touching each other all the time

1x02: Castle Leoch

Day 2 | #CountdownToSeason 4

There are a LOT of Jamie and Claire scenes for this episode that I honestly couldn’t choose which one is my favorite - so I’ll try and put it all. Continuing from episode 1 where they have established a trust and friendship to one another. Every JxC scene in this episode is dedicated to building up their friendship in spite of the place and situation they are in.

I believe this part was a very important foundation to their relationship that without these moments, these two would not realise their feelings of care and love to each other that will prove vital come the time they marry. 

So here are some of my favorite scenes from episode 2: 

1. Claire sees and touches Jamie’s scars. 

When Jamie allowed Claire to see and touch his scars and told her the story of how he got them. It just shows that despite her Englishness, Jamie trusted her with his story even it meant offending the English, which Claire, obviously didn’t care for. 

2. The moment Jamie loved Claire

Claire was about to breakdown into tears…

With her glass face so telling, Jamie recognizes it immediately…He hugs in comfort and they get a little too close for Claire’s confused feelings.

When they broke apart, Jamie had a look in his eyes that just tells that he’s already vowed to protect Claire from anything - it’s after this look that he declares that promise. 

When Claire asks this, it probably was that she was genuinely scared and concerned that she was really in a dangerous place and needed the security. But at the same time, I couldn’t help but think a bit that there was certainly a flirty or cheesy or romantic air to it, especially the way she said it. But that is just me :)

3. Claire bring Jamie bandages and lunch - THEIR FIRST DATE

Okay, Claire probably wanted to get out of the Castle or really did just want to change the bandages or brought food because she missed breakfast and thought to just bring it with her - BUT COME ON, BEAUCHAMP! ;)

What I love about this scene is their conversation. Claire is a liberal woman in a very conservative time - but when she spoke to Jamie, shared her opinions on “grass as substitute food”, she did not hold back. She felt and knew that Jamie is the only person in that time that could understand her, who she can connect with and that’s why she’s drawn to Jamie in some way. Despite their 200-year cultural gap, Jamie, somehow, accepted her feminist views with respect and attraction. 

It was also in this scene that Jamie told Claire that he was a wanted man. Again, we see Jamie trusting Claire, for some reason, despite the danger it can put him. it also shows that Jamie isn’t afraid to confront her on her views or when she has gone too far.

4. Claire tends again to Jamie’s wounds.

Lastly, my favorite scene was after Jamie took the beating and he was escorted away by Murtagh after he took the beating for Laoghaire. 

Jamie searched for Claire, naturally, and though their eyes only met for but a brief moment, they already what each asked and needed do. 

Look at the worry on Claire’s face!! 

Of course, Claire asked why he took the beating and of course, Jamie gave a noble answer. But what I love about this scene is Jamie just looking at Claire with love sick eyes. He’s probably too happy with her just touching is face with both her hands, that’s why he can banter still. I could ride the theory that he took the beating just so Claire can tend to him again and they could spend time together - without being suspicious to everyone in the Castle. 

I don’t want to talk about the goodbye scene (and then Laoghaire showing up) but still, the mild heartbreak on their faces when they were saying farewell! Ugh, Jamie and Claire holding back or not realising their feelings yet is angst at its best!   

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Do you know any good smutty yoonseok fics??

I do! :)

sweetheart by softlyblue

Pros and Cons by interrupted

can i call you baby? by bt21

Things We Never Do Sober by aaahnyona

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Word count: 3,301

Summary: List of things Yoongi and Hoseok never do sober:

1. Act like they’re friendlier than most sworn enemies.
2. Laugh at whatever the fuck they were saying.
3. Dance like they’ve been in sync their whole lives.
4. Touch each other as if they’ve parted for so long.
5. Kiss as if they don’t even know how to hate each other.
6. Do the things they’ll never do sober.

But it’s just about time they break them all.

The edge of truth by Eternalhoseok

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Word count: 6,430

Summary: "You’re my favourite coworker and not just because I hate everyone else here.“

Hoseok and Yoongi are lawyers working at the same law firm. It’s a fast world full of mirrored buildings and luxurious offices. Money, power and a reputation to uphold, but the only thing they care about is upholding their libido.

I weigh

Today is my 32nd birthday.

This is the best birthday I’ve ever had because I’ve woken up to thousands of women sending me pictures and messages about the things they love about their lives, and the things they have done that they are most proud of. This has been going on for days now.

I was scrolling through “explore” on Instagram (always a certified mine field for one’s self esteem) and came across this disastrously damaging picture.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A group shot of grown women with their respective weights posted across each of their bodies, and the post asking what we think of their weights and then asking its followers, “What do you weigh?”

WHO CARES? What kind of crazed toxic nonsense is this? What is this post trying to achieve other than to induce anxiety into young women about something so entirely irrelevant? What are we teaching women about our value? Can it be measured using a metric system? Why do so many posts like this exist on social media? How is anyone supposed to get through the fucking day happy with themselves when we are given such unreasonable and shallow goals to achieve, falling short of which, no matter who we are, what we do, how many lives we save, how many children we raise, how many people’s lives we touch, we are not worth anything.

I snapped. I am just done. I’m so done with seeing this and letting it pass me by. It’s so dangerous and disgusting. It’s so belittling and abusive. We are subliminally bullied all day by the magazines, the side bar of shame, social media, and by each other. The onslaught is so aggressive that we are going to have to retaliate with 10 times the strength to undo all of the damage to the global psyche of women. So I posted this:

A small ode to the brilliant life that I am so lucky to live, that I built by myself from scratch, to the friends I am so lucky to have and to my self worth. This is how I measure myself. What I did, how I made people feel and how much I have enjoyed myself. It has taken me 10 years to get to the realisation that I am worth more than the digits on a measuring tape. And more importantly, the push back against body shaming shouldn’t just be about how much we love our flaws, it should be about something that isn’t really about the body at all. Self acceptance is important. But we deserve more than acceptance. Let’s step as far away from the conversation about our bodies as possible and make acclaim, integrity, achievement, contribution to society and kindness: Values worth shouting about again.

I posted it on twitter, and within an hour women started sending me their own ones. There were too many to keep track of. It happened so fast. The pictures were amazing. None of them were posed and filtered, nobody was contoured to within an inch of their life, or sucking anything in. It was women living their lives, writing down all of the things they were grateful for and proud of. All of the degrees they have, the babies they made, the cancer they beat or are fighting, their families they love, the disabilities they live with or help with, the relationships they have built, the companies they started. Just women waking up and remembering that they are valuable, and they do important, difficult, incredible things. Things that are more than just achieving the perfect lip liner, losing baby weight quickly or being able to EAT PIZZA WHILST AT A LINGERIE PHOTOSHOOT!!! (WOWWEE!)

Here are some of my favourites:

Women of every size and shape and age and background sent me their declarations of self love and clapped back at the shame they have been drenched in their whole lives. We are attacked by this beast our WHOLE DAMN LIVES. Bemused parents are writing to me that social media has their 8 year olds talking about diets and what they dislike about their tiny growing bodies. We are facing an epidemic of self hatred. Instagram while sometimes an amazing way for us to share, is in many ways, hurtling us at light speed towards the demise of what the suffragettes were building.

