This is for the people who are trying to be honest in a world filled with rules that makes loving someone honestly impossible. Where hiding what you feel about someone is important because you don’t want to feel rejected. Where ‘don’t text him yet’ and ‘if you call now you’ll seem too keen for her’ and ‘what did he mean when he said that’ and ‘she really meant this because of her body language’ is now more important than what a person is actually saying to you. Where subliminal meanings take precedence over love, and not ever compromising on your ego is more important than love has ever been.

This is for people who still believe in things like speaking to someone face to face is better than decrypting their every little message, move and idea behind their backs. For people who are brave enough to tell someone the truth, no matter the outcome. For the people who text “Today was wonderful, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did” rather than trying to play it cool and text something ‘appropriate’ after an ‘acceptable’ amount of time has passed. If you’re the kind of person who tells someone you love them before they do because that’s how you really feel, and your ego matters less than how you feel about someone, then thank you.

We need more of you in the world.

If you are the kind of person who is honest with the people you love without thinking of how hard the consequences may be on your heart, please don’t change that about yourself. Don’t allow your heart to be hardened into playing games just like everyone else. Don’t let the world fool you into thinking that you’re doing it wrong. Keep being honest. Because you’re one of the few who is getting it right. Keep looking for a love who is just as honest back.

And you deserve the kind of love that is honest, and true and good to your truthful, gentle heart.


Touga gets some Revolutionary armor treatment too! His is based on Napoleon’s cavalry. He’s all about riding those wild horses huehuehe.  

 …I think Saionji or Mikage will be next because I can visualize those a lot faster than some of the other Utena characters.  

These are seriously fun to come up with and are doing wonders to momentarily take my mind off the rest of what’s going on in the world…


And we end with a one-sided view of a phone conversation that quickly reveals itself to be between Touga and End of the World. 

2 things I’d like to note briefly:

It seems as though this is not their first phone conversation, but I believe that they must not have met in person at this point, otherwise Touga would have gone over there/cleared it with EotW before enacting this little plot. Perhaps he doesn’t even have EotW’s number, and can only receive communications, thus driving him to go rogue and act on his own. This is supported by the fact that Touga tells EotW that Saionji is being expelled, as if they wouldn’t already know that…

Second, Touga’s ‘flair for the dramatic’ is both an understatement and exactly what’s happening here - he’s a cynic, but he desperately wants to believe in friendship. More than that, however, he wants what EotW has (thank you @queen-of-hearts92 for reminding me of this in your earlier reblog!) and will do or say what he thinks he needs to in order to get it.

I’m eternally sad remembering that Touga’s voice actor got sick during the Black Rose arc, because holy shit, we were supposed to get a Touga Black Rose episode that contained his backstory. How would that even work, would he have a duel partner or be on his own like Kanae? But none of the other student council members became black Rose duelists so you’d need someone to draw his sword… Who??? I’m tormented by the possibilities

[Loooong pause]

Ugh. The thing about Touga that we see time and time again is that he just doesn’t care about certain types of relationships, or perhaps more accurately he only cares about certain types. He cares about romantic/sexual relationships (ok, he doesn’t care about the other person in them, but he cares about himself being in them); he cares about his relationship with Akio because it gives him power and makes him feel important and Akio is teaching him how to be a proper patriarchal adult man. But he doesn’t care about friendship (as we see with Saionji) and he doesn’t care about siblinghood. He was clearly not interested in what Nanami had to say (he interrupted her pretty rudely and just walked away without an explanation until she asked for one); and it seems that he can only get amusement out of the relationship by making Nanami very uncomfortable. He says he’s kidding, and I don’t think he was seriously asking Nanami to shower with him, but it was definitely mockery at Nanami’s expense rather than a harmless joke. Obviously Touga recognises Nanami’s ‘brother complex’ and its incestuous implications, and just as obviously he’s bored with his relationship with Nanami without poking at those implications.

I don’t know why the frog is there. My first thought is that because Miki isn’t around to click his stopwatch, they needed something else to provide punctuation to the awkward pause. But why a frog in particular?