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Since I can't get enough of yoonjin recently, can you do the part 2 of why you ship yoonjin? Thank you so much res <3

it’s so hard to do yoonjin because =[ not many people gif yoonjin =[ and i have no gif skills to speak of but i will try my best

let us start with a non-gif or as i like to call this picture ‘min yoongi staring at his princess and giving no fucks while everyone else is taking a picture’

okay lemme talk to you about this gif do you see min yoongi looking down at jinnie’s hand he is CLEARLY looking at jinnie’s hand and he aims to put his hand over jinnie’s hand except it doesn’t quite work out because seokjin moves his hand right as yoongi’s about to put his hand over seokjin’s and the position becomes awkward but the POINT IS HE WAS AIMING TO PUT HIS HAND OVER SEOKJIN’S

Can we talk about how yoonjin touches hands and they just kind of keep their hands in contact with one another unnecessarily long it’s making my heart ache

talking about unnecessarily long touches how about that time when yoongi was pointing out seokjin’s red ears and he just kept his hand there for forever just.. touching seokjin’s ear….

and further on the topic of unnecessary things seokjin w t f did you really have to do that like am i the only one who thought dirty things here

Remember that time when only yoongi knew that seokjin got white day presents from his (male) classmates and seokjin was like no no dont yoongi dont and come on this is min yoongi KING OF PRANKS AND MISCHIEVOUSNESS AND BEING A GENERAL DICKHEAD AND I SAY THAT PART LOVINGLY BUT COME ON THIS IS MIN YOONGI and what does min yoongi do he keeps the secret and awkwardly transitions instead to ‘i went to an all male high school too’ like it doesn’t even make sense with the beginning of what he was saying i dont even know where i am going with this just that yoongi knows something about seokjin that no one else in bts does

I live for Yoongi nonchalantly throwing his arm over Seokjin’s shoulders like Seokjin is so much taller than he is so it must not be an easy feat but he does it ALL THE TIME so nonchalantly like yeah this is my place and can we talk about how seokjin just drops his head on yoongi’s shoulder in that second gif sigh


okay so we cannot forget the gift that was hormone war and seokjin pulling down yoongi’s shirt (actually in this era seokjin pulled down everyone’s shirt mostly his own idk seokjin was feeling a little rebellious during this era thank you seokjin please be rebellious again)

REMEMBER that time in Japan when Seokjin wrote a LONG ASS LETTER FOR YOONGI also known as the time i started shipping yoonjin no other member did it no other member has done it and Seokjin has never done it for another member since like they just share something special you know 

or how about that time when yoonjin went vacationing honeymooning in thailand and instead of taking pics of the scenery or whatever like a normal tourist yoongi just took pics of seokjin and seokjin was just interested in mangoes

yoongi is so tsundere he is the best there is SO MUCH of yoongi teasing seokjin like breaking off a high five or blowing into seokjin’s eyes or just being min yoongi to seokjin in general he’s like a 10 year old trying to get the attention of the girl he likes

okay this gif gets me this gif gets me a LOT because of how frigging HEART STOPPING MIN YOONGI is i dont even know why but the way he cocks his head and goes, ‘one more time’ and just keeps his head closer to seokjin and just the smile on his face while seokjin whispers into his ear just i dont know

also let us not forget yoonjin are ROOMMATES NOW?! I suspect they picked their own roommates and let’s be real yoongi definitely picked seokjin because he is the quietest one out of all 7 of them i just have a lot of scenarios of how this went down but i feel like the realest one is seokjin just going like oh okay i dont mind who i room with anyone is fine really and then yoongi just stood up and grabbed him and was like good then you’re rooming with me the rest of you can figure yourselves out sorry i am writing a fic in my head

An Echo in the Bone

“Then I grew older, and knew this was not true. No one would come to rescue me. But then— ” He turned his head and gave Jamie a smile of surpassing sweetness. “Then I grew older still, and discovered that, after all, it was true. I am the son of a great man.” The hook touched Jamie’s hand, hard and capable. “I wish for nothing more.”

An Echo in the Bone, Page 182.

Awww, I love Fergus!

Why did Kai have to wear gloves in 6x17 tho?
Sexy hands of his with those rings is one thing.
But also bonkai touching hands, holding the ascendant together.
Fucking hell…

A photo of a young Marine praying with his bride-to-be quickly went viral after it was posted on Facebook by the wedding photographer. 