We lack focus because we are concentrating on the wrong things. Most of the women I know wake up much earlier than men to get ready, and spend much of their time and money on complete nonsense like manicures and pedicures, hair treatments, and waxing. Women bleach their bumholes. THEY BLEACH THEIR BUMHOLES. This is how far we have gone with our pursuit of perfection, that we are no longer satisfied with the natural colour of an area almost nobody in the world will ever see. We have to be thin, but with big breasts and bottoms, gravity free, spotless, hairless, ageless, light skinned but always with a year round sun kissed glow; we must be fun and eat pizza and drink beer but also completely cellulite free and we must all have tiny noses and enormous eyes and lips but with skinny faces, but our skinny faces must never look gaunt and old.

And after all this, and after all the work we do, that we do as much of as men, ON SUBSTANTIALLY fewer calories than we probably need, we get judged more and paid less anyway.

NO. I’m sorry but at some point something has to give. We have to object. We have to do it together. Rather than just complaining about it, lets fill the void of sense with some perspective and some regard for the lives we are so lucky to live. An education is a luxury and a beautiful thing, not afforded to millions of women in the world. Bringing children into the world and raising them to be happy and healthy and kind is a great achievement, that literally builds the world. Surviving illness and war and trials of mental health makes a warrior out of you. Fighting for the rights of those who have no voice is heroic and important. Reading and writing and filling yourself with knowledge makes you so much more fun to spend the day with. Travelling and being independent and supporting yourself is the sign of a woman in control of her life.

We spend our lives in pursuit of the approval of others when we don’t yet even really approve of ourselves. My opinion of me is now (and only very recently) the one that matters.

I remember being 15, miserable and so relentlessly disappointed in myself, thinking it didn’t matter that I had a full academic scholarship and that I had a job and good grades, a Grade 8 in piano and I was a good kid, because my hip bones didn’t jut out, I had a round face and my thighs were forever touching. I was taught nothing else mattered. And that my fat covered up my achievements. I am so, so aware of the damage the media does to a vulnerable mind, it ruined the first 20 years of my life.

I found this really sad old drawing I did of myself when I 16, with what I felt I had to look like in order to be accepted by girls at school, and society in general.

I can’t sit by and read the messages of self hatred that teenage girls send me, about how they hate themselves for not looking like Victoria’s Secret models. I can’t watch what happened to me, happen to them.

I hereby call out every newspaper run by a man that shames women about their appearance.

I hereby call out journalists who write passive-aggressive shaming articles about weight gain and congratulatory ones about women who lose weight.

I hereby MASSIVELY call out celebrities who don’t document what it takes for them to look the way they do. If you have had surgery, say something. If you have a strict diet and workout regime, say something. It is UNFEMINIST to push an image that was created in the fantasy lab of the patriarchy, essentially that of a sex doll, to other women, and pretend that it comes naturally to you, and that junk food and lying down in expensive hotel suites is what keeps you beautiful. You have a platform and have to use it responsibly.

I hereby call out the fashion industry for STILL after 10 years of being called out, perpetuating the idea that expensive clothing only looks good on stick thin, barely pubescent girls. (None of whom can afford your bloody clothes)

I hereby call out the women who troll other women online about their appearances.

I hereby call out the trolls that live in our own heads and eradicate all of our achievements and shower us in self-doubt and loathing.

In this uprising of female power we must realise we are being set absurd extra goals, thick and fast. The further we come as a gender, the more ridiculous the ideals we have to fulfil become. We are being distracted and exhausted and our eyes are being taken off the ball. Every minute you spend thinking about how thin or gorgeous you aren’t, is a minute you aren’t spending on growing your business or your life.

I’m not saying it’s not important to watch out for your health. I’m not saying your BMI isn’t something to pay attention to. I do think it’s important to try to be active and put good food into your engine. But I also think the shame and feeling of failure is what drives us to the unhealthy eating habits we acquire to “comfort” us when we feel inferior and depressed. It’s a catch 22.

And by all means take pride in your appearance. Enjoy your looks, and your clothes and your sex appeal, but don’t make it your number one concern and selling point. It can be in your top ten, but it should never, ever define you. It isn’t important. We aren’t supposed to all look the same. And nothing good ever comes of self hatred. It will never further you. It will always hold you back.

Please think of the things in your life that you are proud of, that fulfil you, that make you happy and write them down somewhere, and look at that list every time you feel that you are failing, or that your jeans are tight, or you have a chubby arm in a group photo of a night out, or when you watch a video of a Hadid eating pasta.

Please remember you have every right to be here, and your life is important and it is precious, and on your death bed you aren’t going to be thinking about your love handles.

I love women and we deserve so much more than this. We can do better. We have to.

We can win the revolution against shame.



Best Bits of Kevin Smith's Review of TLJ
  • Kevin: So she goes into that hole eventually
  • Kevin: She's talking to fuckin' Kylo y'know
  • Kevin: doing the- the fucking texting with their minds and she's like
  • Kevin: "I went in the hole, bitch. And I saw myself reflected 178 times and I'd snap and then we'd all snap and then finally I got up to a magic mirror and I said 'show me mah parents' and then they showed me ME."
  • ---------------------------------------------
  • Kevin: And then Luke catches Rey and Kylo ~Force Touching~ each other in a HUT, man. And blows the fuckin' roof off
  • Kevin: And then he's like "FUUUCK DON'T YOU TALK TO THAT BOY"
  • Kevin: now this was what I thought would be the moment where he potentially revealed that they're related or some shit 'cause y'know... I was like
  • Kevin: Maybe that's why he's mad, that they're fuckin... touching each other, ~Force Touching~ each other, fuckin' chit chatting because he'd be like "hey man, I know from kissing MY sister, let me spare you the embarassment."
  • Obviously they're not brother/sister so it dont matter anymore
  • Kevin: They fight, Rey gets the fuckin' drop on him and this was where he was like "This ain't gonna go the da way you think"
  • Kevin: and he's like "..naah."
  • Kevin: so she fucks off
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • Kevin: So Rey escape pod's off the fucking Falcon
  • Kevin: Her little coffin takes her to Snoke's ship, she lookin' through the glass n' shit... and there's Kylo Ren. Without the mask anymore. Pretty Kylo Ren.
  • Kevin: So then Emo Solo takes her to see the Motion Capture Madman
  • Kevin: And Snoke reveals that he's the one who bridged their minds, man. And he used Kylo's Emo against him, and fucking putting them together, teamin' them up, acting like "I'm the fucking smartest bitch in the galaxy. You guys are fuckin' fools."
  • -------------------------------------------------
  • Kevin: So as he's sittin' there, telling Rey what's gonna happen, having his emperor moment
  • Kevin: Kylo ren's sitting there and like, that's Ben Solo man, he's fucking emo to begin with now double emo 'cause he just found out his boss basically used him right, like fucking hoodwinked
  • Kevin: "I thought I had a connection with this girl and he just used me. Called me weak right in FRONT of her. FUCK this"
  • Kevin: So you see him fucking get mad and he's holding his saber like he's about to run her through with it
  • Kevin: But then you see his hand at his side, doing some FORCE shit
  • Kevin: and when that happened I was like "nnaaahhhhhh" 'cause I knew it was comin'
  • Kevin: So the lightsaber turns, man
  • Kevin: and then home boy just *clenches fist*
  • Kevin: turns on the fuckin lightsaber
  • Kevin: *loud lightsaber noises with mouth*
  • Kevin: He PULLS the lightsaber towards him and it.. CUTS. THIS FUCKER. IN HALF. And Rey grabs the saber
  • Kevin: And then theres this slomo moment where the guards are coming in and we got our two heroes now, fighting TOGETHER
  • Kevin: it was DOPE
  • Kevin: Really dope.
  • ---------------------------------------------------
  • Kevin: *sees Hux* The Weasley Brother

