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Ok you've got me shipping this "gravebone" and as someone who knows nothing about this beautiful looking ship, only that I think it comes from Fantastical Beasts(?), could you possibly explain to me who these two are? Preferably with as little spoiling to the movie as you could. If you gotta spoil I won't be mad, I am just really curious who these cuties are x)

All right! So, in the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (which takes place in the 1920s) you have these two characters (some of the details ahead change, but this is a spoiler free summary so)

Percival Graves is an Auror, the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement in the U.S., and the Director of Magical Security. He’s high ranking, powerful, played by Colin Ferrell, serious, and a handsome bastard who knows wandless magic. He is the sugar daddy of everyone’s dreams.

Then there’s Credence Barebone. He is a no-maj (which means non magic person), he is in fact an adult despite looking like a kicked puppy, he is a kicked puppy, has two adopted sisters (Chastity and Modesty), is mentally and physically abused by his mother–who adopted him as well, represses everything, works at the ‘church’ under his ‘mother’s’ thumb, is in need of all the hugs, and is desperate for affection of any kind. He is the most precious. (And he’s played by Ezra Miller, who is seriously ridiculously pretty.)

Their relationship is mutually beneficial. Graves needs Credence’s help with something and in return Graves has promised to help Credence (I say vaguely so as to not give spoilers).

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(The above gif is the first shot of them together, it is, and I know I have said this a lot, blatantly homoerotic. Gosh darn blatant.)

In the majority of their scenes together, Graves touches Credence a lot. He caresses him. And Credence is obviously needy for said caresses. There’s just so much goddamn touching. Graves gets all up in Credence’s space. Credence looks up to and admires and considers Graves to be ‘different from all the others’. Graves has called Credence ‘special’ and ‘a miracle’.

It is so blatantly homoerotic. (If you read the script, the word ‘seductive’ is thrown around a lot in their scenes and when you watch those scenes they are definitely seductive.)

Their chemistry is just off the charts good and you just want to see Graves do horribly filthy things to Credence. They’re just so lovely together.

So there’s this moment in 1D Day where Ziam are blindfolded and standing next to each other

And Liam (LOAM!) lifts his giant 19th century frontier’s man hands and reaches out to find Zayn

And when his massive paws make contact with Zayn’s tiny kitten man body, he breaks out into this HAPPY GRIN :’(

While simultaneously gently caressing Zayn’s waist and shoulder. Liam gets in a boob grab BUT ITS THE MOST GENTLE AND REVERENT BOOB GRAB

And he says “I’ve got Zaynie” with a smile made of the sun and my tears



“Thaht’s yew, Leeyum”

And I am a withered husk in the corner, my wails carried on the wind and used as a renewable energy source 

  • <p> <b>Phichit:</b> what time is it?<p/><b>Yuri [rolex on his wrist]:</b> 6:30<p/><b>Phichit:</b> you have something on your face.<p/><b>Yuri [cartier, golden ring in his right hand *touching his face*]:</b> where?<p/><b>Phichit:</b> no, nothing. I think you stepped on something.<p/><b>Yuri [looks a red loubutin shoe sole]:</b> really?<p/><b>Phichit:</b> no, just joking.<p/><b>Yuri:</b> are you ok, you've been acting a bit weird.<p/><b>Phichit:</b> you jumped from Wal-Mart, target, sketchers and payless to Fendi, Cartier, Rolex and Prada in less than a year. How am I the weird one?<p/></p>

Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings.
Sunward I’ve climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth
Of sun-split clouds—and done a hundred things
You have not dreamed of—wheeled and soared and swung.
High in the sunlit silence, hov'ring there
I’ve chased the shouting winds along and flung
My eager craft through footless halls of air.
Up, up the long delirious burning blue
I’ve topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace
Where never lark nor ever eagle flew
And, while with silent, lifting mind I’ve trod
The high untrespassed sanctity of space,
Put out my hand and touched the face of God.