U.S. Marine Cpl. Caleb Earwood wanted to pray with his bride Maggie before their ceremony in Asheville, North Carolina, on Saturday. So with the help of their family and wedding photographer Dwayne Schmidt, Caleb was guided to the cabin where Maggie was getting ready for the service, where the couple joined hands around a corner so as not to break tradition and see each other before the altar.

“They hid me in a room and he stepped up on the stairwell and he stuck his hand out and I grabbed his hand,” Maggie Earwood told ABC News today.

“As soon as their hands touched he started getting emotional,” Schmidt told ABC News.

“The whole room was full of emotion,” Schmidt said. “I tried not to cry and focus on what I was doing.”

The resulting image shows the couple turned away from each other, their hands joined, as Caleb prays out loud and Maggie tries to hold back her tears. Caleb prayed for their marriage, asking that their union be strong enough to serve as an example for all young couples, Schmidt said.

“It broke me down,” Maggie Earwood said, “to know that we felt the same way about God. It just made me happy.”

“There were no dry eyes in the room,” she said.

Schmidt posted the photo to Facebook on Saturday night, meant to be a sneak peek of his day’s work, but it quickly garnered more than 28,000 likes and went viral across the Internet.

“So many people are emailing me,” Schmidt said, “saying thank you for sharing this. It’s what America is supposed to be about.”

The couple is currently on their honeymoon before they return to Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina, where Caleb is based.

It’s even WORSE than the first spoilers said, lmao


Sasuke realizes it’s Salad after Naruto breaks in apologizing for being late, extends a hand to touch her and then pulls it back saying “I understand”. 

Salad drills him up and down with questions about who the fuck is her mother, why did he abandon Sakura and her, what the fuck is he doing that he never came home, and at the end of it Sasuke simply tells her “It’s none of your business” before moving into another room to talk to his lover Naruto.

Just. Like. That. 

Oh, and Naruto just looks in with a “wtf” face as if he has no idea what’s going on in Sasuke’s “family” life, but doesn’t question him at all. Well, no surprise there, he knows what being forced into an unwanted marriage is like. 

So yeah, Salad being Karin’s daughter is still a possibility, Sasuke not giving a shit about her and Sakura is a certainty. 

And with the spoilers to the Bolt movie out, Salad leaving Sakura to go with Sasuke is also a certainty. 

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but can we address that gally would be so cute as a boyfriend. imagine gally being kinda awkward with the touches as first, but then he loosens up and becomes less tense and then he's all over you all the time. like... idle touches, absent minded touches. his hand just brushing yours under the table at lunch, a quick forehead kiss before class, your legs tangled together under the table at dinner. (his hands on your face, looking at you almost reverently before kissing you while he fucks you)

I’m trying not to scream and bang my head against the wall until I pass out in class yall need to stop sending these when I’m in public😭😭😭😭

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Just imagining Karlie crying over the Talvin pics breaks my heart. I mean they can hang out and make their show but they always hold hands or touch each other

I don’t think karlie cries over any of it. Lmao. She’s been famous a long time. If anyone can see through this crap, its her. She might have even always known about it.

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robrae must pose as a couple for a mission and have fake sex to really sell it, robin gets noticeably aroused

- - -

Raven tried not to think about the fact that he was touching her with hands that were hot enough to burn through her clothes. She tried not to think about how strong they were as they rubbed up her sides, grabbing occasionally at the folds in her t-shirt. She tried not to think about the way his warm breath danced over her skin as he rubbed up against her. But more than all of those other things, she tried very, very hard to not think about his erection pressing against her thigh. 

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Jude Helps Connor on his Feet Part 2

Thanks to those who left positive feedback and requested another chapter.  Your support means a lot.  Hope you enjoy the this chapter.  As always, your comments and feedback are appreciated.

Click Here for Part 1

Jude felt a surge of electricity at the touch of Connor’s hand.  It was moments like these where Jude wanted to tell Connor everything he was feeling. Ever since they started dating, Jude could not stop thinking about Connor and the way he made him feel.  Jude and Connor had grown up best friends, but now they were each becoming aware of feelings they were both discovering for the first time.  This had scared Jude because his previous foster families had told him that those types of feelings were bad, but Callie and his two moms made it clear that they would love Jude no matter what.  Connor was the only other person who not only accepted Jude for who he was, but was now starting to return his feelings. 

