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Zodiac Signs: One-Liners

Aries: In the morning, I begin again.
Taurus: Safety is a place only in my mind.
Gemini: You can have all of me, not half of me.
Cancer: Listen to what I don’t say.
Leo: Tough luck babe, your loss.
Virgo: As long as it takes
Libra: I forget myself sometimes.
Scorpio: I’ve drowned a thousand times.
Sagittarius: I like feeling lost.
Capricorn: The pain will feel normal.
Aquarius: Everything disappoints me
Pisces: I feel it all.

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imagine Daisy gets hurt, right, and Robbie is yelling at her because he's freaking out, but Daisy just grins/winces/grimaces at him and says "It was a calculated risk - I just forgot that I'm really bad at math" 😅 thoughts?

Robbie understands that Daisy’s job can be risky and dangerous (they’re both superheroes, he gets it), but he absolutely hates it when she makes stupid, unnecessary risks. She’s tough, but she’s not invincible.

One time Daisy jumps in the way of a bullet that was aimed for Robbie. It hits her in her shoulder and she goes down hard. They have to bail on the mission as Robbie carries her back to the Quinjet. She’s so pale from blood loss, she looks on the verge of death. Robbie is able to stop the bleeding, but he is still upset. He paces around, cursing throughout the whole ride back to the base.

“It’s okay, Robbie.” Daisy winces but still manages to smile. “It was a calculated risk… I just forgot that I’m really bad at math.”

Robbie growls and throws his chain across the jet. “Dammit, Daisy, this isn’t funny!”

“Robbie, I’ll be fine.” She explains. “Once we get back to the Playground and they stitch me up, we can get back out there and nab those guys.”

“Daisy, this isn’t about the mission.You shouldn’t have risked yourself for me.” He says, running a hand through his hair. “I can heal, you could have been killed!”

“But I didn’t, so who cares?!”

“I care!”

They’re both silent, staring at each other for what seems like eternity. Robbie slowly sits down next to her. 

“I care about you, Daisy.” He lets out a bitter laugh. “Somehow, I’ve grown to care about you a lot. And seeing you like this, because of me, I …” Robbie hangs his head.

Daisy grimaces as she reaches out and places a hand on his knee. “I care about you, too.” She says. “And when I saw that gun pointed at you … I guess my instincts just took over.”

Robbie puts his hand over hers. He raises his head. "Please, don’t risk yourself for me ever again, because I … I can’t lose you.“

Daisy stares into his eyes. They are filled with as much gentle warmth as his touch. “You won’t.” She promises and seals it with a kiss.

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“If I kiss you once it’ll only make me want a hundred more.” Luke?


Recently, you and Luke had been making a habit of ending up on the lumpy couches in the various green rooms prior to any shows. It was a versatile piece of furniture; you both could become comfortably tangled together during a nap, say upright to listen to Luke strum a few random songs, or simply laughing away from a few gentle touches against the ribcage where each of you were ticklish.

“Luke, seriously I’ll end up kicking you if you keep tickling me.” Your threat was hardly intimidating since your cheeks were flushed pink from laughter, and your hair a bit frayed around from scrambling to get out of his reach.  Luke smiled at the response, wiggling his fingers in the air as though he was about to continue, but surprising you he merely engulfed his long frame on top of you, leaving you laughing when he went limp. “I can’t breathe.” You feigned, fingers finding their way into his wavy locks of blonde hair. 

“That’s tough, babe.” You rolled your eyes as he stifled a lame chuckle against your shoulder. He rolled his face onto the side of his cheek, glancing upwards at you, his smile ever evident. “I can’t think of someone who’s cheeks look as good as yours when you’re blushing like that.” 

“I don’t like looking like a cherry, you know? It’s kind of embarrassing.” Luke scoffed indignantly, and used a hand to cup your face, thumb gliding slowly along skin he enjoyed kissing. 

“I don’t know, I think it’s cute. Makes me want to kiss you.” You glanced down at the familiar boy, half of your mouth curved into a smile at the gentleness of his voice. “In fact,” Luke began, propping himself up on his elbows, as you did nothing to stop the close proximity he began to put between your lips and his. Though they never met, as the door cascaded open and the tour manager called out that there was fifteen minutes until showtime. 

“Smooth.” You giggled as Luke pouted from the interruption. He then rolled his eyes, about to push himself right back towards your lips, before you now became an obstacle by pushing your hands against his shoulders. “No, stop. If I kiss you once it’ll only make me want a hundred more.” Luke’s eyes seemed to sparkle at the the prospect, but he didn’t push further, instead sitting upright on the couch beside you. 