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so this v friendly employee at a skincare store was chatting me up today and like, he was obviously just trying to sell me stuff, but i had ur cosmetician lance at the back of my mind the whole time and bc of this i put up w it for much longer than i normally would have... anyway he demonstrated some kinda exfoliating treatment for my gross dry hands and im just like "what if lance would do this as an excuse to touch someones (keiths) hands..." so yeah, ur work has made an Impression thank u!!


lance: LET ME exfoliate your hands and like ur whole body actually this is unacceptable i am not letting u touch my face with these

keith: what does exfoliate mean


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My friend told me that she is raising her son to not believe in Santa Claus because she thinks it's dishonest. Do you think it's ok to let kids believe in Santa?

Of course I do. That’s why I write letters to my nephew that are from Santa Claus.

Why would it be wrong for kids to think and know and understand that the world is a magical place? Why would it be wrong for someone to experience a protective force of love that gives and asks for nothing in return?

Anyway, the fact is Santa Claus is real. I can see the effects he has every day. Anyone I ask on the street will know his name and who he is and what he does. Just because I may never see him with my eyes and touch him with my hand doesn’t mean that he doesn’t affect me. I’ll never see or touch President Obama, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have influence on me.

Santa Claus is real in the way that Superman is real and that ghosts are real; and, in fact, in the only way that really matters: they are indelibly laced with metaphorical power and metaphor is one of the strongest weapons we as a species have in our arsenal. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may destroy or heal me forever.

And just to be real for a second, if a mom thinks Santa Claus is the only “lie” she’s ever going to tell her child, I don’t think the child is the one she needs to focus on being honest with.

I honestly feel so bad for Victor??? He fell in love with this hot Japanese guy who was ALL OVER HIM at the banquet last year and Yuuri didn’t remember a damn thing



“This man humped me and now he can’t even handle it when I touch his hand?”

But my question is: did the people at the party collectively decide not to show Yuuri photos of himself drunk dance-battling??

I mean, it wasn’t like big news that the skater from Japan got fucking wasted and took his clothes off in front of a room full of people??? I guess we’re not supposed to look too much into it but still


A few Robert-Susan moments on the red carpet at the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Greater Los Angeles 4th Annual Wishing Well Gala, December 7, 2016 at the Hollywood Palladium, honoring Robert Downey Jr. with the Shining Star Award for his commitment to helping grant children their wishes.

These two are so cute to watch on the carpet - they hold hands or touch the entire time, and he’s always careful to bring her into the interview or give her the spotlight, even though it’s clear she’d rather have the spotlight on him.  RELATIONSHIP GOALS.

Thank you to Make-a-Wish and their hard-working PR team for the red carpet credentials and the opportunity to shoot this great event and share it here! 

Rest in Peace ..

Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth,
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
Sunward I’ve climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth
Of sun-split clouds, –and done a hundred things
You have not dreamed of –Wheeled and soared and swung
High in the sunlit silence. Hov'ring there
I’ve chased the shouting wind along, and flung
My eager craft through footless halls of air…
Up, up the long, delirious, burning blue
I’ve topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace
Where never lark or even eagle flew –
And, while with silent lifting mind I’ve trod
The high untrespassed sanctity of space,
Put out my hand, and touched the face of God.

~ John Gillespie Magee, Jr ~

I’m jaded i think because people are squealing about them touching hands and like maybe kissing (but you can’t actually tell) and I’m over here like
…this is some novice level gay. This is public television gay. I’ve been living in Advance Gay land for awhile now and I’m wondering why people are fangirling so hard when their dicks haven’t even touched and probably won’t >_>
Not that won’t watch the whole season anyway.

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how would a slytherin (f) and ravenclaw (m) relationship be like in your opinion?

Oh my goodness, honestly just the best! 

-Constantly bickering about everything. It’s always jokingly and more often than not ends with them laughing

-Study dates!!!! They meet up in the library at least once a week to go over homework together, share notes, and just act really cute together. (The Ravenclaw loves how organized her boyfriends notes are and the Slytherin thinks she looks cute while she concentrates)

-So witty. So sarcastic. Oh my goodness. Neither of them can do anything without the other saying something. “It’s sure is sunny out today.” “And here is (Slytherin’s name), our local weatherman.”

