okay but this also explains why victor was looking so hurt/confused when yuuri turned down his offer for a photo at the last finals.

and this ALSO explains why victor was so touchy feely with yuuri from the get go. cause one, they’d already been pretty close and casual when they were dancing at the banquet. and two hE’D BEEN HOLDING ON TO HIS CRUSH AND THE THOUGHT OF BEING YUURI’S COACH FOR LIKE A YEAR ALREADY AND NOW HE WAS FINALLY TH E R E AND YUURI WAS R I G H T  TH E R E like can we even blame the poor man for not being able to hold back

i was always feeling a bit odd thru the series because i never got why victor did anything he did. i didn’t understand where his motivations came from; they didn’t seem to be of love initially, and yet he was incredibly touchy-feely with yuri from second one

like, it seemed like yuri was the one putting everything he had into the relationship and victor was just going along with it and it left a bad taste in my mouth

but it all makes fuckin sense now, yuri fuckin seduced victor, victor fell for him hard and couldn’t figure out how different drunk yuri was from sober yuri. so victor was very confused initially at where their boundaries were, and because of that he was very flirty while also remaining fairly hands-off and allowing yuri to take the reins on their relationship speed.

ultimately it was down to yuri to commit to his drunken actions, and no matter how much victor might’ve wanted to speed forward he also recognized he needed to let yuri have the space he needed to meet him there

WOW what a show

Victor and Yuri met before episode 1.
Victor was the one running after Yuri the entire time.
Victor fell in love with Yuri without Yuri even knowing that he’d met Victor.
Now we know why Victor was all touchy around Yuri.
Now we know why he made him go for Eros.
Now we know how he found his house
now it all makes sense, now my life makes sense, now I just have to rewatch every single episode and over analyze every single scene, cool.

Things that happened in the very beginning that make more sense thanks to ep 10:

  • Hanarezu ni soba ni ite was a legitimate cry for help out of an empty life with no love; and the second half of trying to fall in love because of a certain somebody came true (ep 1)
  • When Viktor was asked what he would do in the future, he was probably thinking about Yuuri; then he saw Yuuri’s viral video and it sealed the deal (ep 1)
  • Viktor being touchy-feely with Yuuri from the get-go and not understanding why he was so shy (ep 2)
  • Viktor asking Yuuri about his past love experiences to try and gauge his type/relationships status/whether Yuuri would be even the tiniest bit interested in him (ep 2)
  • Before coming to Japan, Viktor was already unsure if he wanted to skate to Agape or Eros, two forms of love that he hasn’t had recent experience with
  • Viktor giving Yuuri Eros because he was pretty damn sure it would work out (ep 2)
  • Yuuri is the goddamn playboy (ep 3)
  • Viktor always being excited about eating and drinking whatever he wants because he probably hasn’t been allowed to for the last 10+ years of being a professional
  • Viktor looking apprehensive before Yuri P skated in the Onsen on Ice competition because he already knew he was going to let him down and choose Yuuri (ep 3)
  • Yuuri touching Viktor’s hair swirl probably got Viktor’s heart racing because ‘omg he touched me omg i like him even more but i can’t show it so i’ll just lay on the floor and be dramatic’ (ep 4)

What i love about this is how it took a while for Yuzuru to realize what Javier was doing, because Javier is so touchy all the time.

And that Javier knows Yuzuru is not gonna let him wear the medal (not ever), so he is just playing pretend.

