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(To the Baka Trio) Let's hypothetically say that Chizuru jumped in front of a sword or a gun to protect you or one of the other captains and got hurt or killed. What would you do or what do you think the person protected should do? (Note: Like what Yamazaki did for Hijikata, not sure if that's clear enough)

Note: Don’t worry, it’s perfectly clear.

Rather than respond, Heisuke lets out a long groan and lies facedown on the ground with his head in his arms. Nagakura glances down at him, then rubs his shoulders somewhat aggressively. “What could we do?” he asks, looking fiercely frustrated. “Chizuru-chan heals up pretty quick if she’s hurt, and if she’s dead, then… well, she’s dead. It’s not like we could reverse that.”

Harada bows his head. “Much as I hate to admit it, Shinpachi’s right,” he says. “If Chizuru-chan lived through it, I’d tell her not to do it again. If she didn’t… there’d be nothing for it but to give her a proper burial, and try not to miss her too much.”

“It’s our job to protect her, not the other way around,” says Heisuke, his voice muffled and halting thanks to Nagakura’s pressure. “If a girl had to give her life for us like that, we might have to cut ourselves open later since we couldn’t defend ourselves—and then her sacrifice would be for nothing. But that’s the Code for you,” he mumbles. “Nobody ever wins.”


New From Otomate ~ Sengoku Period Hakuōki Chibis!

Concept: Each character draws himself as a famous samurai.

Hijikata Toshizō as Oda Nobunaga (great general; led the way to unification) 
“ Nobunaga (Oda) pounds the national rice cake, Hideyoshi (Toyotomi) kneads it, and in the end Ieyasu (Tokugawa) sits down and eats it ” (Japanese idiom)

Kazama Chikage as Takeda Shingen (The Tiger of Kai )
~ A poet & general at age 15; greatest opponent of Tokugawa rise to power

Sōma Kazue as Naoe Kanetsugu (famed for honour and judgment)
~ Served Uesugi Kenshin & his adopted son (see Harada/Uesugi)

Harada Sanosuke as Uesugi Kenshin (The Dragon of Ichigo)
~ Respected/greatest opponent/rival of Takeda Shingen

Tōdō Heisuke as Toyotomi Hideyoshi (powerful warlord, united Japan)
~ See under Hijikata/Oda; created rule that the samurai class was fixed and peasants could not carry swords (even though he came from peasant class)

Sannan Keisuke as Sanada Yukimura [Nobushige] (famed general & samurai)
“The Last Sengoku Hero”, a samurai caught between loyalty to the Toyotomi and loyalty to the Tokugawa; chose wrong and died defending Osaka Castle