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If someone went to pet my dog, would it be illegal for me to pet their arm or something so they got the point? If you need to know, I'm in NY

Obviously I can’t find “petting someone’s arm” to specifically be legal or illegal, but I would not ever recommend touching someone since it could always be misconstrued as assault. 

Instead, I would suggest putting your hand on your dog over where the person is trying to pet, so they end up touching your hand instead of your dog, and then if they keep trying, move away from them. That was a suggestion I got from a post by @bostonservicedog a looong time ago and I’ve liked it ever since I read it.

“I like to say “OOPS” really loudly when I block with a hand, kind of like when a kid is about to spill milk and you say oops and take it away before the act can happen. It sort of implies they were about to make a big mistake (and that they’re acting like a child!)” source


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-gives thranduil a kitten-

TINY  PAWS  tread  carefully  across  the  lap  they’ve  touched  upon  hands  releasing  the  small  being,  a  bit  clumsy  each  step,  while  BIG,  round  eyes  curiously  glance  around.    squeaky  noises  it  creates,  first  attempts  to  mewl  as  its  fully  grown  LIKES  do  ———  snuffles,  halts  while  its  tail  soars  up  with  tip  twitching  mere  inches  from  left  to  right.    it  seeks  eyes  of  ANOTHER,  more  quiet  sounds  following.

and  the  ELVENKING,  who  has  not  encountered  such  species  before,  observes  with  a  certain  fascination.    his  hands  hover  on  either  side  of  the  SMALL  form,  with  distance,  just  to  keep  it  from  falling,  and  patience  provides  he  to  not  startle  this  young  thing  by  IMMEDIATELY  touching  it.    when  the  kitten  sits  down,  he  finally  dares  to  make  contact  with  fingertips  gently  fondling  its  head  behind  ears  ———-  purrs,  it  seems  to  enjoy  that.    

❝ so  innocent,  but  you  bear  the  eyes  of  a  hunter ❞,    comes  FRAMED  by  a  fond  smile…  and  he  continues  to  caress  the  fur.    oh,  he  might  already  be  in  love.

Waiting (Natasha x reader)

I literally donโ€™t know where this came from. This is only my second reader insert and my first time writing anything Natasha. Please be gentle?

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Words: 820
Pairing: Natasha x reader
Warnings: Nothing really, slightly veers towards smut but not really even that.

Itโ€™s around two a.m. when Nat comes home. She moves silently, a product of her training, but also so as not to wake you.

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Last Night pt.1

Went to work on Harold (the older man’s) garden this evening. His wife was still away visiting her sister so it was ok to chat openly.
“my pussy is still sore. “I told him.
” good” he smiled back at me.
I bent over in front of him to set my pruners down and his hand touched my ass.
“I’ve been thinking about this ass a lot since Tuesday.” he said

I was wearing my black yoga pants, I guess my fushia panties were very noticeable every time I bent over. “Before you get started, I should kiss that better for you ” he said bluntly. “ I think you should, since you cause me to be sure. ” I smiled back. We went into the living room, we started kissing passionately. As we kissed he pulled down my yoga pants and gently felt my wet pussy . He got down on his knees in front of me. “ I’m sorry I hurt this beautiful pussy. ” he said apologetic. Then leaned in to kiss the soft folds of my pussy lips. I took a deep breath in, and put my hands on his head, playing with his white hair. Kissing around my pussy, his tongue darting in and out leaving wet trails. He sat me down on the couch and spread my legs, looks at my wet pussy, gave an approving sigh and started to kiss it better. Soft kisses around my labia, sending goosebumps through my body . I was breathing heavy at his touch. “God, you smell good” he said as he kissed my pussy softly. Then he stuck his tongue inside my pussy and used as a scoop. He licked me a couple times sending shock waves through my body. “Tastes good too” he said with a smile.

I watched as he ate my pussy. His white hair between my legs, his tongue circling the inside of my pussy, every once in a while his tongue would flick my clit causing me to cry out. my wet pussy making wet sounds as he moaned and flicked his tongue inside.finally after a few minutes my orgasm started to build, I took a hold of his head, thrusted my pussy fast into his face and cried out loudly as I came.

He sat down beside me and started kissing me. I tasted myself on his lips. Reaching down, I unzipped his pants, took that 8 inch cock out of his boxers and started stroking it. He was getting thicker in my soft hand, the precum forming at the tip of his cock.

“Christ your big.” I complimented as we kissed.

“Bigger than your Husband?” he asked between breaths

“yes” I replied and moved down to put his cock in my warm mouth.

He groaned deeply as I began to suck him. My mouth thrusting up and down in his lap. He tasted fantastic. He was moaning like crazy. I got up on my knees with my ass up in the air, he reached down and started to rub my wet pussy as sucked him.

“You have no idea how long its been since someone sucked my cock” he said breathing hard. He placed one hand on my head guiding me up and down. His finger found my asshole and he inserted it inside, thrusting in and out which caused me to moan on his cock. “Christ that’s a tight ass’ he grunted.

