Though turning it into a series doesn’t seem that bad of an idea. This is a filler chapter, where I’m setting the scene for the oncoming plot. Hope you guys liked my first venture into the fbawtft universe. Please excuse any typos and let me know how you found it. Gif credits to the owner. ~mystical reading nerd

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A/N: So this was not requested, I just wanted to write it. It was inspired by the ever amazing @bookofreid, who sometimes whips out stories like these.

I am aware that love or a relationship doesn’t always magically fix everything. But right now, I’d like to hope that I can one day find a Spencer Reid to give me the excitement to get out of bed. 

Spencer Reid walked into her life when she was at her lowest. She was merely existing, her whole body feeling like an empty shell, numb to all feeling.

Spencer saw her from across a coffee shop, and observed how she smiled at strangers, although she became expressionless and lost in her own thought when she believed that no one was looking. When she made eye contact with him, she grinned, and he found himself entranced. Every day he returned to that coffee shop, making a detour from his work so that he could begin his day with her smile engrained into his mind.

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Every Time : Derek Morgan x Reader

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“You know what, Derek? Why don’t we just have a night in?” You suggest after a long day of work for him. Both of you had originally planned on going out for a fancy dinner date together but ordering in sounded just as good if you two got to spend time together. He tosses his jacket on to the back of a chair and rubs his temples before joining you on the couch.

“That sounds perfect, sweetheart. I’m sorry about not going out tonight, there was just a tough case today,” he admits, joining you on the couch in the living room.

“And I understand that, it’s just dinner. We can make it up again some other time.” You grab your phone off the coffee table and dial up the Chinese place down the street, asking for your usual order before hanging up. “20 minutes.”

“I am a lucky guy, (Y/N),” Derek says, pulling you on to his lap.

“I think that I’m luckier than you, considering I’m sitting on a god-like being,” you laugh, leaning into his shoulder. He just smiles and grabs the remote to turn on some random show. Derek pulls you into him with is muscular arms, holding you tightly. You start to get a little bored of the show and decide to have a little fun, considering it was date night. You throw one of your legs over Derek’s lap and start to kiss his neck lightly. 

“Oh, baby,” Derek gasps. Hearing him do that immediately made you smirk. “You know this is how we get in trouble.”

“I know, but as long as we keep quiet we’ll be okay,” you say before kissing him roughly. You can feel Derek smile into the kiss and tug you closer to him. He flips you so your back is against the seat of the couch, lightly peppering your neck with kisses. “You should have a long day more often if this is the Derek I get at home.”

“We should just do this all the time, no matter the circumstances,” Derek smirks. He goes back to kissing you warmly as your hands roam over the muscles on his back. As your hands make their way to the waistband of his pants, the doorbell rings.

“Every time,” you laugh halfheartedly. “Maybe we need a new delivery place that’s further away.”

(Request: can you write a smut imagine where Spencer and the reader sleep together for the first time?)

Show: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Warnings: (Fluffy) smut


You chuckled at your boyfriend’s story, lifting your glass of red wine up to your lips. You were having a quiet ‘date night’ in Spencer’s apartment.

You and Spencer had been going out for a three months ever since you both bumped into each other at a coffee shop. You had backed into him by accident, knocking his book and struck up conversation when you realised he was reading Vonnegut. His face had lit up and he asked you if you wanted to sit with him.

You had fallen for him. Hard. You had realised the extent of your feelings when he had knocked on your door in the middle of the night after a particularly tough case. The UnSub had taken a kid as leverage but before Spencer managed to reprimand the UnSub, the child died. Spencer had blamed himself and, without thinking, had drove to your house needing to see you. You sat up with him all night, comforting him, letting cry his frustrations out. It was then that you realised you loved the profiler.

You loved everything about him. You loved how his whole face lit up when he started talking about something he was passionate about. You loved how his mouth quirked whenever he was happy or just in thought. You loved how much he cared for his mom and the team. You loved his quirks. You loved him.

You had gotten caught up in your thoughts and didn’t realise you were staring. Spencer noticed, his lips forming a small smile as he just looked at you deep in thought.

“(Y/N), you okay? You haven’t said anything in about three minutes.”

