touching voids

Something quick and short for @blackpaladinweek day 1, Time & Space (and I find it kind of funny that it’s the same prompt as shalluraweek day 1).

Shiro dreams he can fly.

When he closes his eyes, he can feel his body float; weightless, detached from the shackles of gravity, with nothing but the void touching his skin. He has wings in those dreams, huge limbs made of clouds and moonlight growing on his back.

He feels the wind on his skin, tantalising promises of freedom beyond imagination whispered softly against his ear; a voice that isn’t from this world and yet so, so familiar, beckoning him to dive into the limitless expanse of the sky.

He spreads his wings, and flies.

He soars into the sky until the world becomes patches of green and yellow and blue at his feet. He rises above the clouds, and he’s surrounded by a fluffy sea tinted in warm oranges and deep purples by the golden light of the setting sun.

And then he flies higher, higher, and the last tie bounding him to the Earth snaps and he’s in space. The vastness of infinity is overwhelming, but his heart is filled with ineffable happiness. Around him, an endless canopy of stars welcomes him home.

Shiro wakes up.

His mouth is awfully dry, his body hurts. He’s fallen asleep on his desk, an assortment of books, notes and reports serving as a hard pillow. He sits up, his neck cracks, and he stretches his sore muscles. On the other side of the window, the blue light of dawn outlines the grey buildings of the Garrison.

Shiro opens the window, the chilling morning breeze chases away the last traces of sleep from his eyes. He sees the stars fade on the sky, and thinks of his dream.

Someday, he’ll be up there. Someday, soon, so soon he can almost feel it in his bones, an anticipation that’s been growing on him since he was a child.

He can’t wait to fly among stars.

couplets for the venus signs

aries venus: looking into your eyes is like lighting a match, and I feel like I belong. And if this feeling isn’t right I would happily die wrong.

taurus venus: you said every passing moment in this transient world is marvelous and I agree, every moment that I’m with you I feel free.

gemini venus: the sound of papers rustle and the memory of you makes me smile. the bass in your car is a fleeting memory, I wish you’d stay a while.

cancer venus: I can smell the scent of your skin on mine, I’m still warm from when we cuddled. I blurted I loved you and you looked at me and whispered “you’re in trouble”

leo venus: my hands tangling in your curls, your hands tangling in my shirt. my hands creeping up your lap, your hands trailing up my skirt.

virgo venus: I can see the words you wrote in the mirror from the mist. “I’m sorry, I should’ve given you one last kiss.”

libra venus: like two doves, we transcended, together & inseparable, but no one but god could ever prevent the inevitable.

scorpio venus: your breath is on my neck, you’ve opened my doors and made a room in me, your love is potent and dangerously consuming me.

sagittarius venus: i wanted you with me but i was tying you down, you left me but you’re able to spread your wings now.

capricorn venus: your cheeks were flushed your voice was hushed and the atmosphere was blue, you turned around, looked down and said “I’m madly in love with you”

aquarius venus: “darling,” you said, and bit my ear, “I want to feel your touch, you fill the void, but even filled, it’s never quite enough”

pisces venus: you taught me to let the waves in my ocean of dreams let me drift away, you told me that home is where my heart wants to stay.

BTS Reaction to You Wanting Your First Time to be With Them

Incognito;Bts reaction of their gf wants her “first time” to be with them??? Thanks! 😘 

Note: It’s all good! I hope you like it ~ *credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ It was a love he cherished so much, holding it close to his heart as he smiled while kissing you. It never got too far, only innocent touches as his lips soon detached from yours and went down your jawline to your neck, sending shivers throughout your body. “I-” you started, feeling your cheeks heat up as you felt him leaving soft bites against your collarbone, “let’s do it. I’m ready.”

He froze, detaching himself as he looked into your eyes expectantly. “Are you sure?” He asked carefully, and when you gave him a nod in confirmation, a small smile would grace his lips before he began to kiss you again.

