touching rain

See this sexy beast?

This, my dear children, is a stroopwafel, a Dutch waffle 2.0. Consider this: two thin, soft, wafer circles sandwiching delicious, warm, oozing syrup. Literal heaven. You can also buy them at grocery stores, but they’ll never be as good as the real thing warm.  

These things are the best.

Imagine the crew in the streets of Ketterdam, taking shelter in a cafe from the rain. They’re all sitting at a small table, lit by some candles, and indulge in a few bites of warm stroopwafel. Jesper notices a bit of syrup on Wylan’s chin, and brushes it off with his finger. Nina slowly savouring hers; by the time everyone else is finished, she’s only had a couple of bites. Mathias watching the way she closes her eyes and how she focuses on the sweet taste. Inej joking that Nina loves stroopwafels more than Matthias. Nina giggling and agreeing. Kaz broodily staring out the window, staring at the rain, not touching his. Looks down to his plate a minute later to find it gone and in Inej’s mouth. They all laugh at his bewildered face. They laugh by the light of the candles and warmed by the treats and the fire. The laughter is a smoldering coal in their hearts, warming them from head to toe.

It Was Worth It

Prompt: An art-writing exchange for @artlovewonderland

Ship: Jeffmads

Word Count: 251

Summary: Thomas longs to see James. (AKA an AU where Thomas Jefferson goes to war.)

A/N: Sorry it’s short. I didn’t really have an inspiration but I needed to write this. I may edit at a later date.

Battle. Why did so many people fight? Everyone was so cold, so hungry, so touch starved. It rained every other night, creating masses of men struggling to hide under cover. Their supplies of food were often stolen or destroyed by the British, making soldiers starve, some falling ill to lack of nutrition.

And the issue with being touch starved? There was no way to fix it. You were surrounded by men, and even if that was your heaven, you would be hung.

Thomas, another soldier in the seemingly endless supply, longed to go home, to see his beloved James who waited as a servant, though he was so much more than that. Him being a servant was a perfect excuse for him always being around Thomas, and he often slept at the mansion.

He begged any God who would listen to be able to see him, to hold him, to touch him. To gently cup his cheek and bring him into a kiss, to wrap his arms around James and pulling him into the tightest hug, to quickly rush to get each other’s clothing off and discard it on the floor.

Thomas wanted to feel his warmth. He just wanted his lover back, as most men did. But Thomas wasn’t most men, and neither was James. Their love was true and never ending and illegal, which added the constant fear of being hung.

But it was worth it, and it always would be as long as Thomas and James were together.


all sugakookie/yoonkook shipper should watch this. look at how yoongi’s just enjoying jungkook being extra during rainism. love it!

You’ve read this somewhere.
Somewhere with your eyes closed.
On salmon coloured walls,
with the shades half drawn,
and the light of a universe
oceaning in. The pink
overturns the clocks and clouds
move slower and everything
is always felt but nothing
is ever
And it rains, sometimes.
It rains underneath the walls,
when I walk in. 
A thoughtful,
approaching thunderstorm,

who only believes in dreams.
—  Alessia Jade Di Cesare, I’ll Run Into You Here
You are the first day of sunshine after weeks full of rain, heart touching poetry, nail-biting crime thrillers, the newest episode of my favourite show, that first chords after the band enters the stage, watching strangers passing by, spending hours and hours in an antique book shop, museums of art, that rush of adrenaline when you did something you’d always been afraid of, sleeping in after exam period, getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing a whole new level of life, poetry slams, citrus tea, the first snow of the year, finally seeing the floor again after tidying up, high quality fanfiction, hot midsummer nights by the river and foreign cities.
—  // you are everything good in this world
Letting Go Banishing Spell

What you will need:

-a piece of yarn

-a piece of paper and a pen

Ask yourself the following, and write a list for each:

-What old habits or patterns are no longer good for you or your relationships?

-What things from the past are taking a toll on your family and/or community and would best be forgiven and forgotten?

-What does our planet need less of to make it more healthy?

Choose one item from each list that you genuinely wish to banish and get rid of. Take a piece of yarn and make three knots in it, one for each issue. As you make each knot think of each situation clearly and imagine it being firmly bound inside the knot. Bury the knotted yarn where sun, wind, and rain cannot touch it. Let it rot away.


when i pray to god i pray with bruised hands
down on my knees

when i pray to god i pray with open eyes
bloodshot and aching
looking for a sign he isn’t dead
hasn’t abandoned us.

when i pray to god i’m praying to an empty house
to a shotgun wedding during a riot
to a museum of places i almost died in.

when i pray to god
i’m only looking for silence in return
when i pray to god
i’m only looking for a reason to doubt.

—  does the devil hear prayers too or is she all alone down there? has an angel ever fallen in love with a human or are our hearts too cold to touch?– lily rain

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I stood up against evil today
       & snow fell down.

I reached out to touch it / but
       it turned into rain

& the rain touched me instead.
       needed to tell this

to someone / like you & ask if
       it means anything.

Jaehyun - Rain

Rain pitter-pattered on the edges of your windows that were facing outwards. As you roused yourself from a pleasant slumber, you let out a blissful sigh when you felt a pair of warm arms wrapped securely around you. You turned to look at your beau, who slept like a log, before smiling softly. You admired his long eyelashes which you would die to have.

As the rain got heavier, you got up slowly, moving Jaehyun’s arms gently away from you. Reaching out and letting the cold icy rain touch your skin, you pulled the windows towards you and locked them. You sat and watched as the rain fell in crazy chaotic drops.

Feeling a presence beside you, you welcomed the sight of Jaehyun rubbing sleep out of his eyes. He looked at you before stretching his arms out to caress your hair.

“Your hair looks like a bird’s nest,” Jaehyun said. He burst out laughing after you punched him lightly. He got up and pulled you along. Falling onto bed, he pulled the blanket over the both of you and wrapped his arms around you once again before drifting off to dreamland.