You were brought back to reality. “Yeah. No, I-” you shook your head. “I’m good. Better than good, actually.”

Spencer licked his lips nervously, placing his glass of wine down on the table. “I’ve been meaning to tell you something.”

“Oh God, you’re not breaking up with me, are you?” you joked quietly but inside you were freaking out.

“No! No, I wouldn’t dream of it.” Spencer reassured you.

You breathed a small sigh of relief. “What’s wrong, Spence?” you squeezed his knee comfortingly.

He looked down at the floor, his eyebrows scrunching together - something you noticed he only did when he was he anxious. “You’re one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. You’re beautiful and caring and incredibly smart…”

Your heart leapt.

Spencer looked up at you. “I’ve never… I’ve never said this and meant it this much before. But (Y/N), I-I love you. I’m in love with you.”

You leaned forward, pecking him on the lips. “Oh, Spence. I love you, too.”

He flashed you a wide, relieved smile before cupping your face and kissing you. The kiss started off sweet before heating up. Your hand reached up and tangled itself in his hair, occasionally tugging. You broke apart, your lips attacking his defined jaw and neck.

“Spence, I don’t want to pressure you into anything you don’t want to do.” You breathed against his neck.

In the three months of your relationship, you had never slept together yet. It was hard to get some alone time when his phone could ring with a case at any given minute. You knew he was timid when it came to sex and things regarding sex.

“I want to. Believe me, I want you.” Spencer tilted your head to look at him before bringing your lips to his again. His hands ran up and down your arms, his fingers slowly pushing the straps of your dress down.

Your hands busied themselves with opening his buttons as he slowly inched your dress off your body. You pulled the shirt from his body, your fingers trailing along his subtle muscles before unbuckling his belt.

Gripping your waist, he lifted you up, holding you tightly to him as he carried you to the bedroom. Placing you gently on the bed, he speeded the process along by stepping out of his trousers himself.

Hovering over you, Spencer kissed your neck. His lips trailed down to kiss your cleavage, his fingers fumbling with your bra.

“(Y/N)…” he mumbled against your skin.

You got the message and arched your back, aiding him.

Casting your bra aside, he continued his trail of kisses down your body until he reached your panties. Kissing your heat through the fabric, his fingers inched your lacy underwear off you.

Feeling his boxers tighten, Spencer quickly rid himself of the restricting cotton, licking his lips in anticipation. He reached into his bedside table, pulling out a silver packet before taking a few moments to roll the condom on his member.

Turning his attention back to you, he whispered, “If I hurt you, please tell me.”

You reached up to caress his cheek.“ You could never hurt me.”

Leaning down, Spencer kissed you again, this time entering you. You hissed at the initial contact making him stop suddenly. You quickly nodded your head, reassuring him and he continued his thrust.

Giving you a few moments to adjust, he began quickening his pace. Clutching at his shoulders, your head rolled back on the pillow in pleasure.

Neither of you needed to talk. You both just enjoyed the sensations that only the other one could give you.

You felt your release coming. “Spencer…” you breathed.

Spencer thrusted faster, your hips bucking to meet his. You rode out your climax, his name slipping from your lips as euphoria took over. The sight of you climaxing sent Spencer over the edge, his head lowering into your neck as his thrusts became sloppier.

“(Y/N)..” he exclaimed as he came, his thrusts slowing until they eventually stopped.

For a few moments, the both of you just lay there. A light layer of sweat covering your bodies, strands of Spencer’s hair tickling your neck.

Placing a gentle kiss on your neck, he pulled out of you, careful not to hurt you. He wrapped an arm around you, pulling you closer to him.

“I love you, (Y/N).” his lips mumbled against your hair.



Pairing: ReaderXDerek

Request: Hey chickadee!! I was wondering if I could get a Morgan x reader imagine?? Where it’s been a really tough case and the reader decides to take a nap and when she awakes she pretends she’s still asleep and everyone is giving Derek advice on how to ask you out and how it’s so obvious he likes you and he’s blushing and everything and then when your eyes are still closed you say “For gods sakes Derek pick me up at 8!” Or something and then fluff? And Garcia wants you two together?

