honestly if adam doesn’t make the first move in trk i might explode because we’ve seen so much about ronan’s attraction towards adam but we didn’t get much in the last book at least nothing extremely blatant besides adam knowing that ronan has a crush on him i just want adam to kiss ronan first because i’m sick of how most of it seems one-sided jfc

Talking Body

Reader request: Reader sees Pietro shirtless and she ran away blushing cause she has a huge crush on him and Pietro ran towards her and kissed her. Cute & fluffy

You were wandering through the tower without really paying attention, your gaze fixed upon the pages of your copy of “Go Set a Watchman” that you had eagerly picked up the day before. You loved reading as a way to unwind, especially after those intense training sessions that left your muscles aching.

Still not looking up, you made your way to the kitchen to grab yourself a granola bar, only to walk into something solid. You were startled with the touch of your hand grazing against bare skin, looking up finally from your book only to see a very blond and very shirtless Pietro.

“Hey, watch it, there Y/N,” he said chuckling. “You “Sorry, Pietro,” you stammered out as you felt the heat rising to your face looking at his well-toned body. His strong arms, his actual 6 pack abs. “He actually has a 6 pack, is this guy even real? God, why is he so hot?” You thought to yourself. You wondered how it’d feel to run your hands over that body of his. Your cheeks flamed up brighter. You had had a pretty big crush on Pietro for awhile now, something that you had done your best to hide from him and the team, but seeing him there shirtless was undeniably turning you on and you knew it was time for an exit before you said – or did – anything that would blow your secret.

“I just - I was just getting a granola bar,” you blurted quickly, scooting around him and reaching into the cupboards. You walked around the opposite side of the kitchen island, his gaze following you. Not making eye contact, you let out a quick, “See you later, Speedy,” and power walked as fast as you could toward your room. “Y/N!” He called out. “Wait up!”

Within seconds, Pietro stood in front of you in the hallway, blocking your exit. “You forgot your book,” he said, handing you it with a smile. His hand brushed against yours as he gave it to you. “OK, heart, you can slow down anytime now,” you thought breathlessly. “He’s so cute why am I so awkward just throw me out in the trash right now please.” “Oh, yeah, thanks,” you replied, your eyes meeting his gaze quickly and dropping away as you tried not to ogle at his gorgeous body.

“Y/N, are you ok?” Pietro asked, his eyes filled with concern. “Did I do something wrong?”

“What? Oh my gosh, no, Pietro, you’re fine. Why would you think that?” He bit his lip. “You do not seem to want to talk to me, as you usually do.” You sighed. “Pietro, it’s not that, I promise. I just -” “Just what?” Pietro took a step forward toward you, your bodies inches apart. You took a deep breath, your eyes inadvertently flickering back toward his shirtless body. His face fell. “Oh my god, did I weird you out not having a shirt on? I’m so sorry, I don’t want to be disrespectful!”

You couldn’t help it, his wide eyes and genuinely apologetic nature had you burst out laughing. “No, it’s fine. I don’t mind seeing you shirtless.” There was a brief pause as panic filled your throat. “ DID I JUST SAY WHAT I THINK I SAID OH MY GOD Y/N WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” You thought in rapid fire.

“You don’t?” Pietro drawled out in that sexy accent of his that always got your pulse racing, his blue eyes now fixed on yours as he smiled. You shook your head, slightly stunned at what you may have just gotten yourself into.

Pietro inched closer as your heartbeat raced on. “Y/N, have I ever told you how much I like you? You’re absolutely beautiful.” Your faces were inches apart as Pietro moved a strand of hair behind your ear; you felt your whole body shiver with pleasure. “Pietro,” you said quietly before he pressed his lips softly on yours. After a few moments, you broke apart, still stunned at the events that had just transpired.

“Wow,” you blurted out as you two both laughed. “That was … unexpected. Great, but unexpected.”

Pietro smiled mischievously. “Just like how you did not expect to see me shirtless?” “Hey, that’s not fair!” you cried out, blushing once more. Pietro laughed and pulled you into a hug. “Do not worry, dragoste. It was cute. And now,” he whispered in your ear. “It’s my turn to see you with no shirt, yes?.”

You giggled happily, bringing his lips back to meet yours.

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fluffy relationship headcannons for Kasamatsu please <3

  • Whenever you reveal any bit of skin, he’d instantly cover you up. He’s never gonna let anyone see any inch of you.
  • Super embarrassed with PDA (surprise surprise). You can just touch his hand and he’ll walk 200 steps behind you the whole date
  • Finds you wearing his socks in the morning super cute and also super sexy #instantturnon
  • Asked you out with a cheesy love song that made him blush

I don’t think this has been submitted yet, but this is a video of a black girl preforming at K-Pop World Festival 2014

KPMBW: They also posted a video where their Korean fans were saying thank you and bye to them, they were so excited to see her <3 and wanted to touch her hand (high fives) so sweet.