Connor looked at Jude expectantly. Jude let go of Connor’s hand reluctantly. Connor had made no attempt to break Jude’s grip, but Jude had noticed his boyfriend tense up and breathe harder after a group of student athletes had passed by them.

After composing himself, Jude looked up at his boyfriend. “I forgot to ask you something the other day.”

Connor looked down, anticipating the question that he knew was coming.

“I know Daria visited you when I wasn’t at your house.  I was just wondering what you talked about.  Did you tell her about us?”

Connor locked his jaw, an old habit Jude noticed about his friend whenever he got nervous or distressed.

Connor replied, “I broke up with Daria.”

Jude’s eyes widened, “So she knows…”

Connor nodded, “Kind of, I told her I’m gay.”

“She was fine with it?” Jude asked in wide eyed surprise.

“Yeah, she was really nice.  She came over a few more times after that just to talk.  I couldn’t really tell her I had other plans you know…” Jude considered this as Connor looked down at his still ailing foot.  “I didn’t tell her about us.  I wanted to but I thought she might get hurt if she knew that if the whole time I was with her I wanted to be with you.”

Jude looked at his boyfriend.  If this was going to work, they had to be honest with each other, “You don’t have to feel bad.  She may think that I came between you or something.”

Connor steeled himself, “I wanted to be with you even before Daria.  I just couldn’t tell you”.

Jude’s heart started fluttering.  His boyfriend was pouring his heart out.  Jude wanted so badly to hug him tight and tell him that he had always felt the same way.  However, he was being reserved as usual.  It was for his own good, and Connor’s.  That’s what he told himself anyway.  But Jude wondered if it didn’t have to be that way all the time.

Jude suddenly remembered, “I didn’t tell you but Taylor kind of knows.  I haven’t told her about us yet but she thinks I have a crush on you.”

Connor was surprised at this. He knew Taylor was Jude’s friend, but hadn’t talked to her since the day she came over with her father to visit him at the hospital. Connor remembered how Taylor’s dad kept apologizing and saying how he felt like there was nothing he could do to make up for what he did.  Connor forgave him for what was a terrible accident.

Jude continued, “She doesn’t know it’s more than just a crush.”

Connor blushed, “I wish we could spend some time together, you know…”

Jude giggled nervously and looked deep into Connor’s hazel eyes, “you mean by ourselves…”. 

Jude could barely suppress a smile as he thought of what Connor said the last time they tried to spend some alone time together.  He often wondered what Connor and Daria did when they used to be alone together.  It was often at the tip of his tongue to ask his boyfriend, but Jude decided he wouldn’t ask just yet.  He didn’t want to seem like the jealous type when Connor just admitted that he wanted Jude all along. 

Connor smiled in recognition, before looking off in the distance dejectedly “It’s my dad though.  He doesn’t want me getting hurt again.  He says I have to heal.”

Adam had taken Connor’s rehabilitation very seriously.  He reminded Connor that while physical activity was important, he had to be extra careful not to exacerbate his injury, which would sideline him for even longer.  Adam had gone to Lena the first day to schedule makeup exams so Connor could be caught up on everything. 

The bell rang, signaling them to get to class.  Connor shuffled along on his crutches while Jude reached out for Connor’s books,  “No need to carry those.”

Connor pointed in the opposite direction, “But your class is over there.”

Jude and Connor had some of the same classes, but different periods.

Jude laughed, carefully nudging his boyfriend’s ribs, “I’ll just walk you to your class first.  I don’t mind.”

Connor beamed at Jude, “I don’t mind that you carry my books. If only I can return the favor.”

Jude regarded Connor with a mixture of disbelief and amusement, “You can. By going to the beach with me after school. I’m sure your dad won’t mind if we make it back to your place before sunset.”

Connor hadn’t thought of it for long before breaking out into a huge grin, “Sure. It’s a date”

Jude could barely contain himself, but then remembered they were still at school and had to get through the whole day.  In the short time it took them to walk to Connor’s class, Jude thought of all the things they could do.  They finally could act like a real couple by doing things like going on carnival rides or stuffing their faces with deep fried desserts.  Something about it felt perfect, even though Jude wondered if Connor’s dad would really be okay with everything at this stage.  Jude felt that Mr. Stevens may still have felt that his son was growing up too fast. 