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Suga ➳ It was small touches, his face void of any emotion but his eyes carried a bountiful amount of love, hand reaching up to caress your chin as he rubbed the ball of his thumb onto your cheek affectionately. He was kissing you, softly but passionately and when he moved to reveal his cute scrunched nose while he tried to stop himself from going any further — the words spilling from your mouth faster than rain came as a shock to him. “Yoongi..I want you.” He blinked, wondering if he had heard you right until you pulled him against you, a smile breaking onto his features as he let out a nervous laugh of happiness.

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J-Hope ➳ “I want you to be my first time,” you had stated, the both of you walking down the freezing streets as the puff of air escaped your lips with every breath you took, floating into the sky before diminishing. Hoseok froze, stopping in mid step while looking down towards you, finding you being a shivering mess as your cheeks were tinted scarlet.

It would be seconds before he gave you a shit eating grin, leaning down to kiss your cheek as his bright self began to make the winter air slowly disappear. “I’ll be sure to make you warm and cozy tonight, (y/n).”

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RapMonster ➳ Standing in line to ride the largest roller coaster you have seen in your life, you watch Namjoon slightly fidget in his spot, wanting nothing more than to leave the line right there and then. Grabbing his hand, you gave him a teeny smile and the next hour went by in a flash — having him become a ball of excitement as you both waited for your cab ride home outside the front of the amusement park.

“I’m ready,” you told him, and he would immediately understand what you had meant. No words needed to be shared, only him pulling your back to his chest as he rested his chin on your shoulder with a pleasing smile.

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Jimin ➳ His hands were clad on your waist, gripping firmly as he gave you a small smile, eyes boring into your irises as they showed a story he loved to witness every chance he got. He was slowly leaning down to give you a peck when the words of first time and you had flown past yours lips and entered his audio of portals.

He was shocked, feeling a blush creeping up onto his neck before he would quickly cover up his embarrassment while his lips ghosted over yours. “I promise you,” he began, watching the way your cheeks were flaming in mortification, “I will treat you like gold.”

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V ➳ He was cuddling you against his chest as you both watched a movie intently, his fingers running through your hair as he would occasionally glance towards you to make sure you hadn’t fallen asleep — but as he looked at you after the who knows how many times he had, your eyes connected with his for a brief second. “Tae..I’m ready.”

Although he had been tired, his heart’s banging against his chest immediately fueled his veins as he was suddenly energetic. Hand moving from your head to your chin, he tilted your face up to mesh your lips upon his — feeling more than one emotion at once as bliss had hit him like a bus.

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Jungkook ➳ “I think it’s time,” you had stated out of the blue, and it took the boy a while to see what you were exactly implying on; cheeks being struck with blood as his nervousness shot him in the heart, looking away from you in a panic.

“A-are you sure?” He questioned, the tips of his ears pooling in carmine as his body temperature rose in seconds. “And with me?” He was flustered all right, and once you had gave him a nod with a cheeky grin, his cute smile invaded his features in seconds as he scratched his neck in shyness.

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Dnd 5e spells for the aspects

Locate objects
Dimension door

Expeditious retreat

True strike
Dancing lights
Dark vision
Scorching ray

Chill touch
Fog cloud

Fire bolt
Disguise self
Detect magic
Speak with dead
Spirit guardians

Minor illusion
Modify memory

Produce flame
Sacred flame
Unseen servant

Shocking grasp
Hideous laughter

Thorn whip
Speak with animals

Eldritch blast
Spare the dying
Detect poison and disease
Bestow curse
Animate dead

Feather fall
Gust of wind
Gaseous form

Charm person
Animal friendship
Comprehend languages
Dominate beast

This is not extensive or final by any means


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TW // Smut, profanity 

I hope you can see the shape that I’m in when he’s touching your skin

Jealousy. It’s in his veins. It’s selfish, he knows, but he doesn’t want to see her with anyone other than him. They’re just dancing, it should be innocent, but she’s staring at him. She’s staring at him with that gleam in her eyes and a smirk on her blood red lips, she knows what she’s doing to him and she’s enjoying it. He craves her. her touch being the only thing that could cool his burning skin right now, the kind of touch that breaks voids of silence, but she’s not touching him she’s touching that stranger. Her pretty hands touching a man who doesn’t even know her name, a man who asked her to dance whilst Harry was standing right there. He’s got the image of her over the shoulder smile she sent him as she walk away with a man that wasn’t him. She can see he’s mad, whether it’s at her or the guy touching her she doesn’t know but she can see his hand gripping his drink as hard as he grips her neck and it makes her ache…

