Falling Again


Two months. It had been two months since he disappeared from her life. Gone without a trace. Left without a word. The only thing she had at that time was evidence and her own hopeless desire that he’d come home. Even if it did become unrealistic… She just didn’t want to accept that he may have become another body on a slate somewhere. 

Then, after all those weeks spent wondering what happened and where he went, she was there. Hovering over his bed. Terrified to touch him, scared he’d break or disappear. After some hesitation, she stepped closer, her hand touching his. Slim fingers curling around his hand in an effort to make sure he’d stay. 

“Castle,” she whispered, voice soft. “Hey… it’s me,” she told him quietly. Raising her free hand, her fingers just brushed over his cheek. God, he looked so worn out, but he was there. The small mile that managed to pull at her lips, relief flooding her, she knew whatever the doctor would have to tell her, they’d figure it out together. They’d get through it.

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Yang dating headcanons??

oh boy here we go

  • she loves showing you off, she wants to make sure everyone knows that you two are together
  • personal space?? pretty much nonexistent. Yang constantly needs physical contact between the two of you, whether it be a quick kiss, holding hands, legs touching, etc
  • Yang does not care how big or small you are she will always pull you onto her lap if she has the chance
  • if she ever walks by you you bet ur ass she will lightly smack ur butt
  • either you joining in with shitty puns or you groaning every single time she says one there iS NO IN BETWEEN
  • her always calling you babe
  • Yang is best bae 10/10 would date
Around the narrow circuit of the room
Breast-high the books I love range file on file;
And when, day-weary, I would rest awhile,
As once again slow falls the gathering gloom
Upon the world, I love to pass my hand
Along their serried ranks, and silent stand
In breathless heark'ning to their silent speech.
With rev'rent hand I touch the back of each
Of these my books. How much of their dear selves—
The hand that held the pen, the brain that wrought
The subtle fancies on these pages caught—
Have men immortal left upon my shelves!
—  Charles Washington Coleman (1862–1932), “Of My Books,” c.1893

I’ve got no sight

The dark sculpts a statue
garden; mounted gargoyles 

overlook the pyracantha. 
I traverse with pin-cushioned 

hands; harmful touch. These
tendrils like all others do

not differentiate. They are
neither mine nor yours for

who has not touched the
stew as a child, or even 

now, still reaching after
the burns with starved

memory; nurture forgotten,
smoking on the back porch.  

Headache curing sigil. To use, preferably, draw it on the back of your hand with the point facing outwards as if it’s pointing towards something when you extend your fist to punch. Then, channel energy through your hand and touch your head, making sure that it passes through the sigil as well like a filter. Headaches should be cured for the most part. It’s a weak to medium strength sigil, so it won’t help as much with migraines.

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"Shall I go a little higher~"

Lissandra shivered at Katarin’s hand trailing up her thigh, she let out a soft growl at his pause and teasing tone. Her pale eyes burning with mischievous desire. She then wordlessly reached her hand out and rested it on his, her chilly hands touching the back of his warm hand.

“If you stop now I’m afraid I’ll lash out, Kat.” She hummed out slowly. “It’s in both our best interest for you to continue.”
Her Ford - Keleficent - Gravity Falls [Archive of Our Own]
Bill possesses Ford's body and attempts to rape his girlfriend, Adeline.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Adeline walked through the woods. Usually, she made this walk with Ford, but she needed to be away from him right now.

She felt guilty for thinking like that. It hadn’t been him. It hadn’t been his fault. But it had been his hands that touched her, his face she saw on top of her, his body that pinned her down.

It wasn’t fair. Ford didn’t do anything wrong, yet she still avoided him. She tried to push that night from her mind. No matter how much she wanted to forget, she couldn’t get things to go back to the way they were before. And she wasn’t sure if they ever will again.

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Hi! :) What did you think of Steroline in 801? Weren't they cute? AND THEY DECIDED TO MOVE IN TOGETHER

They were beyond cute. And sexy. And adorable. And perfect. And basically all the good words ever that just mean SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

All their scenes made me so happy. But Caroline getting all awkward about moving in and then Stefan just kissing her was the best. Happy sigh, forever.

Also, forehead touches. And the hand holding during sex. I’m fine. 

