Shoujo Kakumei Utena as a tabletop RPG Game

ANTHY (GM): Juri has sent your sword flying out of your reach and is about to cut your rose.

UTENA: Wait, where will my sword land?

ANTHY: Roll a D20

*Natural 20*

ANTHY: Your sword falls near Juri cutting her rose from her chest.

UTENA: Yaaas!

JURI: What?! This is bullshit!


ANTHY: Touga, you’ll be fighting with Utena soon, as you know, she’s got a winning streak and she’s very hard to defeat. What’s your strategy?

TOUGA: I’ll seduce her by making her believe I’m her prince.

UTENA: *scoffs* Oh, come on.

ANTHY: Touga, roll charisma. Utena, roll wisdom.

*Touga gets 18,Utena gets 3*

ANTHY: Utena believes every single thing you tell her and her will to fight is staggering.

UTENA: Oh! Come ON!!


ANTHY: Akio has complete control over you now. You’re madly in love with him and you don’t have the slightest suspicion that he’s up to something.

NANAMI: Hah, sucks to be you, Tenjou.

UTENA: Why does this keeps happening to me?!

NANAMI: That’s what you get for having a wisdom modifier of -1, loser.


JURI: I’ll evade Tenjou’s attack.

*Gets an 8 *

ANTHY: Utena doesn’t inflict any damage upon you but she manages to destroy your locket with her sword. You lose all your will to fight.


JURI: I hate this game.


ANTHY: Utena, you get a damage of 350 HP.

UTENA: What?! But Akio hasn’t even touch me!

ANTHY: Anthy is still loyal to Akio and she stabbed you in the back.

UTENA: W-why? Why?!

NANAMI: Next time you should let me be GM, just saying.


少女革命ウテナ画集 The hard core of UTENA, 2013