Tempted, you know

Temptation. The cruellest of all mistresses. He’d ruin her, he wants to ruin her. He wants to hurt her so good she bites the inside of her cheek to suppress her whimpers when she thinks of him. He wants to do everything that man who’s got his hands on her could never do because he doesn’t know her body the way Harry does. It’s driving him insane, she’s driving him insane and the longer she stares at him, the more she bites that goddamn lip of hers, the more he can’t resist the temptation of watching her, watching him. If she could stop being so fucking pretty; he could stop losing himself over her. He would never make a scene, that wasn’t him, he doesn’t need to. He knows what she wants and he’s more than happy to oblige. She wants the sparks between them to leave carpet burns on her knees, she wants him to confess his sins with his tongue in the church beneath her skirt, she wants him to destroy her and fuck he wants that too. When the song ends, that mans hands drop from her waist and she saunters over to him with a sway in her hips and that smirk still playing on her lips. It’s got his arm reaching towards her and his hand in her hair, pulling it back as he whispers “you’re going to regret that” into her ear in that voice that leaves her breathless. She doesn’t say anything; she’s too focused on how his rough hand is so gentle on the small of her back as he leads her outside and into the back of a taxi.

You flower, you feast

She’s the prettiest sin he’s ever touched. Her black dress a mess on the floor by the door; discarded so he can leave fingerprint bruises on her skin. She’s gasping and they’re not even at the bedroom yet but when they get there, oh god when they get there, he’s everywhere all at once and she’s overwhelmed. She’s so soft and he’s going to break her. He’s got her under his thumb and she’s squirming, she’s writhing, every move he makes is so intense and she can’t breathe. She blossoms at his touch, his touch, the only one who should be touching her like this; at all. His fingers are in her and it’s just not enough. She needs him, all of him, whimpers of “please” and “need you” being all she can get out has him falling apart. She’s his weakness and that desperate look in her eyes is going to kill him.


Every essence of him is in her, his body is all electricity when he’s one with her. His hands are all over her, like leaving any part of her skin untouched would be a crime punishable by death, she’s red with hand prints and bite marks and she’s never loved her body more. She’s his and now no one would be able to ignore that, no unnamed man at a bar had anything on Harry. No man could make her feel like he does, she’s ruined for anyone else and he loves it. Her back is arched and his lips are between her collarbones, one of her hands in his hair and the other over her mouth and she’s there. His encouraging whispers in her ear of “good girl” and “that’s it baby” aren’t helping her come down from this state of bliss. She’s silent, too in awe of this feeling to make a sound, it’s never quite felt like this before and he can tell because she’s so impossibly tight. He’s falling apart, her mouth-open-eyes-squeezed-shut face pushing him so far off the edge he’s in disbelief. He’s gripping at her, almost as though he thinks she’ll disappear, he’s got his head buried in the crook of her neck and he’s groaning. His husky voice sounding more like a growl as he loses himself inside of her and fuck it’s music to her ears. When he’s done he collapses, still inside of her, face still in the crook of her neck and they’re quiet. The aftermath to their euphoria being comfortable silence. Him on top of a body so beautiful to him, painted in marks from him.


anonymous asked:

Do you have favorite documentaries you could recommend? :)

too many but here’s some:

Imagination Land

I’ve been able to read minds since I was a child. It’s not really like how you see in the movies, though. It’s not like listening to the radio. It’s much more immersive. I experience everything as if I’m really there. It’s a thrilling experience when you read the right minds. The trouble is really with finding minds worth reading.

Frankly, reading adults is as fun as doing taxes. Kids’ minds, on the other hand, are amazing. They’re not bogged down with work and stress and dissatisfaction. The mind of a child is filled with imagination and adventure. That’s why I became a kindergarten teacher.