“That doesn’t sound like a bad thing.” He admitted with a smile and a shrug. The two of you cast your eyes to the now open doorframe as Calum and Michael passed by telling Luke to hurry and save it for later. “I’m gonna see my girl in the crowd tonight, right?” 

“Of course.” You smiled as you turned to look back at him. Having not expected Luke to be as close to you as expected, you nearly stuttered backwards, but his hand caught you and tug you forward for the long kiss he felt he needed before the show starts.

“Sorry to make you want a hundred more, but I’ll pay up afterwards, angel.” 

Realizations || Alex - Part 1

AN: I’ll be using the pronouns she/her for Alex on this first part, because she’s still figuring herself out, and hasn’t given pronouns a thought yet.

Also, shout out to @queergirlwriting for being so inspiring!

Coming to terms with her sexuality hadn’t exactly been easy, but Alex thought that it had gone well enough and she knows how lucky she is to have so many special people in her life who were nothing but supportive of her.

But most of those people simply accepted her, while Maggie knew exactly what she was going through. “Read up on LGBT+ issues, it’ll be good, Danvers. You’ll see that you aren’t the only one who’s going through all this. You aren’t alone.” Maggie had said, making Alex roll her eyes.

“I know that, Maggie, you’re here. I’m not alone.” she had replied.

“I know, babe, but you need to know that there’s an entire community out there who will support you. You might not feel like it now, but you need more than one person as your safe-net, okay?”

Alex had crossed her arms and huffed stubbornly. “I’m gay, Maggie, I know there are a bunch of other people like me out there… J-Just look at how big our Pride Parade is…”

Maggie had mirrored Alex’s stance, crossing her arms, and narrowing her eyes at her girlfriend. “Okay… But being part of this community is more than just being gay, lesbian, or bi. Babe,” Maggie sighed, “You lived your entire life trying to fit in a box, and now you’re just starting to peek out of it. There’s a whole world of concepts and issues that you probably haven’t even heard of, okay? Just- just read up, educate yourself, and I guarantee you’ll find clarity for things you hadn’t even given too much thought about, alright??”

Reluctantly, Alex had nodded in agreement.

And that’s how she had found herself up until four AM, three nights in row, reading up on sexuality and gender. It felt good; some stories had made Alex cry, others had filled her with hope and joy, and she really did feel a connection with people she had never even met.

A couple of months had passed since then; life had been going as well as you could expect when you deal with bad guys and evil organizations on a daily basis, but everything was worth it, because Alex got to go home to Maggie every night.

“Tough day, babe?” Maggie asked, handing Alex a glass of wine, and giving her a sweet kiss.

Alex kissed Maggie back, and gladly accepted the drink. “Just the usual stuff.” she said, trying to shrug it off.

“C’mon, Ally, you know you can tell me anything.” Maggie said with a smile, but it soon disappeared when she saw Alex frowning at her. “What? Did something really bad happen?” She was getting worried.

“Uh…no… you just…” Alex worried her bottom lip, trying to make sense of her discomfort. “You just…y-you called me Ally…”

Maggie tilted her head, frown still in place, “You don’t like it?”

“I…” God, why was she being so annoying about a nickname? Alex mentally chastised herself, but her stomach had dropped at the new name, and that feeling was just too damn familiar… “It just… It makes me feel the same way when my mother calls me Alexandra… I’m sorry, Maggie, I’m just being a pain. Forget I sai-”

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Dating Cedric would include...