DISCLAIMER: I used to write on a shared multi-fandom imagines blog and I wrote several Criminal Minds imagines that I wanted to bring onto my own Criminal Minds blog. This imagine is my own and it was written by me even though it was first posted to a different blog. I hope you enjoy :)

“Statistically you have a very high chance in her saying yes.” you heard Reid’s voice speak as your brain slowly awoke from your nap, your eyes still shut and your body still unmoved since you first laid down an hour ago.

You and everyone else were at a dead end, the case of the two women murdered and one missing was going cold and the clock was running out of time, so you had taken a nap in hopes of having a fresh perspective when you awoke. However rather than a fresh perspective now you had curiousity running through your mind. The only four in the room were you, Penelope, Spencer, and Derek who had all been camped out there for the past two days. You knew Reid was most likely talking to Derek but about what you weren’t sure.

“Yeah, and what makes my chances so statistically high boy genius?” Derek’s deep voice asked.

“She’s dated men who are very similar to you personality and looks wise in the past and you appeal to her much more than anyone else in the office.” Reid explained. You suddenly knew what they were talking about. They were talking about you.

“Also it’s so obvious you like her and she flirts back.” you heard Penelope chime in. “And I really want you two to become a thing because you would make beautiful angelic faced children and since she’s my roommate I would be able to hear about everything and then proceed to live vicariously through her with every juicy detail.” she spoke in a long and strung out sentence, almost gasping for air afterwards. There was only silence which meant that Derek and Reid were giving Penelope one of their classic ‘what?’ looks. “What? Can’t blame a girl for wanting to know everything about a relationship.”

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“I haven’t even asked her out yet, there is no relationship.” Derek defended in hopes of calming Penelope’s vast imagination.

“Then ask her out and make it a relationship.” Penelope said eagerly.

“It’s strange, for such a masculine person why do you fear asking out (Y/N) so much?” Reid asked, now his own gears spinning as he thought of what a relationship between you and Derek would be like.

“Because, (Y/N) is a beautiful, intelligent, sweet, and amazing person. If I mess up with her I lose her and losing her would be so much worse than staying friends forever with her.” Derek sighed, his voice low. You couldn’t hear everything anymore. You sat up and rubbed your eyes as if you had just awoken before stretching out your legs and standing up.

“How was your nap sleeping beauty?” Penelope asked, forcing her eyes off of Derek who was looking down at a pile of papers, slightly embarrassed by his sensitive side coming out and showing to Penelope and Reid.

“Good.” you smiled before walking over to Derek. You put your hand on his shoulder and leaned in, giving him a soft kiss on the cheek. “Pick me up at 8.” you whispered in his ear before turning around and walking over to your paper covered desk. You ignored Penelope and Reid looking at you, Reid with his mouth dropped open and Penelope with a large smile on her face.

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Can I request an imagine with Luke where the reader who worked at the bau with the others but is on maternity leave brings their 3 year old baby girl for a surprise visit and the team gushes over their baby and Matt meets the daughter for the first time? Please and thank you!

Gosh, thank you so much for this request! I’m already loving Matt Simmons (especially his relationship with Luke). So, this was so much fun to write! I did change it though so Luke’s baby is a newborn, it just flowed better with the storyline. Enjoy <3

A Surprise Visit

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Luke Alvez x Reader
Prompt: Request
Warning: SPOILERS for Season 13

Description: A surprise visit from your baby girl brings a lot of happiness to the BAU.

It had been two months since the death of Stephen Walker. Yet, every day at the BAU felt like a struggle. Having to glance at his empty desk every time they entered the doors placed a heavy weight on them all.

It hadn’t helped that, since returning from their short break, the cases had been more difficult than ever before. Being another team member down due to your maternity leave only exacerbated the situation. Not to mention that Luke had become increasingly distracted, clearly missing you and his baby whilst he was halfway across the country.

Everyone was sympathetic to the downtrodden agent, trying their best to keep his spirits up. Even Garcia had made an effort to ensure he received regular updates, including adorable videos and photos, on your baby girl.

But, not even their best efforts could make him feel better about being separated from his new family.

