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I was in the grocery store, and I was debated wether to get gummy bears or gummy worms (it’s embarrassing the say how long I was there debating what to get; I was having a mental crisis).

When all of a sudden, this guy accidentally runs into me, and I drop the gummies. He stammers our an apology, and we both reach down it, and our hands touch.

Cue cheesy Hallmark music because we both just slowly look at each other for a few seconds when he suddenly smirks, winks, and says I KID YOU NOT:

“Hey, the name’s Lance.”

I immediately start screaming internally, and this guy can tell, so he gives me FINGER GUNS AND WINKS AGAIN AND JUST SAYS

“Speechless? Yeah, I sometimes have that effect.”



  • While getting dressed for dinner on Christmas Eve, Draco accidentally finds a scrapbook that Harry plans to give to Draco on Christmas morning.
  • The book is sleek, black and with silver lettering.
  • It is filled with pictures of them on dates, receipts from plays they went too, pictures of Draco’s parents at Harry and Draco’s first housewarming party, pictures of their first Christmas, pictures of them at the Burrow, and of them with their friends, pictures of their anniversaries, birthday’s etc.
  • As Draco flips through it he is startled when he feels tears streaming down his cheeks. He loves Harry like a wildfire. Intense and with wild abandon.
  • He flips to the very last page, and he finds a note that looks like a speech,
  • And the back of the scrapbook has a little cut out on the back page.
  • Inside is a delicate silver band, embossed with shining sapphires and glittering black diamonds.
  • With trembling hands, Draco touches the ring. He reads the speech with teary eyes and shaking hands.
  • He slides the ring on his finger, closes the book and walks out to their kitchen.
  • When Harry notices him, Harry looks concerned, because he sees that Draco is upset. “What’s wrong? Is everything okay Draco?” Draco looks into Harry’s eyes, burning with intent and passion
  • “Yes you idiot”
  • Harry looks down at the book in Draco’s hands and lets out a shaky laugh
  • He takes the scrapbook out of Draco’s hands, and wraps his arms around Draco’s shoulders “I had my speech all planned out you know”
  • Draco nods, “I know, I read it. And I accept”
  • Harry kisses Draco’s temple.
  • This was the best Christmas gift Draco had ever received.

This is not my hc, though I fully suport it, but that of a wonderful anon who came into my ask box. I added a word here and there but it’s 100% their content. Thank you so much for sharing this anon!

pinkandpurpledaisies  asked:

Aside from kisses and hugs, do you have a favourite CS caress? They are very tactile with each other, and I love it. <3


I also love it. I have entire tagging categories on my blog for hand holding, caressing, touching, foreheads, shoulder, hands, arm-in-arm etc etc etc.

There are so many of these moments that I could pick a different favorite every day for a month probably, but since I have to answer, I’m going to go with one of the first times Emma ever caressed Hook’s face because it is so meaningful.

gif source

This is a moment where Emma is forced by circumstances to confront her real feelings.  A day or so earlier she was furious, walls that had been cracking and tumbling down, snaping back into place in record speed, hours earlier she was still angry at him, and moments earlier she was annoyed with him, but in one single moment the world changed and his life was in danger and Emma couldn’t imagine an existence without him.

Suddenly, all that mattered was saving him, her anger be damned, her trust issues be damned, her magic and what losing it meant in their fight against Zelena, be damned. 

And for the first time ever we saw how much she cared for him, and all of it is embodied in this slight, tender stroke of gloved finger across pale, stubbled cheek.

It’s so subtle that without all the talented gif makers it might have gone unnoticed, but you slow this down and isolate this moment and it gets me right in the feels. Every. Damn. Time.

Emma loved him, ya’ll. Even then. 

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During BTS Full Interview With Ryan I think Jungkook smiled softly after Jimin accidentally touched his hand. The moment occurs at 6.20. p.s. I don't know why I wrote this, I just kind of wanted to share it with someone :D

Oh thank you! 