A/N Gifs not mine. Requests are open. This was requested. ||  Masterlist

literally probs the shittest thing i’ve ever wrote im sorry guys :/// 


  1. He would walk you to your class, the majority of the time. The only exception is if he had a class on the other side of the school & he didn’t have time. A small peck once reaching your class, before leaving for his own.
  2. Plenty of hugs from behind. Cedric towers over majority of people, although there isn’t too much of a difference; he still loves wrapping his arms around your waist, leaning around to either peck your cheek or neck.
  3. Every now and then, you’d have an adrenaline rush, daring to do stupid tasks. He’d be there, trying to pull you away from things he thought was too dangerous; eventually, he learnt to just let you do your thing.
  4. Even convincing him to engage in a few ‘daring’ activities. His definition of daring was a little tamer than yours. Running past Flinch and Snape’s office as many times as you could. “I’m gonna regret this, ain’t I?” “You bet your ass you will.” 
  5. Cedric was really the only person that could calm you down when raged.  Cedric was very soothing and caring, he knew exactly what way to hold you and soothe the rage.
  6. Who was little spoon would change every day. He’d love to wrap himself around you, whispering sweet nothings into your ear. But some days, he’d need the protection and care of being the little spoon. 
  7. If he was having a rough day, you’d lay on your side, whilst he’ll lay with his head on your chest, arms reaching to your lower back. You’d run your fingers through his hair. 
  8. One of both his favourite memories is after an, what seemed like, an insanely long time without rain, it randomly started to rain heavy. It was towards the end of the day, you had dragged Cedric out to go dance and stand in the rain. 
  9. After almost twenty minutes, four pouring in the rain movie kisses and him complaining about his hair twice; you finally decided to go back inside. Where several other students sat, absolutely soaked too. 
  10. You weren’t too big on PDA, some days you’d be sitting close to each other, constant kisses, hands on thighs. But other days, you’d sit further apart and little to no PDA; but neither of you mind. It’s a good balance.
  11. There was plenty of flowers in the Hufflepuff common room, Cedric would always grab a flower every now and then. You’d either weave it into your scarf or necklace, or just bobby pin it in your hair. 
  12. Sometimes, you’d walk to the Hufflepuff common room in the early morning; so when the sun rose, you and Cedric would lay next to each other in the common room. 
  13. Cedric wasn’t too much of a banter person, but occasionally you’d be able to have a banter-fest. “At least I don’t have to use a stool to see the mirror.” “At least I don’t have a stupid face.” “God, I love you.” 
  14. Sneaking off during Quidditch games, to explore the outskirts of the forbidden forest, or sit in/near the lake. Or just generally explore places of Hogwarts neither of you has been too before.
  15. Literally being Hogwarts power couple. A daring but compassionate Gryffindor and a cocky, kind Hufflepuff. Slytherins and Ravenclaws kept their distance but fellow house members of yours knew better.


  1. He’d love seeing you in his house colours. Cedric would be rather proud when he saw you strutting around with your Ravenclaw and his Hufflepuff scarf on. You’d often put yellow bows or pins in your hair too. 
  2. When you were overwhelmed and stressed after quite a few hours of studying, as tiredness and desperation sank in; Cedric would be the one to edge you on to keep on, and not to give up. He’d constantly help keep your head level so you can achieve your aspirations. 
  3. Chasing one another through grass, that resulted in stitches and grass burn. Or you’d chase one another until someone fell over. A bunch of tickle fights too, both of you could really be a child at heart sometimes.
  4. During exams, where you’d be cramming and stressing, forgetting about simple human needs (such as sleep, food, showering); Cedric would grab food from the kitchens before pulling you away from studying to eat.
  5. Always checking in with one another, making sure each other has eaten, got enough sleep, was doing fine mentally and emotionally. Passing in the corridors, “You doin’ okay love?” “Yeah, good. You doing good?” 
  6. Reading and studying together by the fireplace. You would either read or study whilst he’d work on homework or read. You’d cuddle whilst doing so; one night you fell asleep, Cedric carried you back into your dorm.
  7. Cedric taught you to see and be happy about the small things; that sometimes you need to forget about worries & stress and just to focus on how the clouds move or how the trees blow in the wind.
  8. Cedric always making sure that everyone knew you were his; it took a little while for your peers to realise Hufflepuffs can be vicious too. A new edition to the school was hitting on you hard, not taking no for an answer. Cedric was the one complaining how much his fist had hurt.
  9. A lot of pickup line competitions and flirting. Having a competition over who could come up with the most pun-filled, cheesy as pick up lines. The relationship was built on flirting and banter. 
  10. Fights didn’t last long; you’d be the one who would hold the grudge badly. After the fight ended, you’d go to separate corners, rethinking the argument. The record is 37 minutes before either one of you apologised.
  11. Always grabbing little small gifts for each other, either a flower or some drawing, once even a little paper crane. Just surprising each other with small little gifts all the time.
  12. Literally being the school’s OTP. You and Cedric were everyone’s couple goals; like everyone shipped you both together; a complete unstoppable, powerful couple. 
  13. Having movie nights every fortnight; his favourite was lighthearted romantic comedies and Disney films. You even convinced him to watch a horror once. 
  14. Once when Cedric was rather tired, he rambled on about the future he saw and wanted with you. It was absolutely adorable; with messy hair and his voice deeper than normal; “I’d bet you’d look amazing in a wedding dress baby.” 
  15. Always completely having each other’s backs, knowing exactly how to cheer one another up. Absolute unconditional love; lasting way past Hogwart years.