I sit at my desk and watch as my class colors. I smile as they doodle away with their crayons. I reach out and peek into their minds. In an instant, I take off with Carlos in a rocket ship, hurtling past swirling galaxies. I visit far-off planets full of blob-like aliens and two-headed martians. I smile and move on to Marcy. I can smell the candy canes and jelly beans as I’m pulled into a veritable candyland, complete with gumdrop castles and caramel waterfalls. She plays hopscotch with gingerbread men, giggling her musical little laugh.

I’m about to move on to Thomas when I feel a tug at my dress. I look down to see Sarah. She’s one of the most adorable little girls I’ve ever seen. Beautiful brown curls, big puppy dog eyes, and a gleaming smile.

“Miss Dupree, I made this for you!” she exclaims, handing me a paper. I take it from her and see myself in stick figure form. “I Luv Ms. Doopry” is scrawled across the top in multiple colors.

“I love it!” I exclaim and give her a great big hug.

Sarah’s only been with the class for a couple days and I have yet to have a peek at her hopes and dreams. I reach out and touch her mind. And I nearly vomit.

I choke as I’m hit with wave after wave of the hot, fetid stench of death. My mind’s eye is blinded by a darkness which seems almost alive, spilling into my brain, seeking to blot out everything it touches. In the void, I feel slimy coils roiling around me, wrapping around my legs, pressing against my face, a gigantic beast hungrily probing the darkness in search for food. And then a keening wail rises up, nearly bursting my eardrums. The screams of thousands of souls, crying out in sorrow. Crying out for death.

And then I’m back in the classroom. I let go of Sarah and compose myself, hoping she can’t see me shaking.

“That’s a lovely picture, Sarah,” I say, nearly whispering. “Now go along and get ready for snack time, alright?”

She nods happily and skips off. I watch her as she goes. The minds of children are the most wonderful thing in the universe. But whatever that thing in the blue dress is, it is no child.

Thoughts after a rewatch...

Stranger things season 3 will have a love triangle with Mike/El/Will and a lot of people will be surprised but tbh I will be surprised if they DON’T do that because I feel like they’ve been building to that over the two series.

1) all the gay coding for Will. It’s either gonna come up eventually or else it’s just another example of creators being too chicken shit to actually have gay characters. Also if it doesn’t come up or figure into the plot then that’s just shitty writing. Chekhov’s gun and whatnot. Don’t allude to it (in somewhat blatant ways imo) unless it’s going to mean something later and actually factor into the plot. Otherwise Joyce going “hey my son is missing and yea ok he may be gay but let’s not get into that now…” seems like bad writing and all the gay slurs seem excessive and unnecessary.
Yes incidental gayness is a thing and should be a thing with characters, but this never felt like that. They kinda clunked us over the head with it (I think. Tho some may have missed it, but I think it’s very obvious for anyone who pays attention, knows how subtext and foreshadowing work, and aren’t blind to the idea that non straight characters exist)

2) all the parallels between Will and El. They both are the closest to Mike. He is kinda their knight in shining armor and they know it. They’ve both now spent a respective season being super close to Mike while the other was out of the picture. So. Many. Parallels. Others have made great posts pointing these out. Calling for Mike in the upside down, hand holding scenes highlighted by camera close ups (once again thunk thunk on the head), scenes that are literally the same for both Will and El, shot wise and dialogue wise. It’s a lot. If it was just to show how Mike is both the closest to those two than its kinda unnecessary? I mean I think you can show that a character is close to two people without literally repeating scenes/scenarios and whatnot. Especially when you are repeating scenes/dialogue that was between a character and his female love interest. It’s just suspicious as hell and once again shows either brilliant forethought or complete ignorance as to how the Mike/Will stuff could be seen (do show runners not realize if you code characters in a romantic way then people will think that? And it’s not ridiculous or crazy when we do? So many times they go “that wasn’t our intention! Not gay!” Yea ok but then why did you write, direct and shoot it that way then? Riddle me that.)

3) Will and El have yet to actually share one scene or properly meet onscreen. Besides that one scene in the first season where El approached him in the void whatever, they have yet to really interact (also was Will the only person she could touch in the void? Am I remembering this correctly? If so that’s interesting enough on its own). This is suspicious. Are they saving it for something big? If not then why not have them finally meet this season? Seems about time, no? Why not a scene with them meeting at the snow ball at last? Yet they didn’t and I refuse to believe it’s just an oversight. Going two full seasons without any actual interaction seems silly and blatant as hell and once again IMO it’s either part of a well thought out plan and good writing or it’s a huge error and lazy storytelling.