-Constantly touching; holding hands, brushing arms, anything. The Slytherin traces designs onto his girlfriends arm with his finger in class when they get bored, and the Ravenclaw loves it. 

-Although they love to talk, they can sit in comfortable silence together for hours, just enjoying their presence

-mod vi

Smile Practice

“You look like you’re in pain Margo. Are you in pain? You’re in pain aren’t you?” Kellis said, squinting, reaching out a hand to touch the girl’s forehead. Margo frowned, swatting her hand away in frustration. Kellis retreated and put both hands up, her honey curls bouncing as she giggled to herself.

“This isn’t funny, Kellis.” Margo muttered, pulling her knees up to her chest, stubbornly turning her head away from her friend.

“I mean… it kind of is.” Margo’s head shot up to stick her with a glare. Kellis made a surprised sound and pointed a finger at her. Confused, Margo raised an eyebrow in question,

“Ya see?! Why are you so good at frowning and giving me dirty looks but you can’t smile?” She exclaimed, causing Margo to clamp a hand over the athlete’s mouth. Short, blonde hair whipped about as Margo looked around to see if anyone was looking at them. When she was sure they didn’t draw any attention, she let out a relieved breath. No one in the near vicinity in the courtyard seemed to be paying them any mind.

Good. This is embarrassing enough as it is. She thought. She dropped her hand into her lap and turned her face skyward. The sky was as clear as it could possibly be, not a cloud in sight. I could be reading right now… Margo thought to herself as a swift breeze blew through the yard. But instead I’m…

Ughh.” Margo groaned, falling back onto the grass. Kellis scooted over to sit beside her. Throwing an arm over her eyes, Margo groaned, “Can we stop now?” She heard a snort of laughter above her.

“No. No we can’t.” Came Kellis’ smooth voice from just above Margo’s head. “You asked me to teach you how to smile for a reason didn’t you?”

Margo, arm still draped over her face, responded, tone full of bitterness, “No, I didn’t. You came into my room, told me to smile and when I tried you gave me an evil look and dragged me out here. I tried to run but I forget how quick your reflexes are.” She couldn’t see her, but Margo knew Kellis was probably patting herself on the back.

“Volleyball pays off.” When Margo didn’t respond, she continued. “Well can you blame me? I love you to death, Margo, but seeing you try to smile is painful. But we’ll fix that…” Kellis, with a sly smile, whispered in a sing song voice, “For Claire~.” Margo immediately sat up and was greeted with her friend’s feline smile. It only grew when she saw how deeply Margo was blushing just by the mere mention of Claire’s name. “Mmmhmm.” Was all Kellis said as someone called out to them.

“Hey, its the salt shakers!” The loud voice laughed at their own joke. Kellis shot Miyu a playful glare over her shoulder as the dancer skipped over to them and sat herself down on the other side of a still flustered Margo.

“The gay’s all here.” Kellis quipped, earning her a high five from Miyu. Getting herself settled, she waved a hand at the despairing Margo. Kellis clarified. “Teaching her how to smile so she can make Claire fall even harder for her.” Miyu cast a knowing glance at Margo, wiggling her eyebrows. Margo made a strangled noise and rose to her feet. The other two followed suit as she began to walk back into the school building in a fruitless attempt to escape.

Miyu walked ahead of them, walking backwards. “Ok, GoGo, smile for me.” The onyx haired girl gave a beaming smile of her own as encouragement. Margo inhaled, preparing herself.

Ok, she told herself, just imagine you’re talking to Claire. You made a joke, she laughed, and you’re really, really happy that you made her happy. That more than deserves a smile.

Closing her eyes, Margo imagined Claire in front of her. Her blonde hair tied back into a loose braid so it wouldn’t get in her way when she was reading, her gentle, round face and smooth skin. Margo thought about how Claire always had a smile for her, how genuine it was, how her heart skipped too many beats whenever she was near. She felt her heart swell with the love she had for the girl.

It overwhelmed her, the strength of her feelings. So much so, that when she went to smile, she spoke too.

Beaming, her teeth on full display, blue eyes bright and shimmering when she opened her them, Margo said, happiness in every syllable, “You look so pretty when you smile Claire. I love it.”