I started to suck him with both hands stroking him. He started to fuck my mouth. His hips thrusting up into me. My mouth making sucking and gagging noises. He stated to finger my ass faster too. His hans slapping into my ass cheeks.

He cried out a couple times then I felt his warm cum hit the back of my throat. He was thrusting faster into my mouth as his balls emptied.

He sat there lifeless breathing heavy for a couple minutes very relaxed. I sat down beside him still stroking his now soft cock.

“its going to take some time before that gets any life back into it.” he laughed

“I really should get to work so I can get home anyways.” I said leaning back down to suck his cock clean causing him to grunt. he watched and stroked his cock as I got dressed. It was so hot having his eyes on me the whole time..

i believe in the normalization of platonic love and affection; and i also believe in the normalization of letting people say no to affection. let people say “i’m sorry, i don’t like to be touched” without others getting offended. let people set boundaries without others questioning why they don’t “believe in platonic love.”

just like… some of us have good reasons for not wanting to be touched and tbh a good enough reason should just be “i don’t want to be touched.” please ask first, please don’t be offended if we ask you not to touch us, please stand up for us if you see other people violating our boundaries.

and if you have a friend like me who is touch-shy - we still love you! just be patient. chances are, we’ll warm up over time and you’ll see us shift our boundaries for you. we’re trying most of the time. and if you’re having a hard day, just tell us you need physical affection - 9/10 times if someone says “i just need a hug” i will willingly and gratefully give it; it’s just difficult for me to initiate said hug without a verbal prompt. we’re not cold, we’re not mean, and we still want to be there for you!

touching friends is so great! saying “i love you” and other cheesy things to friends is awesome! please be really gentle with your friends who need different boundaries with this!! we love you too and we want to be there for you but sometimes we can’t be there in the same way! sorry ): okay thank you for listening have a nice day!

Yes, Yuri on Ice is actually as gay as you think.

I need to say something to the skeptics out there, the ones who are annoyed with YoI, the ones who believe it’s yaoi trash.

Yuri on Ice is quite literally revolutionary so far. It is a big deal. We’re not screaming over some spineless fanservice or some homoerotic subtext. You’ve probably seen the screenshots and gifs out of context and thought, ‘wow, that looks pretty gay.’

No, you do not understand. It is gay

This is an anime that is not labeled as yaoi- meaning, it is not basic, heteronormative fanservice intended for women with problematic themes. It is not shounen-ai, where it simply teases the watcher for hints of homosexuality but never actually goes through with any of it.

Of course, there is fanservice- butt shots, body shots, what have you- that is skillfully placed in with the rest of the story.

But so far, this show is not queerbaiting.

So far, only three episodes in, Yuri on Ice has been smashing anime stereotypes one after another. 

This is unlike we’ve seen in Sports anime. This is almost comparable to No. 6; an anime with a solid, well-done plot that so happens to have a gay romance rather than a straight one. However, Yuri on Ice isn’t just that. There is no doubt this show is one about sexual awakening. That much was painfully clear throughout episode 3. 

Not only is it unique that this show is about sexual awakening, but it is between two men. It is very real, very blatant, and not made fun of. It is not a joke. It is not a facade to draw the fangirls in. This is real. 

The amount of proof for this is outstanding. The ending song is a great example, from the lyrics to the pictures shown.

‘You’re so beautiful tonight
I was simply entranced
Even the hourglass was
C’mon and take my breath away’ 

And, as pointed out in previous posts, the act of combing one’s hair is an intimate act between lovers in Japan. That was focused on in the ending sequence of instagram posts.

In episode 3 alone, there was the significant dialogue of Yuri as he skated about how he found his eros in embracing his femininity. That was not made fun of in any way- it was accepted as the right thing, and Yuri felt more comfortable being ‘the woman seducing the playboy,’ the playboy being Victor. If you had any doubt about who the playboy was, Victor’s whistle was a skillful and clever way to give that away all too obviously.

If you haven’t watched Yuri on Ice yet because you believe it’s all fanservice, because you think it is like Free, or Hibike! Euphonium- you are wrong. Both of those shows, while absolutely beautiful and I personally enjoy them both, are constantly skirting around homosexuality. They do everything to imply romantic attraction, but do not actually take the next step. They tease, but don’t give. And this show is not like Haikyuu or any other sports anime, where you can easily see the bonds in the show as platonic or romantic (depending on how you want to think about it).

No, this show is gay, whether you like it or not. You can deny many anime of being gay, as being something only the fangirls are seeing for their shipping desires, but you cannot deny this one. 

This is representation, and by god, I hope this show continues to do what it’s doing. If nothing comes of Victor and Yuri’s relationship, this show will still make history as the biggest queerbaiting flop ever seen. And, if it continues to do as amazingly as it is, by god will it be hard to beat.