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can you give me some shyan friends to lovers headcanons i love ur writing and i’m starving

(formatting kinda made it long so im putting it under the cut)

  • ok so like:
  • it starts with casual touching. hands that linger at elbows, arms pressed together when sitting down. thighs against each other when eating. fingers brushing past each other when handing each other things.
  • PILLOW TALK on nights both of them can’t sleep. when ryan is too scared and shane can’t stand watching him panic. they kinda find out everything about each other here. impromptu heart-to-hearts seem to be their thing. just laying side by side, heads bowed together, talking in little whispers, laughter a small puff of breath.
  • this is probably where shane finds out that he really, really likes making ryan laugh.
  • they just kinda… fall into each other, you know? they have the show, they have their work. they show up for other videos, they write scripts for some. sometimes, they go eat lunch together. they just… click.

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At this distance, Gansey could feel Noah’s breath, inexplicably warm against the cold of everything else. Time seemed a phenomenon from another world, something that couldn’t touch them now.

The undefined question hung in the frozen, shrinking space between them.

june @ronanisronan drew this scene from ‘but cold’s not bad at all’ and honestly? i’m still crying. :’) thank u so much, june!! it’s perfect. 💛

the creation of adam (ft. michelangelo)

my hand touches his,

And I, god now, martyr before,

evolve rapid.

eyes open, nose bleeds,

i, created, i, the biblical,

my fingers,

my god.

The first time they held hands, Kuro realized how warm Mahiru’s were. They’ve been making their way back home, Mahiru talking excitedly about the sport festival that’d be happening soon as his fingers brushed against Kuro’s hands oh so slightly. 

Kuro pretended not to notice but it was hard to ignore, compared to how cold his skin was despite being summer. Mahiru seemed to not mind the touch as they walk by, time passing slowly as he got closer to him. Kuro could felt Mahiru’s eyes on him, as if he was silently trying to tell him something but he couldn’t figure it out was it was or so he thought, till Mahiru stopped right in front on him.

‘Give me your hands’, Mahiru said without hesitation. Kuro obeyed, shuddering at the sudden touch. Mahiru’s hands were soft and warm as they held his, entwined their fingers oh so casually. 

'Mahiru?’ he dared to say, feeling how hard his heart was beating in his chest. 

‘I like your hands, Kuro..’ Mahiru’s voice sounded soft just like his hands, just like the smile on his face 'They’re cold, yet they keep me warm..' 

Kuro sighed upon hearing such words 'What a pain. If you wanted to hold my hand so badly, you could’ve said so’ a half smile made its way to his face as Mahiru’s cheeks turned a bright shade of red 'I like yours.. a lot, too' 


Kuro wasn’t sure when or how but, Mahiru’s eyes caught him in a daze. They were shining, sparking and he could swore they were never this bright before. They were beautiful under the moonlight just as Mahiru’s entire being was. So much that the urge to kiss him right there was strong, yet he found himself holding back, giving their hand hold a little squeeze what made Mahiru smile more. 

'Let’s go home’ he muttered under his breath, averting his gaze whilst Mahiru beamed happily, not letting go of his hand as he kept talking all the way back to their shared place.

The one where our hearts beat in unison,

The one where I’m no longer a monster,

The one where you’re not too far away,

The one where a touch of your hand melts me,

The one where a kiss from you is all I need,

The one in which you’re smiling,

And making me fall in love,

With you,

All over again.

A parallel universe, indeed.

- DG

Inspired by words of @justscribbledwords on the same topic.

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(Inspired by a scene in Tarzan) Bucky went rogue after regaining his memories in CA:WS and decides to hide in Romania. He snuck into a what assumed empty apartment, only to find it occupied with you. He explains his situation without reveal too much as you tried to knock him out with a frying pan. You let him stay, but then sooner or later that turned into you letting be roommates with him. One day Bucky becomes self-conscious with his metal with the lives he took with it... (1/2)

But instead of words to cheer him up, you touched you hand with his metal one. He looked into your eyes as they intense to the fact that your weren’t of it or him. The tension in the room release as you two started to lean in closer til passionate kisses made your mind sparks like fireworks. Clothes discarded, hair pulling and hot kisses against every surface of the apartment made Buck feel alive than he’s ever been in 70 years as he makes love to you til late at night (2/2)

Wow yes - Gen

Sinful Sunday™ 

Graceless (Dustin Henderson x Reader)

Originally posted by dailytelevision

Prompt: When you’re near, I hide my blushing face and trip on my shoelaces. Grace just isn’t my forte, but it brings me to my knees when you say, “Hello, how are you, My darling, today?”


