TL; DR: If I had no bad luck, I’d have no luck at all

I bought my first S14 back in 2002, a used ‘98 SE model from Nissan of Fife/Tacoma WA, priced at 16k. I loved it. I would watch Best Motoring touge videos and dream of what I could do with it. I didn’t have much money but the car by itself in it’s stock form was fantastic. At the time I was working a mind numbing call center position at AT&T and an oppourtunity arose for unlimited overtime. Cingular was merging with AT&T and the queues were so high so they wanted people in, all the time. I figured, what the heck, let’s make things happen. For 4 months I worked 90 hours a week, eating the same mustard & ham sandwich combination every day, for 4 fucking months! I managed to save up 15k, needless to say I was ecstatic. I worked hard and it paid off, I could finally do something with my S14. I bought a front clip, bolt ons, suspension, wheels and a bunch of other stuff and now my s14 just needed some buttoning up and ready to go do some track events. At the time a lot of people were going to the PGP go kart track for drifting events , that was my goal, I wanted to get out there with them and do that.

 … but then, my parents saw my sudden influx of money and wanted 1k month for rent, I didn’t know any better, I didn’t know how much housing/apartments were, so I just did it, long story short things got rough, I couldn’t afford it. I was working overtime just to pay my parents, then my friend says hey you can move in with me. I decided I’d move out into my friends place. I picked up a second job and figured now’s my chance to start making moves again, but my money never seemed to really grow, I felt like I wasn’t making ends meet, I didn’t know what to do.

 I felt like I was doing something wrong, I’d drive down the street saying “look at all these houses, all these people were able to buy a home to live in, and here I am working all of my days away and can barely make it.” Thinking to myself that every one of those people was better than me, because even while working two jobs I can barely pay my bills. So I decide to push myself further, I figure I’m better at hard labor than I was at my contract IT positions, so I picked up an –>unpaid<– training opportunity.  I would train for 8 hours starting at 5am, unpaid, for 3 months. So for three months , I’d wake up in the morning and go to into a training class for 8 hours, after that I’d go work my 8 at the call center, after that I’d go do custodial duty at business complexes for 2-3 hours, after that I go home to try and get some sleep. I was working 3 jobs, getting paid for 2, and not making enough.

Three months later, I finish my training, top of my class, and now I wait and pray I get a phone call for the job. Months waiting, I finally get the call, I’m going to work at Boeing. I’m thinking this is it, this is where I make a career for myself. First day of orientation arrives, it’s at 6:00am, I wake up at 4:00am, I get ready, I walk into the parking lot and then bam, my car is missing, gone, forever, my car is gone. My roommate let’s me borrow their car for that day so I can get to work. All throughout the day I’m trying to get everything sorted out, for the next few weeks I’m going through all my transaction history to find purchase receipts for car parts and I find a bunch of random charges that I don’t understand. My ex girlfriend and my roommate from the looks ( crazy story ), had been using my bank information for paying off random bills and I never noticed it, the entire time I was working my ass off, I was paying their bills. I confront them, it’s a crazy situation, I debate on going to court. I think to myself, do I have time for this shit, do I have time for their shit, I’m trying to focus on my new job, the bank can help me even if I don’t know the source… I said fuck it, tell them to fuck off, I leave, I cut my losses, I get new credit cards, bank helps me out,  I move on.

 The situation sucks, I got no place to stay, I just quit my other 2 jobs so I can focus on this new job, and my fucking car is gone. Insurance from a stolen car doesn’t come for a long time. When you do get the money from a stolen car you, you forfeit ownership. If the car is found they will auction it and let you know when it’s auctioned but i never got the call.

 The earth cracked.

Now here we are, I’ve been at Boeing almost 9 yrs since I lost that car, I spent over a decade stuck on the idea of making my “perfect S14”, and it’s done now, I track it, I maintain it, I have a home for it, and I made some good friends along the way.

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Lots of fun yesterday. Got a few friends together and showed Garrett and Jake a couple of my favorite fun backroads, then we walked around a river a bit. Cruised up to Eagle Falls for a little while. Back down to Monroe for Mexican food, then over to Mukilteo beach to grab ice cream and catch the sunset.

M3: euroaficionado
EK: 90s-forever
S14: tougetough