another thing to add is almost universally, the reasons pets become unhealthily overweight is because they Do Not Know When To Stop Eating. they are animals, they will often try to eat as much as they can bc their survival instincts tell them they dont know when their next meal will be. they do not have body autonomy, we entirely control what and when they eat.

like for example its Very obvious in “simpler” animals like reptiles. once my snake finishes eating one large mouse, she is immediately looking for more bc the scent is on my hands. were i to give her another mouse, she would eat it, and continue to do so. some snakes will stuff themselves to the point of their stomachs rupturing, when enabled to. this behavior is fairly universal, and many owners will overfeed their snakes to the point of harm because they are “still hungry”. 

in the wild this trait is useful bc they must be constantly active and may go months without a meal, but in captivity allowing this to happen is mistreatment and would lead to a snake being very unhealthy. 

aside from the basic fact that fat people deserve respect regardless of whether they are “healthy” or not and medical ableism figures HEAVILY into what is considered “unhealthy”, overweight people Can be objectively healthy. this is not the case in every other species bc other species of animals bodies react to being overweight in different ways than human beings. like in dogs alone there are Dozens of health complications related to being overweight that do not happen to, or cant even be applied to human beings.

people are fat for different reasons, its an extremely complex and multifaceted thing bc we Have body autonomy and we are Not just animals living on pure instinct. our body politics are based in our physical nature as the human species, our culture, its institutions, etc. it is very unfair, and can even be unintentionally dehumanizing to  apply the logic of one to the other. 


NO SUSAN! Those are dreads! 👏🏾👏🏾👊🏾


happy birthday to our dearest jungkook!
thank you for being you 


teenage AU in my vision???
Nikki certainly was keen on wrestling, so many were afraid to deal with her, Max would most likely be a “man in the shadows”, very sarcastic and troubled young man. aaaAAAAND Neil… would be a nerd….who covers his friends when they commit any “crimes”….

I feel like (actually I KNOW) that when yall say that we have to break gender roles or post those cutesy “gender isnt real” posts/images all yall mean is “let boys wear crop tops uwu” and all that its always centered around men being cutesy which actually isnt frowned upon by women like at all… like Every ugly man thats feminine instantly gets 100k on instagram. yall only mean “let men wear pink” or “let my cute boyfie wear blush and highlight” its NEVER about gender non conforming women (lesbians !! butch lesbians!!!) you just dont care you say “break gender roles” all you want but you want people to break them to the point thats comfortable to YOU. The furthest you will go is straight skinny girls with pixie cuts and men wearing pink but you get uncomfortable the fucking second a woman DARES to be masculine the second she DARES to be unbothered by mens beauty standards and live comfortably the way she WANTS to and yall lose your minds the second you see a fat woman do that. All in all gnc positivity is so very much centred around men catering to straight girls fantasies of being ~soft boys~ while butches still and always will get tons of shit for merely existing as a lesbian and as a woman who isnt attractive to straight men.

“See, when I’m talking to girls, I develop an out-of-body consciousness, or unconsciousness. Everything means so much more. My posture, which is hopeless, gets a temporary lift as I arch my back. I can feel all my organs stacked in place and eyeball with pinpoint accuracy how far Christine’s leg is from mine, and when they touch just for a second I wonder if it’s her doing or my doing or chance. How can she not notice if our legs touch? How can she not notice my extremely unslick peripheral vision? How can she not notice my white socks, showing between my pants and shoes? (I have to fix that.)”

This drawing didn’t end up like I thought it would but well, whatever

The song “Touching My Hand” reminded me of this page from the Be More Chill book