4) all the other “couples” have had love triangles more or less. Steve and Jonathan and Nancy. Dustin and Lucas and Max. I’m not sure if Bob and Joyce and Hopper qualify but maybe if you squint? I guess t could since Joyce was with Bob even though it was clear Hopper cares deeply for her, even if it wasn’t a typical triangle situation (aka jealousy, longing looks, tension etc). It would be off trend for El and Mike to not have a triangle as well, and so far who is the only one of the kids to not have a love interest or crush? Will. Well…that we know of.
And some could argue that well wasn’t the Mike and El triangle with Max, seeing as how El was jealous of Max? And maybe. But I don’t really think that works because a love triangle is, well, a triangle. One character being jealous over two characters who don’t even like each other romantically (and Mike barely liked Max at all) does not a love triangle make. If anything it felt like a fake out. A faux triangle. Is the real one coming next season?

And yes I realize Will was super busy being kidnapped and possessed over two seasons to like be a normal teen and worry about crushes and whatnot, I grant you, but if they wanted to they could have easily had a throw away line or two about liking a girl or wanting to ask a girl to dance blah blah. They didn’t. Ever. And I feel like with the kids most likely moving into high school next series, this is going to become glaringly obvious that Will hasn’t had a love interest or even the inkling of one. And I think it would be the perfect time to go there with him.

I just read an article from Indiewire where the Duffers were saying that series three will be less about expanding their universe, and more about intimate moments, aka character building and getting to know more about these characters, as well as dealing with the things that happen with a group coming of age/teenage stuff. So yeah, basically a perfect time to get to know more of who Will is as a person.

Why not fire that Chekov’s gun and reveal that Will is gay and likes Mike? Not only would this be an original and interesting spin on things, it would be a great surprise twist to the majority of the public who are too stupid to pick up on these things, and also be very inspiring to kids who desperately need to see this kind of representation.

If a fucking DISNEY show can have a gay preteen/teen or whatever then this show, that def skews more adult, can have one. And no I am not here for the “sexualizing kids” wank, so don’t even start that shit. Gay relationships are not inherently sexual and if you immediately go there then the issue lays with you and your prejudices. Gay people do not spring forth fully formed as adults. Gay adults come from–surprise–gay kids. And there should be depictions of that onscreen. It’s not dirty or wrong, and if you think a teen having an crush on a boy and holding their hand, or giving them an innocent peck or something is “omg sexualizing!!1” but it’s a-ok if it’s a boy and a girl, then you need to investigate your own hang ups and biases. I’m not here for that.

Anyways that’s my thoughts on the issue. I look forward to next series, and with a focus on the characters and their relationships, plus all the build up from the first two series, I really can’t help but feel like they are going somewhere surprising (to others, not me or to anyone who pays attention) next series.

But I will admit I’ve been here before–convinced that the foreshadowing and subtext and everything was so clearly saying one thing when in the end….it was not. And it was a huge let down (and more often than not an obvious cop out). So we will see. If there isn’t a love triangle angle then fine, but more than anything I am convinced they will move forward on the whole Will/gay thing (but truly I think all the build up so far screams that there will be at least some sort of…~tension there between Mike/Will/El)

In the end I am here for a good story. An original story where original things happen. So far this show hasn’t let me down on that front. I’ve yet to be truly let down or disgusted with this show yet so my hopes are high.

And I don’t have any skin in this game–I am cis straight woman–so if they don’t go there then it is what it is. But my passion comes from wanting to see the best story. To see the outcome of the tale they’ve been telling from the start. To see the foreshadowing and subtext that’s been there all along pay off in the end. To not see creative people cop out. To see representation and diversity in fiction. I value that in creators and I think more of that is needed.

But as I’ve been saying, it’s either shitty writing in the end or it isn’t. We shall see.