Connor carefully sat down as Jude took his crutches, while still trying to balance Connor’s books. 

“Hey Jude”, Daria came from behind the two boys.  “I can take those”, she said, gesturing to Connor’s books.

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She softly touched his arm, her hand trembling as she was afraid of him. "H-hello sir..." Since he was way taller than her, she felt intimidated and just could not look at his eyes. "I'm...I'm sorry to bother you but..."

The Count looked at her over his shoulder, “…yes?”.

SQ108 fic 2

Regina suddenly comes to, sensing another in the bed – you would think she’d be up and attacking in a heartbeat, wary of an attack, an intruder. But the scent of her and of the dark calms the brunette. She reaches out a hand to touch the cool flesh of Emma Swan who was currently face down with half her head tucked under a pillow and limbs and hair haphazardly all over the place.

Regina sighed, stroking her fingertips down Emma’s unclothed back.

It was a situation neither of them discussed.

She worked at saving the saviour and the saviour would check in nightly, show she was safe, rest.


Music as Metaphor

In the video above, India sits at the piano, playing a soft melody to herself. In this moment, she is alone, reflecting on her predicament. She has a violent darkness in her that at this moment, causes her more sadness than anything else. This is her meditation.

Charlie enters, the looming figure that is representative of this darkness made flesh. Charlie is outwardly violent, unashamedly manipulative, and takes immense joy in his cruelty. Throughout the film, he attempts to indoctrinate India into this ideology. He interrupts her melody with the kind of deep, foreboding chords you would expect, which India futilely attempts to rebuff with her original, soft melody.

While India is still technically in control of the song, Charlie is controlling it’s tone and atmosphere with these dark bass notes. Much like in life, he is trying to get under her skin, and seduce her into his psychosis. Note how he ever-so-gently let’s their hands touch 19 seconds in, daring her to get closer to him, daring her to let him lead. India gives in, and at this point, the song becomes a duet.

This is music as metaphor.

Closing her eyes, India allows the music to naturally progress, She is entertaining the idea of harmony. Charlie brilliantly picks up on this moment of weakness, and utilities it to completely take control, changing the music dramatically as well as closing the gap between them physically. For India, all it takes is a brief moment of weakness. She loses all her autonomy in the song, and for a moment plays nothing.

Unwilling to accept this, she herself makes a bold move; she changes the mood of the song. She enters with a lighter, much more playful flourish. Look at how she looks at Charlie; she wants to know just how much she can control him. She studies his face intensely, desperately curious how he will react. She continues, however she is unaware that by engaging Charlie rather than ignoring him, she is already letting him take control. This is especially pertinent given how light and and playful the song has become.

That said, listen to what happens when their eyes meet; however playful, the notes start to sting.

India realises her mistake, and yet again tries to rectify it. However, it is too late, in this moment they connected, and a sad, dark honesty comes out in the song. India knows she is like Charlie, sh knows it but she hates it, and right now she cannot deny it. Charlie realises that he has more power over India now by allowing her to take the lead, and allows her the spiral downwards around the 1:25 mark. He knows what it will lead to; the ostinato.

This is the moment when India and Charlie are truly working together; India allows herself not to lead or follow, but to work in unison with this monster. This is when she has fallen completely under his spell, and she allows herself to. Charlie understands this, and the physical barrier between them completely breaks down. The music grows somewhat sadder as India feels the lust and longing in her grow from this physical contact. She knows what Charlie is. She knows what she is. She cannot help what she wants. This is the closest the two get to having a sex scene in the film, and honestly, it’s an infinitely more effective way of conveying their relationship to one another. Charlie moves out from behind India, knowing his seduction has worked. India closes her eyes, her legs tense, and she is lost in the song.

The song abruptly stops, and there is a clear look of both exhaustion, horror and realisation on India’s face. She pants and takes the silence in. Charlie leans in to kiss her, and also disappears behind her in the shot. When she turns to him, she see’s he was never actually there.

This is the power he holds over her.

Stoker is a fantastic film from one of my favourite working Directors, and I feel this scene perfectly illustrates the idea of music as metaphor in cinema.