“Hi Dustin!”

Dustin’s books scattered across the floor as he dropped them. His whole face turning a bright crimson as he muttered, “Shit” under his breath. He was quick to get down and start gathering them back up.

“Oh God! I didn’t mean to startle you Dustin,” (Y/n) exclaimed and before he could protest she began gather his books as well.

Dustin swore his face somehow got even more red as she finally gathered the books and held them out. He gently took them from her trying ignore the sparks dancing through his vein when his hands accidentally touch hers. “You’re f-fine (Y/n),” He stuttered out as he got back up.

She seemed to let out a sigh of relief as she stood up as well. She grinned at him once more sending his heart pounding. “Oh good… So how are you Dustin?” She asked curiously. She sticked to his side as they made their way through the halls to class.

The bustling people forcing them to stay shoulder to shoulder which sent jolts through Dustin. He pulled his cap down slightly hoping it would block his blush from her sight. He always melted when (Y/n) asked him this, because everyday depsite how busy she was. She always made time just to ask him that. “I’m fine (Y/n),” He replied. His voice shaking slightly.

(Y/n) grinned slightly and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “That’s good!”

That was when Dustin tripped on his own two feet. His face a bright red color as he stumbled over apologies. God he needed Steve’s help….


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Some people cannot love you the way you want to be loved, because they are emotionally and spiritually frozen. They recoil from or avoid affection. You will never meet a deep penetrating gaze from their shallow eyes; only a surface glance. They will touch your hand with their hand, but never with their heart. They will serve your body but not your soul. They can only connect with you through utility, but never passion. They are empty. They are dead inside. They will break your heart if you let them. You will waste your whole life waiting for them to wake-up to the treasure of what you have to offer. — Bryant McGill

so uh

im gonna

do the signature experients tier

just for hussies signature like i need something that radiates dark energy like that in my house

(i dont actually care about the barbecue sauce ill probably be too afraid to actually try it)

No offence but shut the door, turn the light off. I wanna be with you. I wanna feel your love. I wanna lay beside you, I cannot hide this. Even though I try. Heart beats harder. Time escapes me. Trembling hands touch skin. It makes this harder and the tears stream down my face. If we could only have this life
for one more day. If we could only turn back time….

firebreathingsheep  asked:

softer, with saramila (i think that's the name for mila and sara?)

ooohhhh definitely a slowburn oneshot (maybe in a style similar to amor vincit omnia) focused mostly on character development and Emotions™ more than plot!!!


The scarf ripples under her fingers, soft and so silky it looks like a flowery, embroidered waterfall in her hands.  Mila touches it to her cheek, imagining how it’ll look around Sara’s neck, imagining how it’ll feel when she presses it aside to replace it with kisses, imagining how perfect their first Christmas together will be, and smiles.

It’s a soft scarf, but (she touches her lips absently) she knows of something softer.

“Lady Naotora! You have really small hands. It’s actually pretty amazing how you can carry that big sword around!”

“W-what are you doing?! Unhand me! I n-never gave you permission to touch me! S-stop touching my hand like that! You barbarian!

“Are you blushing?”

“N-no! I’m angry! C-can’t you even tell that much you moron?!”

Prompt: OC Snuggling with their Significant Other.
Drawing more than one character is super hard for me so this was. Hard. Naotora looks so uncomfortable. It’s not really what I imagined but I’m happy with how Tadatsune’s face came out and his hand on her waist. It’s not. TERRIBLE.