It was a particularly bad day when they had all trudged back to Quantico after a horrific case that had resulted in the loss of hostage. The mood was solemn the entire flight home and you had been able to pick up on their upset just through Luke’s texts alone. He usually sent long messages detailing the case, how much he had missed you, asking about ‘his favourite girls’ and how he couldn’t wait to get home. So, it was strange that he only sent a brief text informing you that the jet would be landing in two hours.

As you glanced over at your daughter sleepily soundly in her carrier, you had immediately called Garcia to tell her you would be popping into the office. Although being at home trying to cope with the demands of a newborn as well as your own recovery from childbirth was challenging, you felt slightly guilty that Luke had been the one to return back to work.

You knew he feared missing out on precious time with his daughter and he would have given anything to be at home with the two of you. So, the least you could do was welcome him back properly.

Luke always been considerate of you but, since the birth of your child, he had been more attentive than ever. He had spent the entire month off following Stephen’s death at home with you, helping your through the late stages of your pregnancy. A smile crossed your face at the memory of him painting the nursery and giving you a relaxing foot massage as the two of you lay on the couch.

It had been exactly what you both needed, time to recover and heal together. The birth of your daughter had been the perfect way to end the month, Luke holding your hand through the entire labour (he still claimed that his hand had sustained lasting damage) and being by your side to welcome your baby Sofia into the world.

The joy the two of you felt seemed like it would last forever. But, the break had ended much too soon. Luke had barely had the chance to settle into family life before he had to get back to the BAU. His guilt was evident, often crawling home late to whisper his apologies to you. It broke your heart to see his face fall in disappointment as you told him Sofia was already asleep.  Luke had been so determined to be the best father he could be to his little girl and you just knew he was gutted about not being able to be there to soothe her cries.

“Oh my goodness! She is just a bundle of overwhelming cuteness.” Garcia squealed quietly, fawning over the sleeping baby in your arms.

You laughed softly, seeing the way the bubbly blonde’s eyes lit up around your daughter was always amusing to watch.

“Seriously, how did Newbie manage to create this treasure?” She whispered, gently tracing her little cheek with her finger. “She’s definitely all you Y/N.”

You bit your lip to conceal a grin. Apparently, the banter and bickering between her and Luke was still as present as ever. Before you could respond to her comment, your eyes brightened as you saw the rest of the team filter through the glass doors.

Almost immediately, Luke’s eyes met yours. He did a double take, grinning in bewilderment as he quickly ran towards the meeting room.

“What are you doing here?” He asked quietly, pressing a light kiss on your lips – careful not to disturb your sleeping daughter. A gentle smile broke out across his face as he bent down to caress her tiny hand. She gripped onto his finger tightly and Garcia sighed dreamily at the cuteness of the scene.

“We thought we would surprise you.”

You shifted slightly, carefully passing your daughter over to him as the rest of the team filtered into the room. The adoring look on Luke’s face as he gently rocked Sofia in his arms caused them to smile brightly, overjoyed to see their colleague reunited with his daughter. The former ranger had been surprisingly broody recently.

Luke cooed softly as he held your daughter close to his chest, her little hand still gripping onto his finger. She found his heartbeat comforting and you had lost count of how many times you had walked into the nursery to find the two of them fast asleep together, her lying on his chest.

Everyone smiled as they observed the sweet scene. The fact that the tough FBI agent completely melted over the sight of his baby girl moved even Garcia.

Luke grinned up at you, happiness etched across his face as he murmured his thanks to you for the ‘best surprise ever’. You just laughed softly as the rest of team began to gush over their surprise visitor. They were all so thrilled to see Sofia, intently watching her sleep peacefully in Luke’s arms as if she were an engrossing movie. After an exceedingly tough case, seeing such innocence really helped them.

Rossi came over to embrace you, placing a kiss on your cheek as he muttered a greeting.

“It’s nice to have you back even if it’s only temporary.” He told you, tapping your cheek affectionally. “You’re looking even more incredible than usual. Motherhood suits you.”

“I wouldn’t say that. I’m fairly certain I still have baby powder on my pants.” You laughed softly, shaking your head. “But, I figured that it’s never too early for her first visit to the BAU.”