Guide to romance 

  • Challenge a 15 yro to a dance battle
  • Seductively dance with  your idol 
  • Throw yourself all over your idol and capture their eye
  • Tell your idol to become your coach if you win the dance battle
  • WIN
  • Strip off and pole dance with an ice pervert
  • Wonders why some people are being so touchy with you 
  • Build a healthy relationship  

It actually makes so much more sense that Yuri asked Viktor to be his coach a year ago. It also makes sense that they danced together. Viktor blew in out of nowhere like “BITCH I AM NOW YOUR COACH” but he felt that he was answering Yuri’s original request. Like he saw the video and was like “oh hey that cutie we danced with at the banquet. He’s actually pretty talented oh wow” and was like “eh I might as well” and went. He also totally started crushing on him that night. Was totally weirded out at first but intrigued and then Yuri asked him to be his coach and he was just like “oh damn he’s cute”

And like… we have to rewatch everything again. Everything is different now! Viktor’s been touchy-feely and flirty because he honestly felt they were on the same page. That’s why he was surprised Yuri ran away from his touching in episode two. He thought Yuri remembered their dancing together. He thought Yuri remembered asking him to be his coach.

This entire time Yuri has been in a fairy tale, just got swept off his feet by Viktor riding in like a naked white knight, but for Viktor it was legit a logical thought process. He totally assumed they were on the same page.

Like we like to think of Viktor as someone who chased beauty and fell in love with Yuri upon first meeting him, but in reality Viktor actually had a plan. He thought this was Yuri’s plan, as well. Like it was a huge misunderstanding that worked out in the best way possible.

And now I’m picturing Viktor and Yuri talking after dinner:

“Did you think I just saw the video and was like: I’m needed in Japan?”

“Well… yeah”

“Yuri, I’m gonna need you to tell me exactly what you think my personality is cuz if that didn’t worry you maybe it should worry me”

Newt and dealing with Your Eating Disorder.

Okay. i know this is a touchy subject. But its very important to me. You dont have to read this. Honestly im doing this for my sake. This is something that effects me so i wanted to do this kind of thing.
Warnings- Eating disorder. (Anorexia)

•Newt noticing something strange after you refuse Lunch for the 3rd day in a row.
•Noticing you wake up before him and he asks you if you want breakfast but you refusing saying you already ate.
•Like him, You bury yourself into work but You always make sure he eats but you dont eat yourself.
•Him finally confronting you about it and starts to tear up as he begins to connect the dots.
•You pretending nothings wrong at the start of the conversation until you notice the tears in his eyes and you begin to break down yourself.
•The night ends with both of you having red puffy eyes and him holding you while you snuggle into his chest and him whispering compliments in your ear till you fall asleep.
•Him constantly making sure you eat even if its a little bite because baby steps.
•Him asking Queenie and Tina for help on how to make you better. To which they both reply with “Just be there for them. Thats all you can really do”
•Him enlisting the help of Pickett to keep an eye on you during the day to make sure you attempt to eat something.
•He gives you Constant compliments to try help your self confidence.
•He also leaving little notes reminding you how beautiful you are.
•Also enlisting the help of Queenie to tell him when you start having Negative thoughts so he can go and talk to you
•Spending time with his animals distracts you from your thoughts so you tend to spend a lot of time with them.
•Newt noticing when you try to skip meals and sits and watched you eat something
•You telling him that he shouldn’t care so much and him getting so mad that he goes on for a solid hour on why he cares.
•Him always being there for you even on your darkest times and supporting you through all of it.

Yeah i know its heavy stuff but i really wanted to write this. so yeah.


A Parody of Touchy-Feely Ads Targeted at Hipsters

OMG wait a minute!! So I thought what if the reason Victor was all touchy-feely with Yuuri when he first showed up at Hasetsu and was so hurt/confused when Yuuri ran away was because Yuuri was all touchy-feely with Victor at the banquet!! SO Victor just assumed it’d be fine and I just…I’m dead omg

EXO reaction to you being close to another member

aegyo4me said:Hello love, may I request an EXO reaction to you being close to another member? Hope you understand what I mean <3 <3 <3
A/N: <3 Sorry it took long. I got distracted by exo singing in vietnamese:)
xiumin- “You’re cute if you think I’m actually okay with you hanging with y/n 24/7 baek”

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Luhan- “You’re going out with Chanyeol again? Oh my god”

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Kris- “Chanyeol get your hands off my girlfriend’s shoulder”

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Suho- “I love you as my kids, but don’t so touchy with your mom”

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Lay- “Don’t make me release my fierce side to you”

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Baekhyun- “I’ll give you this if you leave my girlfriend alone for a week”

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Chanyeol- “But she’s my girlfriend…..”