(180407) @funkyjh2 (junhyeok of wefreaky): on april 8th, it’s jonghyun’s birthday. the words jonghyunnie said to us and words we want to say to jonghyunnie we put into lyrics. the full video is on youtube. i’ll put the address in my profile. jonghyun-ah, happy birthday. #jonghyun #birthday #youworkedhard [note: the title, “수고했어요”, basically translates to “you did well”.]

translation of caption on the video: hello. i’m a friend of jonghyun, junhyeok and i belong in the team rootbridge. the song “2:34” that we worked with jonghyun was written by him for us, friends. as we remember him, we wrote what we want to say back to him. since the last promise he promised with us was “let’s see each other again” it touched us. so, as a birthday present, we are giving him a song. (source: yellowflower525)

translation of lyrics:
jonghyun - you did well

the moon shines brightly on a dark night
i think of you, who smiled brightly.
all of those times that i didn’t know you
i start to hate all of that.

i feel too much of your emptiness
even if i try to fill it, what should i do?
will it get better as time flies?

i will live happily even though it’s hard,
i will never forget you.
yeah, we’ll see you later, like we promised.
i will live happily even though it’s hard,
i will never forget you.
yeah, we’ll see you later, like our old days.
thanks for your work.

made our night blue every day,
but you lived in a dark space.
all of this look and pain
maybe we just lived too far away.

i will live happily even though it’s hard,
i will never forget you.
yeah, we’ll see you later, like we promised.
i will live happily even though it’s hard,
i will never forget you.
yeah, we’ll see you later, like our old days.
you did well.


No, I lucked out. I am so grateful for this group of people because it is literally like a family. And I know people say that all the time, and it’s not true sometimes, but I think the biggest reason why this show touches people—for one thing, is the writing—but also we have such a good energy. That good energy translates through the screen, that chemistry. And we were just complete strangers. We had no idea who each other were and just right off the bat—especially the four of us, we were just these kids who were like, What the heck is going on? Ted Danson is asking us about our day?

I’ve been rewatching some early gaming videos and wow are they awkward. I noticed how Dan would pat Phil’s shoulder all the time, like in a way that he really wanted to touch him, but felt uncomfortable so he would go for the awkward manly shoulder pat. It’s also very weird to see how far apart they sit from each other, shoulders barely touching and only when they are very deep into the game (unlike now when they are practically sitting on top of each other).

I’m just really happy that they are so much more comfortable now, because being used to current level of closeness on the gaming channel, those early videos are tough to watch. To be fair, there is something incredibly warm and sweet about them too, I’m just really happy that they seem more happy and relaxed.

Example of awkward shoulder touch:

and as a comparison a screenshot from one of the last videos


In which Harry loves baths and can’t keep his hands off of Y/N + kinda soft, kinda giggly sex.

Fluff, Smut / 4.4k words.

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Signs as my favorite Greek love stories pt. 2

Aries, Pisces: Galatea and Acis

Galatea was one of the most beautiful Nereids and she fell in love with Acis. Acis felt the same and they started a relationship. One day they were at a field where Acis was signing Galatea a love song, unfortunately he was heard by Polyphemus, a cyclops that was also in love with Galatea. Upon seeing them he was filled with rage and picked up a huge boulder and threw it on Acis. After seeing what happened, Galatea took his blood and turned him into a river and his spirit became an immortal river spirit just like she is. The stones which Polyphemus threw became the Cyclopian Rocks in Sicily.

Taurus, Libra: Philemon and Baucis

An old married couple that lived in Phrygia. They were very poor and barely even survived on their own, but they always welcomed the guests that came at their door. One day 2 strangers showed up and needed shelter, they took them in right away and served them. The strangers were actually disguised Zeus and Hermes. After realizing that they are gods the couple offered to sacrifice the last thing they had, a goose. Touched by their kindness and love, Zeus and Hermes took them to a near mountain and then destroyed their village as punishment for everyone who turned them down. He offered to grant them any wish they had. The only thing they ask for was to die at the same time so the other wouldn’t have to suffer. When the time came that’s exactly what the Gods did and they turned them in trees, oak and lime. So they can stand next to each other for all eternity.

Gemini, Leo: Penelope and Odysseus

After the Trojan war, Odysseus, king of Ithaca was ready to come back home. Unfortunately he angered the God Poseidon and his journey prolonged to 10 years. During that time his wife was getting numerous offers for marriage, at the beginning she managed to turn them down, saying how her husband will be back soon, but over time that excuse wasn’t enough. A lot of suitors showed up and demanded her hand in marriage and she was powerless to stop them. She promised that she will marry someone right after she finishes a burial shrug for Odysseus’ father. For 3 years , she would weave during the entire day and then at night she would undo one part of the shrug and then in the morning she will have to start all over again. Finally Odysseus showed up and dressed as a beggar he entered the palace and killed all 108 Penelope’s suitors.

Virgo, Capricorn: Paris and Helen

In one occasion Paris got on Aphrodite’s good side and she promised him the hand of the most beautiful girl in the world, Helen. Unfortunately she was already married to king Menelaus. Paris sneaked into Menelaus’ chambers and abducted Helen (some myths say that she left willingly, because she fell in love with Paris as soon as she laid eyes on him) As a result Menelaus gathered an army and set attack on Troy, Paris’ kingdom, thus starting the Trojan war. In the war Philoctetes mortally wounded Paris and Helen took him to his first wife, nymph Oenone, hoping she could save him. But bitter over the fact that Paris left her for another women she refused and Paris died.

Scorpio, Cancer: Hyacinth and Apollo

Hyacinth was (probably) a prince of Sparta and a lover of Apollo. But Zephyrus, the god of West wind was also in love with Hyacinth. Hyacinth chose Apollo and that angered  Zephyrus. Unable to spend time with him, Zephyrus always watched them, hoping for an opportunity to be together. One day Apollo and Hyacinth were throwing discus. Apollo threw it and Hyacinth ran to catch it, trying to impress Apollo. But in that moment Zephyrus changed the wind direction and the discus hit Hyacinth in the head, killing him. When it was time for Hyacinth to go to the Underworld Apollo wouldn’t let his soul go, so he turned him into a flower from his spilled blood. That way they can stay together forever.

