Highlights of 10th:

Victor and Chris in the pool - also I don’t know what i expected from Chris, i mean of course he would want to go skinny dipping into a hotel pool

many POVs - i appreciated Victor’s point of view, it was soooo interesting

holy fuck, Yurio made katsudon pirozhki by himself <3 look at that apron


sleeping beauty Yuuri <3

Yurio and Otabek interactions are good and pure and I love them both

bickering Victor and Yuuri - because of nuts…

Victor watching Yuuri’s sparkly eyes *o*

that was a fucking engagement, i dont care about your “good luck charms”, Yuuri, fucking face it, Victor is your fiance - the way they did that scene, my godddd - blushing, and tender hand touching, and Victor’s lit up eyes

he is so in love god damn it

Phichit being so goddamn happy for Victor and Yuuri cured my depression - so pure

fucking drunk dance off - also Victor being in love with Yuuri for a year before meeting him again, every interaction since Victor came to be Yuuri’s couch has now a whole new meaning, IM SCREAMING

Victor’s and Yurio’s conversation, holy fuck

Georgi on a date <3

i mean of course The Chicken Nugget would lead a local cheerleading team for Yuuri, i dont know what i expected

the new ed!!!!! holy fuck!!!!!! fucking pole dancing au in the actual fucking show

Yurio’s and Yuuri’s dance off <3

  • <p> <b>Phichit:</b> what time is it?<p/><b>Yuri [rolex on his wrist]:</b> 6:30<p/><b>Phichit:</b> you have something on your face.<p/><b>Yuri [cartier, golden ring in his right hand *touching his face*]:</b> where?<p/><b>Phichit:</b> no, nothing. I think you stepped on something.<p/><b>Yuri [looks a red loubutin shoe sole]:</b> really?<p/><b>Phichit:</b> no, just joking.<p/><b>Yuri:</b> are you ok, you've been acting a bit weird.<p/><b>Phichit:</b> you jumped from Wal-Mart, target, sketchers and payless to Fendi, Cartier, Rolex and Prada in less than a year. How am I the weird one?<p/></p>

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Ok you've got me shipping this "gravebone" and as someone who knows nothing about this beautiful looking ship, only that I think it comes from Fantastical Beasts(?), could you possibly explain to me who these two are? Preferably with as little spoiling to the movie as you could. If you gotta spoil I won't be mad, I am just really curious who these cuties are x)

All right! So, in the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (which takes place in the 1920s) you have these two characters (some of the details ahead change, but this is a spoiler free summary so)

Percival Graves is an Auror, the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement in the U.S., and the Director of Magical Security. He’s high ranking, powerful, played by Colin Ferrell, serious, and a handsome bastard who knows wandless magic. He is the sugar daddy of everyone’s dreams.

Then there’s Credence Barebone. He is a no-maj (which means non magic person), he is in fact an adult despite looking like a kicked puppy, he is a kicked puppy, has two adopted sisters (Chastity and Modesty), is mentally and physically abused by his mother–who adopted him as well, represses everything, works at the ‘church’ under his ‘mother’s’ thumb, is in need of all the hugs, and is desperate for affection of any kind. He is the most precious. (And he’s played by Ezra Miller, who is seriously ridiculously pretty.)

Their relationship is mutually beneficial. Graves needs Credence’s help with something and in return Graves has promised to help Credence (I say vaguely so as to not give spoilers).

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(The above gif is the first shot of them together, it is, and I know I have said this a lot, blatantly homoerotic. Gosh darn blatant.)

In the majority of their scenes together, Graves touches Credence a lot. He caresses him. And Credence is obviously needy for said caresses. There’s just so much goddamn touching. Graves gets all up in Credence’s space. Credence looks up to and admires and considers Graves to be ‘different from all the others’. Graves has called Credence ‘special’ and ‘a miracle’.

It is so blatantly homoerotic. (If you read the script, the word ‘seductive’ is thrown around a lot in their scenes and when you watch those scenes they are definitely seductive.)

