HakuMyu Heisuke-hen - Heisuke/Chizuru Finale Duet [English Subbed]

It’s a little silly but I wanted to celebrate the release of the Heisuke-hen DVD–even though my copy hasn’t arrived yet. They did such a beautiful job with this performance and I think thus far of all the routes that have been portrayed I love the dynamic between Heisuke and Chizuru the most. Junya and Marina were wonderful together and they really brought home the heart of why this pairing is one of my favorites. I just have a lot of feels for this moment.

I’ll be sure to update the video and the song title once I have the DVD  (◍•ᴗ•◍)


Hakuoki bishi as legendary creatures in Japan. (Source: Teki.) Dug this from my bookmark list when seeing ochi’s reblog.

1. Nue, a Youkai dwelling in Kyoto, has head of a monkey, body of a tanuki, legs of a tiger, and ponytail of a snake.
2. Karasu Tengu (Crow Tengu), a small Tengu with beak and black feathers. A mountain spirit excels in sword and supernatural powers.
3. Ryuja (dragon serpent), a god of water and abundant harvest.
4. Nine-tailed Fox. …Too famous for my needless explanations.
5. Yaksha. I don’t see any changes. *flees*