Sagittarius, Aquarius: Perseus and Andromeda

Andromeda was the princess of Aethiophia. One day her mother Cassiopeia committed hubris by saying her daughter is more beautiful than Nereids. That angered Poseidon and he sent a sea monster to ravage the coasts of Aethiophia. After consulting the oracle they found out that the only way to stop him was to sacrifice Andromeda. So they tied her up naked to a rock. In that moment Perseus was coming back from his quest and saw her. He took out the Medusa’s head and turned the creature into stone. He freed Andromeda and took her as his wife, but, she was already promised to someone else, her uncle Phineus. At the wedding Perseus showed up and turned Phineus into stone . He and Andromeda sailed away together. She followed him through all his quests until they finally set in Argos. There they started a long dynasty of Persidae. They lived happily together until they grew old. When both of them died Athena put them on the sky and turned them into constellations.

Can you believe All Might let Midoriya and Bakugou have the time to express their bottled up feelings about each other on a level that they were comfortable with and allowed them to reach a new level of understanding in their own way, not influenced by any one else?

Can you believe All Might, a role model, teacher, and father figure to these boys, was able to not only see that he had made a mistake, but he was able to apologize to these children sincerely and let them understand that even the Symbol of Peace can make mistakes and be neglectful because even he is human?

Can you believe that even though he did all of that, All Might still implanted the seed that in order to succeed they need each other? That All Might told them that they both need qualities from each other, and they both need to work together, to push each other forward and become the heroes that the world needs? That All Might told two teenage boys that they don’t have to do this alone; that it’s okay to rely on others, on each other???

Can you believe that Aizawa, who was ready to make their lives hell, listened to All Might and understood that this fight was something that Midoriya and Bakugou had to do? That he instantly realized that this fight was more than physical? That it was the culmination and climax of tension that he’s seen between them since day one, and he understood that there really was no other way for them?

Can you believe that even though Aizawa understood, on some level, that they needed this, he still punished them because they need to understand that all of their choices have consequences, even ones like these that are necessary? That he still held them accountable for them breaking the rules because even though he understood, he needed them to understand that the rules exist for a reason so that next time they’ll choose a better way to talk to each other that doesn’t involve endangering themselves and each other?

Can you believe? I’m in tears. This is how you raise and guide teenage boys. This is how you allow them to grow and learn.

You allow them to talk about their emotions in their own way. You let them do it on their own time.

And you still let them learn that everything they do has a consequences. You teach them that their choices come with a price. You teach them that the ends don’t justify the means.

What are the Qualities of a Great Friend?

1. They tackle problems with you. A true friend is someone who can see through your smile and can tell when you’re in pain by the look in your eyes. They totally accept you and will always be there.

2. They give, and don’t just take, from the relationship. A good relationship is a negotiated one. It’s based on give and take – and thinking of each other.

3. They make time for each other. True friends always value the time they spend together; and though their lives are busy, they make time to stay in touch.

4. They communicate well. This is at the heart of any good relationship. It means that both the people are open and real so problems don’t get buried - but are dealt with right away.

5. They accept other people unconditionally. True friends accept each other as they are – warts and all. They are free to be themselves, and are free to change and grow. They don’t control each other, or judge and criticise.

6. They believe in each other. A true friend feels your passion and can visualise your dream. They believe that you can do it, and will cheer you the whole way.

7. They listen carefully, and aren’t quick to give advice. We don’t need advice; we simply want a listening ear. That is, someone we can vent to, and then move on with life.

8. They are loyal and dependable. Your word is your bond when you’re a trusted, faithful friend. You never share a secret or breach that sense of trust.

So Tired.

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So Tired. Part 1

Warnings: Angst, but Happy Ending is on its way.

Tip: Just imagine that this is Harry’s reaction to your last sentence. (MY   FEELINGS)

Plot: You join Harry on tour but he seems to have other prirorities.

“Don’t say such things. You know I never would, I love you.” He whispered, trying to get close to you and taking your hand. It broke him that you really thought that bad about him.”

“No, you don’t. And it doesn’t matter”

Two weeks. It’s been two weeks since Harry has stopped talking to you. You had no idea why. The last month was stressful for him, you understand it totally. You have been travelling with Harry for his tour around Europe, trying to support him and to spend some time with him before he’s off to Australia. You saw what he must bear. Always giving his best to show his fans what they mean to him. With him leaving soon again, you two decided you both needed this month to spend as much time as possible with each other. YOU thought that touring with him would mean that Harry would clung to your side as always, being his clingy self. Touching you, caressing your shoulder, giving you little pecks from time to time when you were talking to Mitch or Sarah, hugging you from behind and whispering sweet nothings in your ear which always made you chuckle. You were so happy when you stepped onto plane with him for his show in Paris, but now you were devasted. He has shut you out since day one, giving you no chance to interact with him at all. In the morning he was up way before you, already working out in the hotel gym. The first few days you waited for him to return from his morning workout to grab some breakfast together, just to be disappointed by the fact that he already went with his band mates without telling you. You brushed it off back then, not letting it bother you. Harry has been a morning person for years, always being up too early for your liking. But as your day kept going this way, him doing stuff without you, not even caring where you were or with whom, you’ve got confused. As soon as you were at the venue, he was gone again. Whenever you stepped into his dressing room, hearing him laughing with Mitch and Adam he instantly stopped as soon as his eyes met yours, looking at the ground and leaving the room sooner or later. You just couldn’t make up your mind what was wrong with him, being so cold towards you, not even answering you in a proper way when you tried to put up a conversation. Just getting a “no” or a “yes” out of him. Everyone around you started to notice as well that something rubbed him the wrong way, which didn’t improve the situation either. You talked with Clare about it. You got close to her, loving her caring being and her attentive way. You enjoyed her company, though she couldn’t think of a reason for Harry’s strange behaviour. He never mentioned anything towards her. She even tried to broach the subject again, but he just brushed it off, switching the topic as soon as your name was mentioned. And even though this all was embarrassing for you, even humiliating to fight this whole passive aggressive thing Harry had with you in front of the whole tour stuff, the nights were way worse. You felt like a ghost, like he just looked through you, as if you were invisible. As soon as his concert was over, and you were rushed back to the hotel or to the next city, you just hurried behind Harry. Trying to keep up with his long legs sprinting. You felt like a little child, whose mother just dragged it along grocery shopping, always pulling on its hand. But when Harry and you stepped into your hotel room, it was unbearable. With no one around the silence felt even heavier on you shoulder. Every little noise seemed too loud and the tension was thicker than an iceberg. Harry jumped under the shower, while you changed into your night grown. Usually you would go into the bathroom as well, brushing your teeth, changing your clothes and chattering with Harry about his show, but this felt way too intimate these days. Harrys hasn’t seen you naked in weeks, not that you would have seen any of his skin either. You were used to the fact, that Harry slept in just his boxers, cuddling you close to his chest, where you laid your head down. Hearing his soothing heartbeat, while he ran his fingers through your hair and you traced his butterfly tattoo. This was your habit before you fell asleep. He calmed you down. Pressing little kisses on your head and assuring you how much he loved you. These moments were your Harry moments. You didn’t have to share him with anyone. It seemed like it was just the two of you and you slipped off to sleep with ease in his arms. You missed these times. Nowadays he laid down far away, his back facing you, not even touching you with his feet or toes, like he used to do. He once told you that he did that to show you that he was there, even when he needed space. Always making sure to assure you that he’d never leave your side. But this was yesterday, now he didn’t say a word, not even a good night. And so he fell asleep soon and you stayed awake with an aching heart. You could feel it breaking every night, while silent tears rolled out your closed eyes, slowly rocking you to sleep.