Rachel & Matt: sleepless

           Something was completely different about Rachel as she lay next to me. We were in our usual position when we weren’t arguing—me big spoon, her little spoon—and her hand was holding mine. But she was still awake because a) she was holding tightly, and b) she was touching my wedding band. I didn’t have to look to know she was staring straight ahead, biting her lip.

           “Rachel, what’s wrong? You’re starting to worry me,” I murmured, sliding a hand up her arm.

           “What?” Her voice was absent, like she’d only just noticed I was there and touching my hand was just a reflex.

           I sighed. “Baby, c’mon. You haven’t slept.”

           “Neither have you. Not for long, anyway.”

           “Tell me what’s on your mind,” I asked. “You’re never this tense.”

           She turned into me and the motion was almost submissive; without meaning to, I held her tighter, pulling her as close as I could. Her hand grazed a scar on my side, sliding up my shirt and lingering there.

           Her voice was soft. “Jerusalem, right? This time last year? A knife wound.”

           “Good recall.”

           She paused. “It was a close one,” she mumbled, thinking of scar.

           I shook my head. “We’re not playing the guilt game tonight, Rachel. You were doing the far more important work of saving hostages at the time.”

           “I should’ve killed him while I had the chance. Quick, clean. It would’ve been so easy for me to do that and spare you the pain.”


           “I was up with Cammie last week, while you were still gone in Ibiza, and she asked me if you were okay. Of course I told her yes. But I thought back to when I saw you come back out that abandoned synagogue and your side was covered in blood, the wound was so much bigger than it should’ve been and you were already so pale. All I remember thinking of was, You need to live. Our daughter needs a dad. And I need my husband.”

           “I’m good at this, Rachel. And so are you. I’ll be fine. Always.”

           “Don’t lie to me like that. I’ve never lied to you.”

           And she was right. For all her occasional frigidness, Rachel was always candid. She never said anything she didn’t mean and she despised pleasantries. I sat up and she sat up with me, the strap of her tank top drifting off her shoulder and her hair messy from the pillow. My wife looked exhausted.

           “You’re right. I’m sorry. But I can’t stop saying it. If I do, it…it leaves room for doubt. And none of us need that.”

           Her expression tightened and I saw her eyes move away from me, dark brown spheres but bright in the dark. “I don’t say it much, because you’re right about leaving room for doubt. But our careers do terrify me. I love the fighting, I love the intrigue, I love the travel, and I love that I’m good at it. But it’s not solid. It can fall like a house of fucking cards and that makes me want to hold onto you, to hold onto Cammie, to make sure we can’t go anywhere.”

           I held her face in my hands, her perfect, unbelievably beautiful face. “We’ll be fine, Rachel. Believe that. Please. And even if we’re not, we’ll get through it.” I managed to smile at her, remembering her incredible resolve after her parents died. “You’re made of iron.”

           “Not when it comes to you.” She slipped her hands over mine. “When it comes to my family, I’m made of glass.”

           I started to say something else, but turned immediately as our bedroom door creaked open, letting in a crack of light from the hallway.

           “Mommy? Daddy?” Cammie’s voice was tiny as she stood there, holding her stuffed cat around his neck in a chokehold.

           Rachel changed as if a switch had been flipped. “What is it, kiddo? It’s so late, you should be in bed.”

           “I can’t sleep. I had a bad dream.”

           My wife and I looked at each other and I turned back to Cammie. “Come on, little lady. You’re safe with us.”

           Cammie nodded and sniffled before fumbling towards the bed. Rachel picked her up with a relatively impressive degree of strength—even considering her being a spy—and deposited her between us.

           “Why were you awake?” Cammie asked as I shuffled the covers around us.

           There was a millisecond pause before I said, “Talking. Now you just get some shut eye, we’re going to the playground tomorrow, remember?”

           Cammie smiled at this and immediately snuggled down into the pillows. I kissed her on the forehead. “Nighty night, little lady.”

           “Night, Daddy, night Mommy. I love you.”

           “Love you, too, kiddo.” Rachel sank back into the sheets and so did I, and we both stayed awake until Cammie’s breathing evened out into sleep.

           Rachel sighed. “You see what I meant?” she whispered, and kissed Cammie on the cheek before tucking her hair behind her ear. “Just like glass.”

           Somehow, all three of us managed to get to sleep.

Imagine Ash spending every night of his first week in Mag Tuiredh lying awake beside Meghan, just watching her, scarcely able to believe she’s really there. That he is really there. 

He remembers his adventure to the End of the World, and the strange vision that the Guardian showed him, and every time he remembers aging into a frail human while Meghan remained vibrant and young, he flinches and reaches out to touch her hand. She always wakes up and smiles at him, scooting closer until her forehead touches his chest, and only then does he take a breath and relax. 

“I get the feeling you think I’m going to disappear if you close your eyes,” Meghan teases him on the eighth night, twining her fingers with his. 

Ash smiles against the top of her head, even as his chest constricts. “You almost did the last time,” he murmurs, trying not to remember the feel of her limp, dying body in his arms as she banished him from the Iron Realm.