Margo’s smile didn’t falter, but she did a good job of hiding her surprise and the sudden increase in her heartbeat. Wasn’t Miyu just standing in front of her? And where was Kellis?

Margo’s mind was a whirlwind of confusion and emotion as she spotted Miyu, Kellis, and now Lunette, standing a few feet away, all three of them looking ready to explode.

And Margo suspected it was because Claire was now standing in front of her, mouth slightly agape. Margo fumbled for words, anything, to say, but that was hard when her crush stood in front of her in all of her beauty. Her friends silently screaming in the background didn’t help either. Miyu in particular was roughly shaking both Lunette and Kellis by the arm, mouthing ‘Oh my God’ over and over.

Margo silently swore to get them all back later, but for now, she needed to deal with her pounding head and heart. Claire spoke up first.

“H-Hello, Margo…” She said in that soft, melodious voice of hers and Margo had to pinch herself to stay focused.

“…H-Hey, Claire.” She managed, her palms suddenly sweaty.

Claire shuffled her feet, the large textbook she carried clutched tightly to her chest. The girl looked down at her feet, then started, before she meet Margo’s gaze again. “ think I have a nice smile…?” She asked hesitantly. A few locks of her sunshine tresses fell over her eye, and, in a sudden rush of boldness, Margo reached out a hand to tuck them behind her ear.

I’m already this far gone… Margo said in her mind, a small smirk lighting up her face when Claire blushed a dark red at the contact.

“Yeah… I really do love your smile, Claire.” Margo’s voice was almost a whisper as the words left her lips, which were still pulled up slightly.

Claire giggled, the sound more beautiful than any music Margo would ever hear. “Well, you’ve got a beautiful smile too, Margo. You don’t do it often… But when you do, it always makes my day better.” Claire gave her a small, shy smile, cheeks still painted red. Margo was too stunned, too paralyzed with happiness to speak, when Claire’s phone went off. Claire muttered a quick apology as she removed the white device from her pocket. She sighed, colored cheeks puffing out in a mock pout. She looked up apologetically at Margo. “I’m sorry, Margo… I have to take this. But we can talk later, right? I mean…! Um, as long as you’re not busy…”

Margo, still in a daze, nodded in quick succession. “Of course. Talking to you is one of the highlights of my day.” The blush came back full force as Claire said goodbye and hurried off down the opposite hallway to take her call.

Just that small interaction left her flustered. Man, she had it bad.

As soon as Claire was out of sight and earshot, Miyu, Lunette, and Kellis rushed over, practically knocking each other down on the way. Kellis rushed right up to Margo, her eyes green fire. She said nothing, just beamed and shook her head. Lunette grabbed her hand tight, too happy to speak.

Miyu was the only one who said anything. Arms folded across her chest, she gave all of them a pointed look. Then she broke out in a grin and held her fist out to Margo, and in the other hand, she held a up her phone, the camera open, to Margo. “Now that,” she said, “is what I call a smile.”

Margo looked down the hallway Claire had gone down, then at the camera in front of her. She hadn’t even realized she was still smiling. Kellis walked around Margo to throw an arm over her shoulder. She squeezed.

“Didn’t need practice after all did you?”

Margo gave Miyu a fist bump, still beaming, as she said, “Guess not.”


Whoa I finally posted a fanfic what. what is this

Nah but seriously, this is kinda short, but I got inspired seeing everyone’s ocs!! The ones featured in this fanfic are @tegans-bf‘s Miyu, @alternative-cactus-friend‘s Lunette, @tegansexual‘s Margo, and mine, Kellis! Hope you guys don’t mind me using them :v They were just TOO GOOD! Everyone’s OCS ARE TOO GOOD OK. I LOVE THEM ALL. eVEN though Miyu, Margo and Kellis are Salt But Lunette is pure and she must be protected AT ALL COSTS.

Also, this wasn’t the fic I was talking about in one of my earlier posts. That’s coming this weekend :0 This one was sudden inspiration!


do you ever just wanna punch someone you despise so much but don’t want your fist to touch their face at all? like i don’t want someone i hate saliva or skin touching my own hand’s skin??