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deadass gonna treat all my friends how clarke treats bellamy for a day and im gonna tape their freaked out reactions to show people how NOT plantonic bellarke is.

I tried doing the shoulder touch with my sis to see how she’d react and she slapped my hand away

i made the mistake of watching thirteen reasons why and there’s a scene where a creepy stalker takes a photo of hannah and a female friend (closeted lesbian, what’s better they even pull the ‘predatory lesbian’ trope because hannah only kisses her back cuz she doesn’t want to hurt her friend) kissing in her room and then, because he’s secretly in love with hannah, publishes it without the girl’s consent. the main character, tray or cray or whatever, is then seen jerking off to said image of girls being violated. and we’re supposed to root both for HIM and for the ugly creep who took the photo

so i was watching tng 1x16 and shortly after data does this awesome roll


there. did u see it??

lemme show you again.


geordi why u grab his shoulder like that

why is this happening



i am upset

Yuuri remembers being thirteen, fourteen, and wondering why when all the boys in his class seemed to be talking about cute girls and their first kisses and the dates they wanted to have, he simply didn’t… care. Or–well he’d cared, in a sense, enough to try to want it, to stare at the girls in their class and try to join in the conversation. But he’d always just felt uncomfortable and desperate to escape. Not interested.

There’d been a boy at the Ice Castle who’d come sometime for practices. Yuuri used to see him and feel his heart skip when he’d praise Yuuri’s double lutz. Once when they were watching the Trophée de France on television at the rink, right after Victor’s short program, Yuuri asked Yuuko if he could kiss her. She’d let him. It had been wet.

It had been with frustration that he’d been lying in bed, staring at Victor’s posters on his walls, mad, confused, and—well, it wasn’t as though he felt nothing. So why didn’t he get it? Yuuri had wondered if Victor ever kissed any girls. What it would be like for those to touch his shoulders, or see how soft his lips were? How delicately he moved on the ice, if that was the same as how he kissed. Did they run their hands through his long hair, tangle it in their fingers, pull him closer and oh, oh—

Oh, Yuuri had realized that night. Oh.

  • Eddie: [returns to HQ]
  • Ozzie: [is waiting]
  • Ozzie: [probably spent hours practicing how to stand and what to say]
  • Ozzie: Hello old friend
  • Eddie: [assuming he is hallucination!Ozzie] Hi Oswald
  • Ozzie: ...
  • Ozzie: That's... all you have to say?
  • Eddie: [spreading out papers on a table in preparation of his next scheme] I'm rather busy right now so if you don't mind...
  • Hallucination!Ozzie: [appears at Eddie's shoulder]
  • Hallucination!Ozzie: Well he sure is a handsome fellow don't you think?
  • Eddie: [growing impatient] Oswald, I told you, I'm bus- [looks up and sees two Oswalds in the room]
  • Eddie: [looks slowly from one to the other]
  • Eddie: ...wait
Klance Wishlist

Okay, so, getting together goes without saying, because duh, I want that to happen. This wish list is more … subtle Klance.

- For the castle alarm to go off or something and either Lance and Keith to run into the control room from the same direction at the same time so that it can be confirmed that yes, they were hanging out off screen, or the montage of everyone hearing the alarms shows Lance and Keith hanging out or doing something together like sparring on their own.

- The two of them to hug out of terror (or for Lance to jump into Keith’s arms, either would be great).

- Casual friendliness and affection. I want Lance to swing an arm around Keith’s shoulders after a mission and/or as he says something. I want Lance to dramatically splay himself across Keith or something when he’s sitting on the couch and start ranting about whatever and Keith doesn’t tell him to get up. I want them to fist-bump or high-five. Honestly, just - CASUAL FRIENDLINESS AND AFFECTION.

- Hear me out on this one: background Klance, okay? Like, the camera focus is on Allura or Pidge or whoever, and in the background you can see Lance and Keith hanging out and talking and goofing off or something. You can’t even hear what they’re saying, but you SEE IT.

- Keith to correctly do the Voltron cheer and Lance is either like *sheds tear of pride and joy* or is just ecstatic like “Keith! Buddy! You did it!”. Or both. Both is good. An excited hug would not be unwelcome.

- Lance to repeat the “I’d recognize that mullet anywhere.” line but like, REALLY fondly when Keith shows up and saves their butts or something. Just have him say it fondly please I need it.

- For Lance to calm Keith down by doing nothing but touching his shoulder.

- Lance to tell a joke and Keith to be the ONLY ONE that laughs (and/or snort, because the idea of Keith snorting is adorable as hell and I need it).

- At least one, genuinely EMOTIONAL hug (like, a reunion hug or one of them almost getting themselves seriously hurt or worse and the other hugging them out of relief or anything like that).

I’m honestly NOT asking for much here.
Tbh this could all happen whether they get together or not.
Do me a solid, Voltron writers.