Today wasn’t any different, you woke up late at afternoon to an empty bed once more, feeling more than exhausted of this short night as you checked the time on your phone. You decided to get up and get ready to drive to the venue. As you arrived you didn’t even search or ask for Harry, knowing that he was in no mood to meet you anyway. You just sat down in Clare’s dressing room, pulling out your phone again and mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, while waiting for her to come back from soundcheck. You hummed along to the muffled sounds of Harry’s setlist as it suddenly hit you. You scrolled back up, unsure if this photo, you just skipped, really showed Harry. You stared blankly at the screen. No, it really was him. It really was Harry sitting at a nice Café dressed all in black with his white Adidas trainers, his longer curls pinned out of his forehead and sunglasses resting on his nose. It really was Harry sitting at a nice café with a blonde girl dressed in a short flower dress, laughing while touching Harrys arm. You knew her, you knew that Harry knew her, and it ate you alive. She was a so-called friend of him. Why he liked her, you had no idea. But you had an idea why you didn’t. She always was after Harry, wanting him since the day she met him. She was pretty and she used it in every possible way, she was just ruthless. Harry met her in LA a few weeks after you started dating and he told her instantly after her flirtatious attacks, that he indeed had a girlfriend. She just wasn’t bothered by it. She even drunkenly told one of your friends that one day she will get him into her bed and that you are just a phase until he realises that he deserves someone better, someone who fits him. Someone like her. You told Harry how bold she was to say all these nasty things about you to one of your best friends and how mean it was that she wouldn’t respect you in anyway. Harrys just listened and tried to calm you down by finding excuses for his friend’s behaviour and it was the first time you felt really hurt by Harry for not taking your side and not minimizing his friendship and contact with her. Over the time you just accepted her and hoped that she would leave your life sooner or later, you never saw her as a thread though. You trusted Harry and with the way he treated you, you were sure that he would never betray you in such a way. His soul was just too kind. But as you look down onto this picture of your boyfriend, looking so happy at this girl, gleaming at her, your trust was gone. You had no idea for how long you stared at this picture, while creating scenarios in your head which finally put all the pieces together. Maybe Harry was acting this strange because she really got into his pants, maybe she kept her drunken words and was right, that you were just a phase. A phase with which he had no guts to break up and so he just lets her drown in sadness while he is out, having fun with his affair. You felt how tears dwelled up in your eyes. You just couldn’t take it anymore, this was enough. You loved him so much, but you couldn’t keep up with all these things anymore. This really was betrayal, him going out and leaving you alone in the hotel room once again to go out and meet this menace, even if he didn’t cheat on you, this whole thing is wrong. He could have told you like before, but he decided against it. And so, you decided against staying here at the venue for any longer. Without telling anyone, you called a cab bringing you back to your hotel. Big tears were running down your cheeks by the time you went out the door and sat down in the cab.

You woke up by a loud thud of your room door closing. You slowly opened your puffy eyes. You haven’t really stopped crying since you arrived in your hotel room. But you were so exhausted from everything that happened the last few days that you fell asleep instantly as your heavy head touched the comfy and soothing hotel pillow, lulling you to sleep. The whole time you were alone in the hotel room, it was quiet. And to be honest you enjoyed it, it helped you sorting out your thoughts and helped you coming up with a decision. A decision you wanted to share so bad with Harry, you couldn’t keep it inside anymore. It gives you a feeling of sadness but also of relief. At least you didn’t feel numb anymore.

“Hi Harry” you tried to approach the conversation that you really needed to have and couldn’t wait any longer. You weren’t even sad that Harry hadn’t called you to ask why you haven’t been at his concert, you were used to it. It didn’t even bother you anymore that all his bandmates have asked you, being worried about you. Everyone but him. He didn’t even answer, just rested down and shuffled underneath his covers.

“Harry, did you hear me?” you tried once more, slowly sitting up on your side of the bed.

“Yeah, how couldn’t I?” he mumbled under his breath, rubbing his temples like your voice would give him migraine.

“We need to talk. Right now.”

“Y/N, are you serious? I’m tired. Let me sleep and let’s talk tomorrow.” he sighed.

“Well, talking to you seems a little difficult with you running away from me as soon as you open your eyes, right?

“Not now, Y/N” he hissed.

You stand up from your side of the bed, turning your body to him. “No Harry, this is the perfect moment. Because I can’t take it anymore. It’s always about you, but right now, It’s about me. Because I feel like shit, you treat me like shit. And I’m done with it. I’m done with you treating me like I don’t exist. So please tell me what I did, so we can move on from it. Just tell me.” You whisper screamed. Not even daring to raise your voice.

Harry moved around, standing up as well and really facing you since forever. But his stare was cold and there laid a fire within. But it wasn’t a good one, more of a dangerous one, which let you know that he wouldn’t explain himself or even tell you he’s sorry. No, he was ready to fight this down and you as well.

“So you’re really accusing me for being selfish while I’m on tour working from day to night. I’m very sorry that I can’t baby you like a little stupid child. You’re a grown-up woman. You can do things on your own. Stop being so damn clingy and touchy. It’s disgusting.” He hissed through gritted teeth.

You couldn’t believe your ears. Disgusting?! “This has nothing to do with me being clingy, Harry. It’s not normal to leave your girlfriend alone all the time in a hotel room. You brought me along, so we could spend some time together, but all you did was ignoring me.”

“Oh, excuse me, but as far as I can remember you were the one begging me to bring you along. I never wanted you to be here with me. This is my thing. I don’t expect you to drag me around your university as well, right? So why should I?”

“Are you even listening to yourself? You’ve been such an asshole and now you’re blaming me. I can’t believe it. Who are you even.”

You don’t even know what he answered to your statement. All you know is that he started to scream and shouted things at you while his head turned redder and redder. Tears were streaming down your face in nonstop and you were perplexed that you still had tears left. You sat down on your side of the bed, your back facing him, while he turned silent, heaving heavy from all the screaming he did.

“Have you finished?” your voice sliced through the deadly mood. He nodded which you couldn’t see, but he wasn’t able to raise his voice once more. You didn’t even expect an answer from him, you just wanted to tell him what you decided a few hours ago.