Their chemistry is just off the charts good and you just want to see Graves do horribly filthy things to Credence. They’re just so lovely together.

So there’s this moment in 1D Day where Ziam are blindfolded and standing next to each other

And Liam (LOAM!) lifts his giant 19th century frontier’s man hands and reaches out to find Zayn

And when his massive paws make contact with Zayn’s tiny kitten man body, he breaks out into this HAPPY GRIN :’(

While simultaneously gently caressing Zayn’s waist and shoulder. Liam gets in a boob grab BUT ITS THE MOST GENTLE AND REVERENT BOOB GRAB

And he says “I’ve got Zaynie” with a smile made of the sun and my tears



“Thaht’s yew, Leeyum”

And I am a withered husk in the corner, my wails carried on the wind and used as a renewable energy source 

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so this v friendly employee at a skincare store was chatting me up today and like, he was obviously just trying to sell me stuff, but i had ur cosmetician lance at the back of my mind the whole time and bc of this i put up w it for much longer than i normally would have... anyway he demonstrated some kinda exfoliating treatment for my gross dry hands and im just like "what if lance would do this as an excuse to touch someones (keiths) hands..." so yeah, ur work has made an Impression thank u!!


lance: LET ME exfoliate your hands and like ur whole body actually this is unacceptable i am not letting u touch my face with these

keith: what does exfoliate mean


I honestly feel so bad for Victor??? He fell in love with this hot Japanese guy who was ALL OVER HIM at the banquet last year and Yuuri didn’t remember a damn thing



“This man humped me and now he can’t even handle it when I touch his hand?”

But my question is: did the people at the party collectively decide not to show Yuuri photos of himself drunk dance-battling??

I mean, it wasn’t like big news that the skater from Japan got fucking wasted and took his clothes off in front of a room full of people??? I guess we’re not supposed to look too much into it but still



- You two are watching TV cuddled up on the couch when he decides to hold your hand to touch you, he places a soft kiss on the top of the head when you cuddle into his shoulder.

- But when he grabs your hand he’s a little taken back.

- “ MC!! Are you cold? ”
- You don’t know why he’d ask at first until he tells you your hands are icy, if you were cold he could get you a blanket if you’d like.

- You smile and explain that your hands are always cold like that, you’re used to it by now.

- But he’s not!! He’ll hold both your hands super tight while running his thumb across your knuckles, his hands were very warm compared to yours so it worked well warming you up.

- Even after your hands are warm he’ll still hold them tight while you both go back to watching the television.

- And he’ll still get that blanket for you regardless. Just in case!


- It had been /such/ a long day at the office, Someone mishandled paperwork and important documents got lost amongst others. He was a little frustrated about the whole thing, so he called you on his ride home. Your voice always helped his nerves. He chatted with you about his day.

- As he was pulling up, he stated he’d arrived back and he’d see you soon– ending the call.

- You’re there to greet him at the door, that’s always something he likes. He smiles and takes off his jacket, a white silky button up hiding underneath.

- He pulls you into a tight embrace, running his fingers through your hair as he pecks your cheek. Then nose. Then finally mouth, his spare hand intertwining with yours in the passionate kiss.

- Both breathless, he pulls back. Forehead resting against yours as he stares into your pretty eyes.

- “ Why are your hands so cold?” He questions, giving them a small squeeze for a second. To his dismay you lean backwards a little to explain, his face feeling cold as you left it.

- Once you go on about how your hands get cold easily, he’ll nod— So does his so he understood. But still, he wanted to warm you up.

- “ Mm. Come here. ”
- He pulls you closer to him, not in an embrace but close enough to feel his warmth radiating off of him, inches away from his chest. He takes both your hands in his larger ones and holds them tightly, bringing one up to his mouth before placing tiny gentle kisses on each finger, he doesn’t break eye contact.