EMILY THE JUST // EMILY THE VENGEFUL - A low chaos // high chaos mix for Emily Kaldwin

THE JUST - spotify // playmoss

“It was not your choice to be the daughter of an Empress, but I believe you’ll rise to the challenge. Stay good-hearted, Emily. Keep drawing and telling stories." 

Emily Kaldwin the Just, first of her name, a daughter of kings and queens. She holds the kingdom in the palm of her hand, but she looks to the horizon, burning for something more, something she cannot have. The sea calls her home.

THE VENGEFUL - spotify // playmoss

"They’ll say that little Emily Kaldwin the First came to power in an age of terror and corruption, and that she did her best in a world that is not kind to little girls, or Empresses." 

Emily Kaldwin the Vengeful, Void-touched, a daughter of shadows and crows. She is an empress, yes, but she sits upon a throne of bones, and rules over all that is broken. Her teeth are bared and she has tasted blood.

Mix descriptions written by the wonderful @vaulthunterexe <3

Tracklist under the readmore //

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David Tennant’s Contributions to Doctor Who Episodes
“Void Stuff” Edition

From the Doomsday DVD Commentary with David Tennant and Billie Piper

David: We came up with that, didn’t we?
Billie: Yeah!
David: That sort of idea that we trail slightly.
Billie: Yeah
David:  So that you could kind of… you can try to touch them if we moved about

Orig.Poster’s note: This post is part of a series on some of the contributions that David made to episodes of Doctor Who, because he sometimes gets questions about ad-libs or input he may have had to episodes, but he tends to not take credit for his various additions/suggestions - so I figured I’d list some for him.  From what David & Billie say on the commentary, it appears that the Doctor’s little dance and Rose putting her hand out to touch the void-stuff was actually their idea for how to play this scene (and of course The Mill had to help them out later when adding the special effects - to make the void stuff behave as requested).  I’m glad - because the void-stuff behavior (as well as David’s little dance to show off that behavior) do make this scene more memorable, I believe.

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Dishonored 2:Dark Echoes Lore Series Art by Joshua Meehan

Some of the work for the new video that was just released on the Outsider.

Link to the video can be found here:

This is the last video for the Dishonored 2 lore series and I wanted to make sure the art was as good as I could make it. Very proud to have worked on this series and I hope you enjoy it :)


Cleric Divine Domain: Eternal Pilgrim

Hey look at that, I’ve designed another subclass based on a Kor character! This is a subclass I’ve been working on since before I started this blog, and I’m finally happy with it. The Eternal Pilgrim subclass draws on several sources for inspiration. First and foremost is naturally Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim:

Both the Channel Divinity abilities are based on Ayli’s two activated abilities. I chose to deal damage to friendly characters as opposed to sacrificing them outright, as creature death is arguably much more significant in D&D than MTG. For both the channel divinity abilities, but the first in particular, I felt that adding cleric level to the secondary effects was better than just having an effect equal to the damage, as the way I did it provides some net gain. 

I chose temporary hit points for many of this domain’s abilities from a mechanical standpoint more than a flavour one, as it allows more opportunities for cleverly using the Touch of the Void, Sacrificial Transfusion and Blessings of the Forsaken Gods -Ulamog abilities, as they can be used to buff instead of solely healing. For example, an Eternal Pilgrim domain cleric can help out a weedy spellcaster who is facing a terrible threat by borrowing some hit points from a tougher character in their party.

The other abilities that aren’t solely based on Ayli borrow from the flavour of the Eldrazi themselves, such as the abilities at 17th level, which are all based on the powers of the Eldrazi Titans. In particular, Touch of the Void is taken directly from a card name that demonstrates the same effect of the ability in card form (with the flavour text “Some wounds never heal,” I was inspired to add the clause that it can only be healed with the use of magic. This and Ayli’s second activated ability also share the mechanic of exiling creatures, which I mirrored with the decay of bodies of creatures killed by these abilities.

This is something I hope I’ll see used by the player characters in my future Zendikar campaign, and if not something I’ll definitely use for villains in that campaign. This is one of a few bigger projects I’ve been working on for this blog, so expect some bigger posts in the upcoming weeks. Until then, I’m off to enjoy some more of Stream of Annihilation this weekend (I am unbelievably excited about Xanathar’s Guide to Everything)!