“Good, because I’m so tired. I’m so damn tired from this fighting, this day and from you. I’m so exhausted. I can’t sleep anymore. I can’t bear sleeping next to you, I cant bear seeing you. Looking at you made me once so happy, I couldn’t stop smiling. When I had a hard day at Uni, all I needed to do was to look at a picture of you and my mood was lightened. You were my rock.” You chuckled sarcastically, as you remembered the picture you had to see of him earlier today. “And now I feel sick. I see someone wearing your tour merch on the street and I feel so sick and sad, because all I see is your face and how you’ve looked at me recently. Stone cold. So cold. You didn’t even ask why I haven’t been at the venue today. You don’t care anymore and that’s alright, I guess.” You stopped talking and Harrys swore his already hurting throat just went narrower. Of course, he knew that you haven’t been there, but he asked his bandmates and they told him you didn’t feel well and left.

“Why have you left then?” he squeezed out through his tight throat.

“I saw it on Instagram. You’ve met Chelsea today and you looked so happy. So crazily happy and touchy. You didn’t even tell me that she was in town. Not like you were telling me a lot lately. But, you know, you left me this morning alone to meet up with her. With everything that has happened between us, this has hurt the most. I don’t know for how long you have been seeing her. I just want you to know that it’s okay. People fall in and out of love. I don’t even want to know for how long this thing between the two of you has been going on or even if there is a thing between you. You could have told me, but you didn’t have the guts to break it off with me before starting it with her. And that’s the biggest betrayal ever.”

Harry rushed over to you. “Y/N, don’t. Do you really think that I cheated on you? Do you want to tell me that you really think I would hurt you like this? I would never ever cheat on you. Don’t say such things. You know I never would, I love you.” He whispered, trying to get close to you and taking your hand. It broke him that you really thought that bad about him.

“No, you don’t. And it doesn’t matter. I just wanted to tell you that I’m going home. I already booked a flight for tomorrow. You don’t have to be concerned about paying for it. I already did.”

Harry heared you words through ringing ears and as soon as they reached his brain he tried to take your hand, but you flinched away and Harry swore he could feel his heart break.

“We can talk it through, you can’t leave me right now. You just can’t. I do love you and I did not cheat. Do you hear me? We have some problems, I do agree with that and I wasn’t fair with you. But we can make it. We always did, and we always will.” he stuttered while shaking his head no.

You didn’t even look at him as you stood up and closed your eyes while you kissed his cheek and saw his hands falling down lifeless onto his lap.

“Goodbye, Harry.”


Part 2

A/N: This is only Part 1! I hope you enjoyed it. And leave me a message if you want. Please be kind, I havent proof read it yet. Lots of love and remember to Treat People with Kindness.

In the issue where Kaneki and the female ghoul Touka got close each other and made love for the first time, I spent two weeks drawing it without any assistants. All the dialogue was handwritten because I didn’t want any typesetting in it. For that chapter alone, I refused to let anyone touch it.

one thing I can’t stop thinking about is how tactile adam parrish is and how that translates into every aspect of his relationship with ronan. like we’ve already established that they hold hands all the time and that ronan is always toying with adam’s fingers and running his thumb against adam’s wrist but adam… adam will literally go out of his way to touch ronan whenever he feels like it -which is all the time:

  • adam walking by ronan and gently laying a hand on ronan’s arm for a few seconds as he passes him by
  • when they’re standing next to each other, adam would snake an arm around ronan’s back and lay his hand to ronan’s waist 
  • he walks up to ronan in the mornings and wordlessly buries his face against ronan’s neck for a while because ronan is always warm and will run his fingers through adam’s hair
  • if adam is studying and ronan brings him water or a snack adam will grab his hand and kiss the back of it without even looking up from his textbook (yes ronan does spontaneously combust thanks for asking)
  • sometimes he just comes up behind ronan and hugs him from the back -something he picked up from ronan himself- and it’s perfect because he’s shorter than ronan and can lay his forehead there
  • adam parrish sleepiest boy on the planet will fall asleep on his boyfriend all the time. how, you ask? he sometimes puts his head on ronan’s shoulder and is out in 5 seconds. other times he just comes in after work, homework all done before his shift, and he kisses ronan hello then lays on the couch with his head resting against ronan’s thigh and he’s asleep by the count of ten. ronan doesn’t move for hours and it’s the only time ever that opal moves/speaks quietly 
  • additionally, adam laying his head on ronan’s chest when they sleep or sleeping with his head on ronan’s arm. alternatively, adam hugging ronan close to him and allowing ronan to sleep half on top of him (the upside being a cuddly bf + it works way better than a blanket)
  • when he and ronan are sat together with their friends, their shoulders are always pressed together and if they’re being assholes they’ll jokingly nudge each other until one of them slips off the couch they’re sharing
  • adam trapping ronan’s feet with his own under the table while they’re on a date bc I’m writing a romcom apparently 
  • quick kisses on cheeks and adam casually pecking ronan on the mouth when they haven’t seen each other yet that day and they just met up at nino’s and ronan lynch doesn’t blush gdi -except when he absolutely does
  • adam running his palm against ronan’s buzzed hair and running a finger down the shell of ronan’s ear bc adam likes how ronan’s hair feels and how red the top of his ears turn 
  • just. adam finding out how amazing all the ways you can casually touch someone are and being an adoring boyfriend and being happy and in love with ronan. that’s all thank you
The Homes of the Zodiacs

This was just randomly thought up of one the spot, so don’t judge or take offence??


Their home has a certain warmth to it - there’s a distinct scent in the air, not too sweet nor overwhelming. The door clicks shut behind you and a welcoming voice beckons you in. Your feet hardly make a noise against the wooden panels of the floor as you’re guided to the beige sofa sitting in front of the television. They leave to get you some refreshments, their soft humming still audible even from where you’re sitting. There are a few different cushions scattered on the sofa - none of them seem to show any correlation between each other aside for the warm colours on each. You take a moment to appreciate how welcoming their home feels. Everything seemed to be just a hint messy - nothing really seemed to fit in with each other but at the same time, the way all the furniture was placed reminded you of home.

They return with a cup of steaming tea. You gratefully take it, taking caution not to touch the mug itself so you wouldn’t get burned, and take a small sip. It’s hot and burns the tip of your tongue, but it’s just the perfect amount of flavour and bitterness. They sink into the seat next to you with their own cup of tea and sips it like they hadn’t just brewed it. They initiate conversation almost at once: “How are you doing?” “How’s this been going?” You answer each question at your own pace - they eagerly respond with more questions or details about their own experience. Hours must’ve passed with the two of you just sitting there, chatting and sipping tea until the mugs are empty and your hands feel strangely cold.


You stand in front of the closed door for a few moments, listening to the sound of the doorbell fade away. The door finally opens and they warmly greet you. They guide you to a wonderfully soft armchair and tell you to just wait a moment as they go to get refreshments. As they leave, you decide to entertain yourself with looking around their house. The first thing you notice is that the door is still slightly open - they must’ve forgotten to close it properly while leading you into their house. You get up to close it for them - your feet touch the strangely cold, wooden floorboards and you shiver slightly.