- He’ll do this for as long as you can stand it before you need to close the gap between you both, the rest of the night he’ll warm you up in more ways than one. (。-ω-)


- He was doing dishes after dinner, it was tuesday which was his night for washing duty.

- Humming softly as he cleaned, he didn’t even notice you’d crept up behind him until you hug him, arms wrapping around his chest as you bury your face into his back. The familiar scent of his cologne reaches your nose.

- He jumps a little at first, you’d caught him off guard. But once he realizes it’s you he sinks into the embrace, a little blush creeping down his neck.

- Your arms run down his arms, he gets chills at how cold they are.

- “ MC! Your hands are so cold, hold on. ”

- He exclaims, shutting off the water before drying his hands with a towel. Turning around, he cups your hands in between his own and rubs them together. His were warm from the hot water he’d been washing with.

- He’ll do this until you’re warm enough for him, placing a small kiss on your nose when he’s done.


- You and him had been playing video games together, it was pretty late but you couldn’t bring yourself to sleep just yet.

- Seven and you took turns since it was a one controller game, it was your turn and you kept dying. Over and over again.

- “ Jump MC! No, Not the- And you’re dead. ”

- You and him watched your kill cam for the hundredth time, a noticeable pout on your lips as you respawned.

- “ Here.. let me try to show you some things. ”
- You nodded and handed him the controller, his hands brushed your own as he took it, instantly recoiling over dramatically.

- “ Woah MC you’re so cold, Come here.”
- He pulled his red sweatshirt over his head, floof of red hair disappearing for a second before coming back. He guided you into his lap before pulling his sweatshirt down onto you— It was baggy but warm, the familiar scent of honey buddha lingering.

- He wrapped his arms around yours, placing your hands on top of the controller however his was right on top of your fingers—controlling your movements in the game.

- Eventually with him helping and showing you some things you get the play of the game! Your hands are warmer now too, two birds with one stone ☆⌒(≧▽ ° )

I’m jaded i think because people are squealing about them touching hands and like maybe kissing (but you can’t actually tell) and I’m over here like
…this is some novice level gay. This is public television gay. I’ve been living in Advance Gay land for awhile now and I’m wondering why people are fangirling so hard when their dicks haven’t even touched and probably won’t >_>
Not that won’t watch the whole season anyway.

Take it off - Jackson

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22) Take my bra off, please

A/N: If you wan’t send me a number! xx

“Babe…” you huff as you struggle, deciding it’s best to call your boyfriend to help you.

Jackson shows at the bedroom door almost immediately, confused at your sudden call.

“Is everything…” he starts worriedly, but his tone changes once he sees you.  "Oh baby, you should’ve called me earlier" Jackson approaches you with a smug smile plastered all over his face.

He grabs you by the waist and you shudder under his touch, his hands too cold for your bare skin.

“Jackson… just…” you struggle to break from his firm embrace, but he doesn’t budge, instead he hugs you from behind, pushing you into his lap.

“I need you to take off my bra, please” you say trying to get Jackson to listen to you.

“Baby, you don’t need to ask” Jackson says seductively, planting soft kisses along your neckline.

“Jesus, Jackson! Just take it off!” you raise your voice once you’ve been able to escape his firm embrace.

 "I can’t unclasp it since the cut on my finger still hurts.“

"Whaat..?” Jackson looks at you dumbfounded for a moment. “So you didn’t call me here to have fun with you?”

The look your boyfriend gives you is sad, yet so funny and adorable. Jackson stands in the middle of the room looking like a kid who couldn’t get the new toy.

“I would, but your dinner is burning” you point to the kitchen.

“Oh shit!” Jackson grabs his head in panic, leaving the room to save the dish he prepared so diligently.


JB sexy scenario  Yugyeom  sexy drabble   Jackson   Jimin sexy drabble   Jungkook sexy drabble   Rap Monster smut     V smut   Jinyoung    Jackson   Mark    Youngjae   Jin

SF9 reacting to you wearing a bikini

a/n: this is my opinion, no harm done (requested)

Inseong: he’d be speechless. ‘Nuff said.