You grinned as your gaze fell upon Spencer who was peering over Luke’s shoulder, his eyes bright with happiness as he watched your daughter squirm. He was completely smitten with her, but was slightly fearful of accepting Luke’s offer to hold her. She just looked so tiny and delicate.

“This will be you one day.” JJ laughed softly, nudging the Spencer encouragingly as he reached forward to stroke your daughter’s cheek. She met your eyes and smiled knowingly. The two of you knew how great Spencer would be as a father.

“We’re so happy you dropped in.” Prentiss exclaimed, pulling you into a warm embrace. “And, don’t worry about us here. We’ll be fine. Take all the time you need off.” She told you kindly, well-aware that you had felt a little guilty about leaving them another agent down.

“It’s great to see you.” Tara smiled as she watched JJ tenderly hold Sofia’s hand. “You’ve really cheered Luke up…God, he really is so sweet with her.” She murmured, grinning as Luke bounced your daughter gently in his arms – her small hands moving to trace his face. He looked so proud as everyone fawned excitedly over her little movements.

You smiled at them, glad to have been able to bring a little happiness into the office.

“What’s it been like here? How’s Matt?” You asked curiously, eager to find out about the BAU’s newest recruit. You and Matt had established a good friendship over the years, so you had been pleased to hear about his appointment.

“He’s been great.” Prentiss replied, patting you gently on your shoulder. “He’ll be so happy to see you.”

Before you could enquire as to his whereabouts, he entered the meeting room – a bright grin plastered on his face.

“Garcia texted to say that we had two very special visitors in.”

“Hi, you!” You exclaimed, pulling him into a hug which he reciprocated immediately. Even as the BAU’s most recent addition, he could sense the impact your absence was having on the team. Plus, he was always delighted to see you.

As you pulled away, his eyes swept over you – taking in the radiant glow of your skin and bright smile.

“You look beautiful.” He told you sincerely. He couldn’t believe that you had only given birth four weeks ago.

“I may be preoccupied, but I’m still in the room. Stop hitting on my girlfriend Simmons.” Luke quipped playfully, grinning at his fellow agent as he continued to gently rock Sofia.

A soft murmur of laughter filled the room at his comment. You smiled as your saw Matt’s eyes drift down to the bundle Luke was carefully cradling in his arms, his eyes softening at the sight of your daughter.

“Is this her?” He asked in amazement as he walked over to the pair. A wide grin crept across his face as he stroked her face tenderly, feeling her soft breaths.

Luke smiled at him. “Matt meet Sofia.” He shifted slightly in order to transfer his baby girl into Matt’s arms, grinning at the way her little arms moved as she stirred.

She gurgled slightly in protest at being moved from her father’s arms. You smiled to yourself, Sofia was already a total daddy’s girl and Luke was completely wrapped around her little finger.

Matt rocked her gently, instantly calming her. He had two young daughters himself, so he knew all the best techniques to soothe babies.

“There, there.” He whispered softly, smiling as she relaxed into his arms.

“Oh God, that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” Garcia muttered under her breath, clutching at her heart. You didn’t miss the exasperated look Luke shot her, biting your lip to prevent your laughter.

“She’s going to be heartbreaker this one.” Matt told you quietly.

Luke wrapped a strong arm around your waist as he pressed a tender kiss to your temple. Everyone laughed as a gentle murmur of chatter filled the room. The happiness was almost contagious and it seemed strange to think that just hours earlier they had been completely downtrodden.  

You outstretched your arms as Matt handed Sofia back over to you, pecking your cheek and murmuring his congratulations before pulling away to talk to Luke. You rocked your daughter in your arms as you carried her over to see Emily and Tara. Her two ‘aunts’ fussing over her as she stirred sleepily.

Luke and Matt stood side by side as your boyfriend stared at you, not able to take his eyes off the two of you. There was something about watching you hold his baby that he found truly amazing. He couldn’t keep the wide grin off his face as he watched you coo reassurances to Sofia.

“You’ve already prepared yourself for when she starts dating?”

Luke glanced up at Matt, a knowing smirk appearing on his face as he chuckled softly. “Ever since we found out she was a girl Simmons.”

Matt grinned, nodding to his fellow agent before clapping him on the back. “I did the same for my two girls.”