They return as you’re creeping back to your armchair. They look confused for a moment - you tell them that the door was just a bit open and they quickly thank you. You gratefully sit down in the chair again as they lower a plate of biscuits and hot chocolate to the table in front of you. They apologise for the lack of variety - you quickly silence them. After all, why were they apologising when they’d already offered refreshments?

You sit in silence for a few minutes, just enjoying the food and huddling into the warmth of the armchair. They offer to switch on the television and it immediately flickers onto a familiar show. They seem to recognise it, too, because a huge smile spreads across their face. It’s an old childhood show - definitely meant for people younger than you two are, but you gladly chat about it and reflect on the memories and experiences you’ve had together.


The floor was made of tiles that seemed to have been polished recently. The floor is cold against your feet as you pad your way to the nearest warm surface - a small, humble couch perched on top of a fluffy carpet. They pour you a cup of tea, which you gratefully accept.

Almost as soon as you put down your cup again, they start questioning you about - well, everything. You can hardly keep up with the questions - they finally slow down as you take another sip of tea. They offer to show you a television show they’ve been watching. After a few moments of fiddling with the television, it flickers on the screen. You sit and enjoy listening to them chatter happily about the show, not really paying attention to the people on the screen, and offer some words or sentences at a time when necessary. Your attention is drawn to the room itself - everything seems to be polished so much that you can almost see your own reflection in it, and there’s a crisp, fresh scent in the air. The furniture is geometrical - squares, triangles and hexagons make up the shapes of most things, with a few unique knick knacks or collectors’ items perched on the shelves.


The room is dimly lit but inviting. The scent is warm and familiar, almost like home, and you gladly make your way into the room. There’s a couch in front of the television and a few bean bags - they toss a few cushions on the floor and offer you a seat on one of them. Not wanting to be rude, you accept - the beanbags remind you of childhood and you’re surprised by how familiar they feel.

They pour you a glass of lemonade that just happens to be on a nearby table. They ask you a few questions: “How are you doing?” “Have you been taking care of yourself?” You answer honestly and truthfully - after all, there was no reason to lie. They click their tongue a few times and finally offer you a few words of advice. A few words stretch into sentences and finally, a full on speech - they’re clearly worried about how you’ve been treating yourself lately. You’re not really listening, but you’re appreciative - they’re really a friend that looks out for you, almost like a parent figure of some sort.

You silence them by asking them about the discs and games consoles by the television. Their eyes light up and they offer to show you. Not one for turning down offers, you accept - and they eagerly begin switching on and fiddling with one of them. You take this time to look around and admire their home - while dimly lit, it’s still warm and welcoming. The furniture isn’t exactly neatly placed, but the disorganisation and the slightly messy feeling of it reminds you of yourself, really. A few posters and pictures hang up on the wall - one of you and them together, another of some sort of game or film… You’re distracted from your thoughts by a call. They’ve apparently pieced together everything and they’re offering you some sort of controller. You take it and settle yourself into a comfortable position - and a smile spreads across your face as you recognise the childhood video game on the screen.


Everything seems to have a place in their home. It’s warm, yet has some sort of ‘fresh’ atmosphere to it - you deduce that it must be some sort of scent or air freshener being used. They sit you down at a large, generous couch and offer to get you a drink. Before you can answer, they’ve already trotted off to pour you a glass of… whatever was inside that pitcher. You take a moment to admire their home - the crisp, clean lines of their furniture and the white, gold and black colour scheme reminds you of some sort of ‘futuristic’ house.

They return with two fancy looking glasses of a red-orange drink, which they introduce to be some sort of homemade fruit punch. You tentatively take a sip and the flavours hit your tongue straight on. You smile and compliment them on it - it’s extremely good, if not a bit overwhelming. They flush with pride and accept the compliment gratefully. With a bit of prodding and questioning, they eagerly tell you about what they’ve been doing in life, making sure to point out and exaggerate the funny stories. They ask for your permission to talk about you in their social media - apparently, they enjoy noting down the things they do every day on social media, almost like a diary. You agree to it and pose for the picture. After a moment of typing, they ask you for advice on what exactly to write. You offer a few of your own ideas, with the two of you sharing a few laughs in between at how absurd some of them are. Finally, they offer to show you around their home - after all, you still had the whole day ahead of you to catch up.


Their home appears to have been cleaned just yesterday and it as neat and impeccable as ever. You admire the wooden furniture and the well crafted sculptures scattered on the shelf, offering a few compliments of your own in between. They try to hide how flustered they are, but it doesn’t work - you hide a chuckle of your own at their reaction.

They offer you a seat on one of their chairs and immediately rush to get you some refreshments. They offer you coffee and ask if you want anything changed. You taste it - the sweetness of the milk contrasts the flavourful bitterness perfectly - and you decline, telling them that their coffee was fine. The two of you sit in silence for a few moments, enjoying your drinks. Finally, you spark a conversation by asking them about their daily life. They answer your questions in short, brief utterances, then ask you some questions of their own. Your conversation goes from talking about each other to the book that’s sitting on the table.

Their short answers gradually become longer and more eager as you talk. Books are a love of theirs, as you’ve known, and this one appears to be an old favourite of theirs. They chatter on and on about the plot, the characters - at some parts, their words fade into the distance and you catch yourself admiring their furniture instead of actually listening to them, but they don’t seem to notice. You decide not to interrupt them and try your best to listen to whatever they’re saying.


Their home is made up of relaxing greys, with hints of cool colours that add just a little something to it. They warmly welcome you in, guiding you over the cold tiles to the soft couch, and immediately whip up a cup of hot chocolate. They’re clearly eager to chat, but they restrain themselves for time being to let you enjoy your drink.

You take this silence to look around. The windows are open - sunlight trickles through the window and you could feel a slight breeze against your face. Small glass trinkets decorate the table, reflecting light everywhere and creating rainbows that streak across the table. After seeing that you’ve paused in your drinking, they decide to start off on catching up and asking you a few questions: “How have you been?” “Have you gone anywhere over the summer?” You answer their questions and respond with a few questions of your own. Your conversation could have gone for hours on end, but they decide to ask you if you want to watch a certain YouTuber they’ve been watching. You agree - they eagerly set up their computer and scroll through pages of videos to find them.

You sit back to enjoy the video. It’s not really your thing, but they seem to be enjoying it and that makes you happy, too.


Their home is slightly cold - the windows are wide open, despite the weather - but they welcome you inside. They switch on the main lights and pour you a cup of coffee at once. They’re not much for talking - the two of you sit in silence for a few minutes, sipping coffee and looking around. Your attention floats over to the furniture - everything seems to be either grey, brown and orange - must be their favourite colours. A few unique items sit on the table - a sculpture of an owl, a shiny pebble… You ask them about those but their answers are short. You struggle to find something else to talk about - after all, they didn’t seem too interested in asking you about your day - and your eyes land on a certain, famous book perched on a shelf. You ask them about it and they immediately answer - apparently books are what it takes to get them talking.