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Youngbin: touchy feely. Stares down the member who looks at you differently. His arms over your chest to protect you from evilllllll

“Y/n don’t go anywhere without me!”

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Jaeyoon: stutters things in english randomly. Always touches your hand. Takes sneak peeks of you every once in a while. But still thinks his butt is better than yours :)

“You can’t beat this-” *slaps his butt* 

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Sanghuyk (Dawon): screams at the member who talks to you 'differently’ (in his eyes). Touchy!!!!!!! Grabs ur butt cause that’s just a dawon thing to do.

“Ouch, stop it Dawon!”

“I can’t resist!!”

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Juho (Zuho): hidden intentions. (I mean, HAVE YOU SEEN HIM DANCE SEXILY AND SAYING “YES, YES, YES” WHEN THEY WERE ON THE IMMIGRATION???!!!) Please don’t give him the satisfactory of dancing sexily around you, you will die.


“No, Juho I don’t want to dance with u.”

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Seokwoo (Rowoon): shy shy shy. However, will be a hoe around you. Sends suggestive smirks and hot touches. Never leaving ur side bro, u’re hella lucky tonight.

*smirks at you*

“Stop it Rowoon u look ridiculous.”

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Taeyang: possessive baby. Observing his hyung’s actions like a hawk. Makes sure you have a towel when you get out of the water. Girl, he’ll always touch you istg.

“Tae, get ur hand off me it tickles.”

*removes his hand* *stealthily touches you somewhere else*

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Youngkyun (Hwiyoung): dies because of your sexiness. He definitely will experience mixed feelings and will be very conscious of the members’ actions towards you. Stays close to you and comes up with jumbled conclusions when a member compliments your physique. But smiles and covers his mouth every time you hold his hand.

you: *holds hwiyoung’s hand*

hwiyoung: *dies inside*

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*chani plays with sand*

*you nudge him*

“Uh noona, uh nice clothes???????”

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Hmmmmhmhm I know I have a lot of asks rn for cop au but I’ve been thinking about a Harry Potter/wizarding au and I just really need to put it out there lmao

So Jinki is a normal everyday wizard right and he’s got his own lil potions shop and he sells the average everyday shit like pepper up potions or dreamless sleep, but he also sells specialty shit that is either really difficult to make or his own creation just because he loves potions and he’s good at it

Also he sells like supplies and he’s just got his lil shop in like hogsmeade okay

And he’s also got his teeny tiny son taemin who’s like 4 or 5 and always helps him out in the shop and he sits on the counter when jinkis making potions and hands him ingredients that are safe for little hands to touch

And Jinki teaches him everything about potions and ingredients and they go get ingredients together and they have their own lil garden for the stuff that they can grow, and taemin absolutely loves it

And taemin also really loves when the kids from hogwarts come down on their weekends because a lot of them really like him and come in to tell him about what they’re learning and taemins so excited to go to hogwarts and he just !!! Gets jumpy and bouncy and excited whenever Jinki tells him it’s a student weekend

But just uwu taemin sitting on the counter of jinkis shop helping him make sales and telling customers which ingredient is better and getting lil head pats because “aren’t you just a smart boy” and just uwu

“Daddy I’m your best employee”

“Taeminnie you’re my only employee”

“That’s why I’m the best”



A few Robert-Susan moments on the red carpet at the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Greater Los Angeles 4th Annual Wishing Well Gala, December 7, 2016 at the Hollywood Palladium, honoring Robert Downey Jr. with the Shining Star Award for his commitment to helping grant children their wishes.

These two are so cute to watch on the carpet - they hold hands or touch the entire time, and he’s always careful to bring her into the interview or give her the spotlight, even though it’s clear she’d rather have the spotlight on him.  RELATIONSHIP GOALS.

Thank you to Make-a-Wish and their hard-working PR team for the red carpet credentials and the opportunity to shoot this great event and share it here!