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Is it just me or are kaisoo starting to be less careful and more obvious again? 😂 *definitely talking about the dick touching*

Please dont slap me but that was only borderline dick touching bc his hand was on soo’s aby abbs!! Just putting this out there bc GROpInG is wayy too much for our health!!! 😂
Anyways, lets just say we see ji being a lot more carefree amd happy these days. Sometimes, i dont think things are always necessarily planned, maybe its just ji’s random constant burst of touchy fluffy soomotions due to his recent happiness! And ofc BLESS. Bc I am so not complaining!! Kaisoo easing back to their old natural interactions make me smile.

Ps Ji is such a cheeky cheeky lad that night.

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More of a fluff thing, but imagine Frisk touching Sans' hand with their own and being in awe over how big just one of his fingers is in comparison to their whole hand. And Sans is enthralled because LOOK AT HOW SMOL THEIR HAND IS and it's just. Gently resting on the tip of his finger. And it feels like a delicate little feather. Just for your consideration.


@zangyx {cont.}

         He understood that she was talking to him and as soon as
               she picked him up, he was loudly cooing in response be–
               fore she pulled him against her chest, pointing at him. He
               reached out and stared at the finger before touching it with
               his hands and then he looked up at her face and smiled wide.

         As he smiled, a purple, fuzzy tail came up and wrapped around
               her other fingers and he tugged on her finger until it came to his
               mouth and he started to ‘bite’ and dribble all over it. A quiet, low
               rumbling noise coming from his chest–he was purring.

Yes, Yuri on Ice is actually as gay as you think.

I need to say something to the skeptics out there, the ones who are annoyed with YoI, the ones who believe it’s yaoi trash.

Yuri on Ice is quite literally revolutionary so far. It is a big deal. We’re not screaming over some spineless fanservice or some homoerotic subtext. You’ve probably seen the screenshots and gifs out of context and thought, ‘wow, that looks pretty gay.’

No, you do not understand. It is gay

This is an anime that is not labeled as yaoi- meaning, it is not basic, heteronormative fanservice intended for women with problematic themes. It is not shounen-ai, where it simply teases the watcher for hints of homosexuality but never actually goes through with any of it.

Of course, there is fanservice- butt shots, body shots, what have you- that is skillfully placed in with the rest of the story.

But so far, this show is not queerbaiting.

So far, only three episodes in, Yuri on Ice has been smashing anime stereotypes one after another. 

This is unlike we’ve seen in Sports anime. This is almost comparable to No. 6; an anime with a solid, well-done plot that so happens to have a gay romance rather than a straight one. However, Yuri on Ice isn’t just that. There is no doubt this show is one about sexual awakening. That much was painfully clear throughout episode 3. 

Not only is it unique that this show is about sexual awakening, but it is between two men. It is very real, very blatant, and not made fun of. It is not a joke. It is not a facade to draw the fangirls in. This is real. 

The amount of proof for this is outstanding. The ending song is a great example, from the lyrics to the pictures shown.

‘You’re so beautiful tonight
I was simply entranced
Even the hourglass was
C’mon and take my breath away’ 

And, as pointed out in previous posts, the act of combing one’s hair is an intimate act between lovers in Japan. That was focused on in the ending sequence of instagram posts.

In episode 3 alone, there was the significant dialogue of Yuri as he skated about how he found his eros in embracing his femininity. That was not made fun of in any way- it was accepted as the right thing, and Yuri felt more comfortable being ‘the woman seducing the playboy,’ the playboy being Victor. If you had any doubt about who the playboy was, Victor’s whistle was a skillful and clever way to give that away all too obviously.

If you haven’t watched Yuri on Ice yet because you believe it’s all fanservice, because you think it is like Free, or Hibike! Euphonium- you are wrong. Both of those shows, while absolutely beautiful and I personally enjoy them both, are constantly skirting around homosexuality. They do everything to imply romantic attraction, but do not actually take the next step. They tease, but don’t give. And this show is not like Haikyuu or any other sports anime, where you can easily see the bonds in the show as platonic or romantic (depending on how you want to think about it).

No, this show is gay, whether you like it or not. You can deny many anime of being gay, as being something only the fangirls are seeing for their shipping desires, but you cannot deny this one. 

This is representation, and by god, I hope this show continues to do what it’s doing. If nothing comes of Victor and Yuri’s relationship, this show will still make history as the biggest queerbaiting flop ever seen. And, if it continues to do as amazingly as it is, by god will it be hard to beat.