her face is a collection of memories; she is bliss and tragedy all rolled into one. with an ancient soul and young blood she belongs to nowhere and to no one. she is a walking contradiction, sunshine on a winter’s day, an assortment of puzzle pieces that don’t fit together. her eyes have seen the darkest nights and brightest dawns. her hands have touched the ends of the earth, sewing the globe together, painting the map with her fingerprints. she has fallen as deep as the bottom of the ocean; her lungs know what it’s like to drown. she has risen as high as the tallest mountain peak; her body knows what it’s like to fly. her tongue has tasted blood and tears and heartache. her lips have kissed happiness and sunshine and summertime. and how fitting it is that she feels both immense happiness and overwhelming sadness, all at the same time.

my kink: communicative touching that shows being comfortable in each other’s space and are close without needing non-platonic contact

examples: forehead touches, hand holding, hugs, walking together with their shoulder brushing now and then, stabbing me in a dark alley that releases me from this mortal coil, hand on the small of the others back

When we come to Him broken, He welcomes us with loving arms wide open, ready to take the shattered pieces of our lives and create something beautiful from them. We become the evidence of a God who performs miracles, and the touch of His hand is our greatest reward.
—  Life In His Hands

Junkrat’s arm remodel is nearly complete! I just have to do some paint touch ups on the hand and then make the elbow joint and I should be ready to go!

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1:42 → Suho grabbing Yixing’s arm (possibly to ask if he wants to speak after their win)
3:22 → Suho announcing Yixing’s turn to speak


Eden Elric groaned as she stood. She had been in the middle of a fight with Father when she had seen Al die. In exchange for her brothers life she was thrown to this new world all alone.

She sighed and clapped her hands. Touching a tree she grinned as she forced it to give her a spear of wood. “Now where the hell am I?” She said with a huff.

If we trust in the Lord, we will not be moved by the circumstances that threaten to steal our peace. The circumstances of our lives may continue to ebb and flow between great heights and depths, but our trust in the Lord is the one thing that can never be touched.
—  Life In His Hands
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Angel Eyes

Christmas carols could be heard all throughout the house, seemingly following behind Alfred as he went on a cleaning and decorating spree. This year, he wanted his house to be the most colourful, bright and inviting home of the entire neighbourhood, no, of the entire state- so that everyone could feel happy and at ease when walking past or coming inside. Because this year, he wanted his house to be full of people, of voices and laughter and sounds, to contrast how it had been last year. Last year was a disaster he’d rather not see repeated.

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“Spike,” Cecilia repeated, and it tasted familiar on her lips. The spell on her wouldn’t let her think too hard on it and shorted out her thoughts, grinding them to a halt for a moment. And then his hand touched her face and she automatically leaned into it, tears still dripping down her cheeks.

“Why would you thank me?”

this chick in the bathroom at work was at the sink when i was, and she’s applying like peppermint oil for a headache or something, but anyway i told her she smelled lovely and she did a double take at me and was like GIRL IS YOUR HAIR REAL BECAUSE IT’S DOPE AS FUCK and she’s screaming at me in my B&N bathroom 😂 it’s thrown over my left shoulder and she keeps reaching out as if to touch it, so her hand is like hovering above my left boob, and she’s like “i ain’t gonna touch it because i hate when white people touch mine without asking but GIRL” then someone came in and saw her like almost grabbing my boob and they were just like 🤔😂

we were so loud i told her i oved hers too and we’re like dog whistle giggling and i told her have a nice day, darling, and she was like!!!! oh shit thank you baby girl 😍😍 wow i’m gay tho 😂

anonymous asked:

sorry i didnt message you until now i completely forgot lmao but im here now how was your day yesterday/today depending on when youre reading this what was the most interesting thing that happened to you -secret santa

it’s all good my dude, my day was alright but kind of uneventful.. the most interesting thing that happened to me today was probably someone asking me if i was cold blooded because they touched my hand in dance class and i responded with “yes i am a lizard person”. he looked scared and there’s nothing i love more than scaring straight white men

-Whiskey Love-

I think of your knowing eyes,
of how that touch of hand upon hand
lingering on my skin, on my heart,
giving up to the wildfire and its warmth.

I never meant to feel this way.
our drunken night was to be
the beginning and the end.
But, you forced your way into my life
so you could see what’s inside.
So you could puncture your way
into an already bleeding heart.

You whispered to me that it could
never be more than what it already is,
it’ll never be the same for you as it is for me.
Planting delightful little dreams in my head,
conveying in a way that I needed to hear
all the while pushing me away, far and away.

I tell you I’m fine, that these bruises
were here long before you,
that I’ll always be right here waiting.
I lie and play pretend so you can too.
So that for one more day I can feel
more lingering hands and
crave your sweet nothings.

I don’t know who is more wrong
in all this: the martyr or the thief?
Maybe we’re both just being selfish.
But, I need you for one more day.


luckytimetravelpenguin  asked:

I started blushing in the middle of work because of your response to my last ask


Well, I hope you don’t go wild  with your fantasies about me at your workplace my honey  ✨

Like me kissing your lips, touching your hands, looking deeply into your eyes, holding you tightly against me ~


those thoughts aren’t appropriate for work, non?