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D.O- “Take your hand off my precious baby or I’m cutting it off”

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Tao- “I’m watching you…Always watching you”

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Kai- “Stop asking my girlfriend to go get bubble tea maniac”

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Sehun- “oops.. Totally not sorry”

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I love that Victor is so surprised that Yuuri doesn’t remember that night because ,dude, if a shy looking guy spends half the night grooming in a corner and then suddenly starts pole dancing and stripping and getting all touchy and filtry with the skate world’s god that can only mean one thing and that is he was wasted as fuck and will probably wake up next morning not knowing even his own name

@magnificentmir said: …..what’s going on this time?

Mini doing his weird “I’m jealous of Evan” spout on twitter once again. He felt compelled to complain about how he wasn’t involved in YouTube rewind, which led to him getting touchy with fans in regards to his association with Ev (wow feels like major deja vu, no?). Tyler apparently stepped in and told him straight up that he shouldn’t be making a big deal about it, because Evan’s success is all of their success. Good on him. I don’t have any hope that Mini will actually listen to him (considering that Nogla has said similar things in response to previous Mini tweet rants), but ya know, at least someone is stepping up to all the nonsense that comes out of that boys’ mouth.


Whenever Viktor gets drunk, he goes all emotional. Anything somewhat happy makes him burst out into tears, he freaks out when he can’t find anyone he knows, gets super shy around Yuuri, etc. 

Yuuri, on the other hand, get 100000000000000x Eros and confidence. Flirting with Viktor every other second, making sex jokes (a little to loudly), and super touchy, etc.

SF9 reacting to you wearing a bikini

a/n: this is my opinion, no harm done (requested)

Inseong: he’d be speechless. ‘Nuff said.


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Youngbin: touchy feely. Stares down the member who looks at you differently. His arms over your chest to protect you from evilllllll

“Y/n don’t go anywhere without me!”

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Jaeyoon: stutters things in english randomly. Always touches your hand. Takes sneak peeks of you every once in a while. But still thinks his butt is better than yours :)

“You can’t beat this-” *slaps his butt* 

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Sanghuyk (Dawon): screams at the member who talks to you 'differently’ (in his eyes). Touchy!!!!!!! Grabs ur butt cause that’s just a dawon thing to do.

“Ouch, stop it Dawon!”

“I can’t resist!!”

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Juho (Zuho): hidden intentions. (I mean, HAVE YOU SEEN HIM DANCE SEXILY AND SAYING “YES, YES, YES” WHEN THEY WERE ON THE IMMIGRATION???!!!) Please don’t give him the satisfactory of dancing sexily around you, you will die.


“No, Juho I don’t want to dance with u.”

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Seokwoo (Rowoon): shy shy shy. However, will be a hoe around you. Sends suggestive smirks and hot touches. Never leaving ur side bro, u’re hella lucky tonight.

*smirks at you*

“Stop it Rowoon u look ridiculous.”

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Taeyang: possessive baby. Observing his hyung’s actions like a hawk. Makes sure you have a towel when you get out of the water. Girl, he’ll always touch you istg.

“Tae, get ur hand off me it tickles.”

*removes his hand* *stealthily touches you somewhere else*

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Youngkyun (Hwiyoung): dies because of your sexiness. He definitely will experience mixed feelings and will be very conscious of the members’ actions towards you. Stays close to you and comes up with jumbled conclusions when a member compliments your physique. But smiles and covers his mouth every time you hold his hand.

you: *holds hwiyoung’s hand*

hwiyoung: *dies inside*

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*chani plays with sand*

*you nudge him*

“Uh noona, uh nice clothes???????”

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