They talk on and on about the book series. You haven’t read it before but it’s pretty famous, so you know mostly what they’re talking about. They chatter on for around a few minutes before realising that they’re rambling. They stop talking for a moment - silence falls upon the house again and the two of you are just sitting quietly once again. They mutter an apology for talking for so long, but you shake your head and chuckle - after all, why would they need to apologise for simply being overexcited about something that they loved? They mumble something in response, too quiet for you to hear. You decide to change the topic and you move on to a book series of yours that you’ve been reading recently. They don’t speak much, offering a few short nods or phrases in between, but they seem to enjoy your company and your talking.


Sunlight shines through the many windows that they have in their home, trickling silently over the wooden floorboards. The walls are covered with posters and maps and there appears to be several unique knick knacks sitting on the shelves, collecting dust - most of them are souvenirs from different countries, with a few compasses and what appears to be an antique bow - missing the arrows - displayed on a shelf. They greet you warmly and immediately ask you: “Have you been anywhere lately?” “Anything exciting happen?” You answer, keeping your answers fairly short and brief - after all, knowing them, they would probably interrupt in a fit of excitement. You didn’t blame them, of course - it wasn’t deliberate and they had the best of intentions. Sure enough, their eyes light up as you mention an event that happened last week and they quickly share their own stories of a similar event. Even what could’ve been a boring story becomes some sort of exciting, dramatic adventure in their words - they always seem to know what to say to grab your attention, and you find yourself laughing along as they point out a certain funny occurrence that happened during that event.

They quickly realise they haven’t gotten you anything to drink. They hurry off to grab something from the kitchen with a quick “I’ll be back!” You take this time to closely analyse the items around the room - the wooden bow hasn’t moved from its spot on the wall from the last time you visited. Unlike the other objects, it seemed to have been cleaned recently - it must be a precious relic of some sort. You move on to the other items - it’s clear they’ve been travelling around recently, because there are a few souvenirs and items from different countries that you haven’t seen before. The walls - a pale, cream colour - combined with the wooden floorboards and the large windows - gives the room a warm, ‘natural’ kind of atmosphere, with a hint of adventure and the feeling of the ‘outsides’.

They’re back in a few moments with a cup of tea. You take a sip - it’s rather different and more bitter than the usual cups of tea you get around the neighbourhood. Seeing your expression, they quickly introduce it as a type of tea from another country - they’d tried some while on their travels and had really liked it, so they brought back a few tea bags. After a few moments of sipping your tea, they quickly find something else to talk about - more specifically, another event on one of their travels. You sit back to enjoy the chatter and the tea, giving them a few replies as they spoke.


Their home appears to have been cleaned recently - probably because they were expecting your arrival. They close the door behind you and point you towards a grey couch in the living room before leaving to get refreshments. You make your way across the room - the white tiled floor is cold under your feet and you gratefully sink into the couch, lifting your feet off the cold floor and curling them under yourself.

They return with two steaming cups of tea. You take it with a quick “thanks” and take a sip - it’s still hot, so you lower it to the table in front of you. They take a few sips of their own tea without making eye contact and lower their cup to the table, too. They place their hands carefully on their knees but they say nothing. The two of you sit in silence for a long moment, quietly enjoying the silence and taking occasional sips of your tea. You let your eyes drift across the room - the walls are beige and the furniture seems to have been bought specifically to fit into every nook and cranny. Everything seems to be either in brown, pale green or white, aside from the few sculptures perched on top of the shelves. They appear to be of animals - you spot a goat, a deer, a bear - when you question them about the sculptures, they give you a short reply. You decide to change the subject and start off the conversation with something you’ve accomplished recently, hoping to get them to start talking. When you casually inquire about their achievements, their eyes light up and they begin talking eagerly about the project they’ve been working on for the last few weeks. You listen at the best of your ability - they seem enthusiastic and eager to talk about their successes, but they do their best to be humble about it. You nudge them onwards, and they can’t really help but brag a little - after all, you’ve always known them as someone who loved to accomplish things and there was nothing better to start a conversation with them than asking them about the things they’ve been working on recently.


Their house is in vibrant, yet well picked out colours. There’s a galaxy theme to most of them, with tiny, hand painted stars and constellations decorating the ceiling. Their furniture is rather minimal - in blacks and whites - compared to the walls and ceiling. The sound of trickling water reaches your ears and you turn your head to see a tiny fountain sitting on a shelf. They grab a cup of some sort of fruit punch and put it down on the table, casually mentioning that it was made of apples, pears and that it was freshly made.

You take a cautious sip and the flavours explode in your mouth. They ask you if you like it - you nod and take another sip. The flavours are less strong now, but it’s still delicious. As you drink, they eagerly start talking about the new hobby they’ve been trying to take up. They offer to show you some of their results - before you can answer, they’ve already pulled out their phone and they’re scrolling through their pictures. As they search, you ask them about the painted walls. Their eyes light up and they pause their searching to tell you about them - apparently they were painted by none other than themselves. They casually point out the constellations on the ceiling - Serpens, Ophiuchus - and their voice is filled with pride as they gesture at the Aquarius constellation. You compliment them on it and they flush with pride.


Their home is in relaxing tones of blue, purple and green. There appears to be a fish tank in the corner, and next to it, a small ‘fountain’ that eternally trickled with water. They smile and invite you in - they pat the armchair perched on the carpet and offer you a seat. They grab the lemonade and water sitting on the table and pour you a cup of it.

Your eyes are drawn to the fish in the tank. Seeing your gaze wander, they tell you the names of the fish - and they go on and on about their personalities, when they got them. You try your best to listen, but your eyes are drawn to the furniture in the room - once again, they were in shades of blue, purple and green, and there was some white speckled in between. There are some interesting items on the shelves and tables - crystals, gemstones, shiny pebbles - each with what appeared to be a small sheet of paper next to them. They pause as they realise your attention’s wandered off and you turn back towards them. You apologise for drifting off but they chuckle and shake their heads, apologising for rambling. They get up and collect a few of the crystals on the shelves to lay them on the table in front of you.

You ask them about their meanings - even with your limited knowledge of crystals, you at least knew that every one had some sort of meaning or ‘power’ behind them. They eagerly tell you about them - apparently, they’d been waiting for you to ask that question. They trail off once again and their eyes widen. They rush off, muttering that they had forgotten something - and they quickly return with a box. They introduce it as a box of gifts for you - they had been collecting these over the last few months, hoping to give them to you when you met up once again. You accept gratefully - from the sound of it, it appears to be filled with small but probably meaningful items. They mention that they packed a few crystals inside to help you with your daily life - some with the purpose to relieve stress, some to relieve pains - you don’t really know if they’ll really help, but it’s the thought that counts, after all.

Into You

Into You: “Why are you being so clingy? Get off of me!” “No, I love you.” - For @emotchalla‘s writing challenge (which is also my first writing challenge, so I’m hella honored to participate.) The fic was inspired by this song. <3

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Wordcount: 1,338

Warnings: Tooth rotting fluff // sex is mentioned // That’s about it. // NSFW 

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