  1. Are you seriously pretending to be the stereotypical heartless Slytherin?” “Shut up.I’m a god of the darkness.” “You get scared during thunderstorms.” 
  2. Cedric is an absolute gentleman; picking random flowers for you, opening doors for you, “ladies first,” always complimenting you in the morning. Cedric was so grateful for you to be his.
  3. Always being there when you’re upset or just feeling down; often you’d ditch all classes and just lay in bed together. 
  4. Always wearing each other’s house colours. Swapping ties every now and then, wearing each other’s scarves. At first, people were just plain confused; but as further the relationship continued, more people took it another way.
  5. Having the most creative, cute, unique dates ever; going to kid playhouses, jumping in foam pits. Running around Hogwarts with a bunch of glue and googly eyes.
  6. Cedric forgetting the Slytherin common room password, he ended up locked out. You walked up to Cedric sitting near the entrance; in total defeat. “Need some help there babe?” 
  7. “It’s been so long since I saw you like I miss you so much.” “Hold on. It’s been exactly an hour and eleven minutes since you saw me, Cedric.” “But I missed you.” 
  8. Staying up way too late, getting each other opinions on literally anything.  Like such as if there are other planets with life, how cat’s communicate, their plans for life; literally whatever pops in you’re minds. 
  9. You’d often act as such a grump, but just completely melting whenever Cedric does the tiniest of things. How his eyes glisten in the sun, the look-at-the ground smile, his trail of sight when looking at you.
  10. Cedric is definitely the one who kills the spiders/bugs/inspects/evil beings for other planets in the relationship. You completely freaked out when a spider made its way into his dorm.
  11. “I thought Slytherins were meant to be all tough and badass, babe?” “IT’S OUT-EVILED ME.” “It’s a spider.” “KILL IT.” “You can get down from the desk now darling.” “ARE YOU SURE IT’S DEAD?” 
  12. Cedric literally being the only person who can absolutely cause you to be complete blushing, stumbling over words, short breath nervous. A few of your friends were absolutely shocked to see you in such a state.
  13. Baking a lot of stuff together; Cedric got you into baking. Either a baking session either ends in an absolute utter, massive food fight or you’d have enough baked goods to feed two and a half houses. 
  14. Cedric literally being the best carer and boyfriend when you fall ill. Plenty of blankets, movies and cuddles galore. Soup daily, cups of tea; despite saying he wouldn’t fall sick, he did in the end.
  15. Just generally being there for one another, whatever the need, knowing how to cheer one another up instantly, a loving, healthy relationship. Which is to die for, and everyone’s couple goals.


  1. Constant PDA. Always sitting as close as possible, arms around waists, little pecks along the neck or subtle hand kisses, fingers through hair, staring at the other while they talk. Absolutely filled with the cute, small PDA. 
  2. Although a few teachers, *cough* McGonagall *cough*, don’t really agree with the PDA; despite secretly shipping the both of you. Everybody secretly ships you.
  3. Always trying to outdo one another: who can eat more pancakes at breakfast, who could score more points in Quidditch. You and Cedric were always having playful competitions.
  4. The competition got really fierce during Quidditch matches; you were both of the team. He would pull his captain privileges before matches, trying to get a one up on you.
  5. “I’m literally already two minutes late to class, Cedric.” “Just ditch it, babe, I want more time with you.” “Surely you can survive an hour without me.” “Don’t think that’s happenin’ darl.” 
  6. Staying up all night to binge watch tv shows together. Having pillow fights if one of you watch an episode without the other. The shows ranged from post-apocalypse shows to absolute comedies. 
  7. Doing harmless, but stupid shit together. Cedric wasn’t the type who’d turn down a dare. “Go aggressively dance behind Snape, see how long till he notices.” “Oh, you’re on.” 
  8.  Cedric was rather romantic; he’ll plan the most thought out beautiful dates. Taking you through his hometown, stopping by places he thought you’d enjoy; viewing the stars on a warm summers night.
  9. Barely having any fights; communication was strong within the relationship; and if there was any problems or insecurities, both of you were comfortable enough to share it. 
  10. Cedric was surprisingly a semi-good singer. You’d often singer along to movie musicals together or dance/jump around either his or yours dorm room with music blasting.
  11. Helping each other remain focused on goals; whether it’ll be a grade in a specific subject or just general studying. You’d motivate one another, know each other’s limits. 
  12. “Do you think I’d survive the Hunger Games?” “Nah, you’d trust everyone.” “Offended. Truly. …. “You tend all your conflicts with pillow fights?” “You said I wouldn’t survive in the games.” “Well, it’s true Cedric.”
  13. Every now and then, you’d wear matching or corresponding clothing; purely just to annoy other students and a few teachers. Walking around with matching jean & flannel outfits, or wearing the same colour scheme.
  14. Cedric knowing what he wants and not being afraid to ask for it. Whether it’ll be your hand in public, a kiss before one of you leaves, to rant to you,  a hug - whatever really.
  15. He would go to great lengths, just to see you smile. Waking up twenty minutes earlier, just so he can take his time and pick you some flowers, or bring you a small snack. Being absolutely in love with one another. 
Just Some Thoughts on the Classics

Classic Sonic: Selective Mute, Possibly Shy, Precious Babe, Acts Cool, Loves Animals

Tiny Tails: Adorable Babe, Too Pure for this World, Little Pilot, Floofy

Mini Knux: Little Trickster, Baby Fists, Tough Guy Wannabe, Lonely Babe, Climber Supreme, Dedicste Guardian

Rosie Rascal: Pretty Babe, Cutie, Tarot Master, Pink Baby, Determined Crush, Needs More Screentime


Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You met, you clicked, you dated. Your relationship was public, but would your friend believe you? 

Word Count: 1916

Originally posted by yoonelle

Anticipation rose with every ring of the phone. It had been a week since you came back from your long vacation in South Korea, and in that whole week, you hadn’t been able to see your lovely boyfriend’s face. This video call was the first step into your new long distance relationship,

Suddenly his dimpled face pops up on the screen, “Babe!”  

You knew very limited Korean, but luckily the two of you could speak in English, “Joonie, I miss you so much!” You practically wanted to kiss the screen.

“Aw, me too babe. I miss you too. How’s college, everything okay?”

“Yeah, just got a whole paper due in like two days, no biggie. But what about…the announcement?” You and Namjoon had made sure to video chat today because the both of you knew that something big was going to be announced: your relationship.

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I’m sorry babe. I get that you’re mad. I didn’t do the dishes even though I promised I would. That’s on me. I played a bunch of Call of Duty when I should’ve been doing the dishes. That was stupid. Forgive me, babe? Love you, babe. You’re the best. Did you have a good day at work? Are you hungry? I feel like you’re hungry. How’s your blood sugar? Are you on the rag? Sorry. That was uncool of me. You can be mad without being on your period. Sorry. I’m trying, babe. It’s tough learning not to say and do all that toxic shit. I guess gender equality isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s a struggle for everyone. You know I’m trying though, right? Hey, can you drive me down to Jake’s place? We’re rehearsing tonight for the gig at open mic night on Friday. I know you just got in from work, babe. Sorry. I should have told you earlier. That’s on me. You know I suck at making plans. Can you? Trey was gonna do it but his car’s busted. Thanks babe. You’re the best. Love you.

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Sorry, I'm the anon that asked the Sans comfort thing, I didn't mean to be confusing or anything! ;_; Can I ask for Classic, Swap, Outertale and Bittybones please? Thank you so much!

Prompt: May I ask how the different Sans would comfort their S.O who suffered a huge amount of painfully crushing disappointment in a short space of time please?


Hey, he’s sorry to hear you’re going through a tough time, babe. Sometimes these things happen. The most you can do, he’s found, is one of two things: you can throw in the towel, or you can get up, brush yourself off, & try again. If he was you, he would have given up already. It’s easier that way. But one of the things he loves most about you is that you’ve never been the type to give up so easily. So don’t make him a liar, huh? Prove him right.


DATE-MATE!! You’ve been through a lot, he hates to hear that you’re suffering. He wants you to feel better, so!! He tells you a secret that he’s never told anybody else before. Even he, The Magnificent Sans, has faced rejection & disappointment!!! Yes, it is a shock, he knows. But, if he had the strength to stand tall, face the day, & know that things will eventually get better, he knows that you can too!! So just do what he does!! Believe in yourself!!!


Man, sometimes things really suck, huh? He understands if you need a little space (pun intended), but he wants you to know that he’s there if you need him. He’s got a lot to offer, after all. Friends, jokes, food, anything a SOUL in need of healing could want. & he makes sure to let you know that he’s willing to use these resources if it helps lift your spirits back up. What he’s really trying to say is, with everything he does, & everything he tells you, is that you’re not alone. Not with him around. So don’t forget it. 


He gets a lot cuddlier after hearing it. You like it when he’s close, he likes being close to you, & from the way things have been going, you really seem like you could use the affection. He makes a point to compliment you a lot more often, too, in the form of terrible pick-up lines & bad puns. There’s not a lot he can do, physically, being so small & all. But if he can remind you of all your good points (& you have many), then that’s enough of a victory for him.